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Looking For the Big One – Roman Todd -amp; Dane Stewart -amp; Tyler Roberts

After a day of surfing, Dane Stewart and Tyler Roberts are chilling on the couch watching some football when Roman Todd enters and sits between them. Roman notices that Dane is watching porn on his phone and decides that it’s way better than the football. He reaches out and puts each hand on a crotch and soon all three buddies are naked and throbbing hard. The sight of the massive dicks in front of him gets Tyler in the mood to suck and he’s the first to go down on Roman. The guys take turns sucking each other off with no one left out of the action. Tyler wants a taste of Roman’s sweet hole and spreads his legs for better access to rim him deep. After Roman is fully opened up, Dane steps up to be the first one inside. He slips his dick deep inside and fucks the stud as Tyler gets him from the front. After getting reamed from behind, Roman wants to test the waters with Tyler’s big dick. Tyler sits down on the couch as Roman rides him. The studs take turns tag teaming Roman’s willing ass and finally, as Dane is is back inside, Roman lets loose and blows his load all over his tight body. When Tyler sees the pleasure that Roman is feeling, he steps up to his buddy and offers up his load to cover the panting stud. Dane is the last to go, and when he finishes, Roman is dripping wet. Now, all three are grateful for a satisfying day at the beach.

It's Coming – Adam Ramzi -amp; Noah Donovan

Adam is distraught about Beaux’s unexpected departure and takes a few more pills to relax. He falls into an ominous dream about the house. Or is it a dream? Adam is jolted awake with a feeling of terror and erotic stimulation. He’s surprised to find he’s rock hard, and strangely he starts jacking his thick, uncut rod. He writhes on the bed, feeling his own body when he looks up to see a presence (Noah Donovan) watching over him. Is he delirious? He challenges the presence saying that if he wants him, he has to come and get him. The presence approaches the bed and reaches out to Adam’s hard cock. The supernatural, erotic energy overtakes Adam as he is first entranced, then dominated by the presence. He’s made himself the offering, what will happen to Adam next? Will he lose his mind? Will he get out alive?

Joel & Brogan BAREBACK

Vegas. The city of sin is the perfect place for an anonymous encounter. I just want to fuck you – I don’t want to know your name – I don’t want to see you again – I just want your cock inside me – fucking my hole til it’s raw and satisfied. Then I want to suck the cum right out of that cock that’s been deep inside my ass. Fuck me – whoever the fuck you are.

Owned by the Master 6!

Damien keeps the helpless boy strapped on the bondage table, takes the clothes pins off with a crop before inserting a wooden sword in his arse. Lots of cropping and slapping later and when left alone the boy gets a hand free and jerks himself off as Damien left him hard and frustrated.

Another Role Reversal

Drake Tyler and Justin Dean

Drake Tyler and Justin Dean

Drake Tyler is one of BSB’s resident bottoms. But it’s time for a change. Today we’ll get to see him but those topping skills to use with Justin Dean. The boys kiss while slowly getting out of their clothes. Justin rubs on Drake’s meat before laying back and letting Drake swallow his cock. Drake puts those expert skills to use by deep throating Justin’s cock, taking it down to the balls. Justin returns the favor, sucking Drake’s cock until he’s hard and ready for his ass.

Justin gets on all fours and spreads his ass and invites Drake to get all he can handle. Drake fucks Justin bareback from behind hard. Being a great bottom means he knows how to treat a hot ass. He then climbs onto the bed and lets Justin ride that dick next. Justin takes full advantage, bouncing that sweet ass up and down on Drake’s big dick.  Drake’s mouth is agape as Justin uses his tool for his own pleasure. The boys switch positions and Drake gets in between Justin’s legs and fucks him until he cums all over his chest. Justin pulls out and adds his own to the mix before licking it up!

