Zane Clayton – Zane Clayton

Zane Clayton is a confident newbie with a sculpted body and a penchant for danger. Ever in search of situations that will take him out of his comfort zone, Zane makes his screen debut in this scorching solo, as he slowly shows off all his assets before getting down to business. Once he’s stripped of all his clothing, Zane’s rock hard odyssey brings you along for the ride, as Zane pleasures himself but wishes you were there instead. He spreads himself out on the ottoman and the bed, teasing his load and wagging his cock until he can hold out no longer, finally gushing his load all over his stomach in a messy conclusion to Zane’s first foray into the adult world. Here’s hoping it isn’t his last.Enjoy!

Jake Hart – Jake Hart

Jake Hart is only 22 years old and he’s a Cali boy standing at 6 feet tall. He loves to hit the gym and eat as healthy as possible. Jake isn’t shy and once a friend told him he had a huge cock he thought he would try out porn. He was excited and nervous on his trip to our studios but once he was introduced to our amazing staff he was comfortable and ready to get naked. Jake is also a model and if he gets the chance to take his clothes off and show of his body he will do it at a moment’s notice. He surfs, skateboards and loves chilling at the beach. He has a sexual eye and is always down to fuck. Jake is ready to rock and roll and we hope you like what he has to offer.Enjoy!

Tyler Kodiak – Tyler Kodiak

Tyler Kodiak comes from Russia by way of Utah. Making his on screen debut, he unwinds on the sofa and shows off his lean body and his thick cock, stroking for your pleasure as he invites you to join him. Daring you not to cum first, Tyler spreads his legs and bares all, teasing the tip of his cock as he fondles his balls, finally unleashing his load all over his stomach and rubbing the head of his cock in it, dripping messy jizz all over himself.Enjoy!

Taylor Briggs – Taylor Briggs

Taylor Briggs is a 29 year old aspiring actor working hard each and every day to make his dreams become reality. He never thought he would be sitting down for an interview here at NDM but life has many paths and we are glad Taylor has visited us. He was in the Army for a few years and met lots of really nice people and traveled the world. Taylor has a gym he frequents that’s right on the beach. He loves to work out and afterwards go relax and catch some sun on the beach. Once the interview was over Taylor began talking dirty and started to release himself while enjoying his moment here at NDM. We hope you like his thick hard cock and very manly hairy chest.

Jonah Cain – Jonah Cain

Jonah Cain is excited that he came to our studio for an amazing interview with his solo. He wasn’t sure what to make of the whole adult industry thing but once he met some of our staff he said he felt extremely comfortable and ready to rock. He is an avid football player and when in High School his team made it to the playoffs. He is now attending college and working towards starting up his own company. Jonah says he has experienced all sexually but we all know this is just the beginning. Once Jonah’s interview ended he gradually begins to show off his body revealing his in shape physique. He slowly starts to play with his cock making it nice and hard for all to see and in the end, he leaves a very thick warm blast of jizz all over his very sexy body.<br/><br/>Enjoy!

Carter Woods – Carter Woods

Carter Woods is from New Jersey and he’s an avid reader and also went to College for Baseball. He loves to listen to classical music and hopes to travel the world in the near future. Carter is working on a new App to revolutionize combat sports. He’s a very smart young man looking to broaden his horizons and we are glad he decided to spend some time here with us at NDM. Carter has a kinky side which involves lots of scratching and biting. Once the interview was done he went straight to his pants and began to reveal his hard cock. He slowly pulled it out and began to stroke his throbbing cock while showing every inch off to us. He has a well-built body probably from all the years he spent playing ball. His easy-going attitude brings calmness to the scene as you watch him please himself until he relinquishes his built up load all over himself.<br/> <br/>Enjoy!

Lucas Johnson – Lucas Johnson

Lucas Johnson is all about bodybuilding and it’s his life’s mission to be the best at it. He enters contests regularly and even found out through some injuries that he doesn’t have an ACL. He is motivated by the drive to live and better himself in any way possible. He has business ventures with a major player that he hopes will be fruitful. After Lucas opened up to us he began to undress slowly and he started to talk to seduce the camera with his words. He loves to talk dirty and he does throughout the scene as he strokes his hard cock. His body is well built and he wanted us to show off all his features which we did. His outspoken demeanor and confidence is extremely sexy as you watch him masturbate every inch of his throbbing cock until he releases his built up load. Enjoy!

