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Richard Buldger, Ryan Jordan -amp; Max – Ryan Jordan -amp; Richard Buldger -amp; Max V

With a quick introduction the soldiers are back at it getting their eager mouths wet. Ryan gets his hard cock sucked on first since he’s top vet and Richard has no problem with wrapping his wet mouth around that big dick. He deep throats Ryan and loves to be gagged on that sexy dick. It’s Ryan’s turn now as he lays Richard back and begins to please that thick cock with his wet eager tongue. He’s taking it all in and just when they think they are all alone they here a knock at the door and out of nowhere Max comes walking in. Max instantly sees what’s going on and joins in on the fun. Max wanted to stop by and say hi before he takes his flight back home and he needed some cock for the road so he dives right in and starts blowing both of his soldiers. His mouth moves from one hard cock to another as he worships Ryan and Richard’s throbbing dicks. Richard is first this time and he gets his cock in a nice tight hole and he bends Ryan’s sweet soldier ass right over and starts to fuck him deep and hard. Ryan repays the favor by pounding him hard and deep making sure he never forgets their time spent together. Finally Richard’s balls are too full and with the pounding coming from Ryan he can’t hold back any longer and cums all over his chest. Ryan and sees the jizz and strokes his nut out as well. Enjoy!

Damien Nichols -amp; Princeton Price – Princeton Price -amp; Damien Nichols

Princeton gives the introductions and soon after Damien is on his knees sucking on his thick hard cock. Princeton loves to kick back first and get his hard dick blown. Fresh meat like Damien do what they are told and Damien doesn’t mind at all when his mouth is full of hard dick. Damien is doing the fucking today and now Princeton is worshipping his cock getting it nice and ready for his tight ass to be penetrated. Princeton loves the dick and lets Damien face fuck him deep in his throat. Princeton assumes the position and Damien grabs his hard cock and slowly pushes it in Princeton’s amazingly tight hole. Damien flips him on his back and spreads his legs wide and gets even deeper inside that tight hole. Princeton is practically falling off the bed while bent over and one hand is on the ground while Damien continues to pound away on his hole. With a few more thrusts he pulls out and blasts a huge cum load all over Princeton’s ass and back. Princeton strokes his nut out on the bed sheets as Damien finishes emptying his load out. Enjoy!

Troi King – Troi King

Troi wants to see if he has what it takes to be a part of the AD squadron and by the thickness of his cock we think he just might fit in. Troi stands tall in the room while he strokes his big thick cock slowly showing off every inch. His chiseled pecks are in great formation and his balls are smooth as ice. His cock is about as thick as a beer can as he continues to show it off for all to see. His balls dangle in front of the camera teasing the viewer as he tugs away on his thick cock. Troi lays out on the couch revealing his shaved body and tattoos while rubbing his thick dick. He begins to stroke faster building up his balls to an amazing climax. Troi strokes his cock a few more times and then finally he blasts a huge stream of cum all over the glass table almost covering the whole thing but what an amazing amount of cum. Enjoy!

Kevin Grey -amp; Quentin Gainz – Quentin Gainz -amp; Kevin Grey

The boys have just finished working out and now they are checking each other’s fit bodies out in the mirror. They both compliment one another as they move around the room flexing their legs, arms and asses. Soon enough they are both horny from looking at their ripped bodies in the mirror. Kevin jumps onto the bed and Quentin jumps onto his cock with his eager mouth and starts deep throating his shaft. Kevin has his arms up taking in all the enjoyment from a professional cock sucker as every inch of his cock is perfectly paid attention to. Kevin doesn’t want to nut in Quentin’s mouth so they flip positions and Kevin starts to suck on Quentin’s hard cock. Hard and ready Kevin assumes the position and Quentin spreads his legs wide as he slowly pushes his dick into Kevin’s really tight ass. It’s so tight it keeps pushing his dick out but finally Quentin goes balls deep and starts fucking him. Kevin gets a turn at Quentin’s amazing ass as they trade positions. Kevin can’t believe how great his smooth ass feels wrapped around his dick. The tightness is so much that he has to put him on his back so he doesn’t nut as quick. Quentin is enjoying the fuck as he can take a cock like no other. Quentin pulls his dick out and unloads a hot creamy stream of jizz all over Kevin’s cock and balls. Kevin strokes his cock fast and hard shooting his load up all over his smooth chest.

