The Cutest Boys of the World

Fistpack 26 – Code Red: Asshole Emergency – RJ Danvers -amp; Jessie Balboa

While Jessie Balboa reads over his notes for today’s exam of RJ Danvers, RJ can’t contain himself and grabs for Jessie’s fat cock through his scrubs. Jessie knows what RJ wants and he comes around the table to probe his wanting hole. Jessie puts on a black glove, slops on some J-Lube, and he’s off to the races, putting his hand inside RJ anus. He pushes his finger in as RJ pushes back wanting more inside him. Jessie soon has his fist inside this hairy hole. RJ keeps his legs wide open as he hold his feet and allow Jessie deep access to his anal cavity. Jessie pushes and pushes working RJ hole. RJ grips his hairy ass cheeks and pulls his ass open even wider so Jessie can work him over. Soon RJ is open wide as Jessie pushes his fist deeper and deeper and in and out of RJ’s sloppy, well-fisted hole. Jessie pulls at RJ’s hole, opening it up so he can see RJ beautiful rosebud. He quick inserts his fist back into the center of RJ’s pleasure. RJ is in ecstasy. RJ can’t get enough; Jessie soon pulls out his fat cock and strokes it as he works over RJ asshole. In his appreciation RJ produces another big red rosebud, which Jessie quickly fingers eagerly. Jessie pounds his meat as he fist fucks RJ’s anus. He works is hand in and out of RJ’s hole and works his cock simultaneously until he pumps out a huge white load. RJ the releases some of his own man spew as he cums all over his hairy belly.

Vegas Hustle – FX Rios -amp; Texas Holcum

FX Rios is shady fixture in Vegas nightlife specializing in supply and demand. When he meets innocent young Texas Holcum he seduces him with free tickets to Hustlaball, but Texas soon learns that everything has it’s price. FX kicks back, whips out his fat cock and orders Texas to go down on him. Texas swallows FX’s huge tool while the sinister top fingers his hole, getting it ready for action. FX grabs a taste of Texas’ pretty hole and big dick before bending him over the fucking his ass hard. Texas goes for the gold by riding FX’s cock then shows his appreciation for the ‘free tickets’ by gulping down FX’s hot cum. After all his hard work, does he make it to the ‘party’.

Emilio, Hetero & Junior

Hetero wraps his mouth around the monster sausage, slobbering all over it as Junior pumps his fuck stick deeper into his throat. As Hetero fills his mouth with Junior’s meat, Emilio watches on, furiously stroking his cock as he watches his buddy in action.

Soon the bystander feels compelled to get some of what Emilio is serving up, pulling his friend away to fuck his face with his own thick meat. Emilio gladly resumes stroking the stranger’s shaft as they share Hetero’s tongue.

But Junior needs more than just a pretty pair of lips to milk out his load! Bending Hetero over, Junior fucks him deep as he continues to service Emilio with his mouth. The three studs fuck and suck in the dark corner, all building to a hot threeway that can’t be missed!

Cole, Marcus & Lucas BAREBACK in Minneapolis

The three horny guys start by sucking each other off, connecting themselves into a circle that has them tied up in a knot of smooth limbs and throbbing cocks! Their hungry mouths move all over each other, kissing, teasing, and rimming until they’re aching to fuck.

Marcus opens up his hole for the massively hung Cole, who in turns takes Lucas’ big dick from behind. The three move together like an engine, pumping back and forth as their bareback fucking builds up steam.

As they switch directions to give everyone a chance on top, they don’t stop until all three have poured out their hot loads, making for an explosive end to a hot scene!

Gimme that Bubble Butt Boy – Michael Boston -amp; Wade Wolfgar

When hung daddy Wade Wolfgar hits you up on video chat and asks if you have time to help him with his raging hard-on the answer is always YES. Just ask Michael Boston, the handsome young stud with an award-winning bubble-butt. Michael is all too eager to strip and show off, sucking on a giant dildo and stroking his own rock hard cock while Wade jerks off and tells him exactly what to do to get them both off. Michael lies on his side and opens his rosy hole to the thick fake cock, pushing in all 10+ inches to the base. Both guys pull in close and jerk off for each other until they both blow.

Gut Reaction – Jeff Baron -amp; Mark Evrett

Furry-assed Mark Evrett is bent over like a butt hungry centaur. Harness daddy Jeff Baron smacks his ass and rims his pink hole then begins fingering him. Evrett’s no stranger to ass play and he passes Baron a fat, foot-long black dildo who slides it in and out of Evrett’s ass with surprising ease.

Andy, Jamie & Erik

Andy is an absolute giant, towering over everyone as he dominates the room. At only twenty years old and originally from Korea, he is a welcome import from the Asia-Pacific region! Irish stud, Jamie, returns after a long break from filming, as well as our adorable Indonesian stud, Eric.

Once they’re set loose, they can’t wait to fuck and suck each other, each swapping top and bottom! Jamie barebacks Eric before Andy fucks them all! Watching tall Andy shoot his impressive load all over Eric’s face is truly a must see, especially when Eric shares the top’s seed with Jamie…

Jess & Sam

Jess has the biggest smile on his face as Sam begins to explore his massive cock. Concealed in his tight briefs, the horny stud is eager to feel his thick meat swallowed up by the tan, hungry cocksucker.

Sam’s fingers grip around Jess’ monster shaft, feeling its hardness as he brings it close to his mouth. Sam struggles to take the entire cock deep to the back of his throat, making Jess smile all the more.

As the two strip down, Sam can’t stop worshipping Jess’ huge cock, desperate to feel it pound deep inside his hole. He can hardly wait for it to happen, but as he lies back to receive it, he trembles as it presses against his tight sphincter…

Suddenly it seems too big, but Jess makes sure to go slow and ease it in as Sam breathes deep to take it all. Once it’s fully inside, Sam opens up and yields to Jess’ fucking, feeling his prostate rattle around as he’s fucked harder and harder!

Atlant & Claude

Claude has a total jock fetish. He loves the gear, the uniforms, the bodies, and the competitiveness of it all! But even without all those trappings, he can smell an alpha jock a mile away. Atlant gives him exactly what he needs, dominating his mouth with his big cock and by giving him a heavy, sweaty pair of balls to worship.

Claude gets on his knees to suck Atlant’s thick meat, feeling it pulse between his lips as it leaks pre-cum onto his tongue. The jock’s fresh fluids only drive him more wild, making him eager to be fucked hard!

Atlant bends his lover over, sliding his cock into his tight hole before pounding him hard and deep. His competitive nature comes out, wanting to give Claude the best fuck of his life. Claude is willing to take whatever Atlant dishes out, happy to be a fuckhole for the sexy top stud…

Drew Dixon & Logan Carter BAREBACK in Atlanta Chapter 4

Drew can’t get enough of Logan’s beefy, muscular body, worshipping his broad chest and thick, hard cock as he swallows him down to the back of his throat. Logan loves lying back and watching his meat disappear in Drew’s mouth, feeling his nuts ready themselves to dump out a load in the sexy Brit’s ass.

Putting Drew on his back, Logan applies the full weight of his big body down on his buddy’s back as his bare cock slides into his hungry hole. Drew lets out a deep moan as it fills him up, desperate for Logan’s cum to pour inside his body.

Logan is happy to give him what he wants, but not before taking his time to enjoy their hot fuck before unleashing his seed!