The Cutest Boys of the World

Tyler Layton – Tyler Layton

Tyler Layton is one tall man and he is ready to explore his body with us and show off his goods. He takes his time stroking his cock and rubbing his slim tall body. His big hard cock looks perfect as his balls bounce back and forth with every pull of that hard shaft. Tyler isn’t scared of being naked and he is glad to be here showing off his throbbing dick. He lies down showing his very long hairy legs and his smooth ass. His moans are becoming louder and louder and soon his dick will explode with gobs of warm cum. He calls out to Claude and he moves in just in time to catch the blast of cum shooting up and out of his throbbing shaft.

Room 106 – Jack Hunter -amp; Cazden Hunter

Traveling solo, Cazden Hunter checks into his hotel room finding himself horned-up with nowhere to go. Cazden take out a dildo, pops on a porno to help satisfy his needs. After a few attempts to get himself off, Cazden decides he wants more, he wants the real thing. A big hot thick cock to fill his hole.  He arranges for an anonymous hookup in his room. When his NSA fuck-buddy Jack Hunter arrives, he finds Cazden face down, ass up on the bed in a jock. Jack helps himself and gets on his knees to rim Cazden hard. After burying his face in deep, Jack smacks Cazden’s ass cheeks with his thick, throbbing cock. Slick with spit, Jack slides his massive dick straight into Cazden’s bare hole. Cazden sits up and looks back at the anonymous trick as he pumps in and out of his ass. Cazden wants a taste of Jack’s monster cock and turns around to swallow it whole. After getting his throat stretched, Cazden hops on top to take Jack’s dick to new depths. He bounces up and down, taking every inch of the girthy cock probing his hole. Jack puts Cazden on his back with his legs high in the air to pound him deep. Jack can’t hold off any longer and pulls his bare cock out of Cazden’s ass to drench his cock with a fresh load. He shoves it back in just in time for Cazden to grab ahold of his dick and stroke a thick load out on his abs. After satisfying himself and his anonymous partner, Jack gets dressed and leaves Cazden on the bed a wet and sticky mess.

Masters Playground, Part 4

The Master applies even more hot wax to the boy and then when it has cooled removes it with his crop. Then continues the boys education with a large multi tailed whip until the boy agrees that doing the Masters wishes might be a good idea after all!

Reunited & Raw

Spencer and Luke have known each other for awhile and have become very good friends. Spencer had never been with a trans guy before Luke and it had completely shifted his idea of what gay sex could be.

As soon as they start kissing, they can’t keep their hands off of each other. Spencer loves Luke’s athletic, compact body and kissing him between his soft legs. Running his tongue over Luke’s hard cock and wet pussy is a pleasure he’s thrilled to be able to experience again and again.

Spencer watches Luke cum from his playful toying and fingering, feeling his cock swell for him. Luke can’t deny his partner the pounding he so desperately craves, spreading his warm, wet pussy for him to slide up inside. Spencer moans as he fucks him, so happy to be back connected with his friend Luke.

Matt & Pedro

Matt and Pedro feel up each other’s crotches, caressing their cocks and nuts as they make out. Matt runs his hands over Pedro’s smooth chest, getting more and more excited as his young lover gets harder in his baggy shorts. They peel off each other’s clothes piece by piece as they become more turned on by the other’s eagerness and growing cocks.

Matt pulls off Pedro’s shorts and sucks on his cock deep, taking it to the back of his throat. Pedro returns the favor, sucking on Matt’s meat and getting it hard and wet. He flips the tan man around, eating out his ass as he leans up against the wall.

Once inside, Pedro plows his cock deep in Matt’s ass, pounding into his prostate as the curly haired bottom takes every intense thrust.

Kyle Steele & Cash Lockhart BAREBACK in Portland

Between large boulders, the horny studs make out and caress each other’s bodies, feeling up their smooth muscles and growing cocks. Kyle drops to his knees to suck Cash’s huge member, swallowing it down to his sweaty balls.

The two men continue their walk a little deeper into the trail before stripping down and fucking as raw and natural as the greenery surrounding them!