Bo Connor – Bo Connor

Bo wanted to have an adventure before he gets shipping out to some part of the world. He contacts AD and we decided to give him a shot and see if he has what it takes to be an AD soldier. He has a very nice thick cock with great length. He has a few tattoos but just the right amount so it’s not overbearing and he has the perfect amount of hair. Bo makes look like your average next door type of guy but he has a secret in that he can only cum in a specific kind of way which you will find out at the very end of the scene. Bo grips his cock and soon enough you can see just how much girth he has on that hard dick. He likes to look in at the camera as he plays with his cock. Bo begins to fuck a towel on the carpet. He grinds it hard for a few seconds and that’s all it takes as he pops right up onto his knees and blasts his load all over the floor. Enjoy!

Dominic, Michael Stax -amp; Jacob Stax – Dominic -amp; Michael Stax -amp; Jacob Stax

Dominic is eager to get fucked by these sexy twin brothers and right after the quick intro they are all butt ass naked with Dominic on his knees servicing both of those big thick cocks. He can’t get enough of the Stax twins as he moves from one cock to the other repeatedly making sure not to leave a bro out. Michael and Jacob take turns fucking Dominic’s eager mouth as they help each other out by grabbing his hair and forcing him down making him gag on their big dicks. Dominic is holding nothing back as he gags balls deep letting all the spit drop out of his mouth plus using it to stroke their hard dicks with.The twins get his hole ready by spitting on it and fingering it until it opens up nice for them and now it can fit some big dick. . Once in that hole it tightens around the Stax cock and he starts to pump that tight ass. Sadly this amazing action has to come to end as one of the Twins pulls out of Dominic’s tight hole and blasts his nut all over his smooth creamy ass. The other brother strokes his nut out right in front of Dominic’s face and then Dominic releases his nut on the sheets right between the legs of one of the twins. Enjoy!

Bud – Bud

Bud is a lean cut young man wearing glasses which gives off a great sex appeal. His calm demeanor and slow strokes on his hard dick make for great viewing pleasure. This Bud is all for you as he grips his hard dick and strokes his shaft slowly. He has very little hair on his fit body and his ass is one of the smoothest. He has a great smooth bubble butt that I’m sure will get used by one of our top vets. His balls are smooth and luscious just waiting for some attention. His balls are full and ready to release this creamy nut and as he pulls on his dick for the finale time his nut comes oozing out all over his own cock and balls making for some great lube. Enjoy!

Richard Buldger -amp; Jaxon D – Richard Buldger -amp; Jaxon D

These sexy men get right into the action as Jaxon is eager to suck on his very first cock. He wraps his lips around Richard’s thick meat and amazingly gives him some great head. Richard even gives him props for his first time sucking some dick let alone a big thick one. Jaxon is enjoying himself with every inch of that dick he’s slurping on and stroking. Richard doesn’t want him to have all the fun with a cock in his mouth so they switch it up and he goes down on Jaxon’s hard cock. Jaxon can’t last long though considering how great of a cock sucker Richard is so they move on to bigger and better things. Richard slowly and I mean slowly pushes into Jaxon. Jaxon begins to relax with every thrust from Richard’s thick cock. The look on his face is pure enjoyment and he loves every minute of it even though there is a little amount of pain but it’s the feel good type of pain. Sadly this amazing scene has to come to an end and it ends with Jaxon on his back, legs spread as wide as they go and Richard pumping him until he pulls out and they both beat off all over on to Jaxon’s sweaty manly chest. Enjoy!

Paul M – Paul M

The recruits keep falling in waiting for their chance to be a part of this great squadron. For today’s test run to see if he has the guts to become a soldier is Paul M who is a nice ripe age of 27 standing 6 feet tall and weighing in at 180lbs of sexy. His smooth creamy skin and lack of tattoos makes for a great view on this fit recruit. His hard cock and furry balls are worthy of more than just his strong hands stroking his shaft. Paul gets his dick rock hard as he strokes every inch of it while letting some precum ooze out. The sounds of lube while he masturbates makes for a sexy stroke session as he builds up to his climax releasing his hot load all over his own dick as it drools out from the tip of his pulsating cock. Enjoy!

Scott -amp; Ryan Jordan – Ryan Jordan -amp; Scott Finn

Scott is eager as all hell and once the introduction is over with he is between Ryan’s long legs sucking on that big dick of his. Scott loves every inch of Ryan as he strokes it while giving him some of the best head he’s ever had. Scott doesn’t get to have all the fun and Ryan puts him on his back and begins blowing his hard cock. Scott face fucks Ryan’s eager mouth and stuffs his hard cock all the way down Ryan’s throat. Ryan gets to fuck first and he pushes his big dick into Scott’s tight eager ass balls deep. Once Scott begins to moan in pleasure Ryan starts to pick up speed and pumps his ass full of his thick hard cock. Scott fucks Ryan harder than he was fucked but you can tell Ryan is in heaven with all the pleasure sounds coming out of him. Finally, Scott’s balls are going to explode so he pulls his throbbing cock out of Ryan’s gaping ass and blows his load all over Ryan’s back leaving a huge puddle of cum on him. Ryan stands up and strokes his cock until he nuts all over the clean sheets. Enjoy!

