The Cutest Boys of the World

Skuff: Rough Trade 1 – Sebastian Kross -amp; Griffin Barrows

Crackling leather stretches against the muscled bodies of Sebastian Kross and Griffin Barrows. Naked but for his Rough Trade black three-point harness, Griffin sinks to his knees and swallows every inch of Sebastian’s huge cock. Griffin’s deep throating fetish takes center stage as strings of saliva drip to the floor as Sebastian facefucks Griffin’s wet, eager mouth. Griffin reclines on a fuck bench and leans his head back, opening his mouth to receive Sebastian’s member. Grabbing Griffin’s harness, Sebastian rams his lengthy dick all the way down Griffin’s throat, his balls slapping against Griffin’s face with each vigorous pump. After nearly 10 minutes of taking Sebastian’s thick and long cock down his throat, Griffin’s so turned on that he turns around and offers up his butt. Sebastian parts Griffin’s ass cheeks and dives in tongue first. He spits on Griffin’s hole, then uses his tongue to drive his saliva down Griffin’s fuck chute. Spit drips from Griffin’s hole down his smooth nut sack as Sebastian plays with the sensitive head of Griffin’s swollen, throbbing cock. With Griffin’s hole lubed and ready to get fucked, Sebastian lays down flat on the bench. Griffin lowers himself down and uses his beefy legs to ride Sebastian’s rod. As Sebastian picks up speed, his huge, low-hanging nuts swing back and forth through the air with wet slaps. Griffin’s hole stretches wide as Sebastian’s cock drives deeper inside. Sweat drips from both their bodies as they move to a sling. Ramming his meat into Griffin, Sebastian produces primal moans from the insatiable bottom. As Sebastian pummels Griffin’s prostate, Griffin reaches an incredible climax, blasting his torso with giant gobs of cum. Sebastian shoots his load on Griffin’s ass, then scoops it up and feeds it to him, capping it off with passionate kissing.

Father Figure – Rodney Steele -amp; Troy Accola

Watch the impressively hung older/younger pair exhaust each other in this passionate, intense sex scene. Filled with cock sucking, cum swallowing, and ass pounding! Nothing like a mix of ages and experience to expose the most mind blowing sex! There is nothing these two studs miss out on. Pleasing every inch of each other’s tight bodies.

Down To It

Ashton Taylor Fucks Justin Dean

Ashton Taylor Fucks Justin Dean

Boys that know how to get right to business will always have my utmost respect. Ashton Taylor and Justin Dean are ready to make that list. They jump right in and get things popping, kissing as they undress. Once Ashton gets a glimpse of what Justin is packing, he helps himself to some oral. He licks up and down Justin’s shaft in order to get it nice and wet. The boys switch places and Justin deepthroats Ashton’s prick. While get his cock necked down, Ashton plays with Justin’s tight hole and begins to imagine all of the hot things he’s going to do.
Justin bends over and lets Ashton push his dick balls deep into his hole. Ashton gets right to work and doesn’t hold back. You can tell his excited to fuck Justin’s beautiful ass. He pounds him hard while Justin jacks off, loving every stroke. Ashton flips him on his back and continues to wreck his hole. Ashton is an insatiable little fuck! Soon enough he’s forced to stop when Justin cums all over his chest! Ashton pulls out and hosing the lad down with his own hot load.

Ashton Taylor Fucks Justin Dean

Wild Attraction Part 2

While Paul Casserras and Tomas Friedel suck each other’s cocks in a 69 position, Maikel Cash fucks Tomas, and Scott Carter fucks Paul. Later, Scott gets his ass plowed by Tomas, while Maikel fucks Paul, until each man blows his load.

Slam That Hole – Brian Bonds -amp; Noah Donovan

Sexy power bottom Brian Bonds and big-dicked Noah Donavan waste no time getting orally acquainted. After swapping some spit, Brian is quickly on his knees with a mouthful of Noah’s huge cock. Brian tries his best to deep throat the 9.5′ inch, thick cock, gagging as it hits the back of his throat. Noah wants ass, so he rims Brian’s eager hole, jamming his tongue deep into his center. After warming Brian’s hole up, they switch to a sit fuck where Brian energetically bounces on Noah’s meat stick. Brian can’t get enough, and his hot hole is able to take Noah’s big dick and powerful thrusts in every position before he oozes his load out into his hand. Noah pulls out and finishes all over Brian’s spent cock.


Introducing Jos Alvarez

Introducing Jos Alvarez

Jos Alvarez is cute as fuck! Big brown eyes and kissable lips are a weakness for me and Jos has them in spades. He doesn’t seem very nervous when the cameras begin rolling, in fact he seems eager to show off. He strips down and reveals a sexy body. He then sits down and begins to rub his cock, making it grow nice and thick. He continues to stroke and pleasure himself after lying back on the bed.


As if we need any more eye candy, Jos gets on all fours to show off his tight hairy hole. Damn it looks fuckable! I can’t wait to see one of our guys take it for a test drive. He turns back over and continues to stroke will playing with his fat balls. He jacks and jacks until he finally unleashes a massive load all over the floor!


Introducing Jos Alvarez

Route 69 – Dustin Holloway -amp; Skyy Knox

Dustin Holloway is in the car by the side of the road waiting for Fane Roberts to return from getting gas. He’s jacking off in the front seat when he looks up to see Skyy Knox walking across the barren desert. As Skyy approaches, he asks if Dustin needs a helping hand and reaches down to feel the stud’s hard dick. Skyy wants to do more than give Dustin a handie and opens wide to take Dustin’s rod in his mouth. After giving Dustin a nice head session, Dustin wants access to what Skyy is packing and the guys take the fun to the side of the road. Dustin can’t wait to get Skyy in his mouth and gets on his knees to service the horny stranger in the dirt. When Dustin gets Skyy as hard as he can be, Skyy bends the hunk over the car and slips his big dick into Dustin’s open and ready ass. ‘Take that power,’ Skyy yells out as he picks up the pace and slams Dustin even harder. Dustin wants to feel Skyy deeper inside and lies back on the hood of the car. Skyy spits on Dustin’s ass to lube it up and then once again slips inside the horny stud. The steady rhythm makes Dustin’s eyes roll into the back of his head as he jacks his rod and blasts all over his tight ripped body. Skyy sees Dustin’s handiwork and pulls to unleash a load of his own. Dustin wants to feel it hit his body and goes down on his knees in front of the muscle hunk to get his smooth chest doused with Skyy’s pleasure.