Brady Breeze – Brady Breeze

Brady is a long time baseball player who was heading for the pros until he shattered his ankle and now he looks to being a police officer one day. He has played sports since he could walk and was always on varsity plus was MVP multiple times. We found Brady through social media and wanted to give him a chance to show off his sexy body and he couldn’t resist. Brady wasn’t sure what to expect once he arrived at the airport but once he saw our team he felt the most comfortable he had ever been and right away he was ready to become part of the NDM crew. He slowly reveals himself as he unzips his pants pulling out his very thick cock. He’s eager to show the world what he has to offer and hopes he can continue to stroke his sexy dick. Brady rubs his body down giving us some insight into how he plays with himself when he’s all alone and in the end his beautiful cum shot is a sight to see. <br></br>Enjoy!

Griffith Hawk – Griffith Hawk

Griffith is a hardworking man trying to conquer his dreams. This guy is the most active man on the planet. He is either working out at the gym or trying to start his own supplement business. We feel lucky he decided to come try out with us. We hit him up on a social media site and he became interested very quickly so we brought him out to see if he has what it takes to be an NDM. He’s accomplished some of his fantasies but he never thought he would be in front of the camera jacking it for millions of viewers. Once the interview ended Griffith jumped on our bed and ripped his clothes off revealing his ripped body and he slowly teased us. He pulled his rock hard cock out and started jacking it fast yet once he felt comfortable he slowed down and we were amazed by the precum oozing out of his throbbing cock. Take a look at this hard working individual and let us know if he has what it takes. Enjoy!

Miles Matthews – Miles Matthews

Miles is your average country boy and he wanted to explore the world so once he got in contact with us we decided to let him loose and see what he would come up with. Miles is a sweet young man exploring every opportunity coming his way. He goes with the flow of life and he loves to tell what his likes and dislikes are in the bedroom. Once Miles is done giving us some insight into his love life he begins to slowly unbutton his shirt and unbuckle his pants revealing a very nice hard cock. Miles loves to talk dirty and he couldn’t help himself but talk to the camera while he stroked his thick throbbing dick. Keep your eyes on this sexy young man and wow what a load of cum he can let loose.

Casting Audition: Toby Reed – Toby Reed

Fresh and young, Toby Reed is eager to get started in the industry and has a whole lot to offer, or so he claims. Muscular and energetic, the young stud jerks and tugs on himself as he works his dick into a cumshot, enjoy! What do you think, does he pass or fail?

Casting Audition: Damien White – Damien White

Feast your eyes on Damien White and catch a first look at this potential Next Door stud! Damien delivers the whole package, and he can’t wait to show off what he’s hiding behind his clothes. With a great body and a meaty cock to go along with those dreamy eyes, he’s got what it takes to make some real penetration in this industry, but can he go the distance and still deliver the goods? You’ll have to stick around to the end to see if there’s more of Damien in your future.

Casting Audition: Rockey Goldenrod – Rockey Goldenrod

Blonde haired Rockey Goldenrod is a feast for your eyes before he even gets undressed, but when he unleashes his package, he truly lives up to his name. A natural in front of the camera, getting hard is no problem with the camera, as he teases his nut and plays with himself, all the while checking in to make sure he’s doing it right. Such a pleaser, but will he have what it takes to finish the task at hand and pass his audition? You’ll have to stick around to the end to find out! Enjoy!

Casting Audition: Luke Miles – Luke Miles

Luke Miles is a beefy big stud of a guy with broad shoulders and an open minded nature that makes him perfectly suited for the camera. As he strips down to nothing and spreads his legs, teasing his cock to the lens before working the shaft, there’s no doubt he has the personality for the biz, but can he deliver when it counts or will he fizzle out before the finish line? You’ll have to stick around to the end to find out if hunky Luke makes the cut.Enjoy!

Casting Audition: Jason Long – Jason Long

Jason Long is a classic all-American surfer bro with a longboard in his pants and an open mind to show it off as he sits on the casting couch and gives it his best shot. He’s not used to being watched so he’s a little nervous, but that doesn’t stop him from showing off his hard cock as he tempts and teases himself for your approval. A feast for the eyes that’s more than a mouthful, this is one surfer boy set on making a splash.Enjoy!

Casting Audition: Jack Greyson – Jack Greyson

Jack Greyson is a little bit nerdy and a whole lot of hunk, with eyes to die for and a sensual side that definitely makes him one to watch. And the only thing better than a guy with a gym-chiseled physique is a guy with an open mind, and luckily, Jack swings both ways when it comes to who he spends his quality time with. A natural on the screen and in the sack, there’s only one question left to be answered: will he pass or will he fail? I’ll bet you can guess the answer already.Enjoy!

