Count Me In – Ty Santana -amp; Dan Evans

Horned-up hunk Dan Evans can’t even wait until Ty Santana’s underwear is fully off to begin blowing the jock’s big dick. Dan, now on his knees with his ass in the air, starts to moan as Ty rims him, sucks him from the back, and fucks him with his bareback cock. Ty keeps on pounding Dan until he’s breeding the bottom’s fuck hole and pulling out to admire his cream-filled ass. 

Jack Of All Trades – Danny Starr -amp; Gunnar Stone

Tattooed muscle hunks Danny Starr and Gunnar Stone are supposed to be en route to an overnight job, but both are too horny to think about anything besides each other’s throbbing cocks. Pulled over in a deserted lot, Gunnar, wearing nothing but his work boots, climbs up the back of the van to give Danny easier access to his hole. Now with Gunnar on the ground, Danny fills his co-worker with his big uncut dick until he’s pulling out his bareback rod to drown Gunnar’s crack in cum. 

Salty Boys – Scott DeMarco -amp; Cesar Rossi

After a day out on the water, Scott DeMarco and Cesar Rossi take a walk to enjoy the nature. Being outside makes them hot and sweaty and theirclothes come off. Cesar hits his knees first to wrap his lips around Scott’s thick rod. After getting throat fucked, Cesar bends over to get some oralpleasure of his own. When Scott sees Cesar’s hole, he dives right in, lapping his tongue in and around Cesar’s ass. Now that Cesar’s ass is lubed up,they lay sideways and Scott slides into Cesar’s manhole. The ass reaming builds until Scott gives Cesar’s butt a break, by sucking on his girthy pole.Scott wants more hole so Cesar bends over and Scott plunges into his scruffy ass. As the sexual excitement builds, Cesar mounts Scott’s dick to ride itto completion. While bucking on the hefty cock, Cesar blasts off with thick ropes that lather Scott’s abs in cum. To finish him off, Cesar sucks the cockthat was just in his ass until Scott oozes out a thick load for Cesar to savor.

Make It Last – Vincent OReilly -amp; Sonny Blonde

Vincent O’Reilly is wearing nothing but a revealing thong as he pops a golf ball out of his cheeks and putt-putts around with his hung buddy, Sonny Blonde. The mini-golfing doesn’t last long though and soon, with the Southern California sun beating down, Vincent moves to the center of the yard to suck off Sonny’s impressively big dick. Sonny reciprocates the summertime oral pleasure by burying his face between Vincent’s cheeks and manhandling his ass before sliding in his girthy member. Vincent takes it from behind and then goes for a bareback ride on Sonny. Then, the duo discovers that both of their dicks are so big that Sonny is actually able to suck off Vincent while the bottom’s hole rides and moves up and down his raw rod. Once Vincent is on his back, both men begin to nut all over Vincent’s body so Vincent is left lying there covered only in rays of sun and ropes of cum.

High Gear – Devin Franco -amp; Alpha Wolfe -amp; Luca Del Rey

Fuck-ready strangers Luca del Rey and Alpha Wolfe are deep in an abandoned warehouse as they watch a blindfolded and ball-gagged Devin Franco hang in a Diamond X6 Pro Sling while getting drilled by a Diamond X3 fuck machine from Fort Troff. With Devin’s dick hard as a rock and fully exposed, Luca can’t help but go in for a taste before both he and Alpha decide to take Devin’s raw hole for a test drive. Next, Luca is throwing on his Blind Skullfuck Hood and taking a turn in the sling. Devin quickly begins filling Luca’s ass with his thick bareback cock and causing the versatile bottom to grip onto the sling as Devin relentlessly pounds him out. A few more hardcore thrusts from the big-dick fucker has Devin breeding Luca’s insides and pulling out to watch a streaming river of nut escape from his used up hole.

Never Enough – Tryp Bates -amp; Mat Wolff

Tryp Bates’ throbbing hard-on is anxious to escape his jeans and fill the mouth of cock-hungry jock Mat Wolff. Horny for more, Tryp shifts his attention to Mat’s tight hole as he rims the eager bottom and fucks him hard across the bed. Loving every bareback pump, Mat jerks his own hard rod as he spreads his thighs for Tryp’s big dick and covers himself in cum. 

Fan Male – Devin Franco -amp; Diego Sans

Gay porn superfan P-Man is calling into Diego Sans and Devin Franco’s Las Vegas suite to dish about their masturbation fantasies and behind-the-scenes industry info. After the XXX-rated interview, the fuck-hungry duo gets down to business with Devin deepthroating Diego’s big dick and Diego flipping Devin’s entire body upside down to rim his horny hole. Much to Devin’s pleasure, the unconventional positions continue as Diego reverses the direction of his muscled-up body while barebacking his porn star buddy from behind. Then, with Devin on his back getting simultaneously jerked and fucked, Diego delivers his final thrusts and busts all over Devin – right after Devin unleashes his own wet loads.

Deep In Paradise – Yuri Oberon -amp; Vitor Alves

Vitor Alves’ ass is fully exposed and ready to be rimmed as Yuri Oberon inches his way up the bed to begin servicing his friend’s hole. The oral action continues as Yuri lies across the mattress to 69, with Vitor sucking him off and Yuri again taking his tongue to Vitor’s juicy peach. It’s not long before Yuri’s fat cock makes its way deep into his buddy’s ass so Yuri can deliver the hardcore dicking that Vitor has been craving – only ever pausing the intense fuck fest to have his meat go ass-to-mouth and give the bottom a taste of his own insides. A few more bareback positions around the bed end with Vitor on his back and his thick legs spread open. Ultimately, Yuri pulls out his big dick to cover Vitor’s stretched out slit in a puddle of nut before sliding back in for his final thrusts.

Never Enough – Vincent OReilly -amp; Siren Santiago

It’s a scorching hot day in Palm Springs, and Vincent O’Reilly is looking for a refreshing distraction. Lucky for him, Siren Santiago is right by his side to squeeze some sweet grapefruit into a refreshing glass of water and to open his mouth so he can swallow down Vincent’s big dick. Without even leaving the kitchen, the two 69 all over the countertop before Vincent uses his lengthy rod to pound out Siren’s hole and fill his mouth with seed.