Johnny Miles – Johnny Miles

Johnny has baby smooth skin and a great toned body– and he should, being so young and agile. Jumping into the fray without a care in the world, except to please our viewers, Johnny is all that he can be and he’s proudly showing it off. His stiff cock is beautiful as he strokes his meat, building up the pressure in his balls for a creamy release. <br><br>Johnny’s smooth as they come and his hard dick doesn’t disappoint. He looks amazing as he plays with his hard, throbbing dick in a few positions. Johnny’s always wanted to show off, and now that he is of age he wants everyone looking at his cock in envy. His balls are completely full and his cock begins to throb and ache for release. After giving word to our trusted filmer, Johnny is soon cumming thick ropes all over the place before he rubs it all over his spent cock.<br><br> Enjoy!

World Series of Fisting – Hugh Hunter -amp; Axel Abysse -amp; Joey D -amp; Sam Syron

The big day is finally here, and the World Series of Fisting panel of judges with Tom Moore, Hugh Hunter, and Joey D, is ready to choose the best fisting bottom in the world. Representing France is Axel Abysse with his massive rosebud, and keeping the Irish proud is Sam Syron, with his gaping hole just ready to take on the competition. With the categories of best self fister, best rosebud, deepest penetration, best punch fistee, and widest gaping hole, these guys have their work cut out for them. The judges are experts and the contestants are hungry for success. Axel and Sam start out facing each other as Hugh and Joey grease up their fists. Both guys get their holes stretched to the limits as their rosebuds bloom bigger and harder with each punch of the fist. The competitors are eager to show off and move into self-fisting as each of them slams their own holes, alternating fists and groaning hard as they strive for the ultimate deep self-fisting penetration. After a satisfying round of self-appreciation, the guys go back into getting fisted by the judges with Hugh and Joey each going wrist deep into their respective fistees. The anticipation of hitting the finish line takes over and each of the judges pulls out their massive dicks and dumps a load. Joey is the first to let loose all over Sam’s tight body. Hugh soon follows suit and leaves Axel’s tank top drenched with jizz. After all of that, the competition isn’t quite done. Who will walk away as the world champion of fisting?

Hole Busters Vol. 4 – Troy Haydon

Hole Buster Troy Haydon spends his afternoon doing what he loves best: working latex toys in and out of his tight hole. The tattooed Brit shoves a 12′ fake cock up his ass to the base and pulls it out again and again before moving on to an even bigger dildo. Once on all fours Troy fucks his own hole to the point of exhaustion. Even worn out and ready for sleep, the hardcore asspig shoves a buttplug in his ass before passing out.

Private Practice – JJ Knight -amp; Ace Era

JJ Knight is at Dr. Ace Era’s office for a routine physical. As the hunky doctor performs his check-up, the sexual chemistry between the two becomes evident as their eye contact intensifies. When Doctor Ace has JJ lie back on the table, the doc is in for a surprise when JJ’s boner pops out of his pants. Ace does a thorough check of JJ’s big full sack and soon pops his own cock out of his scrubs as he gets to work sucking on the stud’s mighty rod. Ace lets all the doctor/patient rules fly out the window when the patient becomes the aggressor. JJ bends the doctor over the exam table and slips his big, thick dick deep inside Ace’s open, throbbing asshole. JJ needs to see how much more the doctor can take and rolls him over to get a deeper plow. Ace’s hole feels amazing wrapped around his cock and the longer he drills, the closer he gets to giving the doctor a close-up sperm count. When Ace sees that JJ is about to blow, he gets on his knees under the hunky stud and opens his mouth wide. JJ blows a geyser of semen into the doc’s wide-open mouth and when his mouth is full, the doctor blows his own load all over the floor and onto his scrubs. Even though JJ is perfectly healthy, the doc decides he’s going to need a follow up appointment very soon.

Leo Wyatt – Leo Wyatt

Leo has amazing skin as he slowly reveals his tan smooth body. He only has some peach fuzz on him which looks golden at times when the light hits him just right. Leo doesn’t shy away from the camera as he bares all for us to see. He may be skinny but those skinny men are always packing and this time is no different. Leo has a big thick cock for his size and it looks very tempting. As his cock becomes hard you can see the thickness and length. He has a very sexy dick that I’m sure our vets would love to eat right up. Leo continues to stroke his big dick and as he does he begins to spread his legs showing us his tight little pink hole which I’m sure is a virgin one. Leo doesn’t hold back as he eye fucks the camera and jacks his cock until without any warning he erupts in a nice big creamy load all over his tan smooth chest. Any takers to clean this up for him?? Enjoy!