Casting Hardcore: Justin Weston -amp; Richard Buldger – Justin Weston -amp; Richard Buldger

You wanted him back and he came back. Justin Weston is ready to move on to the next stage and today he’s with Richard Buldger who will be giving him the BJ of his life. Justin is a little nervous but Richard isn’t and he can’t wait to suck on that big dick. Richard dives right in and Justin loves the feel of a mans mouth for the first time. He doesn’t want to cum to fast so our agent gives him a couple breaks or we wouldn’t get enough footage. They stroke their cocks when Richard isn’t blowing him and soon engouh Justin is blowing his warm load all over his own chest with Richard right behind him. Our casting agent does and exit interview with Justin to get all the juicy details. If you want him back again lets hear it….

Casting Audition: Ryan Rodrigues – Ryan Rodrigues

Ryan Rodrigues is a young buck looking to get into the industry. Our casting agent breaks it down to him and Ryan is excited to stroke his cock. He tells some great stories of fucking and experimentation. Once our agent lets him on the loose Ryan doesn’t waste any time getting naked and getting that big long cock hard. He is very young and you can see it in his actions as he beats his meat. He has no care in the world except for making it in the industry. Do you think he has what it takes???

Casting Audition: Brandon Anderson – Brandon Anderson

Brandon Anderson may be 30 but he looks 23. He thinks he has what it takes to make it into the industry and he wants to start a career out of it. Our casting agent sits him down and breaks it down for him and then hits him with questions. Once we got the feel for Brandon our agent left the room for a few minutes to see if he could get hard and once he came back Brandon was hard and ready. Brandon was doing great stroking his long dick but he lost some hardness when he was standing up. He has a nice young look to him with a firm body and our casting agent PASSED him so now it’s up to you.

Casting Hardcore: Max King -amp; Spencer Laval – Spencer Laval -amp; Max King II

Max King II is back by popular demand and it’s his first time doing anything with another man. We thought Spencer would be a perfect match for Max since Spencer Laval is so easy going and goes with the flow. Our casting agent could tell that both of these hunks were hitting it off so he told them to have fun and not to stress out on anything. Max was stressing a little bit but once he became comfortable he eased into a great performance with Spencer. Max sucked on his first cock as well as getting his sucked and he fucked his first ass which Spencer was so greatful that it was his tight ass that got that fat cock. Our casting agent told Max he did great and it was time for them to bust their nuts so they did. We hope you enjoyed seeing Max again and we know he will only keep getting better. Sound off in the comments.

Casting Audition: Aston Barrett – Aston Barrett

Aston Barrett came to our casting couch in hopes of making it big in the adult industry. Our casting agent does his best to make them comfortable and gives them whatever they need to accomplish the task of nutting. Aston from the get go seemed like he was trying to cum instantly. He has a great body and a thick cock but he rushed himself and got frusterated. We gave him plenty of time to cum but he just couldn’t do it. It seemed like he was going to nut but than he would lose it which made him more upset. If only he could have relaxed and took it easy as he stroked that fat dick of his. Sad to see such a sexy man not be able to cum which here at NDC means you FAIL.

Casting Hardcore: Julian Brady -amp; Scott Finn – Scott Finn -amp; Julian Brady

Julian Brady is back again because you the members wanted him back and he doesn’t disappoint. Our casting agent goes over the last two scenes he has done here on the casting couch and he had his first BJ with a man but today he is going even further. Today Julian Brady will be bottoming for the first time and Scott Finn is excited to be the first in his ass. Our casting agent is excited that he gets to film this and his fresh hole. Kick back and watch Julian gets his virgin hole penetrated.

Workin’ Up a Sweat – Nico Coopa -amp; Calvin Michaels

Calvin Michaels and ASG Exclusive Nico Coopa can’t stop checking each other out when they’re tossing the football around at the park. The tension boils over when they get back to the house, and the guys waste no time getting each other naked for a sexy, sweaty flip fuck. The guys got worked up playing football, but nothing like the workout they get in the bedroom!

The Rookies: Andrew, Damien, -amp; Rex – Andrew Delta -amp; Damien Grey -amp; Rex Rush

Meet Andrew Delta, Damien Grey, and Rex Rush! Three new to Next Door models, ready to show you what they’ve got! Which Rookie has what it takes to be a Pro? What do you like about each of the guys? Which shaky amateur model deserves a shot to come prove himself again? Who do you want to see them paired with?<br><br>The choice is yours! Tell us what you think in the comments. Help your favorites get another shot!