Gaymers – Spencer Whitman -amp; Hoytt Walker -amp; Xavier Huxx -amp; Ty Mitchell

Xavier Huxx, Spencer Whitman and Hoytt Walker are in the middle of playing a fantasy board game when Ty Mitchell joins a little late. The game quickly turns sexual when all the talk of swords and conquering take a turn and Ty starts sucking on Spencer’s giant rod. Xavier takes his cue and gets to work licking Ty’s extra hairy hole. Hoytt sees all his buddies sucking cock and ass and scrapes the board game off the table to stand next to Spencer for Ty take turns on both of their raging hard-ons. The guys realize they need some fucking action and pair off when Hoytt mounts Xavier and Spencer rams his cock inside Ty’s lean asshole. The studs go at it until Hoytt decides he wants his asshole stretched to the absolute human limits. He sits on Spencer’s giant dick and just when he thinks he’s completely filled up, Xavier opens him up even further by sliding his hard cock inside the stud to double penetrate his hole. Ty doesn’t want to be left out of the action and sticks his hairy cock inside the only open hole that Hoytt has left. Hoytt happily accepts the third dick and gets face fucked as the other two studs continue relentlessly DP’ing his asshole. No cock, dick, or ass goes without attention as the guys continue to switch it up so that everyone can have a little bit of everything. In the end, Ty becomes the party favor when each of the guys takes turns filling his ass and face with dick. As Ty continues to get fucked, Xavier looks on with amazement and blasts his load all over Ty’s tight body. As Ty continues to get plowed, he’s the next to blow. It’s a giant load and once they see all the jizz, Spencer and Hoytt follow along and leave Ty a giant sticky mess covered in the cum of four sweating, bulging studs.

Training Play Part 1

See how porn legend Derek da Silva treats his boys! The boy in question is the very sexy Cullen Cable, who spends most of his time in a dog cage–where he belongs.
Sir comes home and boy shows what a good cocksucker he can be!

New Boys First Cock 6

Damien drags the helpless Devin from to the spanking bench by his hair. After tieing him down Damien gets out the crop and warms the boy up.
To make things easier Devin is well lubed up and flogged before having his arse reamed with a large dildo!

Stay the Night – Rodney Steele -amp; Roman Todd

Older man Rodney Steele, sees gorgeous bad boy Roman Todd, hitchhiking on the side of the road. He pulls over asking him where is he off to. Roman tells him he’s headed to California. It is a little far but Rodney offers him to drive him as far as he is going. Once Rodney reaches his destination. He invites Roman to stay over for the weekend. Roman does need rest and would really enjoy a good night’s sleep. He accepts the offer. While he’s sleeping Rodney decides to take his chances and sneak into bed with Roman seducing the younger man. There is no hesitation what so ever. Rodney passionately sucks Roman’s huge cock. Roman returns the favour by fucking Rodney’s tight asshole till they’re both bursting with cum!

Alberto Esposito vs Devian Rogue 2

In the distance, the Berlin TV tower towers like a gigantic hard cock in the sky, as the tattooed Alberto and his muscular guy Devian go into the second round on the beautiful Berger roof terrace. Alberto wants more in his already filled ass, which Devian understands as an immediate invitation to lick his pussy with subsequent fisting. Mercilessly the pig sticks the fist into the intestines of the Italian in the turbo-staccato, acknowledged with loud cries from the bearded Italian. Then Alberto turns the action around, and much more: In his turn, he splits Devian with his bare cock. Always wilder they fuck each other and sweat like the pigs they are. Devian takes Alberto’s hole again and drills his fist even deeper into it. Over and over again, the two have to pour cold water over to avoid fainting in the heat. Even Devian loves the feel of Alberto’s fist in his greedy ass-track and moans to the Berlin sky. These two swines deliver a fuck session as hot as the Summer afternoon.

The Trainer – Sean Zevran -amp; Johnny V -amp; Jacob Taylor

Sean Zevran and Johnny V endure a rigorous joint training session coached by Jacob Taylor. Afterwards, Johnny cools down by stripping off his shirt and pouring the contents of his water bottle down his shredded torso. The three ripped muscle studs can’t keep their hands off each other, and they start to make out while groping each other’s ripped bodies. Getting down on his knees, Johnny alternates between sucking off Jacob and Sean’s cocks. Bending over a platform, Johnny puts his ass in the air for rimming. First Sean, then Jacob take turns at eating the blond stud’s perfect bubble butt. The spit roasting begins with Jacob fucking Johnny’s ass as Johnny sucks Sean’s huge meat. Trading places, Sean takes his turn on Johnny’s ass while Jacob gets his dick worshiped. From every angle, these three muscle studs show off their bulging muscles. Using battle ropes, the trio create a makeshift sling for Johnny to get his ass pummeled. Sean takes the reigns, giving Johnny an incredible pounding. The deep anal penetration gets Johnny V off, and he sprays his torso with thick ropes of cum. Pulling out, Sean works his cock until he oozes forth a massive load that he deposits right on Johnny’s cock and balls. The sight makes Jacob blow his load, arching across Johnny’s pecs. Rising from the sling, Johnny stands and the three muscle gods press their faces together to share a three-way kiss.

Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2 – Dean Monroe -amp; Sean Zevran -amp; Gabriel Alanzo -amp; Arad Winwin

‘Please me,’ says the Devil (Dean Monroe) to his Dark Angel servants. Duty-bound to satisfy their master, Dark Angels Sean Zevran, Arad Winwin, and Gabriel Alanzo press their hands on Dean’s muscular body. The four menacing demons of the underworld turn to each other and savor the pleasures of their flesh. Gabriel opens his mouth to receive Sean’s monster cock, slathering it with spit, as Dean swallows Arad’s massive sword. Sean eats Gabriel’s ass, and Arad spits into Dean’s mouth. Borrowing the Devil’s throne, Sean takes a seat as Arad services him orally. The four dirty angels congregate together in a seething, writhing mass of bulging muscles, hard cocks, and open mouths. Sean and Dean tag team Gabriel’s cock as Arad face fucks him. As Dean relaxes on his throne and watches, Sean thrusts his cock inside Gabriel’s ass and pounds him with all his supernatural strength. Gabriel licks Dean’s nipples, always trying to please his master. Dean savors the taste of Arad’s spectacular cock as it slides into his gullet. But now it’s time for the boss to get what he really wants: his hole pounded. Sean slides in first, stretching out Dean’s hole. Arad steps up next and drives his meat deep inside Dean. As Dean strokes his cock, Arad moves up to Dean’s face and shoots his load into Dean’s open mouth and across his dark beard. Sean pounds Gabriel’s load out of him, but he’s sure to deliver it directly to his master. Sean sprays his load across Dean’s thigh, and Dean shoots off a white-hot load.

Declan McClain & Alex Mason BAREBACK in Louisville

Here’s two familiar furry faces to everyone – Declan McClain and Alex Mason were begging Jason to do a scene together. These brunette beauties get lip locked from the get go. Declan is then on his knees with his lips locked around Alex’s meaty cock. He fondles his balls tenderly as he swallows every inch.

His talented tongue then moves to rimming Alex’s hole – he grabs his tight cheeks and pulls them apart so he can get as deep as humanly possible with his tongue. Alex moans in pure pleasure but his tantalized hole wants cock and Declan cock is ready to please.

If this wasn’t hot enough the two flip and now Alex fucks Declan – cock deep in his own hole makes him cum all over his abs. The sight of which makes Alex blow his load two. It’s a sticky end to a fantastic fuck.

Dark and Handsome X2

It’s Sebastian Lee is still in his first week with BSB but this hottie is still ready for anything. He’s been paired with one of our hottest pros, Brad Banks who is eager to use him any way he pleases. The boys make out for a bit before stripping down and beginning with some oral fun. Sebastian goes down on Brad first. He wraps his lips around his fat cock and bobs up and down on it, letting it grow in his mouth. They take a break to kiss but Brad seems to have only one thing on his mind.

Brad bends Sebastian over the bed and gets what he’s been waiting for. He inserts his prick right into Sebastian’s sweet ass. He fills him up good; forcing every inch inside. fills that tight ass up with his long shaft, pushing every inch of his big prick into Sebastian and fucking him hard.  Sebastian breathes deeply as Brad digs into his ass. Brad’s rock hard body rams into Sebastian’s over and over, stretching his hole wide. The boys switch positions and Sebastian gets on his back where he lets Brad have another go at his ass. Brad stuffs his cock back in his ass and fucks him until he pulls out and covers Sebastian with nut! Sebastian follows suit and tugs out a sweet load of his own.

Brad Banks Fucks Sebastian Lee

Bending Chris Over

Benjamin Dover and Chris Taylor Fuck

Benjamin Dover and Chris Taylor Fuck

Benjamin Dover is known for getting right to the business and today is no different. He moves right in for a kiss with his screen partner, Chris Taylor. The make out slowly while discarding their clothes. Benjamin goes down on Chris first. He parts his lips and gobbles down Chris manhood. While sucking him off, he fingers Chris tight little hole, preparing it for what’s to come. Chris makes Benjamin’s prick stand up as he takes his turn giving head. He works it with his mouth and gets it nice and wet.

Benjamin bends Chris over and pushes his big bareback dick deep into Chris’s hole. He smacks that ass as he fucks him hard and deep. He is tearing Chris’ boy pussy up. He only gives him a long enough break to rim his hole before getting right back to destroying that ass. Chris begs for more cock and Benjamin doesn’t disappoint. He dominates him for the entire scene. You’ll definitely want to check this one out for yourself!

Benjamin Dover and Chris Taylor Fuck

Route 69 – Alex Mecum -amp; Fane Roberts

When Fane Roberts and Dustin Holloway run out of gas on their road trip in the desert, Fane grabs a gas can and heads down the highway to hitchhike to the nearest filling station. As luck would have it, Alex Mecum picks Fane up in his pickup truck. After a brief and suggestive introduction, Fane realizes that Alex has more than just giving him a ride on his mind. To show that he means business, Alex unbuckles his pants and Fane immediately shows his appreciation for the ride by giving Alex some road head. Alex doesn’t want to be distracted and pulls the truck over to the side of the road where the two hunks hop out and get naked in the sun. When Alex sees Fane’s ass, he knows he needs a taste and bends Fane over to eat him out. That gets both hunks even harder and Alex goes down on Fane to satisfy his cravings. ‘Let me suck your dick some more,’ Fane begs, as Alex once again offers up his massive, thick dick. Fane has an incredible mouth and after working Alex a bit longer, Alex explodes all over Fane’s face. Knowing that he’s done an incredible job at pleasing the good Samaritan, and with the taste of his cum in his mouth, Fane jacks his rod into the gravel of the side of the road and leaves his mark in nature as the two hung studs kiss in the desert heat.