When they finally get back to their hotel room, Kyle continues to ride Cash’s thick meat, grinding it against his prostate as the two ride of the edge of an intense orgasm.

Hot, Raw and Ready! – Logan Stevens -amp; Zario Travezz

Zario Travezz is horny as hell and he can’t stop eating Logan Stevens’ insatiable ass. Logan loves the attention his ass is receiving and lies back on the couch with his dick in his hand to let Zario rim away. Zario gets in deep and opens the blond stud up until Logan decides to get a dick down his throat. Zario stands up to let Logan get what he wants as Zario slowly starts fucking Logan’s face. Zario knows how much Logan can take and gives him every inch he can handle. As the blond stud sucks away on Zario’s plump cock, Zario goes even deeper, feeding the stud between his legs his nice fat dick. Logan takes the big cock all the way to the base, choking and gagging on his favorite thing until Zario wants a taste of his own. Zario gets Logan’s meat in his mouth and services him hard. Logan loves Zario’s mouth wrapped around his shaft and can’t wait to get a dick back down his throat. The studs roll onto the floor and 69 so each of them gets a taste. Zario plants his face deep into Logan’s clenched ass and licks away until Logan blasts his load all over Zario’s tight body. When Logan’s load hits his skin, Zario follows along. With his face still planted firmly in Logan’s hole, Zario unleashes a gusher and blows a massive load for Logan to lick clean.

Phoenix River -amp; Roman Eros – Phoenix River -amp; Roman Eros

Phoenix River is ready to rock as he begins to take off his clothes and when Roman Eros sees how eager he is to get this going they both just get naked and Roman wraps his eager mouth around Phoenix’s big hard cock. Phoenix can’t believe how great of a cock sucker Roman is as he engulfs his throbbing cock with joy. Phoenix is almost going to nut so he pulls Roman up so he can suck on his cock for a bit before he begins to fuck him. Phoenix wants to see if this Marine can take a big cock up his ass as he slowly puhses it deep into Roman’s smooth tight ass. Roman takes each thrust he is given like a true Marine as his ass gets pounded hard and deep. Phoenix can’t beleive how well he takes it and Roman wants it harder and harder. Once Phoenix gets Roman on his back he just can’t keep his nut inside any longer and with a few more hard deep thrusts Roman explodes all over the place sending a shockwave of joy throughout his body. Phoenix pulls his raw cock out and Roman drops to his needs and opens his mouth and soon enough Phoenix blasts his warm load all over and inside Romans eager Marine mouth.

Hot, Raw and Ready! – Logan Stevens -amp; Alessio Vega

Logan Stevens and Alessio Vega start by making out and when Alessio gets a look at Logan’s giant cock, he slumps to his knees to take the cock down his throat. Alessio savors every inch of Logan’s plump shaft and pays special attention to Logan’s foreskin, getting the stud ready to fuck. Logan wants a turn with the cock sucking action and gets down between Alessio’s legs to take the throbbing dick in his mouth. When Logan has had his fill, he bends Alessio over to eat his ass. Logan’s tongue feels amazing rimming Alessio’s hole and soon he’s ready to get plunged raw. Logan stands up and shoves his bare cock deep into Alessio and pounds hard, making the stud moan out as he gets his ass reamed. When Logan wants to see the look on Alessio’s face as he gets fucked, he rolls the stud over as he continues his relentless bareback reaming. Alessio’s tight ass feels amazing surrounding Logan’s dick and he can no longer hold off. He pulls out and blasts a load all over Alessio’s hole and when he’s done shooting, Logan scoops the mess up with his cock and shoves it deep into Alessio’s spent ass. The sensation of all the warm cum oozing into his ass makes Alessio ready to blow and he shoots his load all over his tight body.

River Elliott & Johnny V

Ex-military hunk River Elliott destroys Johnny V’s tight muscle ass in this week’s hot AMH release. River is a rough, dirty top that gives his boy no sympathy as he devours Johnny’s hole.

Forcing his head down and fish-hooking Johnny, River pounds him from behind as Johnny moans and let’s him take over. Then, River forces his huge cock down Johnny’s throat and spits in his face in order to remind Johnny of his place and how he should behave.