Drake Tyler and Justin Dean

Fistpack 32: Stuff That Ass – Trent Bloom -amp; Erik Rhodes

Erik Rhodes is someone to fear and revere, and Trent Bloom is quaking in his boots. As far as Trent’s concerned, he’s in for a noholds- barred, no-limits fist fight. He’s got an asshole begging to be savaged and after Erik delivers a few closed-hand jabs inside, Trent surrenders; his hole loosens up. Erik punches his massive fists into the pliable socket with little resistance, watching the fleshy crack stretch wide to satisfy every thrust. The big stud manipulates Trent’s crimson crater to pop out, watching it bloom and reveal its huge bloom. He laps at the cherry-red tissue, giving Trent temporary respite. Then with Trent folded up, Erik buries his fist deep inside his asshole, trekking so far inside he reaches his stomach. He grins seeing his hand punch Trent’s belly from the inside. The veins in Trent’s forehead are popping, but he’s not complaining. And only when he blows his wad and his asshole retracts does this wicked bowel boxing match come to its end.

Dr. FrankenFuck's Fist Lab – Hugh Hunter -amp; Teddy Bryce

Dr. FrankenFuck’s creation, Teddy Bryce, wakes up upside down on a laboratory chair and realizes he’s in for his final treatment from Dr. FrankenFuck (Hugh Hunter). Teddy is a little scared because he’s not sure what the final treatment will be. ‘Do you see this left fist?’ the Doctor asks. ‘Well, there’s also a right fist,’ he explains. With that, Teddy knows what he’s in for and spreads his legs wide to let the Doctor inside. Dr. FrankenFuck starts by going wrist deep with his left fist and spins inside his monster to give him the ultimate pleasure. When he pulls his hand out, Teddy’s asshole is gaping with a massive rosebud that protrudes from the rest of his ass. The Doctor wants to keep his monster intact and pushes his asshole back inside with his right fist. ‘monster hungry!’ Teddy screams out as the Doctor pushes his giant fist deeper inside to feed the monster’s most primal urges. When the Doctor sees that Teddy is in the throes of full ecstasy, he alternates fists, one after the other, going deeper inside as Teddy screams out in satisfaction. As part of Teddy’s final treatment, the Doctor has him stroke his stiff cock. ‘Enjoy it, beautiful,’ the Doctor says just as he pulls his fist out and gives the okay for Teddy to blow his load all over his own hot, tatted body. Even in Dr. FrankenFuck’s lab, there can be happy endings.

The Fixer – Austin Wolf -amp; Beaux Banks

During breakfast at their modern mansion, Alex (Austin Wolf) is with his handsome husband, Tony (Beaux Banks). As Tony fiddles with his laptop, he discovers a blackmail email exposing Alex’s seedy triste with Derek. The email includes the full video and provides instructions on how to get the video back. Tony reassures his husband that the two of them are in this together. He’s turned on by the video and wants to show Alex that he can fulfil all of Alex’s fantasies, kissing him as they begin peeling off their clothes. Tony gets on his knees and takes Alex’s giant dick in his mouth and down his throat. When Alex is at full mast, he grabs the back of Tony ‘s head and face fucks him as Tony gags and spits and jacks himself off. Alex can’t resist fingering Tony ‘s perfect little ass and gets him on the kitchen counter to lick his hole. Alex loves every second of it and buries his face as deep inside Tony ‘s ass as he can go. After one more extreme face fucking session, the couple moves to the bedroom where Alex can’t wait to slide his wet cock deep inside his husband. Alex gives in to his instincts and pounds the living hell out of Tony in almost every position they can fit on the bed. After Tony has been pounded into submission and is ready to dump his load, the two hunks lie back on the bed and jack off until their cocks ooze cum everywhere. After the bliss, Alex devises a plan to use The Fixer, who he pays to solve problems like this, take care of the blackmail situation, but Tony has other ideas about how to take care of the situation.