Study Games: Strip History – Trevor Brooks -amp; Aaron Elias

Trevor Brooks is an upper class man in college with Aaron Elias, who is a freshman. He’s helping Aaron with hisHistory class. Aaron has a big crush on Trevor and is constantly distracted by him during their tutoring sessions.Trevor catches on and during their session and decides that the best way to get Aaron to focus is to fuck him.And to get him into it he comes up with a game with flashcards, for each question Aaron gets right, Trevor takesoff an article of clothing. For each question he gets wrong, Aaron takes one off.

Muscled, Hot -amp; Hung Compilation

Come watch this hot compilation featuring our sexy and muscular models!<br><br><b>00:00</b> – <a href=’/en/video/menover30/Step-It-Up/134678′>Step It Up</a><br /><b>06:52</b> – <a href=’/en/video/extrabigdicks/Blue-Balls–Big-Dicks/187405′>Blue Balls & Big Dicks</a><br /><b>11:28</b> – <a href=’/en/video/menover30/Waiting-for-Cock/170157′>Waiting For Cock</a><br /><b>15:53</b> – <a href=’/en/video/extrabigdicks/Its-True-What-They-Say/146320′>It’S True What They Say</a><br /><b>19:54</b> – <a href=’/en/video/extrabigdicks/Use-My-Hole-With-That-Big-Dick/212564′>Use My Hole With That Big Dick</a><br />

Collegiate Hotties Compilation

Horny college studs engaging in some hot and heavy action in this sweaty compilation. Enjoy!<br></br><b>00:08</b> – <a href=’/en/video/cockvirgins/Caught-In-The-Act-Part-1/67269′>Caught In The Act Part 1</a></br><b>05:03</b> – <a href=’/en/video/cockvirgins/Gameplay/71674′>Gameplay</a></br><b>11:41</b> – <a href=’/en/video/cockvirgins/Pre-Game-Protein/67442′>Pre-Game Protein</a></br><b>15:41</b> – <a href=’/en/video/dylanlucas/SPRING-BREAK-2/148672′>Spring Break 2</a></br><b>25:04</b> – <a href=’/en/video/cockvirgins/Study-Night/72129′>Study Night</a></br><b>29:13</b> – <a href=’/en/video/cockvirgins/Teaching-My-Tutor/72530′>Teaching My Tutor</a></br>

Muscled Bearback Compilation

What happens when you bring bears and tight muscle flexing action together? You get Pride Studios Muscled Bearback Compilation. Cum and get it! <br><br><b>00:10</b> – <a href=’/en/video/extrabigdicks/Morning-Beef-Injection/167417′>Morning Beef Injection</a><br /><b>05:58</b> – <a href=’/en/video/menover30/Worked-Out-Lovers/145538′>Worked Out Lovers</a><br /><b>11:41</b> – <a href=’/en/video/menover30/Spa-Release/168503′>Spa Release</a><br /><b>17:56</b> – <a href=’/en/video/menover30/Much-Needed-Tension-Release/183733′>Much Needed Tension Release</a><br />

Monster Cock Of Pride Compilation

Pride Studios presents a hot compilation full of massive cocks!<br><br><b>00:00</b> – <a href=’/en/video/extrabigdicks/I-Can-Take-It/67482′>I Can Take It</a><br /><b>05:40</b> – <a href=’/en/video/extrabigdicks/NEW-MEMBER/73804′>New Member</a><br /><b>10:10</b> – <a href=’/en/video/menover30/Ten-Tantalizing-Inches/117176′>Ten Tantalizing Inches </a><br /><b>15:05</b> – <a href=’/en/video/extrabigdicks/Big-Wet-Load/194618′>Big Wet Load</a><br /><b>23:30</b> – <a href=’/en/video/extrabigdicks/Massive-Cock-In-The-Glory-Hole/133298′>Massive Cock In The Glory Hole</a><br />

Best Of Pride Originals Compilation

Get a hot load of this steamy Best of Pride Originals Compilation! <br><br><b>00:09</b> – <a href=’/en/video/pridestudios/Public-Sex-Confessionals/78197′>Public Sex Confessionals</a><br /><b>05:56</b> – <a href=’/en/video/pridestudios/Locker-Room-Romp/116329′>Locker Room Romp</a><br /><b>10:29</b> – <a href=’/en/video/pridestudios/MrMistake/77052′>Mr Mistake</a><br /><b>16:26</b> – <a href=’/en/video/pridestudios/Swimmers/118623′>Swimmers</a><br /><b>21:25</b> – <a href=’/en/video/pridestudios/Pay-Up-Or-Else/120137′>Pay Up Or Else</a><br />

