The Cutest Boys of the World

Cruising Grounds – Sebastian Kross -amp; Kyle Kash

Bad boy graffiti artist Sebastian Kross is finishing up his latest tag on a warehouse wall. Handsome bystander Kyle Kash is impressed by Sebastian’s talent — and more so by Sebastian’s ripped body. Kyle wants a piece of that, so he pulls down Sebastian’s jeans and uses his firm lips and deep throat to service Sebastian’s huge cock, focusing on the sensitive head. Sebastian is turned on and wants more: he plunges his face into the crack of Kyle’s muscled, jockstrapped ass. With his tongue, Sebastian wets the tight, pink center of Kyle’s hole. Moaning with pleasure, Kyle is eager to take things to the next level. Sebastian sits upright and Kyle lowers himself down on Sebastian’s throbbing meat. Sliding up and down, Kyle uses his ass to milk Sebastian’s cock. They switch to doggy style. Sebastian’s hips thrust rhythmically as he drives his fuck stick deep down Kyle’s hole. Rolling on his back and throwing a leg in the air, Kyle yields to the stimulation of Sebastian’s thick tool. Kyle jerks himself off as Sebastian fucks him; cum explodes out of Kyle’s cock and splatters across his own chest and washboard abs. Sebastian stands over Kyle to give him a facial, and Kyle sucks the last drops of cum from Sebastian’s cock.

Clusterfuck! 1 – David Benjamin -amp; Derek Atlas -amp; Dario Beck -amp; Sebastian Kross

Four A-Team, World-Class studs in jock straps fill the air with moans and grunts as they suck each other’s cocks. Derek Atlas face-fucks Dario Beck to the point that saliva and cock juice are running down Dario’s stubbled chin. David Benjamin orders ‘gimme that cock!’ at Sebastian Kross, who is all-too happy to feed the demanding Benjamin with his meaty piece. The more aggressive Sebastian serves up his meat to David, the more David seems to like it. Sebastian slams David onto a mat where they can 69 each other’s poles and fondle each other’s holes. Derek and Dario get in line, Derek jamming his tongue in David’s hole while Dario laps up Derek’s, and the Clusterfuck! begins. The heat of the group builds and inspires Derek to plow Dario relentlessly, and it moves Sebastian to fill up David’s hole with power. Trading things up, Sebastian gives it to versatile Derek while David and Dario swap sloppy blowjobs and make out. Then, as the entire group is edging, Derek gets up in David’s ass hard before David gets bathed in everyone’s warm and sticky cum.

Not Too Sore

Tanner Valentino fucks Jacob Durham

Tanner Valentino fucks Jacob Durham

Jacob may be sore from his workout but that won’t stop Tanner Valentino from having his way with him. After all, he’ll be the first one to break in Jacob’s ass on camera. He’s such a lucky bastard!

The boys embrace and kiss each other’s necks while undressing. They’re lips finally meet and they share a brief kiss before Jacob’s lips begin a full exploration of Tanners chest and torso. Jacob grabs two handfuls of Tanner’s juicy ass and continues to kiss him deeply. Soon enough the boys’ pants are down and Jacob is sucking down Tanner’s big sweet cock. As he head swivels on Tanner’s prick he plays with his own. They switch places but not before sharing another deep kiss. Once Tanner is on his knees he fills his mouth Jacob’s big dick.

After a lengthy and fucking hot 69ing session, Jacob bends over and lets Tanner dig into his ass with his tongue. Once it’s sufficiently wet Tanner eases his dick in, making Jacob groan in pain. His ass soon adjusts to Tanner’s dick. Tanner feels the difference and takes full advantage by picking up the pace and thrusting his hips harder and faster. Tanner puts Jacob on his back and what unfolds is one passionate fuck one that’s not to be missed! Pop on in to see just hot things get!

Tanner Valentino fucks Jacob Durham

Urban Spokes – Connor Patricks -amp; JJ Knight

In downtown San Francisco, JJ Knight pedals away from the business school when he nearly collides with Connor Patricks. Luckily, Connor only has a few scrapes, and JJ invites Connor back to his place to clean up. Once inside, they take thing to the next level. JJ pulls Connor close for a kiss, which sets off an instant chain reaction. Their clothes come off, Connor drops to the floor, and JJ pushes his gargantuan member down Connor’s throat. After rubbing their cocks together, JJ eats Connor’s ass, using his tongue and his fingers to push spit directly into Connor’s tight, pink hole. With Connor in doggy style position on the couch, JJ presses the head of his cock between Connor’s ass cheeks. Once he’s all the way inside, he starts picking up speed, stretching Connor’s hole wide with intense thrusting. In one fluid motion, JJ picks Connor up and spins around, landing in a seated position on the couch with his cock still inside Connor’s ass. Connor shows off his powerful legs, using them to lift himself up and down while riding JJ’s megacock. With his rod filling Connor’s hole, JJ reaches around with his right hand and strokes Connor off, causing him to shoot a massive load. JJ works his cock until his cum explodes all over his chest. As they lay together on the couch, JJ tells Connor to check out ‘Urban Spokes’, a club full of hot gay cyclists who like to ride bikes and ride each other.

