Manscent – Ricky Larkin -amp; Mason Lear

Mason Lear is walking around stroking his huge cock as he hears moans off in the distance. He spots Ricky Larkin jacking off in a leather chair and decides to join him. Ricky invites Mason in to get on his knees and start servicing his massive dick. Mason starts at the balls, making sure to breathe in every smell and savor every taste of Ricky’s meat before sliding it in his mouth. Mason grabs hold of his own throbbing cock while he continues to gag on Ricky’s. Ricky wants to see just how orally talented Mason is, so he holds his legs up to give Mason complete access to his hairy hole. Ricky keeps stroking hard on his dick and tight balls while Mason keeps his face planted in Ricky’s crack. Each sniff and lick from Mason moves Ricky closer and closer to dropping his load. As his eyes roll into the back of his head, Ricky strokes out thick ropes that land on his hairy abs for Mason to lick up and taste. After cumming all over himself, Ricky drops to his knees to polish Mason’s rock-hard cock until Mason dumps his load into Ricky’s open mouth. With cum all over his face, Ricky decides to stroke out one more load feeding it to Mason, who eagerly swallows it all.

Tales From The Locker Room 3 – Isaac Parker -amp; Jordan Starr

College football player Isaac Parker definitely didn’t expect to see custodian Jordan Starr face-deep in his used jockstrap when he walked into the team’s locker room today, but he certainly isn’t mad about it. Alone in the musky, equipment-covered locker room, Isaac joins a jerking-off Jordan by exchanging blowjobs and throwing his legs back for Jordan to rim his hairless hole. With Isaac laying on a bench and his jeans yanked down to his ankles, Jordan slides his bareback cock into the student’s ass and gives the tight end a workout as he thrusts himself in and out of his young hole. Hitting him from behind, Jordan pulls out to cum on Isaac’s lower back before having Isaac lick up his own nut off Jordan’s abs.

Aggro – Bruce Jones -amp; Masculine Jason

The girthy meat of Masculine Jason is filling up Bruce Jones’ mouth as the inked-up muscle daddy looks down at his horny cocksucker. After rimming Bruce’s thick cakes, Jason uses his big dick to dominate and bareback the bearded stranger all over a messy warehouse storage room. Then, with Bruce’s jockstrap-clad ass hanging over the side of a desk, Jason delivers his final pumps before puling out of Bruce’s hole to unload some fresh nut onto the bottom’s jock.  

Bareback In Brazil – Matthew Ellis -amp; Farley

Matthew Ellis’ thick thighs are spread and thrown back as hung muscle top Farley rims his hole before moving up to fuck his face. After getting his rod sucked and swallowed, Farley filled Matthew’s mouth with his feet and pounds his bareback cock into the jock’s bubble butt. The ripped bottom’s face stays buried in Farley’s sheets, only coming up to taste the nut gushing from Farley’s big dick.

Tales From The Locker Room 3 – Michael Boston -amp; AJ Sloan

Fresh out of the locker room shower, Michael Boston can feel the curious eyes of AJ Sloan watching his every move as he towels off his naked body. Michael doesn’t seem to mind though and is soon presenting AJ with his already-hard cock to suck down. With anyone able to walk in and see them at any given second, AJ blows the jock before getting into position for Michael to finger and rim his sweaty hole on a nearby bench. Michael gets his second workout of the day in as he thrusts himself into AJ’s ass and barebacks his hole in the middle of the college locker room. Non-stop fucking his teammate and having AJ ride his cock has Michael pulling out to unload into his bottom’s open mouth with AJ then covering himself in nut as Michael’s massive cheeks take a seat on his face.