Just Chillin’

Introducing Rick Hazard

Introducing Rick Hazard

Do you like your boys dark and handsome? You like your boys confident but humble (and maybe even a little shy)? Do you like your boys to have bodies worth drooling over? Well we’ve all that in our newest model, Rick Hazard. He’s the perfect example of a hot straight guy that doesn’t seem to know how hot he is. You know the type, I’m sure many of you have crushed on someone similar lol! And now you get see one undress and show you what he’s got.

Rick strips down slowly as he tells us a bit about his tattoos before he begins playing with himself. As his cock hardens it stretches and grows to a massive size. I can’t wait to see this kid tackle some BSB ass. He lies back on the bed, and continues to massage his cock and pleasuring himself. He spreads those legs and jerks harder until he finally blows a hot load all over himself!

Introducing Rick Hazard

The Joys of Bottoming

Ashton Taylor Has His Way with Drake Tyler

Ashton Taylor Has His Way with Drake Tyler

Yes, we know you’re all eager to see Ashton Taylor’s ass get pounded for the first time. Don’t worry; you’ll get that opportunity. He’s not ready to give that ass up quite yet so we’re going to allow him to get some more prime ass, Drake Tyler’s. If anyone can share the joys of bottoming with Ashton, it’s Drake. So let’s watch him work his magic.

They start with some kisses and heavy petting before Ashton finds himself on his knees giving Drake a hummer. Drake moans as his sizable cock is almost devoured by the newbie. The boys switch places and now it’s Drake’s turn to put in some oral work. Drake takes Ashton’s cock in his mouth and gives him head. He deep throats it and lets it grow hard in his mouth. Ashton fingers Drake’s hole while Drake sucks Ashton’s cock, getting it ready for some cock.

Once he’s satisfied, he shoves his raw dick into Drake’s pink asshole. Ashton gets right to pounding Drake, he knows he can take it, he knows that he likes it. He holds his legs apart of he fucks him deep. Drake moans as he gets pounded raw, taking every inch of Ashton’s hard dick. After a hardcore romp, Drake finally cums all over himself before until he’s stroking out a big load and Ashton isn’t far behind, shooting his cum all over as both guys finish the scene with a few more hot kisses!

Ashton Taylor Has His Way with Drake Tyler


Route 69 – Ryan Rose -amp; Fane Roberts

Dustin Holloway and Fane Roberts stop at a diner on ‘Route 69’ for a quick bite to eat but when Fane gets a look at the waiter, Ryan Rose, he knows there will be more on the menu than just his lunch. Dustin excuses himself to hit the bathroom and when he’s away, Ryan explodes a soda all over Fane, soaking his shirt and jeans. Embarrassed at his own clumsiness, Ryan helps Fane out of his shirt and starts cleaning him up by patting down his pants. When Ryan cops a feel of Fane’s hard cock, the fireworks start and Ryan immediately gets to work sucking on Fane’s thick pole. The sight of the muscle stud in front of him is a fantasy that, until now, Fane had only daydreamed about. ‘Let me get a taste of that ass,’ Ryan says as Fane happily bends over. Ryan is hungry and greedily eats Fane out with unparalleled passion. His tongue feels good opening Fane up and when Ryan senses that his customer is ready for the main dish, he slips his rock-hard dick deep into Fane’s tight back door. Ryan plows the patron over the back of a chair as both studs grunt and groan. Ryan wants to see Fane’s face so he clears a table with his arm and throws Fane down facing up. He continues to plow Fane’s tight hole, hitting all the right spots, until Fane erupts with a load cream that covers his own tight body. Ryan sees the pleasure he’s given to Fane and pulls out to deliver an order of special sauce that floods out onto Fane’s rippled abs. When Dustin returns to the table, he finds Fane sitting in a happy daze…daydreaming again!

Randy Joe

Introducing Randy Joe. He’s lean, kinky, and ready to please you in any way he can. This sex machine is one of our new cam models and he’s been really hitting it off with the viewers. Make sure to check him out live, but also in his debut solo. Randy loves his toys and his new scene allows him to show off the way he likes to use them. Watch as he fucks himself and then explodes a huge load that flies everywhere.

Neo BareBangs Checo

There’s nothing like a trip to the beach to get you super horny. Neo and Checo meet up at the beach and pretty soon want to head back to get naked and fuck. Neo has got a huge thick dick – Checo can barely take it all in his mouth – how’s he gonna fit it all in his ass.

He jumps on top of Neo’s massive pole and buries it deep in his bubble butt without too much of a problem. He rides that massive cock like a bull rider at the rodeo. It feels so good he cums all over Neo’s abs. Neo is pleased and cums all over Checo’s pretty face.

Quick and Thorough

Justin Dean Takes On Damien Nichols

Justin Dean Takes On Damien Nichols

Wanna see what happens when we let two newbies have at each other? Well this is the video for you. After some small talk, Justin helps Damien out of his jeans as the two begin to kiss. Justin’s lips make their way down Damien’s chest and quickly find themselves wrapped around his big throbbing cock. Justin’s oral skills convey that he’s had some experience in that region. Damien’s prick is standing at attention in no time. The boys switch places and Damien takes his turn giving head. He returns the favor, getting Justin hard and ready to go.

Justin is horned up and ready to take some cock. He straddles Justin and rides him reverse cowboy, moving that sexy ass up and down on Damien’s bareback cock. He rides him hard. Damien breathes hard and looks on as his cock squeezed by Justin’s ass. Justin flips over onto his back and opens that ass up for Damien once again. Damien gives Justin every inch of his cock. Banging his hole hard and deep until both boys release a load of jizz.