River finishes Johnny off with some serious military position fucking while he bites his toe and forces Johnny to blow his huge load before River feeds Johnny his hot jizz.

Lewis Solo

Lewis loves being on camera. He loves showing off his body, getting turned on, and rubbing one out for all to see. In this little home video, Lewis puts himself in the director’s seat and makes a personal video of his body, cock, and hole like they’ve never been seen before! Watch what happens when this furry, friendly Aussie gets frisky and films himself at home!

Jess & Pedro

Jess and Pedro snuggle in bed for a little fun, grabbing at each other’s growing cocks as they kiss and become more and more intimate. Jess loves the feel of Pedro’s furry chest, caressing it as he tastes his lips.

When Jess pulls out his big cock, Pedro takes it down his throat instantly, swallowing down the sexy man’s meat. Pedro pulls out his own cock, giving Jess the chance to give it a taste. They swap blowjobs again and again, worshipping their thick, hard shafts and heavy, sweaty balls.

Jess’s heart pounds for his sexy, Latin love, eagerly offering up his smooth ass to him. Pedro savours the taste of his hole, fingering it and licking it before mounting up behind it. He gives the horny bottom his huge, thick cock, fucking him hard and bringing him to the edge of an intense orgasm!

Fist Bump – Sky Devil -amp; Ryan

Ryan is a sexy man with a beautiful ass built for pounding and Sky Devil waste no time greasing up and driving his long, stiff cock home. There’s plenty of long stroke fucking to be had here as Sky pounds Ryan’s ass in sex crazed, pile driver fashion. All that fucking just makes Sky’s hole hungrier and so Sky gets to work squatting down on Ryan’s greased hands. Ryan gets an eyeful as he watches Sky’s ass devour his hands and forearms like a slobbering, wide mouthed animal. After Sky dismounts, he lays back for a moment, giving Ryan an eyeful that beckons him on. Ryan starts a steady punch assault on Sky’s hole, working in harder and harder. Sky breathlessly pleads to Ryan, ‘deeper, deeper!’ and Ryan gives it his all. Sky’s hole quivers around Ryan’s hand as Sky’s cock explodes hot cream. Sky gets even working Ryan’s hole, pushing his load over the edge.

Nickolai – Nickolai

He doesn’t waste anytime as he begins to take off his clothes revealing his inked up body and sexy scars from his active lifestyle. His cock is hard as a rock as he slowly strokes his hand up and down his shaft. He was nervous but thats the orginality of it all and seeing him play with his cock is beautiful. Nickolai tends to his balls as he continues to show off his goods for all to see. He strokes his cock slowly and passionately as he builds up those balls. He’s most comfortable lying on the bed legs spread out as he gets closer to his climax and with only a few more tugs of that hard cock he finally shoots his creamy load all over his chest.

Room 106 – Roman Todd -amp; Nic Sahara

Roman Todd and Nic Sahara are getting back late to their room after a long day working. Exhausted and drained, Roman decides to hop in the shower to recharge, tossing his underwear to the other side of the room. Nic quickly snatches them up to inhale Roman’s all-day man-scent. In middle of the night, Nic takes out Roman’s dirty underwear and begins to rub his hard cock while deeply inhaling Roman’s scent. Roman wakes up and catches Nic beating off. Sensing that he can get Nic to help him with his own cum-filled balls, Roman tells Nic a story of how he let a guy suck his dick. Interested and sheets tented, Roman invites Nic to his bed to swallow his cock. Nic’s loving every inch of the initiation and takes Roman’s thick dick down his throat and to the balls. After Nic is done deepthroating Roman’s cock, he feeds his meat to Roman’s face. Making sure he doesn’t miss out, Roman slurps down Nic’s uncut cock. For a hot 69, Nic gets on top of Roman, and sucks Roman’s dick again while Roman rims Nic. It’s not long before Nic’s hole is ready, and he’s bending over the bed to take his co-workers thick, bareback cock. Roman eases into Nic and quickly starts pounding the stud doggy-style. After Nic has had his ass slammed by Roman, they go for an intense flip-fuck, with Nic plowing into Roman and drilling the tatted hunk with his uncut, bare rod. They switch it up one last time with Roman pounding Nic to finish him off. Seeing Nic stroke a load out onto his abs sends Roman over the edge, so he pulls out and adds his own load to the mix, leaving Nic a wet, sticky mess. Roman slides his spent cock back into Nic’s hole one last time and says, ‘you need to give me my underwear back.’