State of Arousal – Colton Grey -amp; Bruno Bernal

Their tongues intertwined, Colton Grey and Bruno Bernal let go of their inhibitions and submit to the pull of their heightened sexual arousal. Colton’s huge cock and heavy balls are irresistible to Bruno, who falls on his knees and inhales Colton’s throbbing member. Colton leans back, savoring the sensation and showing off his six pack abs and colorful tattoo. Reaching for Bruno’s ass, Colton works a finger into Bruno’s hole, foreshadowing what is to come. Colton repositions himself behind Bruno and shoves his face into Bruno’s ass. As he works his spit into Bruno’s hole, he tugs on Bruno’s balls to increase the sensations. With Bruno’s hole lubed up, it’s time for them to raise the stakes. Bruno sits on Colton’s cock and goes for a hell of a ride, using his thick, muscular legs to raise and lower himself on Colton’s girthy tool. As he starts thrusting up into Bruno from below, Colton’s big balls bounce and slap against Bruno’s ass. Moving to missionary position, Bruno puts his left leg up in the air so Colton can pummel his hole with maximum penetration. The intensity of their sexual chemistry increases as their fucking becomes more and more energetic. With Colton pounding his g-spot, Bruno strokes out a viscous load that splashes across his leg. Grabbing his cock, Colton lets loose with a massive stream of cum that saturates Bruno’s torso.

Michael DelRay & Johnny V

Michael DelRay and Johnny V pair up again in the hunk house. Johnny shows Michael his topping skills by dominating that willing ass. Michael gladly sucks Johnny’s cock before Johnny turns him around and chows down on Michael’s fuzzy hole. Then, Johnny enters Michael from behind warming his ass up for the pounding. Michael mounts Johnny and, as he bounces on Johnny’s hard cock, blows all over that muscle chest as Johnny releases his load on Michael’s bubble butt.

Deep Hole Dungeon – Cody Winter -amp; D Arclyte

Blond and smooth, Cody Winter sprawls across a leather bench. His sir, D Arclyte, rubs his hands along Cody’s lean body. Their shiny black harnesses squeak against the leather bench as Cody rips off his codpiece to reveal his throbbing, uncut cock. D expertly administers a blowjob to his boy, then flips him over to eat Cody’s eager hole. Eager to please his daddy, Cody moves to a sling where he opens up his ass for D’s fat fist. As D slides his knuckles past Cody’s muscle ring, the sub’s moans get more and more intense. Every movement of D’s hand against Cody’s guts elicits gasps and yelps of mind-blowing pleasure. Faster and faster, D pumps his fist into Cody’s hole, passing his wrist. Passing his leg over D’s arm, Cody faces forward and fucks himself on his sir’s big fist. ‘You gonna cum for daddy?’ asks D. ‘Oh yes please,’ replies Cody. With Cody’s hole gaping, D wraps his hands around Cody’s neck and constricts his airflow, and the feeling of being totally at the mercy of his sir impels Cody to shoot a massive, spurting load into the air. When Cody’s orgasmic moans subside, D asks him, ‘You ready to take care of daddy?’ ‘Yes sir!’

Hole Busters Vol. 9 – Christian Andrade -amp; Randall OReilly

Randall O’Reilly knows if you want something done right you’ve got to do it yourself. He lies down on his back and works his fingers into his ass to stretch it out so he can bust his own hole with a thick buttplug. He’s so engrossed in fucking himself that he doesn’t even notice Christian Andrade lurking outside holding a huge black dildo. As soon as Christian walks in Randall offers him his big round bubble-butt and begs him to take over. The tattooed top-stud plows forward until Randall asks for something bigger. Christian complies by slamming a huge monster-size butt toy deep in Randall’s greedy hole!

Depths Of Focus – Micah Brandt -amp; Johnny V

The photographer shoots action shots of muscle hunks Johnny V and Micah Brandt as they pose together on set. After the photographer calls ‘that’s a wrap’, Johnny and Micah head back to wardrobe and get undressed. While stripping down, the two sneak glances at one another until they’re both naked and rock hard, running their hands around each other’s bodies. Micah is first to sink to his knees and slurp on Johnny’s swollen member. When it comes time for Johnny to return the favor, he’s left gagging and hurling strings of spit onto Micah’s cock and balls. With Johnny’s cock at attention, Micah switches his focus to Johnny’s hairless hole. Slinking his tongue in and around Johnny’s eager ass, lubing it up for the pounding to come. Once Johnny’s hole is primed with spit, Micah mounts him from behind and pummels Johnny’s butt while they’re leaning against a mirror. Things get hotter when Micah throws Johnny on his back and pounds his prostate hard. Johnny takes every last thrust from Micah until he blows a massive wad all over his ripped physique. Micah whips his tool out of Johnny and adds his spunk to the collection of cum on Johnny.

Tristan Mathews & Billy Long

Tattooed white dude taken by big black cock
Young stud Tristan Mathews is about to find out how big a black cock can get when he takes on Billy Long’s footlong man tube! Watch him take that big black cock in his mouth and ass while it stretches his hole bigger than its ever been!

Erect This! – Wesley Woods -amp; Spencer Whitman

Foreman Wesley Woods is going over the construction plans with Spencer Whitman, but they can’t keep their hands off each other. Wesley rips off Spencer’s tank, revealing a forest of thick fur. With his tongue, Wesley explores Spencer’s plump nipples, hairy pits, and uncut cock. Spencer plays with his nipples as Wesley nibbles on Spencer’s foreskin, then deepthroats Spencer’s girthy meat all the way to the base. As he sucks, Wesley pulls out his own throbbing cock, and they trade places. Spencer sinks to his knees, cupping Wesley’s balls while slobbering on cock. Turning around, Wesley exposes his ass to Spencer’s tongue. A finger inside Wesley’s ass lets him know that Spencer is eager to fuck. Spencer lies on his back, and Wesley sits down on his throbbing meat. They grind their bodies together, and Wesley’s cock slaps against Spencer’s hairy stomach with the rhythm of their fucking. They flip; Wesley grabs Spencer’s shoulders and shoves his cock deep inside. Wesley slaps Spencer’s ass, leaving behind a pink handprint on the cheek. They flip again; Spencer stands and drills Wesley, who sprays his stomach with cum. Wesley exposes his gaping hole to Spencer, who blasts his load directly on the stretched pink skin, smearing it around with the tip of his uncut cock.