Skuff: Rough Trade 2 – Sean Zevran -amp; Alex Mecum

Hairy-chested Alex Mecum, clad in red and black leather, presses his ripped body against Sean Zevran. Sean, wearing all black, kisses Alex passionately. Their beefy muscles and bulging jockstraps prove that these two studs are intent on intense, connected sex. Getting down on his knees, Alex rips the codpiece off Sean’s jock and inhales Sean’s hard, stiff cock. The oral worship gets Sean in the mood to reciprocate, and he expertly tongues the tip of Alex’s swollen mushroom head. Bending Sean over, Alex shoves his scruffy face into the crack of Sean’s perfect bubble butt, coating it with thick spit. With Sean’s ass slick and slippery, Alex drives his cock deep into Sean’s prepped hole. Sean takes Alex’s cock doggy style, and the muscles in his body flex as he submits to Alex’s drilling. Sweat glistens on their ripped bodies as they pick up speed and intensity. After getting his hole stretched, Sean trades places with Alex for round two. Resting on his back, Alex throws his right leg over Sean’s shoulder, opening himself up to maximum penetration from Sean’s powerful dick. Sean moves to sit down and Alex stands over him as they both work their cocks. Sean shoots first, spewing thick, white cum onto his ripped abs. The sight of Sean’s load pushes Alex over the edge, and her jerks out a gushing stream of cum that splatters across Sean’s muscled torso.

Ready For Whatever

Introducing Connor Ridge

Introducing Connor Ridge

Connor Ridge is young, blonde, charismatic, and broke! A true BSB prototype! He’s new to porn but definitely not shy. When he’s asked to take he’s clothes off, they come right off and he puts his firm body on display. He almost immediately gets on the bed and begins to stroke his cock. He strokes it nice and slow as he free hand rubs and caresses his balls.

As he works over his prick he reaches down and runs his fingers over his tight hole; making me (and many of you I’m sure) foam at the mouth. As he gets closer to coming, he runs his hand up and down his shaft, kneeling on the bed and working on his load until he nuts, releasing a huge milky load of cum all over the bed!

Introducing Connor Ridge

Friendly Fucking – Brandon Wilde -amp; Vadim Black

Hot bottom Brandon Wilde confronts straight friend Vadim Black who is angry at Brandon for coming out as a gay man. When Brandon tells Vadim he knows that Vadim has experimented with gay sex himself, Vadim gets physically aggressive with Brandon. But the thin line between love and hate is quickly crossed, as Vadim realizes what he really wants is to fuck Brandon’s tight little hole. 

Oh He Bottoms Too?

Cage Kafig Fucked by Ashton Taylor

Cage Kafig Fucked by Ashton Taylor

Soooo…it’s not often that we get to see Cage bottom. For that reason, let’s skip all the pleasantries and get down to it! These boys get warmed up with some kissing while groping each others’ cocks. Cage finds his way down to Ashton’s dick and takes it into his mouth before sucking it down. After showing Ashton how its done, the boys switch places and now its Cage’s turn to get a blow job from his student. Ashton does a great job and gets Cage good and hard.

Ready to fuck, Cage preps his ass with lube before climbing on top of Ashton’s cock. He rides him slowly at first, allowing his ass to get used to the sensation. Once he’s good, he slides his muscle ass up and down Ashton’s shaft over and over. Ashton’s holds on to Cage’s hips ass his dick engulfed by Cage’s hole. Soon enough, Cage is on all fours and Ashton takes control. He can feel Cage’s ass tightening up so he starts off easy before picking up his pace and having his way with Cage’s ass. Ashton gets between Cage’s legs and holds them apart, sticking his prick back inside Cage and fucking him raw until both guys shoot a huge load!

Cage Kafig Fucked by Ashton Taylor

Erectus – Jaxton Wheeler -amp; Bruno Bernal -amp; Ian Greene

Tattooed warriors Bruno Bernal and Ian Greene sit and make out while stroking their hard cocks. From the doorway, Jaxton Wheeler observes them and strokes his own meat. So turned on, Jaxton lets his lust take over and joins them. Laying on his back, Jaxton gives head to Ian while Bruno rides Jaxton’s cock. Jaxton’s massive, muscular chest heaves as Ian fucks his face. Sweat reflects the golden light as it hits their tan, hairy bodies. Ian grabs Jaxton’s muscular pec before resuming fucking Jaxton’s face. Faster and faster, Jaxton pounds Bruno’s ass by thrusting upward. Switching things up, Jaxton gives it to Bruno doggy style. Grabbing Bruno by the hair, Jaxton pulls him backwards, impaling him ever deeper on Jaxton’s monster cock. Bruno takes a break and lets Ian have a turn riding Jaxton’s tool. Ian’s frantic moans rise as Jaxton delivers the full power of his incredible physique to Ian’s ass. His thick cock slides in and out of Ian’s tight hole, stretching the muscle ring more and more. Laying on his back again, Jaxton pummels Ian’s hole from below as Bruno caresses Jaxton’s hairy chest. Turning around, Bruno lowers his ass onto Jaxton’s fearsome, bearded face, and Jaxton rims Bruno with intense vigor. For the grand finale, all three men stand together. Ian bends down to suck Jaxton’s cock, and Bruno sucks on Jaxton’s nipple. Pressing Ian’s face into his crotch, Jaxton unleashes a massive load across Ian’s cheek. Bruno strokes his uncut cock, dripping his hot, white load onto the floor. On his knees, Ian jerks out his thick, creamy load, then stands to exchange a slow, passionate, three-way kiss with Jaxton and Bruno