Barebacking In The Backroom Compilation

Best Barebacking sex scenes compilation, enjoy! <br><br><b>00:00</b> – <a href=’/en/video/extrabigdicks/Bare-Playroom/133799′>Bare Playroom</a><br /><b>07:08</b> – <a href=’/en/video/extrabigdicks/Jacks-Big-Dick-Playroom/144832′>Jacks Big Dick Playroom</a><br /><b>12:30</b> – <a href=’/en/video/menover30/Scent-Of-A-Man/144091′>Scent Of A Man</a><br /><b>18:00</b> – <a href=’/en/video/extrabigdicks/Storage-Room-Romp/149465′>Storage Room Romp</a><br /><b>23:40</b> – <a href=’/en/video/extrabigdicks/Begging-For-Daddys-Big-Cock/147157′>Begging For Daddy’S Big Cock</a><br />

Athletic Daddies Compilation

It’s time to flex those muscles and cum to daddy for this PrideStudios Athletic Daddies Compilation! <br><br><b>00:14</b> – <a href=’/en/video/menover30/Gym-Buddies/69718′>Gym Buddies</a><br /><b>05:23</b> – <a href=’/en/video/extrabigdicks/Coachs-Dirty-Secret-Part-3/76247′>Coach’s Dirty Secret Part 3</a><br /><b>10:44</b> – <a href=’/en/video/dylanlucas/Gym-Rat/124147′>Gym Rat</a><br /><b>15:17</b> – <a href=’/en/video/menover30/Post-Workout-Romp/119218′>Post Workout Romp</a><br /><b>21:30</b> – <a href=’/en/video/dylanlucas/My-Sexy-Trainer/133951′>My Sexy Trainer</a><br />

Bald, Hung -amp; Horny Compilation

PrideStudios presents a compilation with 5 sizzling scenes of some of the hottest bald, hung and horny men. Enjoy! <br><br><b>00:12</b> – <a href=’/en/video/extrabigdicks/Dressed-Down/71408′>Dressed Down</a><br /><b>05:46</b> – <a href=’/en/video/menover30/Unloading-At-Work/117234′>Unloading At Work</a><br /><b>12:37</b> – <a href=’/en/video/familycreep/Get-A-Job/166185′>Get A Job</a><br /><b>21:40</b> – <a href=’/en/video/extrabigdicks/Gag-Me-Spank-Me-Pound-Me/174719′>Gag Me Spank Me Pound Me</a><br /><b>28:19</b> – <a href=’/en/video/extrabigdicks/Big-Cock-Vacation/166551′>Big Cock Vacation</a><br />

Cream Pies Compilation

Cum and enjoy this Cream Pies Compilation from Pride Studios! <br><br><b>00:09</b> – <a href=’/en/video/menover30/Locker-Load/169575′>Locker Load</a><br /><b>08:04</b> – <a href=’/en/video/menover30/Cum-In-My-Hole/173257′>Cum In My Hole</a><br /><b>17:25</b> – <a href=’/en/video/extrabigdicks/-Cum-Filled-Hole/174364′>Cum Filled Hole</a><br /><b>20:35</b> – <a href=’/en/video/menover30/Please-Breed-My-Hole/199149′>Please Breed My Hole</a><br />

Bareback Athletes Compilation

Please enjoy this compilation of some sexy Bareback Athletes</br></br><b>00:10</b> – <a href=’/en/video/menover30/Aged-Well/148743′>Aged Well</a><br /><b>06:30</b> – <a href=’/en/video/menover30/Spa-Release/168503′>Spa Release</a><br /><b>11:03</b> – <a href=’/en/video/extrabigdicks/Pounded-By-Big-Dicked-Boxer/180876′>Pounded By Big Dicked Boxer</a><br /><b>17:10</b> – <a href=’/en/video/extrabigdicks/Whoa-I-Didnt-Know-It-Was-That-Big/183147′>Woah I Didn’t Know It Was That Big!</a><br /><b>22:11</b> – <a href=’/en/video/extrabigdicks/Two-Big-Dicks-Are-Better-Than-One/166621′>Two Dicks Are Better Than One</a><br />