Laith Inkley -amp; Johnny B – Johnny B II -amp; Laith Inkley

Johnny B II joins Laith Inkley on the bed where he takes his cock into his eager mouth sucking it. They both take turns sucking each others cocks as they get harder and harder. Hard cocks can only mean one thing and Johnny bends Laith’s sweet big ass over and pushed his throbbing thick cock into him. Laith isn’t use to such a big dick being buried in his ass as Johnny thrusts deep and fast as he shows this soldier how an elite fucks. Johnny doesn’t want to pop just yet so they swap roles and Laith pushes his big dick into Johnny making him squirm with delight. Johnny loves to be pounded and Laith pounds him deep and hard fucking him all over the bed. Laith continues to pound Johnny until he blasts his load all over himself and he ends up shooting himself in the eye with his own warm jizz. Laith loves what he sees and pulls his raw thick dick out and strokes his warm load all over Johnny’s sexy chest.

FFPD – Fist Fuck Police Department – Luka Sage -amp; Josh Mikael

Officer Luka Sage arrives at the precinct to begin his shift watching over prisoner, Josh Mikael. Unbothered by the officer’s authority, Josh gropes himself before pulling his jeans down and spreading his hole for the officer. Josh taunts Luka even further when he calls him a ‘pig’ and invites him to show the prisoner what he’s got. Luka is up for the challenge and gets on his knees to tongue-fuck Josh’s hole thru the bars of his cell. It’s not long before Luka removes the captive pig from his cage and bends him over his desk to open his hairy hole up even further. Luka is ready to show Josh just how dirty a cop he is, and he gets down between the studs legs to shove his fist in for a complete cavity search of Josh’s hole. Josh’s hole swallows Luka’s fist with ease as the dirty cop works his clenched fist in and out of his sloppy hole. Josh wants the officer even deeper and gets on his back to receive the cops fist at full depth. Taking it up a notch, Luka works two fists into Josh’s already busted hole making him push out a blooming rosebud. After switching back to all fours one last time, Josh lays back to unleash thick ropes of cum all over his hairy body while Luka keeps his fist firmly planted in the prisoners spent hole.

Office Hookup – Nick Fitt -amp; Aaron Blonco

Nick Fitt and his fuck buddy Aaron Blonco sneak away from the bar and go to Aaron’s office after hours. These two horny fuckers take care of each other on the desk and Aaron slams his huge Latin uncut dick up Nick’s white ass! After some foreskin play, cock-sucking and ass eating, the two studs unload their dicks all over each other.

Logan Lane – Logan Lane

Once the interview is over Dirk leaves the room for a bit so Logan Lane can get comfortable. Logan takes all his clothes off and sits in the chair where he grabs some lube and starts stroking his limp dick. It doesn’t take Logan long to that big cock nice and hard and once it is Dirk comes back in and tells him to jump on the bed and continue stroking his soldier meat. His hand never stops sliding up and down his rock hard shaft and soon enough Dirk is telling him to bend that ass over and spread that tight ass of his. Logan has his legs spread and he pulls his ass open revealing his tight virgin hole. His balls hang as he slowly strokes his dick and once Dirk has had enough of the view he tells him to get comfortable on the bed so he can let that nut out. Logan has been waiting for this and his balls are full and once he kicks back on the bed his nut comes blasting out all over the place. This kid has some thick cum and empty balls which leads him to the showers.

Jordan & Sahaj

Jordan is a notorious horndog and can find a hot stud to fuck almost anywhere he goes. When he spots Sahaj taking a break from his construction work, he quickly seduces him with his raw, alpha sexuality. Jordan brings him to a private, shady spot to feed him his massive, thick, uncut cock, fucking his face hard and rough.