Fold Him Like a Chair

Romeo James and Kyle Porter

Romeo James and Kyle Porter

Romeo James and Kyle Porter get right to business. Romeo moves in and the two of them begin a steamy make out session. He relieves Kyle of his shirt and pushes him back onto the bed. He wraps his mouth around Kyle’s cock and swallows it whole as he sucks on it. Romeo is eager for more. He lifts Kyle’s legs in the air and pushes his way inside.

Romeo takes Kyle’s tight ass bareback, plunging his dick in deeper and deeper. Kyle’s ass takes some punishment for Romeo’s cock. It’s as if Romeo has been holding a grudge! Romeo gets him on all fours and eventually on his knees, giving Kyle all the pounding he can handle. Kyle’s legs get folded and bent all types of ways and directions. You really have to see this one for yourself to understand how insatiable Romeo is. Loads of jizz are released in this one, cum inside to see just how much.

Romeo James and Kyle Porter

Looking For the Big One – Alex Mecum -amp; Casey Jacks

It’s a hot and sunny day at the beach house when Alex Mecum and Casey Jacks hook up in the back yard. Alex gets throbbing hard as the two hunks kiss and when Casey notices how big Alex has become, he can’t help getting on his knees and opening his mouth wide. Casey takes his time with Alex and is careful to lick every inch of the hung hairy stud’s thick shaft and big hanging balls. After getting Alex worked up to the point of no return, Casey pulls down his shorts and offers up his tight ass by bending over the balcony rail. Alex happily accepts Casey’s offering and gets down to eat him out. When Alex is convinced that Casey’s hairy hole can take his thick dick, he stands up and slowly slides his big pole between Casey’s cheeks before he picks up the pace to fuck his buddy harder. Casey wants maximum penetration and takes Alex to the couch where he gently pushes him down and straddles his hard body. Casey sits on Alex’s thick dick and rides it up and down until Alex takes charge and flips his friend around. Alex is ready to blow his load and he knows it will feel best with Casey on his back. Alex was right, and both studs blow their thick loads all over Casey, leaving him a sticky white mess.


Damien Fucks Tanner Bareback

Damien Fucks Tanner Bareback

Damien Nichols is still pretty do and he’s still trying to stretch his boundaries and explore his limits. He’s not ready to bottom but he’s definitely up for taking some ass and Tanner Valentino is ready to take some dick. So let’s get cracking.

Damien starts off aggressively, reaching for Tanner’s dick as the two make out. He lays Tanner on the bed and pulls down his briefs down just enough so that he can devour his cock. Damien can barely fit the entire thing into his mouth but he does a great job getting Tanner rock hard. Tanner gives him oral in return before the boys begin to 69, each guy sucking and getting sucked! The oral fun doesn’t stop there. Damien bends Tanner over and buries his face between his cheeks before sucking his asshole. After working his hole over, Damien begins to face fuck Tanner before 69ing with him once more.

Tanner loves all of the oral attention, Tanner is ready to get fucked. He stands up and opens his ass for Damien to have his way with. Damien fucks him bareback from behind.  Tanner’s juicy ass bounces as Damien pounds the shit out of him. I swear his basketball ass can handle anything! Tanner sits on Damien dick and continues to show off his buoyant bubble butt before being put on his stomach to have his cum fucked right out of him! Damien doesn’t last much longer, he pulls out and spills his own seed all over Tanner.