Kyle James & Marcus Ryan BAREBACK in Dallas

The JasonSparksLive discoveries just keep on cumming and today we introduce Kyle James all the way from Texas. Kyle has the longest tongue I think I’ve ever seen so those of you who are fans of rimming are going to blow your minds watching him flick that tongue all the way around Marcus’ lucky hole.

These hot and versatile guys then deliver a bareback flip flop fuck fest – satiating the horny couple with cum load being bred deep inside and one spraying all over. You’ll just have to watch to see which cums where!

Desert Getaway – Sebastian Kross -amp; JJ Knight

After a hike through scenic Joshua Trees, Sebastian Kross and JJ Knight return to the vacation house and head to the secluded back patio. JJ rubs his hands on Sebastian’s tattooed chest and undoes Sebastian’s belt. Out pops Sebastian’s giant boner, and JJ showers it with oral worship. Letting his own shorts fall to the ground, JJ unveils his unbelievable giant cock. With giant gulps and lots of spit, Sebastian gets to work on JJ’s monster meat. But it’s Sebastian’s ass that really gets JJ going: he parts Sebastian’s cheeks and works his tongue deep into Sebastian’s crack. Standing up, JJ lubes up his dick and tries to be smooth about sticking it to Sebastian. Turning around, Sebastian says, ‘Maybe next time, but I came out here to fuck you.’ That works just fine for JJ: he bends over and offers his ass up to Sebastian’s tongue. When his ass is wet and ready, JJ throws his legs over Sebastian’s shoulders, and Sebastian slams his cock into JJ’s hole. When they switch to doggy style, JJ’s massive cock flaps back and forth with the motion of Sebastian’s thrusting. JJ’s tight ass brings Sebastian to climax: he pulls out and unleashes a massive stream of cum that drenches JJ. Sebastian slaps his dick on the puddle, splashing white semen everywhere. Turning around, JJ jerks out a massive load into Sebastian’s open mouth.

Magnums – Derek Atlas -amp; Ryan Rose

The swollen jock straps of Derek Atlas and Ryan Rose offer proof that one hard on deserves another. Derek is furry, broad-shouldered and massively muscular. Ryan is smooth with a muscled athletic build and a distinct five o’clock shadow on his angular jawline. Their lips and torsos press together to ensure maximum contact where it counts: tongues, nipples, and cocks. Ryan’s face slides down Derek’s body to find a hard cock and fat balls released from their pouch and waiting. There’s plenty of eye contact, touching, caressing and stroking, and there’s something in those kisses, because they keep returning for more. In turns, each stud fucks the other’s face and eats his ass until their holes shudder. Spit provides lube for finger entry. Derek is first to flip onto his back and spread his legs, abandoning his hole to a deep drilling. Ryan wants some of what he’s giving Derek, so they swap positions, with Ryan giving Derek a lap dance that makes their balls tingle. Separating, they grab their cocks and let their hot juices boil over.

Worshipping Shawn’s Ass

Kaden Porter Fucks Shawn Andrews

Kaden Porter Fucks Shawn Andrews

Kaden Porter has been sleeping all day and it’s a good thing, because he’s going to need it to handle Shawn’s juicy ass. They’re both excited to get going and it shows in the way they move right in to kiss each other. Kaden quickly fills his mouth with Shawn’s cock as soon as he lays eyes on it. He sucks Shawn’s hard dick and licks his balls, making Shawn’s cock brick hard! Pleasure covers Shawn’s face as Kaden works him over. Kaden wants more so he turns him around, revealing Shawn’s sexy jockstrap before rimming his hot hole.

After Kaden has warmed Shawn’s ass up with a rimjob and his finger he decides to give his cock a turn. He pushes it in and slowly fucks him for a bit before pulling him up for a kiss. Then things heat up and Kaden begins to pound Shawn’s framed fatty. Shawn’s bubble butt bounces in response to each thrust Kaden delivers. His hole takes some serious abuse and only gets a break when Kaden decides to fill his mouth with cock instead. Shawn soon misses the feeling of Kaden’s warm hole so his has Shawn ride him in reverse cowboy! This is a hot scene that ends with some serious cum shots. Pop on in and witness the fireworks for yourself.

Kaden Porter Fucks Shawn Andrews

Urban Spokes – Brent Corrigan -amp; Griffin Barrows

Bike messenger Griffin Barrows makes a delivery to an apartment and is star struck when he realizes his client is famous San Francisco app developer Brent Corrigan! Brent is impressed that Griffin got across town during rush hour in only 24 minutes. ‘If you have another package you’d like me to deliver,’ says Griffin, ‘I’d be happy to do that for you.’ ‘Let’s see if you can impress me again,’ replies Brent. They hurriedly strip off their clothes and start making out. Griffin uses his mouth to service Brent’s huge, hard cock. Brent returns the favor with long, deep, sucking on Griffin’s tool. Brent bends Griffin over, parting his fuzzy ass cheeks and diving in face first. The slick spit makes it easy for Brent to slide his cock along the crack of Griffin’s ass, and the temptation is too much to resist. He plunges his meat into Griffin’s hole, and Griffin angles his ass up towards Brent, loving every second of it. Relocating to the couch allows Brent to sit down and have Griffin climb on for a ride. As sweat glistens on Brent’s shoulders, a switch to missionary allows him to penetrate deep into Griffin’s tight hole. With Brent still inside him, Griffin blasts his ripped abs with ropes of thick cum. As Brent jacks his cock, Griffin gets on his knees and opens his mouth to catch every spurt of hot spunk. After seeing how great Griffin is at riding a bike – and at riding a cock – Brent tells Griffin about a special club that he should definitely check out: ‘Urban Spokes’.

