The Cutest Boys of the World

Your Ass Is Mine – Matthieu Paris

Of course, MATTHIEU wasn’t done showing us what he wanted that day, and with ANTONIO gone, MATTHIEU pulled out our biggest toys and gave us a great solo show. He rides toy after giant toy – heck, he even takes the lube bottle!! He squeezes down on the thing, pouring out thick, syrupy, clear lube onto next long, thick toy. Talk about a tall stack! MATTHIEU PARIS’s breakfast of champions!

Sammy Nicks – Sammy Nicks

Sammy Nicks likes to start it off quick as he begins to take his clothes off. He makes himself comfortable on the bed as he starts to stroke his cock. Sammy has beautiful black hair all over his body as his cock begins to throb from all the stroking. His hard dick is lubed up as his hand slides up and down his shaft. Sammy loves to moan as he masturbates for us. Sammy than shows us the goods as he bends over and reveals his sexy hairy ass as he continues to stroke his dick from behind. All good things must come to an end and you can hear Sammy’s moans become louder as his dick throbs and shoots his warm thick load all over his chest.

Leeroy Jones -amp; Princeton Price – Princeton Price -amp; LeeRoy Jones

They both kick back on the bed and slowly take their clothes off. They slowly stroke their cocks until Princeton sees that Leeroy Jones is rock hard and soon enough he has his mouth wrapped around that big hard cock sucking every inch Leeroy has to offer. Leeroy is loving the feel of a Man’s warm mouth wrapped around his throbbing dick. Princeton Price doesn’t stop there as he pulls Leeroy to the edge of the bed and spreads his legs wide revealing his hairy hole. Princeton Price goes deep with his tongue licking and kissing his tasty ass. Leeroy can barely take the sensation as he squirms with delight amid the enjoyment of his ass being rimmed. Leeroy has had enough and is ready to fuck Princeton in his sexy ass. He bends him over and slowly pushes his big dick into him until his balls rest up against him. He starts to thrust slowly pushing every inch back into Princeton making him moan with pain and pleasure. Leeroy begins to fuck harder and faster as that ass slowly relaxes and opens up for him. Leeroy flips him onto his back pushing even deeper into him and slowly fucking him so he can feel his hard cock throb inside of him. Princeton continues to stroke his cock while he’s being fucked until Leeroy pulls out his raw cock and strokes his nut out all over Princeton’s cock. Princeton who is beating off furiously feels the warm cum land on his cock and then he begins spraying his warm load all over the place. Princeton Price is one cum soaked soldier and loving every second of it.

Max & Juan

Max and Juan rush at each other, grabbing at their clothes and making out before Juan shoves Max’s mouth on his sweaty cock! Max laps at his heavy nuts, getting the cocky guy worked up and hard!

Juan takes his tongue to Max’s smooth jock ass, massing the boy’s hungry hole and getting it wet for his meat. Max can’t wait to sit on his hard cock, feeling it attack his prostate and push out his thick load!

John Hawkins – John Hawkins

John Hawkins sits down on the edge of the bed playing with his cock and then casually walks off screen and returns fully naked with his hung hard cock out ready to stroke. He sits back down on the bed and makes himself comfortable and continues to feel his body and stroke every inch of his long hard dick. You can see how wide John’s shoulders are and you realize all the time and effort he has put in at the gym. John stands tall as Claude shoots and underneath shot showing us his full balls and thick shaft. He slides his lubed up hand slowly up and down his throbbing cock and you can hear the sounds as he grips his cock and jacks off. He spreads his legs wide showing us his hairy ass as he continues to stroke his dick and with two hands. The speed has picked up and both hands are sliding up and down his hard shaft. John knows his balls are ready to explode and with a few more strokes of his hard cock he shoots his warm load all over himself.

Rimrock – Roman Todd -amp; Devin Franco

Roman Todd surprises Devin Franco with a romantic cabin getaway in the woods for their anniversary. Once at the cabin, the couple drops their bags and kicks off their weekend by getting naked together. Devin can’t keep his mouth off of Roman’s tight body and drops down to suck his partner’s thick dick. The taste of Roman’s precum on his tongue makes Devin hard as a rock and Roman can’t resist but to return the favor. After swapping some head, Roman is ready for more and bends Devin over to eat his man’s ass. ‘Oh yeah, get in there,’ Devin demands as he enjoys Roman’s experienced tongue rimming his hole. The sensation sends him over the edge and he gets down on all fours to receive Roman’s thick, raw dick. Roman pounds Devin’s ass from behind as Devin moans out begging for more. Roman picks up the pace, giving Devin everything he wants and needs. Switching things up, Devin flips over to take Roman for one last bareback go. The sight of Roman pounding his ass makes Devin ready to blow and Roman pulls out to watch Devin jizz all over himself. Roman quickly follows along by shooting his load all over Devin’s sticky body. ‘Stick it back in me,’ Devin tells Roman. Roman does as he’s told as they kiss and bask in the afterglow of a good pounding.

Logan Carter & Riley Ross BAREBACK in Atlanta Chapter 4

Logan loves how perfectly sized Riley is for him. While he’s happy to flip roles of top or bottom, he loves being the taller guy in a pair. Riley’s face lifts up to meet his as they kiss, making the muscle man’s cock rock hard.

The tall guy sucks his buddy’s thick cock, feeling it stretch out his throat as it works past his tongue. Logan can’t get enough of how Riley tastes, getting his legs up on the beg to eat out his hot, furry hole.