Damien Fucks Tanner Bareback

Hole Busters Vol. 5 – Spencer Reed -amp; Randall OReilly

Randall O’Reilly told us he wanted his hole busted by a muscleman so we called in Spencer Reed. Spencer dives right in to Randall’s fresh young hole, loosening him up with his meaty fingers. Next Spencer chooses a medium size dildo and works it in and out of the young stud’s ass. He teases Randall with a game; he wants to see how many balls Randall can take up his ass at once. As soon as he gets two balls up there, Spencer shoves the dildo in Randall’s hole too. The DP continues until Randall begs him to stop but Spencer shows him no mercy. He grabs the inflatable and pushes Randall to new limits. The kid proves to be such a little pig Spencer grabs a marker and writes it on Randall’s ass for all the world to see.

Tyler & Jett

Tyler strips Jett naked and is on his knees sucking Jett’s hard cock. Jett grabs him by the ears and pulls his head closer making sure every inch finds its way down his throat.

As Jett strips Tyler he finds his lace undies – the sight of which turn him on even more. He sucks Tyler’s cock whilst playing with his ass – then lies him on the bed and starts rimming that ass. He wants to get his hands in there so fingers that pale ass with one then two then several fingers.

He then gets his cock inside that ass – first covered and then bare. He pulls it out to cum all over Tyler’s ass – his well used hole covered in cum.

Andy XXL vs Max Duro

The old rundown tyre buildings in Berlin are the scene of many photo sessions. Photographers from all over the world come to the capital to photograph their models there.
Max Duro is one such model. Bald, thick, pitch black beard and a muscled body. No wonder that the photographer AndyXXL’s leather trousers quickly get too tight. His cock wants to get out of jail!
Max makes the start and fumbles his cock out of its Jockstrap. Andy goes over for a frontal assault and pushes the pig on his knees. He slaps him on his ass and then pulls his baton out of the bracket and plays with his ass. Firmly he presses the black rubber against the supple ass cunt. Max is meanwhile busy sinking the fat device in his throat.
Change of position. Andy throws the balding model over a buck and now goes harder with the baton. He rips Max’s ass lips and finally shoves his cock into the open cunt. Every thrust claps his muscular pelvis against the hairy butt. Max moans from the soul – so much it takes the possession of him.

But Andy’s not finished with him. He pulls him back on his knees, puts his cock in and keeps fucking.
Then he gets fucked further. Standing, leaning over the window outside and riding so that Andy’s steel hard cock hammers even deeper into the wildly-worded ass cunt. Screaming, Max finally squirts his sperm charge. And Andy shoots the greasy juice deep into his mouth.

Aiden Williams & Travis Stevens BAREBACK in Charlotte

Aiden and Travis are meant to be working on a history project together but as soon as Travis pulls his laptop out Aiden has landed a huge kiss on him and starts making his own history with him. Both these boys are blessed with big dicks and Travis makes a meal out of Aiden’s thick cock.

Aiden then attempts to swallow all of Travis’ meat but is more interested in getting his raw cock deep into Travis’ fine ass. Travis bounces up and down on Aiden’s dick – his own cock swinging. As Aiden fucks him from behind Travis blows a huge load all over the bed.

Rico Fuerte

This week we add to the roster sexy hunk Rico Fuerte. He was very eager to show off his ripped body for the photo shoot and then got right down to business with his monster cock and balls. Feeling his shredded muscles and stroking his meat, Rico lies back and blows a load so powerful his toes curl.