Manscent – Lucas Leon -amp; Sharok

Lucas Leon is sitting and flexing, admiring his own physique and ‘Manscent’ when Sharok stumbles upon him and starts rubbing his bulge thru his jeans. Lucas is curious and invites Sharok over for a closer look. They lock lips before Sharok takes his infatuation with Lucas to his knees when he turns him around to get a taste of Lucas’ hairy hole. After getting tongue and finger-fucked by Sharok, Lucas gets down to release Sharok’s hairy cock from his denim and into his mouth. After a sopping wet hummer, Lucas hops on top of Sharok to ride his raw cock deep. Lucas holds tightly onto Sharok’s harness as he bounces up and down on his girthy cock. Going ass to mouth, Lucas climbs off and back down to his knees to suck the thick cock that was just up his ass, taking big sniffs of Sharok’s musky cock in between slurps. When Sharok wants more of Lucas’ tight hole, he moves him up against a wall and pummel’s his bare cock into the moaning stud hard and fast. Sharok holds onto Lucas’ jock while Lucas braces himself on the wall from Sharok’s powerful thrusts. Sharok gets Lucas down on his back one last time to stretch out his hairy hole. Lucas moans load while Sharok keeps fucking him hard and spitting on the muscle-bottom. Seeing Lucas take his raw cock so well sends Sharok over the edge, and he dumps his load all over Lucas. Pushed to his limits, a few huffs of Sharok’s sweaty pits is all it takes for Lucas to dump his thick load out onto the floor.

Aggro – Bruce Jones -amp; Heath Halo

Coming in hot-and-heavy in the middle of a deserted warehouse, Bruce Jones and Heath Halo are looking to taste, worship, and explore every inch of the other’s muscular build. The two aggressive perverts swallow down each other’s big dicks before Heath is bent over a desk with Bruce rimming, fingering, and barebacking his hairy ass. Heath soon returns the favor by burying his raw cock inside the bearded daddy’s hole as Bruce and filling the warehouse with the sound of their bare skin clapping together. 

Bareback In Brazil – Icarus -amp; Rhyheim Shabazz

Icarus is on his back, sporting only a jockstrap, and eager to submit his entire body to hung superstar Rhyheim Shabazz. Rhyheim, already throbbing, takes his time exploring the twink’s feet and ass with his mouth before completely filling up his smooth hole. With Rhyheim’s big dick buried deep inside him, Icarus goes from getting barebacked on the bed to the floor to mid-air until both men are ready to eat up each other’s fresh loads.

Tales From The Locker Room 3 – Bruce Beckham -amp; Taylor Reign -amp; Drake Von

Football twunk Drake Von is embarrassed when he pops a boner in front of muscular doctors Bruce Beckham and Taylor Reign, but both docs assure the hung athlete that he has nothing to be ashamed of and in fact, they actually want to further examine his bushy hard-on. With Drake’s girthy dick being so fat that it requires both of the medical men’s oral attention, they begin sucking him off before working their way to his fur-lined hole. Drake then gets a chance to show off his own tongue’s talents as he rims both of the bent-over physicians. Still in the team’s locker room, Drake and Bruce start stuffing Taylor at both ends with each of them taking turns barebacking the doctor’s ass. Getting double-teamed by the young jock and the daddy doctor has Dr. Reign cumming all over his stomach with Drake and Dr. Beckham then unloading themselves on bottom’s face and still-stiff dick.

Manscent – Logan Stevens -amp; Brian Bonds -amp; Drake Masters

Down in the cruising grounds, Brian Bonds and Logan Stevens slide their hard cocks thru a glory hole, prompting Drake Masters to get down on his knees and begin servicing the two swollen dicks. After Drake has had his fill of cock in his mouth, Logan and Brian join him face to face to return the favor. Brian takes the front, feed Drake his cock, while Logan takes the back end, tongue-fucking Drake’s hairy hole. After rimming Drake’s crack, Logan stands up to mount Drake raw from behind. It’s a musky spit-roast and Drake can’t get enough. Logan alternates between plunging his bare cock in and out of Drake’s ass and kneeling down to lick Drake’s sweaty fuck-hole. Brian and Logan trade places and Drake offers his sore hole up to Brian’s tongue and his mouth to Logan’s uncut pole. When Brian slides it in, Drake lets out a deep moan with Logan’s cock down his throat. Drake wants to be in charge now, so Logan bends over to swallow Brian’s cock while Drake fucks his hole from the other side. Logan takes each raw pump from their cocks with a smile on his face, opting to receive both of their rods in his hole. Drake spreads apart Logan’s ass while Brian keeps hammering Logan’s prostate. When Drake goes in to fuck Logan again, Brian gets into position and mounts Drake while he’s still inside Logan. The fuck-train continues until Logan gets on his back to take some more pounding from Brian’s cock. Brian keeps drilling Logan before emptying his balls onto Logan’s and shoving his cummy cock back inside. Logan takes that as his cue to stroke his own load out onto his scruffy abs which Brian licks up and shares with both Drake and Logan.

