Overdrive – Paul Wagner -amp; Derek Kage

Fresh off an expensive, fuck-filled vacation in Spain, Paul Wagner is eager to get out of the airport and into the comfort of his own home. After using the ‘Let It Ride’ rideshare app to call a car, though, he quickly learns that unhinged driver Derek Kage has some alternative plans for him. Without warning, Derek turns sharply into an abandoned garage where Paul — against his own better judgment — agrees to a flip-fuck with the alarmingly intense and unstable motorist. Soon, Derek’s tongue, fingers, and bareback cock are going in on Paul’s hairy hole as the penetrated passenger leans his exposed body against Derek’s car. Now occupying the open trunk of his SUV, Derek takes a ride on Paul’s big dick and gets fucked from behind until both men are covering each other in their loads. After, all that’s left is for Paul to be driven home and realize the hard way that this psychotic stranger not only knows his phone number but also where he lives.

Content House – Diego Sans -amp; Cole Connor

When secret agents Cole Connor and Diego Sans need a break from saving the world, they head to Palm Springs to rent a ‘Content House’ — a place where all their porn star friends can come together and create some raw footage for their fans. Cole kicks off the weekend by sucking Diego until his big uncut cock is soaked with spit and ready to bareback Cole’s ass. Wanting to make sure that his horny fans can see him getting fucked from every angle, Cole places his phone on the ground directly below him to capture every one of Diego’s thrusts. Cole then hops onto a countertop where he films a POVstyle segment of Diego blowing his rod before Diego moves up to continue pounding his ass. A few more positions of Diego topping Cole’s hole has the hairy bottom busting all over Diego’s furry chest and then heading down to eat up Diego’s ropes as they come flooding out of his slicked-up dick.

Wild In Rio – Rhyheim Shabazz -amp; Marlon Costa -amp; Sam Ledger

Hung tops Rhyheim Shabazz and Marlon Costa are already stiff when young twink Sam Ledger decides to join them in bed for a late-night bareback threesome. As Sam takes turns swallowing each of their massive cocks, both men rim his hole until they’re ready to dick him down at both ends. While Rhyheim’s meat fills Sam’s mouth, Marlon kisses Sam’s feet and begins thrusting himself into Sam’s smooth slit. Knowing that the slim bottom can handle even more, Rhyheim rams his rod right in before the two tops team up to double penetrate his hole in multiple positions across their stark white sheets. With his hole stretched out more than he ever thought possible, Sam’s jaw falls open for a non-stop stream of moans until the two men are completely finished using his hole and pulling out to finally unleash their loads.

Skintight – Dakota Payne -amp; Jake Klerin

All the models at the ‘Skintight’ magazine calendar photoshoot are embracing each other’s bodies outside by the pool, but nude model Jake Klerin is too busy sneaking away with Dakota Payne to care. Only feet in the door, Dakota rips off his shorts, palms the back of Jake’s head, and sits back as Jake eats up his cock. Some satisfying rimming leads to Dakota bending Jake over a nearby couch and barebacking his bubble butt. Taking a deep breath, Jake goes for a ride on Dakota while fully stroking his own cock. The touch of his hand and the pulsating feeling of Dakota inside of him proves to be more than enough for Jake as he busts all over himself right before the tattooed top pulls out to nut on the model’s torso.

Best Of Cheat Day

Enjoy the best Of Cheat Day in this fun compilation</br></br><b>00:00</b> – <a href=’/en/video/falconstudios/Cheat-Day/217522′>Cheat Day</a></br><b>03:00</b> – <a href=’/en/video/falconstudios/Cheat-Day/217523′>Cheat Day</a></br><b>06:00</b> – <a href=’/en/video/falconstudios/Cheat-Day/217524′>Cheat Day</a></br><b>09:00</b> – <a href=’/en/video/falconstudios/Cheat-Day/217525′>Cheat Day</a></br><b>12:00</b> – <a href=’/en/video/falconstudios/Cheat-Day/218037′>Cheat Day</a></br>

Cum To Your Senses – Adam Ramzi -amp; Liam Hunt

A long afternoon of lifting weights has Liam Hunt covered in sweat and in desperate need of a good shower. Before he rinses off, though, buddy Adam Ramzi makes sure to get a strong whiff of the smelly stud’s ripe pits. Hungry for more of Liam’s musk, Adam kneels down on the bathroom floor to taste the sweat that’s been gathering around Liam’s cock and inside his crack. The rimming continues in the bedroom, where Adam begins stuffing the fit fucker’s hole with his bareback dick. Liam shows off his freshly pumped muscles while riding Adam’s big rod and soon, both men are blowing their wads — with Adam’s tongue even going in to get a sampling of the fresh nut!

Rhyheim Does Rio – Gael -amp; Yuri Oberon

Even the most skilled cocksucker likely wouldn’t be able to handle Yuri Oberon and all his inches, But Gael is uniquely talented. In the latest Nakedsword X VoyR hookup from executive producers Tim Valenti and Rhyheim Shabazz, Gael is already hard as he drops to his knees to expertly service his hung partner. Then, with one leg propped up on a nearby ledge, Gael invites Yuri to get a taste of his hole before the two flip-fuck across a sunlit corridor. As natural light pours from the windows over their naked bodies, the two versatile men swap positions, with Yuri riding Gael’s thick dick and Gael mounting Yuri as he pounds him from the rear. Once Gael is on his back getting fucked, Yuri continues working his ass until Gael’s fat cock is shooting out the two separate loads that leave his furry muscles covered in a glorious mess of cum.