Justin Dean Takes On Damien Nichols

Jaden & Rahul

Jaden is from India and Rahul is from Pakistan. Both guys are kind of shy but they have overcome that shyness to cum and shoot for us. The two exchange blow jobs and Jaden face fucks Rahul with his big cock.

His hairy ass looks inviting but he’s all top and it’s Rahul’s ass that gets fucked. Rahul grab the edge of the carpet as Jaden pounds him relentlessly. Looks like Jaden hasn’t cum in a while as he blows a massive load all over Rahul’s pretty face.

Take Him!

Tanner Valentino Fucks Romeo James

Tanner Valentino Fucks Romeo James

Tanner Valentino sits his sexy ass right beside Romeo James and they get right to kissing. The make out passionately before Romeo travels down to Tanner’s crotch and takes his fat dick into his mouth. He swivels his mouth on Tanner’s prick, forcing it to grow rock hard between his lips. Tanner takes his turn. He kisses his way down to Romeo’s dick and wraps his mouth around it.

Romeo is already on his back with his legs spread so Tanner takes advantage of the situation and pushes his big cock right into his waiting ass. Tanner has obviously wanted some ass because he lays into Romeo with no mercy. He pounds the hot boy’s hole with Romeo’s legs wrapped around his shoulders. Romeo takes it from behind next, letting Tanner pound his hot hairy ass over and over. Romeo takes control by climbing on top of Tanner and riding him reverse cowboy. I love seeing his hairy ass put in work on Tanner’s cock. Before long, Tanner puts Romeo back on his back and fucks him hard, forcing Romeo to cum all over himself. Tanner pulls out moments later and then busts a nut all over Romeo next!

Tanner Valentino Fucks Romeo James

Erectus – Jaxton Wheeler -amp; Teddy Torres

Wearing nothing but threadbare rags tied around their waists, Jaxton Wheeler and Teddy Torres face off in a Roman gladiatorial wrestling match. After several sweaty rounds of combat, Jaxton succeeds in putting Teddy in a headlock and rips off his the rag encircling Teddy’s waist, revealing Teddy’s hairy bubble butt. Jaxton claims his prize by burying his bearded face deep into Teddy’s furry crack. Knowing his place, Teddy kneels down on the floor to orally service Jaxson’s massive cock. Jaxton’s huge legs bulge as he thrusts his hips, face fucking Teddy’s endless throat. With his cock hard as a rock, Jaxton bends Teddy over and starts giving him a rough, doggy style fuck. As Jaxton rams his meat into Teddy’s hairy ass, Ace Era peeps on them from just outside the door to the chamber, enhancing the excitement of voyeurism by stroking his cock. Moving on from doggy style, Teddy lies on his back and lifts his leg over Jaxton’s shoulder. Jaxton delivers deep, powerful thrusts, pulling his cock all the way out and shoving it all the way in each time. The thick, dark fur covering Teddy’s body is slick with sweat, spit, and lube. From across the room, Ace continues watching the action while working his thick shaft. Teddy punches Jaxton in the chest, urging him to fuck even faster and harder. The scorching hot action makes Ace shoot his wad, ejaculating a giant rope of white cum across his thigh. As Jaxton buries his tool inside Teddy, Teddy jerks his cock and shoots a huge jet of cum onto his hairy stomach. Jaxton pulls on and strokes out his hot, white load, which lands right on Teddy’s hairy taint.

Eric Morgan & Joshua James BAREBACK in Pittsburgh

Eric Morgan cums to us all the way from Pittsburgh and was a diver and swimmer in school. We do love those boys in their speedos! He’s got a super hot locker room story for you in his interview too! He’s a big tall boy and a ball of limbs. He puts those limbs to good use as he wraps them around Joshua James.

He’s also got a nice big cock that Joshua manages to swallow completely. Eric’s talented tongue tantalizes Joshua’s hole before he plows his bare dick deep inside. This was the role he was born to play as he breeds a huge load of cum deep inside Joshua’s satiated ass!

Give It All Up!

Ashton Taylor Fucks Benjamin Dover

Ashton Taylor Fucks Benjamin Dover

Ashton Taylor is brand new but has already put himself in a position to film with one of our hottest models, Benjamin Dover. Ben has been allowing the new guys to fuck him and that trend will continue today. Ashton is one lucky bastard!

After a quick make out session, Benjamin goes down on Ashton. His veteran cock sucking skills have Ashton hard in no time. Benjamin swallows Ashton’s prick while his hands massage his balls. Now its time for Ashton to suck cock for the first time. He gets on his knees and fills his mouth with some premium dick. This boy has some good instincts. He drags his tongue up and down Ashton’s shaft and licks all over his balls.

Ready to give up his ass, Benjamin sits Ashton on the bed and sits right on his dick. He bounces that bubble butt ass up and down on Ashton’s cock. Ben’s ass is a beauty and straight up mouth watering. Benjamin assumes his next position, face down and draped over the bed. Ashton moves right in on his boy pussy and begins to pound away. Ben’s face turns beat red as his ass is forced to jiggle and bobble. Ashton goes in on Ben’s ass until he finally shoots a hot load all over Mr. Dover’s leg.