Shawn Andrews & Rex Rogers

Shawn Andrews unbelievable ass and Rex Rogers’ minute-long cum shot with ass eating, and power fucking all in one scene? Yes, it is here! Shawn relinquishes his smooth muscle ass to Rex and his insatiable hunger. After eating Shawn’s ass, Rex bends Shawn over and forces his powerful cock inside as Rex’s swollen sack pounds Shawn’s taint. Lying on the ground, Rex forces the load out of Shawn and then sits back and shoots his hot, white man juice for over a minute until Shawn starts to guzzle up every drop.

Fistpack 25 – Junkyard Fist Dogs – Ryan Patrick -amp; Junior Stellano

On a trough fit for a pig, Junior Stellano slowly works over the body of newcomer and Raging Stallion Exclusive Ryan Patrick. Stellano surveys the large hunk with translucent white skin and red hair. Stellano grips Patrick’s thick slab of cock and strokes it, working it up. The hot, tattooed, and rock-solid Stellano works this fine man laid out before him. Stellano eases up the stud’s legs and works Patrick’s hole through his grey underwear. Stellano slowly tears the underwear apart, gaining access to the sweet pink hole of this hungry man stud. Stellano lubes up the stud’s hole while simultaneously sucking Ryan’s thick prick. He opens the hole wider and wider using both hands, inserting his fingers and stretching Patrick’s anus. Patrick is eager and wants more: he pulls his leg to his chest giving Stellano full permission to enter. Stellano works his fist in as Patrick barks commands at his hairy top to shove his fist deep inside. Patrick begs, ‘Come on! Keep going.’ He wants his hole to be filled and he wants it filled now! Stellano takes his time, teasing Ryan. Deep inside Patrick’s sweet hole Stellano twists his fist. Stellano’s greased arm slides gently in and out of Patrick’s hot white ass. Stellano works in both hands alternating each in a hypnotic rhythm, Patrick’s massive meat seemingly getting thicker with pleasure. Patrick’s hole opens wide under Stellano’s skilled touch, but his pink ass wants more. Stellano works him into a frenzy. Patrick, being a hungry pig bottom, wants more and shows Stellano how much by taking his own fist up his unflinching ass. Stellano’s dick is rock hard as he watches Ryan fist himself. Stellano stretches the stud’s hole with his bare fist, sinking it deeper and deeper. Stellano turns the junkyard dog over and both men stroke their raging, throbbing cocks. Patrick grips his cock tight as he jerks his dick hard until he explodes his load all over his sweat-soaked body. Stellano, with beads of sweat covering his hard muscled body, also pumps his hard cock and spews his load all over Patrick’s white skin.

Dr Office Fisting – Seamus O'Reilly -amp; Hugh Hunter

In the doctor’s office exam room, Seamus O’Reilly is bent down on all fours and taking two fingers up his tight hole from Hugh Hunter. As Seamus bears down on the examination table, Hugh slowly introduces more fingers in Seamus. Hugh keeps checking in on his patient asking him ‘how does that feel’ in which Seamus replies in an urging tone, ‘You gonna stretch me more?’ Hugh replaces his fingers with his fat cock to quicken the dilation process on Seamus’ ass. After Hugh delivers some pleasurable thrusts with his sizeable cock, he gloves up and enters Seamus with three fingers, then four, then his entire fist. Seamus moans out ‘open my ass up’ as Hugh stretches his inner walls with his hefty fist. When Seamus’ hole is at maximum width, Hugh punches his hole from the inside out. Each time Hugh releases his fist, Seamus’ gaping center reveals a gleaming rose bud for Hugh to shove back in. To take his fist even deeper, Hugh lays his patient on his back and handballs Seamus’ hole while Hugh jerks his fat cock. With Hugh’s arm deep in his insides, Seamus lets off a massive thick load all over his abs.

Depths Of Focus – Sean Zevran -amp; Derek Bolt

With a big shoot coming up, Sean Zevran pays a visit to his top-notch tailor, Derek Bolt. Of course, to get the most accurate fit, Sean must take everything off. Sean’s been making eyes at Derek since he walked in the door, and as soon as his pants come off, Sean’s massive cock begins to swell and rise. Derek goes in to measure Sean’s inseam, and with all that thick meat just hanging there in his face, Derek can’t resist getting a taste. Derek’s cock sucking skills are awe-inspiring as he makes Sean’s massive tool disappear down his throat. Sean thrusts his hips as Derek strips off his shirt. Spinning around in front of the mirror, Derek spreads his ass for Sean. Diving in tongue first, Sean lubes up Derek’s tight, pink hole with plenty of spit. Mounting Derek in doggy style, Sean beings to pound Derek’s hole with powerful thrusts. To feel Sean even deeper inside him, Derek braces himself against a table, encouraging Sean to let loose. Their muscles bulge and flex as they work up a sweat. When Sean reaches his climax, he pulls out and blows a huge load right on Derek’s muscular ass. Sean plays with Derek’s nipples, which sends him over the edge, shooting his thick, white load onto his stomach. They press their lips and bodies together, relishing the moment of spontaneous sexual release.


Rowan Adams and Jared Marzdon Fuck

Rowan Adams and Jared Marzdon Fuck

Damn, Jared Marzdon and Rowan Adams are so into each other that we catch them in the process of making out and embracing before the scene is set to start. Oh well! Boys will be boys. They continue to kiss and fondle each other until Jared finds himself eye to eye with Rowan’s cock. He wraps his mouth around it and deep throats him, taking every inch he can. He sucks that sweet dick and then Rowan leans over to give him head too, 69ing as both guys get turned on.