Riley might be shorter, but he’s definitely the aggressor when it comes to hot and heavy fucking. With Logan worked up from worshipping his body, he bends the big guy over, getting him on all fours to squeeze his big meat into his tight hole.

Logan’s cock drips out pre-cum, feeling his prostate get pummeled by Riley’s big cock. He can’t resist switching places and giving the energetic fuck buddy a raw, passionate, deep dicking in return!

Sensuous Master, Part 4

The caring Master listens to the helpless boys protestations and stops whipping him. He returns with a selection of candles and the boys education continues by having the wax poured all over his body. The boy finds the wax a little warm but the Master ignores his pleas and continues to pour the wax on him.

Ryan Jordan, Spencer Laval -amp; Logan Lane – Ryan Jordan -amp; Spencer Laval -amp; Logan Lane

They all kick back on the bed on stroke one another till Spencer gets the sudden urge to start blowing Ryan Jordan’s big hard cock. Logan Lane watches on and soon enough Ryan has his mouth wrapped around Logan’s throbbing dick. The look on Logan’s face is priceless as these two vets please each other and take turns sucking cock. Once Spencer sees him bent over sucking on Logan’s big hard dick he spreads his ass and pushes his raw cock deep into his tight soldier hole and begins thrusting deep making Ryan gag on Logan’s throbbg cock. Spencer Laval does all the fucking in this one as Ryan is such a champ taking that cock for so long deep in his ass. Ryan’s tight little ass can only be fucked for so long and soon enough Spencer pulls his cock out to bust his load all over the place but first Logan unleashes his load all over Ryan and then Spencer blasts all over Ryan’s cum soaked chest. Ryan is covered in warm cum and finally he cums all over himself.

Dennis & Eli

The tall, British top, Eli, loves hitting the beaches while Russian bottom, Dennis, is here for the hot guys! Once paired together, all they want to do is fuck! Eli’s huge, uncut cock is almost as big as he is! The 6’6″ giant gets his cock serviced by the hungry bottom before he bends over the bed to take it deep!

Dennis’ tight hole wraps around Eli’s meat, feeling his prostate get pounded as he braces himself on the bed! Eli watches with delight as Dennis’ jerks off a thick load on his chest as the tall top edges closer to climax!

Jordan & Enzo

Blonde stud Jordan is sunning on the beach when he spots sexy Latin stud, Enzo, undressing for a dip and a surf. Enzo’s smooth, toned body is exactly what Jordan likes and he can’t resist chatting him up. Their connection is immediate as the horny men begin running their hands over their bare bodies.

They kiss passionately, teasing their nipples, and pulling down their swimsuits to get at each other’s hard cocks. With the summer sun beating down on them, they take advantage of their remote location to suck each other off and get each other even hotter!

Jordan bends Enzo over the rocks of the shore, giving him access to his smooth, round ass and tight hole. The blonde top presses his cock between those tanned cheeks and fucks him hard!

Your Ass Is Mine – Antonio Biaggi -amp; Matthieu Paris

ANTONIO BIAGGI has had his hands full making his way through our fisting corral. Here, we serve him up our champion, MATTHIEU PARIS. ANTONIO starts out eating MATTHIEU’s delicious ass with gusto. Then ANTIONIO serves up his own giant uncut Puerto Rican wonder cock, opening up MATTHIEU some more. Still not content with what he’s got, ANTONIO easily slides his hand along side his fat cock and whacks himself into a frenzy inside of MATTHIEU’s Parisian pucker, pushing MATTHIEU over the edge.

Ivan D – Ivan D

Ivan D is a big muscular man who spends quality time in the gym and he’s on a very strict diet. He’s glad he can finally get a break and rest up on our bed to show off all his goods. Ivan doesn’t waste any time as he begins to take his clothes off. His wide chest and amazing body are amazing to look at as he strokes his uncut cock. His dick his huge hard and very veiny and he loves to stroke it slowly showing off every inch of his sexy dick. Once Ivan stands up and continues to stroke his dick you can see his full balls from underneath and his firm thighs quiver as he masturbates for us. Ivan once again makes himself comfortable on our bed and he spreads his smooth sexy legs as he slides his manly hands up and down his throbbing shaftYou can only jack off for so long and the time has come for Ivan to release his balls and with a few more long strokes and one last loud moan Ivan lets his cum shoot out his beautiful cock and onto his well built body.

Bradley Hayes -amp; Scott Finn – Scott Finn -amp; Bradley Hayes

Scott Finn introduces the two and right after they are kicking back on the bed stroking their dicks. Bradley Hayes wips his big fat cock out and Scott has his mouth wrapped around every inch of that throbbing dick sliding his tongue up and down. Bradley loves the dick sucking by his fellow soldier but he moves into sniper position and Scott easily can get behind him now and bury his wet tongue deep in Bradley’s wating ass. Bradley is super horny now and can’t wait any longer so he bends Scott over and pushes his big dick into his tight ass stretching it wide open until his balls rest against him. He starts fucking slow but once Scott’s ass opens up he thrusts harder and faster making Scott moan and squirm with pleasure. Eventually, Bradley has Scott bent over once again and Scott is stroking his hard cock fast as he is being pounded hard from behind. Bradley thrusts once deeper and Scott begins to cum all over the place shooting streams of his warm cum all over the place. Bradley pulls his raw cock out of Scott and strokes his warm nut onto Scotts back.