Ashton Taylor Fucks Benjamin Dover

Skuff: Rough Trade 1 – Jordan -amp; Brendan Phillips

Tattooed, ginger-haired Jordan teases Brendan Phillips with a black leather riding crop. Brendan is tied up and blindfolded, totally vulnerable to Jordan’s whims. Exposing Brendan’s ass, framed perfectly by a black leather jock, Jordan lets loose with the crop, leaving pink marks across Brendan’s left cheek. Unzipping the pouch of his leather jockstrap, Jordan reveals his massive, throbbing cock, and Jordan gets down on his knees to deliver oral service. Thrusting into Brendan’s face, Jordan’s low-hanging balls swing back and forth in the air. Brendan uses his sword-swallowing skills to deep throat Jordan’s meat, impaling his throat with the shaft, then using his tongue to spread thick saliva across Jordan’s cock. Bending Brendan over, Jordan dives tongue-first into Brendan’s hole. As sweat drips down their bodies, Jordan spits on Brendan’s ass and lubes it up. Standing up, Jordan uses the tip of his cock to tease Brendan’s hole, then slides in with dominant, assertive thrusts. Jordan’s hand grabs the back of Brendan’s jockstrap, guiding the muscular stud even deeper onto Jordan’s cock. Brendan’s perfect ass bounces with the impact of Jordan’s deep pounding. They relocate to a heavy duty sling, and Jordan gives Brendan the ride of his life. Stroking his cock, Brendan gasps in awe of Jordan’s powerful fucking. Reaching the point of no return, Jordan pulls out and jerks off a juicy load that splashes across Brendan’s ass. As Jordan watches, Brendan strokes out his own thick, white cum.

Used and Abused

Cage Fucks Oliver’s Tight Ass Raw

Cage Fucks Oliver’s Tight Ass Raw

What happens when you pair BSB’s most aggressive top with BSB’s most aggressive bottom? You get an aggressive fucking scene, that’s what. Today Cage Kafig and Oliver Saxon have been paired together and I’m expecting fireworks, as should you! They don’t bother talking long because they both know what they’re here to do. The begin by kissing and rubbing each other’s growing hardons. Oliver practically rips Cage’s boxers off so that he can give him so much needed head. He almost kills himself trying to deepthroat Cage’s big fat cock and choking on it in the process. Cage gives his throat a brief break when he decides to get a mouthful of Oliver’s prick. After giving him some oral, Cage forces his dick right back into Cage’s mouth.

After getting some mind blowing oral, Cage flips Oliver over and buries his long dick into his ass. Lying on his stomach and having his hair pulled, Oliver moans as he’s violently fucked. He pounds him deep and hard but Oliver can take it. In fact, the kid arches his back even more. Cage positions Oliver any way he wants, taking that ass hard. He pulls him to the side of the bed and drills him over and over. My asshole is throbbing just watching Oliver take the abuse Cage is delivering. You’re going to need to come in and see just how fucking hot this scene gets!

Cage Fucks Oliver’s Tight Ass Raw

What’s Not to Love?

Introducing Landon Wells

Introducing Landon Wells

We’ve got a new blonde hottie for you! Landon Wells is our newest BSB model and he’s everything you could want: humble, sweet, and a body that’s covered in lean muscle and tats. He’s a little nervous, as expected, but willing to show off his goods. He’s talked out of his clothes and is soon loose enough to kneel on the bed and stroke his cock for the camera. As he strokes his prick grows longer and longer, eventually developing into some nice sized wood for our eyes to feast on.

After getting himself all worked up, Landon lies back on the bed and continues to stroke his meat while his free hand works on his balls. His muscles tense and bulge, reacting to the work he’s putting in! He tries standing again, and then kneeling, trying to find the perfect position to get him off. Soon the muscle he’s working the most responds when he cums and lets out a huge nut all over the bed.

Introducing Landon Wells

Route 69 – JJ Knight -amp; Fane Roberts

Fane and Dustin stop for the night at a roadside motel on Route 66. Fane is turned on by his buddy’s hot body as Dustin gets out to the shower. And when Dustin talks about the hot gas station scenario, Fane gets totally horned up and makes up an excuse take a breather. He heads to the front desk to complain that the room doesn’t have hot water. The slick and sexy hotel manager, JJ Knight, listens intently while he fucks Fane with his eyes. JJ can see some potential to get some action and slowly approaches Fane as he pours himself a drink and edges closer to the hot hunk. It’s hard to miss the massive bulge in JJ’s pants and when he pulls his extra-large member out from hiding, Fane is right there to suck it. JJ’s dick is so big and thick that it’s hard for Fane to fit the whole thing in his mouth. After getting JJ hard as a rock, Fane knows that the dick will fit much better in his tight ass. Fane bends over to offer himself up to the hung manager who gets him nice and open and lubed up with plenty of tongue and spitting action. When JJ is convinced that Fane is loose enough to take his massive pole, he stands up and slowly slides it deep inside his new guest. JJ goes slow and gentle at first and when he notices that Fane is used to the dick inside him, JJ picks up the pace and pumps Fane’s ass harder and faster. Fane is ready to get stretched as much as possible and rolls over on his back to take the dick even deeper. The massive rod going in and out of him makes Fane explode with pleasure as he covers his stomach with sticky fun. JJ sees the mess and soon follows with a load of his own all over Fane’s spent balls.

Alberto Esposito vs Devian Rogue 1

After a night of bird-watching, the stallion Alberto wakes up next to Devian and leaves the pig to wake up for his big cock in his mouth. Devian rams his stand a little later in the face of the Italian. In front of a giant mirror, the mutual cock sucking continues until the two fuckers move to the big roof terrace and get to the point. In the burning sun of Berlin, Alberto licks the sweat from Devian’s muscle and works the hole with a mighty cock. Devian howls on horniness when the leather fucker pulls the part out of his ass and then rams it with his bare cock. As he slams hard, Alberto also indulges his own cunt with a round with the steel ball, which was still deep in Devian’s bowels. But the Italian wants more and gets it too, when Devian chases his fist into the greedy hairy hole. The two senseless fuck each other while the sweat is running from their bodies and the juice from their balls flows. He then licks the horny sauce with his tongue from the freshly fucked ass!

Birthday Surprise!

