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Raw Construction – Adam Ramzi -amp; Sharok

Adam Ramzi and Sharok sneak onto a construction site at night when no one is around to get have some uninhibited fun. Adam is hungry for dick and doesn’t waste a second getting on his knees in front of a naked, Sharok. Adam takes the hairy meat down his throat and grabs Sharok’s phone to record the fun. After getting his fill of dick and opening Sharok’s ass with his tongue, Adam is ready to plant his rod deep inside Sharok. Adam stands up and slides his raw cock into Sharok’s crack and picks up the pace to fuck the stud fast and deep. Sharok takes the phone and keeps recording the action as Adam continues the ass ramming. Switching it up, Adam flips Sharok over to watch as he fucks the hairy stud on his back with his legs in the air. Adam pumps in and out of Sharok’s hairy hole until his cock bursts and sprays cum all over Sharok’s ass. Adam pounds his load inside and continues until Sharok blasts his own load all over his own hairy crotch.

Get Wet – Aaron Savvy -amp; Nick Fitt

Aaron Savvy is out lying by the pool taking in the sun when Nick Fitt gets in the water. Nick can’t seem to get Aaron’s attention, so he throws water on the sunbathing stud. It gets the desired result and Aaron joins Nick in the pool. Nick goes down for an underwater blowjob that gets Aaron revved up and ready for more. Aaron carries Nick out of the pool and puts him on a lounge chair before taking Nick’s long hard dick in his mouth. All the action is driving Aaron wild and he takes it to the next step by rimming Nick’s tight ass. Aaron gets it nice and opened up before he slowly slides his hard dick into Nick’s waiting hole. Aaron builds to a frenzy as he fucks his buddy faster and harder. The studs switch it up and after riding Aaron, Nick mounts up for a final run. This time there’s no holding back and Aaron pounds Nick’s ass until Nick blows a geyser of thick creamy cum. When Aaron sees Nick’s load, it pushes him past the point of no return, and he pulls out to shoot his load all over Nick’s eager face.

Enzo & Fred

Enzo and Fred might be on opposing teams, but they know how to play well one on one. Away from their other mates, they’re able to enjoy other’s hot, sweaty, athletic bodies. Fred begins by sucking on Enzo’s hard cock. The sexy player returns the favor, worshipping the fit man’s shaft and balls. Enzo then gets his tongue up Fred’s smooth ass, feeling his hot, round cheeks press against his face as he tongues his hole. Enzo slides his hard cock up inside Fred, fucking him like a champion should!

Mason & Tai

Tai and Mason are a little nervous being on camera, both very new to being amateur porn stars. It gets easier as they begin to undress, seeing each other’s bodies and to know their partner more intimately. Tai begins by sucking on Mason’s cock, feeling it grow bigger and harder in his mouth as he works it to attention. Mason can’t stop playing with Tai’s big, hairy ass and tight hole, eager to see how he feels wrapped around his fuck stick. With Tai warmed up and on his back, Mason gives his hard, raw cock to his thick buddy, fucking him deeply and intensely! All their nerves melt away as their work up a kinetic pounding, bringing each closer to cumming!

Daddy’s Dungeon – Tyler Rush -amp; Silver Steele

Daddy Silver Steele is bound by the wrists in a leather mask with his blonde, furry ass stuck high in the air. He’s horny and in need of some service when Tyler Rush comes to his aid. Tyler helps Silver out by teasing his pink hole with his fingers and tongue. The taunting drives Silver wild but Tyler isn’t going to let his daddy cum just yet. Tyler grabs his favorite toy and flogs Silver’s back and ass as the daddy yells out for more. Tyler is just getting started and grabs a blade to follow up the flog by teasing every inch of Silver’s writhing body. Just when Silver thinks he can’t take any more, Tyler rolls him onto his back and gets to work sucking his dick. When Silver is rock hard, Tyler hops on and rides daddy’s dick to completion. Tyler’s cock is locked in a cage and dripping with pre-cum as he bounces balls deep on Silver’s throbbing dick. Tyler can tell that Silver can’t hold off any longer and frees his wrists to let him jack his cock to the end. Silver erupts with a gush of cum that slathers his heaving stomach with pure white and extra thick jizz.

Grunts Fisting-Arm of One – Aaron Summers -amp; Billy Berlin

Aaron Summers’ hands are twitching for sweet ass. He drags Billy Berlin over to the depot, rips off his regulation shorts and goes in to Billy’s ass with a full fisted attack! Billy rides Aaron’s hand and arm for all its worth. Craving more, Aaron plows Billy’s perfect ass with our biggest man-rammer dildo. But even that doesn’t satisfy Billy. Aaron grabs one of our loaded machine tools and stuffs it right up Billy’s hole! Billy’s eyes widen in waves of terror and pleasure. ‘Oh FUCK!’ Billy cries, ‘Don’t fuckin’ shoot!!’ The cold metal mouth of the instrument shocks Billy’s prostate into convulsions. Billy blows his molten load!

Arlington Jones – Arlington Jones

Arlington Jones sat down with us and once he was done with his introduction he slowly began taking off all his clothes. He loves to wear boxer briefs because of the snug feel as he walks around in public. You can see his huge bulge through the boxers and once he takes them off his big hard cock is ready to roll. He starts tugging at his big smooth balls while stroking his throbbing cock. His big muscular thighs flex as he stands up pulling on his dick building up his big full balls. Once he gets back on the bed he spreads his legs wide and starts teasing his virgin hole. You can hear the lube as he strokes his dick faster and faster and his moans begin to peak as the enjoyment is becoming more intense. Claude never misses a shot and he can see that Arlington is going to pop so he moves in with a swiftness just in time as Arlington blasts his load straight up and down all over his own hard dick and smooth abs.