Domination Diner – Jaxton Wheeler -amp; Lance Hart -amp; Eli Hunter

Lance Hart and Jaxton Wheeler lead Eli Hunter onto the main floor of the diner. All three are naked and Eli immediately gets pushed down onto the floor. He’s cock hungry and the other two studs are already hard and ready for Eli to suck their dicks. Jaxton wants to teach Eli a lesson for fucking up an order of pies earlier in the day, and as Lance slides his cock deep into Eli’s ass, Jaxton grabs pies and makes Eli identify each one. After a proper identification, Jaxton smashes each of the pies over Eli’s head. He’s covered in crust, cream, and filling as Lance continues pounding away from behind. ‘Say ‘I love pie!’,’ Jaxton commands to Eli as he rubs all the different flavors into his mouth and continues smashing them on his face. ‘I love pie!,’ Eli responds. By the end of the ass pounding from Lance and the face smearing from Jaxton, Eli is a complete mess. Lance has worked himself up to a frenzied finish and sprays his jizz over Eli’s hungry face. The taste of Lance’s creamy filling gets Eli ready to blow. After a couple more pies to the face, he dumps his load all over the floor to mix it in with the shrapnel from all the destroyed deserts. ‘Clean this shit up by yourself,’ Jaxton commands, as he and Lance leave Eli to deal with the aftermath of all the sugary fun.

You Need a Real Man! – Roman Todd -amp; Alex Chandler

Alex Chandler has had enough of Roman Todd living with them. He tells him he should leave that he’s not welcome anymore. But Roman explains how Rodney Steele wants him to stay and that Alex should stop acting like a little bitch. Alex kind of gets turns on by Roman’s aggressive bad boy attitude towards him! Roman demands him to get down on his needs and suck his cock like a real man! Roman bends Alex over and fucks his pretty boy ass! Till they’re both dripping with cum!

Garrett Hunter & Adrian Owens BAREBACK in Wichita

We have not one but two new porn models for you Garrett Hunter and Adrian Owens. You wouldn’t know that neither of them have performed on camera before by the show they put on for you.

Adrian jumps on top of Garrett and starts kissing him intensely – he then takes Garrett’s cock in his mouth and swallows it whole. Garrett then kneels before Adrian and fulfills one of his fantasies by having a jock suck his cock.

Garrett then has his hole lubed by Adrian’s tongue preparing it for his bare cock. Adrian fucks that tanned ass with gusto and blows a huge white load all over it.

Hole Busters Vol. 5 – Edin Sol

Edin Sol finds himself alone in the weight room so he pulls out his toys to give his hole a workout. With the help of some lube he shoves a giant fake cock in and out of his ass. He goes deeper with each thrust until he takes the massive dildo to the base. Now that his hole is stretched Edin can really fuck the toy. He adheres it to the bench and rides it hard. The young stud pulls out a glass butt plug and shoves it up his ass too, coating it with his own ass juice. Horned up and out of control, Edin licks the glass orb and fucks himself, alternating between the two ass toys.

Danny & Randy

Randy’s goal in life is to be a trophy husband so today’s cooking prep in the kitchen is good training for that. The two are naked under their aprons and the sight of Danny’s fine ass is too much distraction for Randy as he starts to fondle Danny.

Danny quits prepping and gets Randy up on a stool –
like the trophy that he is. He starts expertly sucking his big hard cock. The look on Randy’s face as Danny sucks his cock says it all – Danny is treating him to one hell of a blow job – even managing to deepthroat his entire cock.

Dishes go flying as Randy throws Danny onto the countertop to get his cock in his mouth. Randy is hungry for ass and quickly starts to like and spit in Danny’s hole. “Get your tongue in there”, Danny pleads. “Just wait til my dick is in there,” Randy replies. It’s pretty clear these two want to fuck so they head to the bedroom.

This is fucking at it’s finest – when you want it so bad and the fuck is so good it delivers everything that the build up has promised. Randy has to enter Danny gently at first but as soon as he’s in Danny’s ready for more. Riding on top of Randy – Danny blows his load in an intense cum explosion.

Randy’s orgasm is just as intense and the two of them are as blown away with the experience as you will be watching. Let’s hope we can get them back for the flip version!

Alberto Esposito vs Devian Rogue 3

At the end of a hot day with lots of sun and sperm, Alberto and Devian still do not have enough and arrive at the Berlin Connection club. There, a driving house-beat keeps the guests happy, but before Alberto and Devian even think about dancing, they unpack their fat cocks and suck each other’s holes ready to fuck. Bearded stallion Alberto does wait long and rams the muscle-skin his bare cock into the greedy cunt. In front of all the guests, the two put an epic Party fuck, so into each other that they forget everything around them. Alberto pulls his cock out of the cunt and shoves it Devian’s mouth, letting the horny pig know what his own ass tastes like. Devian gives a spontaneous fisting and sends Alberto into total ecstasy. The tails are rock hard, and so they will continue to fuck each other in ground and bottom. The dance floor can wait.