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Aggro – Beau Butler -amp; Mateo Tomas

Hung muscle daddy Mateo Tomas is pulling his big dick out and dropping to his knees to begin exploring Beau Butler’s thick ass. After rimming and using his brawny hands to spread apart Beau’s cheeks, a rough-and-rugged Mateo begins pumping his oversized uncut cock into the hunk’s mouth and hole. Beau, shutting his eyes and dropping his jaw, takes in deep breaths as the relentless top vigorously pounds his girthy bareback meat into his hairy ass and pulls out to bust all over Beau’s stiff, uncut dick. 

Salty Boys – Sean Duran -amp; Jay Seabrook

After swimming together just off the beach, Sean Duran and Jay Seabrook find a spot in the sand where Sean gets his cock sucked. Returning the favor, Sean bends Jay over to rim his soon-to-be-stretched hole. Sean takes his time, making sure not to miss a single inch of Jay’s hole with his tongue. When Sean is rock hard, he presses his cock down into Jay’s open hole. First on his back, then on his side, Jay gets stretched out bareback by Sean’smeaty, thick dick. Switching things up, it’s Jay’s turn for some hole. After 69ing with Sean in the sand, Sean holds his legs up as Jay’s cock disappears inside him. With Jay pounding deep in his raw hole, Sean grabs his cock and jacks out his load that hit his abs. Jay then pulls his cock out of Sean’s stretched ass and dumps his cum in Sean’s open mouth.

Count Me In – Ty Santana -amp; Dan Evans

Horned-up hunk Dan Evans can’t even wait until Ty Santana’s underwear is fully off to begin blowing the jock’s big dick. Dan, now on his knees with his ass in the air, starts to moan as Ty rims him, sucks him from the back, and fucks him with his bareback cock. Ty keeps on pounding Dan until he’s breeding the bottom’s fuck hole and pulling out to admire his cream-filled ass. 

Jack Of All Trades – Danny Starr -amp; Gunnar Stone

Tattooed muscle hunks Danny Starr and Gunnar Stone are supposed to be en route to an overnight job, but both are too horny to think about anything besides each other’s throbbing cocks. Pulled over in a deserted lot, Gunnar, wearing nothing but his work boots, climbs up the back of the van to give Danny easier access to his hole. Now with Gunnar on the ground, Danny fills his co-worker with his big uncut dick until he’s pulling out his bareback rod to drown Gunnar’s crack in cum. 

Salty Boys – Scott DeMarco -amp; Cesar Rossi

After a day out on the water, Scott DeMarco and Cesar Rossi take a walk to enjoy the nature. Being outside makes them hot and sweaty and theirclothes come off. Cesar hits his knees first to wrap his lips around Scott’s thick rod. After getting throat fucked, Cesar bends over to get some oralpleasure of his own. When Scott sees Cesar’s hole, he dives right in, lapping his tongue in and around Cesar’s ass. Now that Cesar’s ass is lubed up,they lay sideways and Scott slides into Cesar’s manhole. The ass reaming builds until Scott gives Cesar’s butt a break, by sucking on his girthy pole.Scott wants more hole so Cesar bends over and Scott plunges into his scruffy ass. As the sexual excitement builds, Cesar mounts Scott’s dick to ride itto completion. While bucking on the hefty cock, Cesar blasts off with thick ropes that lather Scott’s abs in cum. To finish him off, Cesar sucks the cockthat was just in his ass until Scott oozes out a thick load for Cesar to savor.

Make It Last – Vincent OReilly -amp; Sonny Blonde

Vincent O’Reilly is wearing nothing but a revealing thong as he pops a golf ball out of his cheeks and putt-putts around with his hung buddy, Sonny Blonde. The mini-golfing doesn’t last long though and soon, with the Southern California sun beating down, Vincent moves to the center of the yard to suck off Sonny’s impressively big dick. Sonny reciprocates the summertime oral pleasure by burying his face between Vincent’s cheeks and manhandling his ass before sliding in his girthy member. Vincent takes it from behind and then goes for a bareback ride on Sonny. Then, the duo discovers that both of their dicks are so big that Sonny is actually able to suck off Vincent while the bottom’s hole rides and moves up and down his raw rod. Once Vincent is on his back, both men begin to nut all over Vincent’s body so Vincent is left lying there covered only in rays of sun and ropes of cum.