Sahaj’s mouth drools for the studs meat, willing to do whatever he wants to be his submissive bitch. Jordan wastes no time in pulling down the worker’s pants and plunging his monster cock in between his smooth ass cheeks.

Sahaj braces himself up against a concrete wall, taking the rough fucking from his blonde top. Jordan uses the bottom like he does best: selfishly, deeply, and full of big dick energy!

Zack Grayson & Brandon Blake BAREBACK in Omaha

Brandon spots the handsome concierge of his Omaha hotel, catching his eye as he checks in and notices some flirty, lingering glances. Zack is attentive and friendly and Brandon is curious to see just how accommodating he can be.

He orders up some extra towels to his room, knowing that the handsome young man would be the one to deliver. And sure enough, when he answers the door to his room, Zack is there, ready to be of service. Brandon stands in just a towel with nothing else on him, so the only tip he has to give is the one bulging between his legs.

Brandon is eager to take Zack’s cock into his mouth, dropping to his needs to give it a thorough suck. Zack then strips him down on his bed, taking off his uniform to reveal his slender body and hard cock. Brandon swallows Zack’s thick meat expertly, giving him an intense rush of pleasure with each bob of his head.

Brandon turns around, giving Zack the chance to feast on his hole like it was freshly delivered room service! Zack then puts Brandon and his back and gives him raw cock deep in his ass, fucking him hard to completion before loading him up!

Elye Black -amp; Blake Effortley – Elye Black -amp; Blake Effortley

Blake Effortley kicks back and watches as every inch of his hard dick is licked and sucked. He moans with every touch of Elye Black’s tongue on his shaft and all the drool coming from his mouth makes Blake’s cock so slick. Blake continues to face fuck Elye balls deep making him gag on his hard cock. Elye loves having that dick in his mouth but he is just to eager to get fucked by Blake so they stop the cock sucking and Elye bends his smooth shaved ass over. Blake sees that smooth hole and puhses his throbbing cock in making Elye squirm with delight. Blake loves how Elye’s ass opens up for him and he moves him onto his back so he can watch Elye masturbate as he fucks him harder and harder. The look on Elye’s face is classic as that big thick cock pulsates in his ass. Blake’s balls are filling up and ready to blast out all over Elye and just before it happens Elye cums all over himself with Blake’s cock buried deep in his ass. Blake pulls his raw cock out and shoots a massive warm load all over Elye.

Jimy & Nathan

Jimy lies out in the summer sun feeling his skin become warmed and bronzed. As the day lingers on, he can’t help but feel his body come alive and aroused.

Luckily, his friend Nathan come to join him poolside. The two young men kiss and caress each other’s beautiful bodies, taking advantage of their private backyard oasis and their smooth, tanned bodies.

Jimy pulls down Nathan’s briefs to take his cock into his mouth. The hard shaft slides past his lips and glides on his tongue, becoming bigger with each stroke.

Jimy then straddles Nathan’s wet cock, taking it up his tight hole as the two fuck in the bright midday sun. His hole wraps around his friend’s thick cock, milking out a thick, creamy load.

Fist Bump – Sky Devil

Sky Devil wanted to show us what he’s like when left alone to his own devices. On his back, his arms reaching forward past his legs spread up and open, he pulls at his own hole with long, slick fingers, giving us a good look deep inside. Peering over his heavy steel encased ball sack, Sky grins knowingly as his cavernous ass opens wider and wider. He slips one hand in, then swaps it with the other. His beautiful long cock towers over weighted balls and fully stuffed hole. Sky pulls out a few new toys he’s eager to try out and he takes each one down like a champ, eventually blowing his load while riding a triple mushroom headed monster.

Seedy Bar Threeway – Brendan Patrick -amp; Wesley Woods -amp; Link Parker

After the three stepbrothers Nick Fitt, Hunter Smith and Cade Maddox, reunite at the family home, they decide to go out with some friends to the local watering hole. After a while their friend Wesley Woods starts to get frisky with a couple of dirty nasty bar rats, Brendon Patrik and Link Parker. The three hairy studs put out a shelf for everybody with lots of ass eating, hairy dick sucking And some pretty intense ass fucking.