Tony Prower

The last of the new hunk recruits has arrived for our fall sessions. Meet Tony Prower. He comes to us eagerly wanting to show off and blow in the hunk house windows for everyone outside to see. So that’s exactly what he does. Wasting no time, he whips out his rock hard cock and starts to go at it until he blows a huge load.

Jesse Brooks & Landon Wright BAREBACK in Dallas

Meet Texan Jesse Brooks who is the latest find on the Jason Sparks Nationwide model search. It’s been one of his fantasies to appear in a porn film so here he is. And lucky him gets to appear with one of our faves Landon Wright.

As you all well know Landon has a big dick and Jesse gets every bare inch of that cock down his throat and in his ass. He also cops Landon’s load all over his chest. Fantasy cum true – tick that one of your bucket list Jesse.

Dr. FrankenFuck's Fist Lab – Hugh Hunter -amp; Teddy Bryce

Dr. FrankenFuck (Hugh Hunter) has created a fisting monster in Teddy Bryce. Teddy is adapting well to life thanks to Dr. FrankenFuck’s treatments, which consist of regular and constant ass stretching. Teddy wants to be a good monster and after having the Doctor’s fingers disappear inside his asshole, he gets to work sucking on the horny mad scientist’s extra thick cock. ‘Let’s see how deep your throat is,’ the Doctor says as he jams his big cock into Teddy’s begging face. The monster’s lips feel amazing wrapped around his cock and when Doctor FrankenFuck is rock hard, he knows it’s time to take the treatment to the next level. He gets behind the muscle stud to cram his pole into Teddy’s hole and fucks his creation hard just to get him opened up a little. The Doctor’s treatments have only begun and it’s time to stretch Teddy’s butt a little more. The Doctor grabs the ‘green monster’, a massive ridged dildo, and slides it into Teddy’s steadily growing hole. Once Teddy is good and gaping, the Doctor puts on his work gloves and slides his big thick fists into the monster’s back door. Teddy begs for the Doctor to go deeper and when he gets wrist deep inside his creation, he can’t hold off any longer. Dr. FrankenFuck’s swollen cock erupts all over Teddy’s stretched and wrecked asshole and all over his own wrist, still crammed deep inside Teddy’s hole.

Control Freak! – Rodney Steele -amp; Alex Chandler

After Alex Chandler realizes that Rodney Steele has had is way with Roman Todd. He is angry and wants to leave! Rodney threatens him and tells him without him Alex would be on the streets. Alex notices that Rodney is still hard and makes a comment how Roman didn’t satisfy him properly. They both engage in aggressive hard core fucking session letting all their frustrations out on each other bodies. Sucking dick, banging and eating asses. They don’t miss anything and Alex shows him how it feels to fuck a real man!

Skuff: Rough Trade 1 – Sebastian Kross -amp; Griffin Barrows

Crackling leather stretches against the muscled bodies of Sebastian Kross and Griffin Barrows. Naked but for his Rough Trade black three-point harness, Griffin sinks to his knees and swallows every inch of Sebastian’s huge cock. Griffin’s deep throating fetish takes center stage as strings of saliva drip to the floor as Sebastian facefucks Griffin’s wet, eager mouth. Griffin reclines on a fuck bench and leans his head back, opening his mouth to receive Sebastian’s member. Grabbing Griffin’s harness, Sebastian rams his lengthy dick all the way down Griffin’s throat, his balls slapping against Griffin’s face with each vigorous pump. After nearly 10 minutes of taking Sebastian’s thick and long cock down his throat, Griffin’s so turned on that he turns around and offers up his butt. Sebastian parts Griffin’s ass cheeks and dives in tongue first. He spits on Griffin’s hole, then uses his tongue to drive his saliva down Griffin’s fuck chute. Spit drips from Griffin’s hole down his smooth nut sack as Sebastian plays with the sensitive head of Griffin’s swollen, throbbing cock. With Griffin’s hole lubed and ready to get fucked, Sebastian lays down flat on the bench. Griffin lowers himself down and uses his beefy legs to ride Sebastian’s rod. As Sebastian picks up speed, his huge, low-hanging nuts swing back and forth through the air with wet slaps. Griffin’s hole stretches wide as Sebastian’s cock drives deeper inside. Sweat drips from both their bodies as they move to a sling. Ramming his meat into Griffin, Sebastian produces primal moans from the insatiable bottom. As Sebastian pummels Griffin’s prostate, Griffin reaches an incredible climax, blasting his torso with giant gobs of cum. Sebastian shoots his load on Griffin’s ass, then scoops it up and feeds it to him, capping it off with passionate kissing.