Ready to fuck, Jared sits on his cock, lowering himself onto Rowan’s bareback dick. Rowan’s entire cock disappears right up Jared’s tight hole. Rowan is gentle with him first but once that hole is loose he fucks him harder and faster; he shows no mercy. He should have, because after a few minutes it becomes Jared’s turn to get some ass. Jared goes easy but soon remembers the pounding he took and decides to give on back in kind. Jared moans as his dick explores Rowan’s insides. When Rowan gets on his back and lets Jared fuck him hard, it’s not long until both these guys are shooting their load, leaving Rowan covered in sticky hot jizz.

Rowan Adams and Jared Marzdon Fuck


German George is a straight boy who is travelling Australia all the way from the fatherland. Whilst he’s never had any ‘gay experiences’ George is not shy to get his gear off and show you his 20cm cock.

It’s a nice thick cock and he loves stroking it every day – he’s saved up a load for this and it cums quickly and thickly. Enjoy!

John Marcus & Dominik Rider

Two beefy DILFs in hardcore sex
Dominik and John Marcus met at the gym a few months ago and things just flew from there. Their passion for being physically fit and admiring the male body soon got them checking each other out in ways they weren’t used to. Now these studs fuck around all the time after their hard gym sets! Watch them strip down and show off their big muscles and hard cocks while they have some hot gay sex!

Ass Fiends – Sean Zevran -amp; Jacob Taylor

Hunky Jacob Taylor wanders in to find muscle-bottom Sean Zevran bent over and straddling leather studded sawhorse. Wasting no time, Jacob goes straight to his knees and devours Sean’s hairless hole. To warm up Sean’s ass a little more, Jacob works a Manrammer into Sean’s eager butt. Jacob can’t forget Sean’s other hole, so he offers his meat to Sean. Savoring every inch, Sean works oral magic on Jacob’s fat, uncut cock. Switching to the rear, Jacob rams his fuck-stick into Sean’s eager hole. Dominating Sean’s ass in multiple positions, Jacob’s goal is to satisfy him in every way. Once on his back with Jacob pounding his prostate with abandon, Sean sends a load of cum flying out of his uncut cock and onto his washboard abs. Jacob pulls out and jerks his meat to climax, adding his load to Sean’s stomach.

Cooking with Valentino

Tanner Valentino Fucks Oliver Saxon

Tanner Valentino Fucks Oliver Saxon

Tanner is back and has decided to cook up some Chicken Parmesan for the boys. That is if he has enough energy after fucking with Oliver Saxon! Oliver is all too eager to get things started. He leans in and the boys begin to kiss and feel each other up. As they do they remove their clothes. Oliver places kisses up and down Tanner’s body, leaving very little untouched. He doesn’t linger in any place too long, not until he reaches Tanner’s cock. Tanner’s big dick is too enticing to pass up; Oliver quickly swallows as much of it as he can.

Tanner gently fingers his asshole before Oliver lower’s it onto his cock and slowly allows it to fill him up. Tanner fucks him for a bit before Oliver stands up and sticks his cock in Tanner’s mouth. Once he’s satisfied, Oliver bends over and once again offers his ass to Tanner.

Tanner pounds him raw, forcing him to moan as his ass is destroyed. Tanner slowly pulls his cock in and out of Oliver’s ass slowly so that he can feel every inch of that cock inside of him.  Tanner climbs on the bed with Oliver and takes that ass until he drains his cum all over Oliver’s cock and balls and then goes back inside that ass to make Oliver bust a nut too!

Tanner Valentino Fucks Oliver Saxon

Kale Rivers & Jeremy Adams BAREBACK in Harrisburg

We’ve got a gorgeous new porn model to introduce to you today all the way from St Louis – Kale Rivers. He’s paired today with Jeremy Adams – and this was actually his first shoot as well! The two are definitely excited to get going and race through the pre-fuck interview.

Both boys have big dicks but Jeremy is our power top today and Kale bounces up and down on his thick cock enjoying every inch deep inside his ass. Jeremy blows his load deep inside Kale’s tight ass and slowly pulls it out so we can see the cum drip.

Beef Squad – Sean Zevran -amp; Eli Lewis

Sean Zevran wraps a towel around his magnificent physique covered in fur, but handsome Eli Lewis objects to the obstructed view. Eli wants to see every inch of Sean’s sexy body, so he grabs the towel and flings it across the locker room. Sean knows that Eli wants more than just a good look, so he shoves Eli onto his knees and feeds him his fat, uncut cock. Sean leans back against a row of lockers and lets Eli go to work. Eli’s warm mouth and deep throat make Sean’s hips jerk. He bats Eli’s face with his hefty piece, then goes back to ramming his cock down Eli’s deep throat. Slippery with sweat, Eli retreats to a bench. He straddles it with his long, smooth legs and offers Sean his tight, bubble butt. Hungry for his teammate’s hole, Sean pushes his face deep into the crack, extending his tongue to probe Eli deeply. Eli’s face registers a combination of ecstasy and surprise. Providing a hot pole to ride, Sean lies on the bench and Eli lowers his hole onto it until it can’t go in any further. They fuck in several positions, ending with Eli on his back, clutching Sean’s pecs and erect nipples with his toes. They explode simultaneously, flooding Eli’s faintly furred torso with warm, creamy loads.

Tahoe – Cozy Up – Sebastian Kross -amp; Brenner Bolton

Horny and alone, Brenner Bolton pops the original The Other Side of Aspen into the DVD player and settles back for a wank while he watches Al Parker snack on Casey Donovan. Those guys make a lot of noise, which brings Sebastian Kross in to see what’s up. Spying on Brenner, he makes sure his own cock is hard before revealing himself. Bolton tries to bolt, but Kross is on his cock before he can pull his pants up. With their lust mutually acknowledged, they relax and strip. Sebastian’s smooth body is a study in flawless musculature. Brenner has a smattering of hair, a toned runner’s build, and a tight ass that wants to be filled with cock. He kneels on the couch and Sebastian enters. A switch to sit-fuck lets Sebastian jack Brenner’s cock while he fucks him. Brenner’s cum shot spatters his torso and the furniture, then he lays back, jaws agape, to swallow Sebastian’s load, just as Casey Donovan does on the TV.