Benjamin Birthday Fuck From Damien

Benjamin Birthday Fuck From Damien

Benjamin Dover is one of our hardest working models at BSB and it’s his birthday, so we owe him…big time. As a gift, we’re going to let him break in one or our hottest newbies, Damien Nichols. The boys begin to make out while their hands explore each other’s bodies. Benjamin, in full birthday boy fashion, tells Damien to get on his knees and suck his cock. Damien follows instructions. He takes over half of Benjamin’s dick in his mouth like a good slut is supposed to. Next it’s Benjamin’s turn to show off his oral skills. He goes down and get’s of Damien’s meat stick, I bet it tastes better than cake.

You might have thought that Benjamin would want some ass for his birthday, but instead he’s opted to get fucked! Benjamin bends over and puts his ass high in the air, inviting Damien to have his way. Damien gets right to work. He inserts his cock in Ben’s ass slowly, allowing him to get used to the raw cock. Benjamin braces himself as Damien picks up the pace and begins to fuck the shit out of him. Damien fucks him on his side and eventually gets him on his back. Damien gives him all the dick he can handle until both boys finally let out a nice nut! Happy Birthday, Benjamin!

Benjamin Birthday Fuck From Damien

High n' Tight – Bennett Anthony -amp; Gage Unkut

Bennett Anthony sits in the ‘High n’ Tight’ barber’s chair as Gage Unkut finishes his work. After touching up the back of Bennett’s neck and running a comb through Bennett’s bright red head of hair, Bennett stands up and fidgets uncomfortably with his slim wad of cash. He doesn’t have enough for a tip, but he hopes he and Gage can ‘work something out.’ Bennett reaches for the bulge in Gage’s pants: a good suggestion. As Bennett wraps his lips around Gage’s uncut cock, Gage unbuttons his shirt, revealing his muscular torso completely covered in tattoos. Bennett whips out his cock and pushes down his pants. Kneeling on the barber’s chair, he spreads his ass cheeks apart for Gage to dive in face first. As Gage pushes his tongue deep into Bennett’s tight hole, Bennett encourages him with moans of erotic excitement. Standing up, Gage pushes his hard cock into Bennett’s fuzzy ass and fucks him doggy style. Switching it up, Gage sits in the chair, and Bennett sits down on his cock. Using the powerful muscles in his thick legs, Bennett rises and sinks down on Gage’s cock again and again. Bennett’s meat bounces in the air as he rides Gage, and his six pack flexes. Gage stands up and positions himself over Bennett to fuck his face. With his hand gripping the back of Bennett’s head, Gage thrusts his hard rod deep down Bennett’s throat. He unleashes a massive load on Bennett’s face that drips into Bennett’s open mouth. Just after swallowing Gage’s load, Bennett cums with a guttural roar, shooting his white load onto his thick ginger pubes.

Tony Torres & Brogan Reed BAREBACK in Syracuse

Extreme cuteness alert! New porn model find Tony Torres is just about as cute as they come. This sexy twink is about to embark on study abroad but before he heads off to Florence (totally jealous) he’s going to indulge in a flip flop fuck session with our mountain of muscle Brogan Reed.

First Brogan rims Tony’s tight hole and then fucks him – but big dicked Tony turns the tables and fucks Brogan’s muscled mounds just as intensely.

Cage gets some Steel

Brenden Steel fucks Cage Kafig

Brenden Steel fucks Cage Kafig

Brenden Steel is back in the studio and is ready to up his resume. To help him out, Cage Kafig is present and is ready and willing to bottom. This is something we don’t see often so buckle up and pull out your lube.

The boys begin by kissing, but as we all know, Cage loves to get to business. He makes his move and bends over into Brenden’s lap in order to suck his cock. He bobs up and down as he takes Brenden’s cock down to the hilt. As Cage is putting his oral work in, Brenden decides to join in on the fun. The boys switch places and Brenden sucks his dick before the boys decide to 69.

Cage is hot, horny, and as ready as he’ll ever be to get plowed. He lubes up Brenden’s fat cock and lowers his ass onto it. He rides and grinds, using his hips to give Brenden the full feeling of being inside a man’s ass. Brenden leans back and with an imperious demeanor, watching as Cage rides him. Cage gets on all fours and Brenden takes him from behind, fucking him raw with long, deep strokes. Cage tries to prevent Brenden from going too deep, but its useless. Brenden is going to take as much ass as he wants. How much? Come inside to see get as much dick as he can handle and then some!

Brenden Steel fucks Cage Kafig

Route 69 – Dustin Holloway -amp; Derek Maxum

After several hours of driving Route 66, Fane Roberts and Dustin Holloway pull over at a rest stop so Dustin can take a piss. As Dustin stands at the rest stop urinal, he notices Derek Maxum head into the stall next to him and as Dustin is washing his hands, he sees Derek’s big meaty dick slide through a hole in the wall. Dustin isn’t sure if he should run or get on his knees but when he hears Derek’s deep voice command him to ‘suck it’, Dustin does as he’s told and takes the giant rod in his mouth. It grows thicker and harder with every slurp from Dustin, and as a pool of spit collects on the floor under the two hunks, Dustin peels off his shirt and unzips his pants for easy access to his own growing boner. Derek his ready to get a look at the eager stranger sucking his dick and comes out from inside the stall. He’s ready to taste a dick as well and happily services Dustin’s raging hard-on. All the sucking gets Derek in the mindset to take the random public encounter to another level and bends Dustin over the wall to eat his ass. As the two studs get completely naked, they go back to taking turns sucking each other off. With his dick worked to the max, and a hunky naked stranger in front of him, Derek lets go of any inhibitions he may have left and blasts his load all over Dustin’s tight pecs and body. The thrill of the public sucking in the dirty bathroom combined with the feel of Derek’s warm load running down his body is all it takes for Dustin to finish up. Dustin moans out and polishes the floor with his own creamy brand of liquid before the strangers part ways never to see each other again.

Did He Just…Already?