He Wants What He Wants

John Henry and Ryan Fields

John Henry and Ryan Fields

John Henry and Ryan Fields begin by making out and feeling each other up. The pull off and toss their clothes, exposing their hot bodies to each other. John goes down on Ryan and swallows his cock whole. Ryan ups the ante by bending John over and munching on his fat bubble butt. John’s toes curl as Ryan’s tongue darts in and out of his hot hole.

Once its nice and wet, Ryan pushes his raw cock deep in his ass, making John moan even more. John hangs tightly on to the pillow as his ass is pounded from behind. Ryan isn’t here to show mercy, he’s here to catch a nut. Each thrust betrays his true intent. With his ass getting sore, John takes control by getting on top of Ryan and riding his cock. He’s not on top long before he’s shooting out a sweet load! Ryan pulls out and releases his man milk right on John’s thigh.

John Henry and Ryan Fields

Father Figure – Rodney Steele -amp; Troy Accola

Watch the impressively hung older/younger pair exhaust each other in this passionate, intense sex scene. Filled with cock sucking, cum swallowing, and ass pounding! Nothing like a mix of ages and experience to expose the most mind blowing sex! There is nothing these two studs miss out on. Pleasing every inch of each other’s tight bodies.

Down To It

Ashton Taylor Fucks Justin Dean

Ashton Taylor Fucks Justin Dean

Boys that know how to get right to business will always have my utmost respect. Ashton Taylor and Justin Dean are ready to make that list. They jump right in and get things popping, kissing as they undress. Once Ashton gets a glimpse of what Justin is packing, he helps himself to some oral. He licks up and down Justin’s shaft in order to get it nice and wet. The boys switch places and Justin deepthroats Ashton’s prick. While get his cock necked down, Ashton plays with Justin’s tight hole and begins to imagine all of the hot things he’s going to do.
Justin bends over and lets Ashton push his dick balls deep into his hole. Ashton gets right to work and doesn’t hold back. You can tell his excited to fuck Justin’s beautiful ass. He pounds him hard while Justin jacks off, loving every stroke. Ashton flips him on his back and continues to wreck his hole. Ashton is an insatiable little fuck! Soon enough he’s forced to stop when Justin cums all over his chest! Ashton pulls out and hosing the lad down with his own hot load.

Ashton Taylor Fucks Justin Dean

Wild Attraction Part 2

While Paul Casserras and Tomas Friedel suck each other’s cocks in a 69 position, Maikel Cash fucks Tomas, and Scott Carter fucks Paul. Later, Scott gets his ass plowed by Tomas, while Maikel fucks Paul, until each man blows his load.

Slam That Hole – Brian Bonds -amp; Noah Donovan

Sexy power bottom Brian Bonds and big-dicked Noah Donavan waste no time getting orally acquainted. After swapping some spit, Brian is quickly on his knees with a mouthful of Noah’s huge cock. Brian tries his best to deep throat the 9.5′ inch, thick cock, gagging as it hits the back of his throat. Noah wants ass, so he rims Brian’s eager hole, jamming his tongue deep into his center. After warming Brian’s hole up, they switch to a sit fuck where Brian energetically bounces on Noah’s meat stick. Brian can’t get enough, and his hot hole is able to take Noah’s big dick and powerful thrusts in every position before he oozes his load out into his hand. Noah pulls out and finishes all over Brian’s spent cock.