Unending Flip

Jacob Durham Fucks Flip

Jacob Durham Fucks Flip

We all fantasize about working out with a hot jock and then getting to have our way with them. Jacob Durham is about to live that fanstasy with Flip. These boys worked out together and according to Jacob, he was quite distracted by Flip’s ass and now he’ll have a chance to fuck it!

Jacob plays the aggressor and pulls Flip in for a kiss. The kiss is deep, passionate, and erection inducing. It’s clear that Jacob wants this boy and that Flip is more than willing to be taken. Jacob pulls down his shorts lets out his already brick hard cock. Flip goes right for, filling his mouth with it and swallowing more than half of it. Jacob’s dick is so thick that it causes poor Flip to tear up. Flip looses his clothes, gets on the bed and bends over as he continues to suck Jacob’s sweet prick. As he sucks Jacob fingers his ass, getting it ready for what’s to come. He soon decides to replace his finger with his tongue by rimming Flips tight hole. From this angle I can see why Jacob stared at it for so long. How couldn’t he? It’s big and beautiful!

Once that hole is nice and wet, Jacob lubes it up and slowing pushes his muscle meat inside. The look on Jacob’s face as he enters Flip says it all. There’s nothing like getting into a nice tight ass. Flip moans as he fills as rectum forced open by the thick cock. Sensing his pain, Jacob starts off slowly before his animal insticnts takes over and he begins to really pound Flip’s muscle ass. Jacob forces Flip to arch his back as he wrecks his beefy booty! Jacob’s sexy glutes tighten as he thrusts into Flip over and over. Flip turns over onto his back and spreads his sore ass for Jacob to eat and soothes with his tongue. Then he gets right back to pounding him some more, his balls slapping Flip’s ass with each pump of raw cock until Flip cums all over his torso add chest. Jacob pulls out and eats Flip’s ass yet again before blowing his own load onto Flip. This was definitely one of the best fucks I’ve seen in awhile! Come on in to check it out for yourself.

Jacob Durham Fucks Flip

Urban Spokes – Ryan Rose -amp; Rod Peterson

Rod Peterson is cycling through the Presidio, enjoying the beautiful Pacific coastline of San Francisco. Suddenly, his chain breaks. Luckily for him, a good Samaritan named Ryan Rose offers to help. Ryan brings Rod back to the shop where Ryan runs a bike messenger service called ‘Urban Spokes’. Their eyes meet, and suddenly they burst into frenetic kissing. Stripping off their spandex biking gear, Rod gets down on the ground and works his lips around Ryan’s huge cock. Spit drips everywhere as Ryan thrusts his hips, pushing his meat deep down Rod’s throat. Ryan gives Rod head too, then spins him around to eat Rod’s perfect, pink hole. Ryan’s saliva smears across Rod’s furry butt, enabling Ryan to slide his cock right through. Looking over his shoulder, Rod’s mouth drops open with amazement as he feels the intense pleasure of Ryan’s cock filling him up. Moving to a seated position let’s Rod show off his strong legs as he bounces on Ryan’s stiff pole. Rolling onto his back, Rod puts one leg in the air and Ryan unleashes the full power of his energetic fucking. The intense sensations makes Rod blow his load across his washboard abs, and Ryan adds his own gushing stream to the mix. Sighing with satisfaction, Ryan explains that ‘Urban Spokes’ isn’t just a messenger company – it’s also a secret sex club where hot riders like themselves can hang out and get off!

Bryan Cole

Bryan Cole joins the ranks of the hunks this week. He heats up your screen on these cold winter days from the first second. With his winning smile and killer body he gets right down to business showing off and flexing. Being a veteran cam model, Bryan knows how to work the camera and give us exactly what we crave. After flexing and exploring his muscled physique, he shows off his perfect ass and starts to stroke his monster cock. Tweaking his perky, pierced nips he gets on his back and blows a huge, creamy load over his ripped abs.

Hand Over Fist – Jason Branch -amp; Simon Cox

Simon Cox starts out with a solo performance worthy of hard-core legend, Joe Simmons. Squatting over a workbench, Simon pooches out his beautiful dark muscle hole and pummels it with a huge pink dildo. By the end of the session his lips are so stretched out you can see the ridges of the monster dong going in and out! Jason Branch enters stage right and assists with more dildoing before power-fucking Simon with his enormous dick. This might just be the most phenomenal dick-n-hole action we have ever presented in a Club Inferno video! And it serves as a perfect warm up for the rapid-fire fisting that follows! The exhausting pace keeps up until both studs shoot their drenching loads!

Hole Busters Vol. 9 – Trenton Ducati -amp; Angelo

Trenton Ducati’s hungry hole just can’t wait for Angelo to get out of the shower. He takes a thick dildo and works it into his ass and bounces up and down on it until Angelo comes out and catches him in the act. Angelo smacks Trenton’s ass and pushes him back on the bed to take over. He pumps his fuck-buddy’s bubble-butt with the huge toy until he notices Trenton’s cock growing in his jock. Both muscular studs strip naked and Angelo returns to busting Trenton’s hole, but this time he sucks his thick curved cock at the same time. Trenton blows first then Angelo stands up and shoots his load all over Trenton’s washboard abs.