Ashton Taylor and Tanner Valentino

Ashton Taylor and Tanner Valentino

Ashton Taylor is a legit straight boy and has never done anything with a guy. Today he’ll have the opportunity to get his feet wet with one of our veterans, Tanner Valentino. Tanner is willing and eager to give his ass to the new boy so let’s get started.

They exchange a few kisses and explore each other’s bodies. Both of these boys are toned and ripped; a feast for gay eyes! They grope each other through their shorts before Tanner decides to give Ashton some head. He deep throats it and then Ashton…he…he cums! Damn that was fast! Tanner is known for giving great head but damn! Luckily for us, Ashton is a young man and is ready to go for round two immediately. The boys switch places and Ashton gives Tanner a blowjob, sucking his dick like he’s done it before.

Tanner’s puts his ass in the air and Ashton eagerly invades it with his prick. Tanner takes every inch of that cock, letting Ashton pound his bubble butt as hard as he pleases. And he pounds it hard. Tanner’s ass bounces around like it has a mind of his own. Tanner ends up on his back and has his hole ravaged until he cums; prompting Ashton to release his second hot steamy load of the night!

Ashton Taylor and Tanner Valentino

Route 69 – Johnny V -amp; Nate Stetson

Fane Roberts and Dustin Holloway have been riding on fumes, luckily the happen upon and lone gas station in the middle of the desert on Route 66. The smoking hot gas attendant equipped with his very own 70s handle bar mustache, Nate Stetson offers to fill them up, the pair eagerly agree. When Nate notices that the car is running a little hot, he has the guys pop the hood where he and the mechanic, Johnny V, take a look at what’s wrong. After discovering that the dip stick is missing, Johnny drives the car into the garage where all the suggestive car talk gets Nate revved up. The two studs start making out and getting naked as Fane and Dustin look on in amazement. Nate is hard as a rock and can’t wait to get some full service from Johnny’s eager mouth. Johnny is hungry for what Nate has to offer and gets down on his knees to suck on the thick stick in front of him. Nate loves all the attention he’s getting but doesn’t want to be left out of the dick licking action. After sucking on the nice hard dick, Nate throws down the hood and bends Johnny over to give him a rim. When Nate senses that Johnny is ready to take him on, Nate shifts gears and pops his crank shaft deep inside Johnny’s tight cylinder. It’s a perfect fit and Johnny moans out in approval with every thrust that Nate doles out. After throttling Johnny over the car, Nate decides to go a little deeper inside Johnny’s trunk and lays him out on the garage floor. Nate slips his dick deep inside and pumps away until Johnny blows a gasket and leaks a load all over his rock-hard body. That’s all it takes for Nate to go with the flow as he pulls out and covers Johnny’s ripped abs with a load of fresh, warm fluid.

Sean Maygers

Introducing Sean Maygers. A man with ripped, bulging muscles, tight washboard abs, massive cock and nuts, a dashing smile, and an ass that never quits is how we would describe Sean. This week, watch him show off and get off and you will fall for him just as fast as we did.

Oral Mastery

Ryan Fields and Sebastian Lee

Ryan Fields and Sebastian Lee

Ryan and Sebastian came in the studio horned up and ready to go so we won’t hold them back. They kiss like they’ve been doing so for years. They savor the taste of each other’s lips as they make out and undress. Ryan takes Sebastian into his mouth but Sebastian wants in on the action. He lies down on top of Ryan and the boys 69. Ryan makes me the most jealous mofo this side of California when he sticks his tongue right in Sebastian’s hot ass! Ryan can’t get enough and I don’t blame him. Sebastian’s bubble butt looks delicious!

Sebastian makes even better use of his ass when he climbs on top of Ryan and straddles his cock. He rides it for a bit before just letting Ryan fuck those juicy cakes from below. They try a different position as they lie back on the bed and Sebastian gets his ass pounded in even more!, moaning as Ryan’s long shaft penetrates his entrance and touching himself while he gets pounded. With Sebastian on his back next, his legs are spread and Ryan continues to bash his hole. Ryan keeps up his pounding until both boys reach their well-deserved climax!

Ryan Fields and Sebastian Lee

Jett & Danny

We alluded to the fact that this update was something special and sometimes you just get that magic combination where the two guys click and well the heat emanates from the screen. The strip each other naked and then move to the bedroom.

Jett starts to suck on Danny’s dick – it grows quickly and Jett delivers is masterclass in how to suck cock. He swallows it to the base and leaves it dripping in spit. It’s so hot but it’s only the warm up.

Danny buries his bearded face between Jett’s chocolate cheeks and Jett swallows his cock again. The two are intertwined feeling their bodies next to each other.

Danny is ready to get his big cock in Jett’s tight ass. It’s a bit of a shock for Jett and you can see the visible signs of the intensity of getting his ass fucked by this big dicked Englishman but you can also tell he’s loving it.

The two of them jerk themselves to two of the biggest cum explosions we’ve ever had and Jett proclaims it to be the best fuck he’s had – but watching it you knew that was obvious.

Cade Maddox & Spencer Daley BAREBACK in Cincinnati

It’s an all American buffet of hotness this week when we introduce Cade Maddox to y’all and pair him up with sexy Spencer Daley. Both these guys are currently on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Tour and it’s a credit to the tour just how many new porn stars have been discovered and the two guys are definitely going to be names that everyone will know soon.

The devour each other’s mouths as they kiss. Cade’s tanned body wrapped in Spencer’s paler personage. Spencer is soon on his knees sucking Cade’s big dick as Cade thrusts his cock deeper. This guy has a perfect physique and know just how to use it!

Cade then takes Spencer’s cock in his mouth – then flips him to rim his perfect white ass. Once that hole is lubed with his spit his big cock goes deep inside. As they fuck their muscled bodies ripple and soon Cade cums all over Spencer’s ass. Spencer then cums all over his abs with a huge load. Welcome to the team boys!