Missed The D

Kaden Porter and Jos Alvarez

Kaden Porter and Jos Alvarez

Kaden Porter has always been one of my favorite BSB bottoms. That ass?! Come on! I’m happy he’s back and eager to give that bussy up once more. He’s with Jos Alvarez today, who’s ready to take and destroy that hot ass. They kiss each other first, touching tongues and biting lips before Kaden goes down on Jos. This boy can still suck dick and its shows. He sucks Jos’ fat cock and balls before they 69 so that Jos can lick and eat Kaden’s ass. He plays with it and prepares it for what’s to come.

Jos stands up behind Kaden and teases Kaden’s waiting hole with his raw cock until he finally pushes it in his hole. Jos fucks him hard and raw as Kaden’s ass stretches around Jos’s thick cock. Jos climbs on the bed with Kaden, continuing to pound him raw and deep while Kaden takes that dick and starts to play with his own. Jos blows his hot load first and then sticks his dick back inside of Kaden and fucks him bareback until Kaden cums. Jos moves quickly to wrap his mouth on that dick to catch some of Kaden’s hot cum as he shoots his load!

Kaden Porter and Jos Alvarez

Heated, Part One – Sebastian Kross -amp; Bruno Bernal

Emerging from the swimming pool, Bruno Bernal finds himself nose-to-crotch with inked and ripped Sebastian Kross. The bulge in Sebastian’s trunks suggests sexual intentions. They make out at the edge of the pool, with the sunlight glinting off their bright tatts. Bruno whets his appetite by licking the perspiration off of Sebastian’s hard body, then he takes charge of Sebastian’s thick cock like he owns it. Lots of spit helps him to swallow the entire huge shaft and Bruno uses his tongue to make Sebastian’s balls jump in their sac. Kneeling on the pool deck, Bruno offers his smooth, delicious ass. Sebastian adds his saliva to the droplets of sweat and pool water dripping down the crack, then he gets leverage to spear Bruno’s hole. They switch to a sit-fuck, which puts Bruno in charge. He runs the palm of his hand across Sebastian’s hard pecs and ridged abs as he bounces. Sebastian picks up the pace, resulting in a shower of cum that douses Bruno’s face and neck. He rubs it in like suntan lotion, jacking out his load onto Sebastian’s spent body.

Damien Nichols -amp; Scott – Scott Finn -amp; Damien Nichols

Damien kicks back as Scott is really eager to suck on that big cock of his. Scott gulps it down balls deep feeling every inch fill his mouth up. Damien’s moans are a great sign that he is enjoying every moment of this amazing BJ from a vet like Scott. Scott has never had a rookie suck on his cock so he lays back and lets Damien take the plunge. Damien’s skills are improving at light speed and Scott makes a remark on just how good his cock sucking skills are for a new recruit. The soldiers are horned up now after some great cock sucking and now Damien has Scott’s ass spread wide as he slowly pushes his hard throbbing cock into Scott’s very sexy ass. Scott moans with pleasure and maybe some slight enjoyable pain as Damien picks up speed thrusting deep into Scott’s tight ass. Finally Damien gives in and fucks the cum right out of Scott as he nuts all over the sheets from being bent over and ass up. Damien can hear Scott telling him to cum all over his back so without any hesitation, Damien pulls his rock hard cock out of Scott and unleashes a massive load all over Scott’s back covering just about every inch of it. Enjoy!

A Little Too Good, Huh?

Jared Marzdon and Rick Hazard

Jared Marzdon and Rick Hazard

Everyone hates to bottom at first (well, almost everyone). But if you do it enough, you get used to it and really begin to enjoy it. Jared Marzdon is no exception. He’s comfortable get fucked and may even be looking forward to it. He’s not the only one with something to look forward to. He screen partner is newbie Rick Hazard who’s ready to fuck! The boys make out before getting to the bed where Jared uses his tongue to explore Rick’s hot body and eventually his cock. Jared gobbles his cock down before Rick takes his turn delivering oral.

Jared goes back for more of Rick’s prick as Rick plays with Jared’s tight hole. Rick takes control by pulling him to the end of the bed and sticking his cock in Jared’s ass. Rick takes it easy for a minute but once he feels Jared’s tight ass around his dick he can’t hold back too long. He fucks him harder and faster, giving Jared’s insides every bit of his bareback dick. Rick climbs on the bed with Jared and lets him ride that cock raw. Jared bounces up and down and Rick moans in pleasure. The boys switch places again, and now Jared is getting pounded from behind. Pop in to see just how hotter this scene gets!

Jared Marzdon and Rick Hazard