Depths Of Focus – Jacob Taylor -amp; Jordan Boss

As Director Austin Wolf photographs Alexander Volkov in the studio, production assistants Jacob Taylor and Jordan Boss retreat to the gear room where they initiate some steamy action of their own. Jordan playfully shows Jacob his ass, and Jacob takes the invitation, pulling down Jordan’s shorts. They make out while stripping their shirts off, revealing smooth, jacked bodies. Eager to show off his cock sucking skills, Jordan whips out Jacob’s cock and cups the base while working the sensitive, uncut head with his wet lips. Spit slides down Jacob’s shaft and off his balls. Trading places, Jacob returns the oral favor for Jordan. Spinning around, Jordan spreads his ass and gives Jacob full access to the tender, pink hole. While applying slick spit with his tongue, Jacob uses his thumb to push the saliva into Jordan’s ass. With Jordan’s ass practically begging to get fucked, Jacob mounts him doggy style and slides in. With ever-increasing intensity, Jacob works Jordan’s hole as sweat glistens from their muscular shoulders. Jordan’s verbal affirmations make it clear just how much he craves Jacob’s fat dick inside him. Flipping on his back, Jordan takes Jacob’s cock directly to his most sensitive, stimulating area. Jerking his cock, Jordan shoots a massive load that projects across his thick arms. Jacob shoots like a fountain, delivering massive arching ropes of cum that splatter across Jordan’s beefy torso. With their own behind-the-scenes fun finished, it’s time to get back to work.

4th and Long

Ronan Kennedy Fucks Gage Owens

Ronan Kennedy Fucks Gage Owens

Ronan Kennedy and Gage Owens don’t need to converse so they get right to business my making out. They lie on the bed and kiss, pulling their bodies closer to each other. Ronan helps Gage’s cock get free of his shorts and soon Ronan has a mouthful of Gage’s sweet prick. The boys switch places and now its Gage turn to deliver a sweet blowjob. Gage licks that shaft and deep throats it, leaving no inch of Ronan’s huge prick dry as he pleasures him with his mouth.

Once Ronan is fully erect, Gage spreads his ass cheeks and slides down on top of his huge cock. Gage shows no fear as he confidently bounces up and down on it. Ronan flips him onto his back and fucks him hard and deep! Gage’s moans graciously. He loves the way his ass feels with a huge cock plugging it! Ronan’s balls slam against Gage’s ass as, pounding him raw until Gage explodes all over himself, almost giving himself a facial!  And a few more seconds in Gage’s sweet ass has Ronan blowing his own milky wad next!

Ronan Kennedy Fucks Gage Owens

Leo, Jonny, Randy & Jaxon

The four take it turns to strip off while the other watch. Then Jonny gets on his knees and sucks on each eager cock getting the amateur gay fuckers ready to go. But everyone wants to get involved so Jaxon helps out by sucking Randy’s big dick while Jonny swallow’s Leo’s big thick cock. But we all want group sex so the foursome gather and make sure everyone is touching – sucking – licking everyone else!
Jaxon rims Jonny while Jonny sucks Leo and Randy is playing with both Jaxon and Jonny’s cocks. The four then suck on each other’s cocks in a circle making sure all are satisfied.

Jonny’s ass is soon in the air looking for a cock to fuck it. Randy obliges while he sucks on Jaxon’s cock – Leo filming the scene as Jonny sucks his cock too. It’s so hot that Randy wants to cum and Jonny wants his load in his mouth. And what a mouthful he gets! Jaxon licks Randy’s cock clean … and yet there’s still more to cum.

What a way to start 2017!

Jack Spade & Chris

Surfer dude takes on big latino cock
Hot Latin skater stud Jack Spade was feeling horny one day so he decided to hit up some dating sites on the internet. That’s when he came up on Chris’ profile and noticed he lived only a few blocks away! If this isn’t a booty call I don’t know what is! Check out these two hot latin dudes as they strip down, suck each other’s hard cocks, then fuck each other silly!

Ride It – Chris Bines -amp; Armond Rizzo

Armond Rizzo is sitting in the bike shop while on the clock scrolling through a hook-up app. When his boss, Chris Bines, catches Armond slacking on the job and trolling for dick, he demands he suck his meaty cock as punishment. Totally down with this punishment, Armond says, ‘I’m ok with that’ and gets to gagging on Chris’ hefty member. Chris reaches back and sticks his fingers in Armond’s hole saying, ‘this hole is next’. Once Armond is finished slurping on the boss’s meat, he bends over and exposes his hole for Chris to drive his tongue into. With Armond bent over, Chris reaches into his toolbox and whips out steel beads to cram in Armond’s hairless hole. Shifting things into overdrive, Chris lubes up his fat hog and power-pumps it into Armond’s eager ass. With the action in high gear, they switch to an intense sit-fuck making Armond’s cock bounce side to side as he rides Chris’ tool until he explodes all over the floor. Chris jerks his cock until he blows his load onto Armond’s used hole. When they’re done, Chris pulls up his pants and says, ‘get back to work,’ leaving Armond with a swift smack on the ass.

Do It For The Vine

Jared Marzdon Fucks Shawn Andrews

Jared Marzdon Fucks Shawn Andrews

Jared Marzdon and Shawn Andrews are roommates in the house and have been spending their time watching Vines (RIP). As funny as some were I always found myself paying more attention to the cute boys doing very sexy things for the vine. Today our boys plan to do a little showing off for you!

Shawn gets things started by kissing Jared. Shawn helps Jared out of his clothes as he kisses Jared all over his body. Shawn finds and plays Jared’s cock through his boxers before freeing it and wrapping his lips around it. He deep throats it, taking every inch. Jared soon returns the favor when Shawn lays on his back by blowing his cock with as much enthusiasm as he was shown. His mouth glides up and down Shawn’s long shaft as Shawn moans. Jared then opens Shawn’s legs and enters his tongue into his hole. Rimming is a great way to get an ass prepped for fucking.

Once Jared has gotten a good taste of that ass, he d pushes his dick right inside. He proceeds cautiously, giving Shawn a chance to get used to it before he starts pounding him hard.  Shawn moans, as Jared gets deeper, pausing to make out before Jared flips Shawn over and batters his ass from the back. Jared balls drum on Shawn’s ass while he fucks him silly. How silly? You’ll have to take a peak inside to find out.

Jared Marzdon Fucks Shawn Andrews

Kyle Steele & Cash Lockhart BAREBACK in Allentown

Cash discovers Kyle lying on the bed – his naked body barely covered by a robe. His big dick is soon at attention as they strip down. Cash takes Kyle cock in his mouth – whilst his own cock is begging for some attention too. Kyle puts his mouth to work first on Cash’s cock and then Kyle tongue is buried deep inside Cash’s ass.

And then the moment Cash has been waiting for – Kyle big bare dick slides into his wet hole. They make the most of the room – the bed, the chair, the mirror as they fuck bareback until the cum flows!

Sidewinder – Johnny V -amp; Letterio Amadeo

Letterio Amadeo is sweaty and worked up from stacking firewood all day and desperately needs a shower. Knowing that Johnny V will be watching, he steps into the outdoor shower and strokes his cock enticing Johnny to join him for some steamy fun. Letterio is tall and big chested, with dark hair and colorful tatts that cover his right thigh and butt cheek. As the water cascades over his hairy chest, he works up a huge boner, and makes eye contact with his admirer. Johnny is quickly drawn to the bold site of Letterio stroking his cock and steps into the shower and lowers onto his knees, sucking Letterio’s fat 10-incher. Letterio reciprocates with sweeping strokes of his tongue that go from Johnny’s hole to the tip of his pulsating cock and back again. Letterio fucks Johnny in the sunshine, missionary style, with the light glistening off of Johnny’s washboard abs. Digging deep with hard bursts, Letterio snakes his way further into Johnny’s stretched hole, until his sizzling load shoots across Johnny’s face. Johnny gets back on his feet and gives Letterio a second hot shower… of cum!

Better Get Used to It

Rowan Adams Fucks Oliver Saxon Raw

Rowan Adams Fucks Oliver Saxon Raw

Rowan Adams is a little nervous. He points out that it’s not everyday that he fucks a guy in front of a camera. Oliver Saxon calms him by placing a hand on his chest and on his crotch.He slowly makes his way down toward Rowan’s cock.  Rowan tosses his clothes and Oliver gets this treat he’s waiting for. His mouth encloses around Rowan’s cock and he begins to, deep throat it, taking that hat fat dick as Rowan watches him from aboveOliver lies back on the bed and lets Rowan fuck his feet…..yeah…he fucks his feet. Okay, moving on! Rowan gets on his knees and blows Oliver, getting his prick hard and ready.

Rowan spreads Oliver’s legs and injects he rock hard meat bat into his ass. He starts pounding him good and hard, shoveling his cock in and out of his rectum. Oliver’s greedy ass swallows all of Rowan’s prick as he’s pounded deeply. When Oliver’s sore ass needs a break Rowan gives him a rimjob before he starts battering his hole again. Pop inside to see these two play with each other and blow their creamy loads!

Rowan Adams Fucks Oliver Saxon Raw

All Up in Lin

Kaden Porter Fucks Issac Lin Raw

Kaden Porter Fucks Issac Lin Raw

Kaden Porter and Issac Lin are probably BSB’s quietest models. So, it’s no surprise when they all but skip the small talk and decide to get right to business. The boys starting by kissing and gently feeling each other’s bodies. Kaden plays and teases Issac’s nipples before finding his way down to Isaac’s dick. He begins to suck his cock and then moves down to his balls and starts to suck on those. The boys switch places and now it’s Isaac with a mouthful of Kaden’s meat. Kaden sits back and enjoys the blowjob at first but then decides to face fuck Issac’s hot mouth. Isaac’s throat can take whatever Kaden can dish out. He handles the face fuck with no complaints.

Kaden lays Issac on the bed and spreads his ass open. Kaden rims and fingers Issac’s tight little hole. Once it’s primed and ready, he pushes his cock into that tight hole and fucks him with his bareback cock. Issac moans as Kaden’s hard dick stretches his ass and Kaden goes deeper and harder. He forces Issac onto all fours takes sweet ass with his throbbing bareback cock! When they change positions, Issac plays with himself, running his hand along his shaft while he takes Kaden’s prick. Isaac takes as much cock as he can before he blows his load all over himself. Kaden soon follows suit and adds his spunk to the mix!

Kaden Porter Fucks Issac Lin Raw

Chris Harder & Michael DelRay

It’s a new year and we wanted to start it off with a bang. Welcome back Chris Harder and Michael DelRay. The powerhouse duo swap cock sucking to start off this hot scene. After a bit of swapping, Michael looks to devour Chris’ delicious and inviting ass so he bends him over and starts to eat. Chris shoves his fingers inside his hungry hole and begs Michael to impale him with his huge cock. With no hesitation, Michael begins pounding Chris as Chris mounts up to ride. Chris then gets fucked on his back and bent-over until Michael decides he needs to blow and places Chris back on his back. Michael fucks the load out of Chris and quickly rips his condom off to blow his own monster load all over.

Fistpack 27 – Junkyard Fist Pigs – Andre Barclay -amp; Ben Reyes

Andre Barclay’s looking better than ever in a pairing with a brand new Mexican fisting punch hole named Ben Reyes. It’s not often that we find Latin fisting studs, so Ben is a real find! What is amazing is that he is a pretty small guy–only about 5 feet tall– and he can take an arm to the elbow! Where does it all go! If you take Andre’s beautiful tattooed arm and lay it on Ben’s stomach, it goes all the way to his throat! So how is it possible that he takes so much on his inside? It’s a freaky miracle to behold–you guys gotta see this. It’s a human puppet show!