The Cutest Boys of the World

Is This Yoga?

Jason Sterling Fucks Zach Covington

Jason Sterling Fucks Zach Covington

Jason quickly helps Zach out of his clothes so that he get to his cock. The moment it’s free, Jason wraps his mouth around it and swallows it. His oral skills forces Zach’s dick to grow and get rock hard. They switch places, allowing Zach to his chance to taste Jason’s shaft and balls. He strokes it and lick it while his lusty eyes look up to meet Jason’s.

But we all know Zach isn’t here to just suck cock. He wants his ass fucked. Ready to get plowed, he bends over the bed and invites Jason in. Jason pushes his cock in slowly so that he can enjoy the feeling of his tight hole. But then he gives Zach exactly what he wants, a good, fast, and hard pounding. As his member enters and exits, Zach’s ass bounces and wobbles in appreciation. Jason pulls out momentarily to finger that pretty hole before putting Zach back on his side and continuing to drill his insides. Jason can’t decide what position he wants to fuck Zach in. He takes that ass while Zach is on his side, from behind, while standing, and in warrior pose (joking lol). Jason finally cums when Zach is propped up on his hands and feet, damn near in downward dog! Jason then fingers Zach’s ass until he blows his on load on his stomach. I hope these boys stretched!

Jason Sterling Fucks Zach Covington

The Get Down

Tyler, Levi And Ryan Fuck Raw

Tyler, Levi And Ryan Fuck Raw

It’s time for another threesome and today we have Tyler, Levi and Ryan on hand to fulfill our fantasies. They get things started with a hot make out session with fondling for good measure. Soon enough, hot erect dicks are present and Ryan is the first to get a taste by sucking off Levi and Tyler. Soon after, Ryan and Tyler begin to 69 and just when you think Levi has been left out, he begins to eat Tyler’s ass.

After some oral fun,  Ryan’s ass is invaded by Levi’s bareback cock. Levi fucks Ryan on his back as Tyler looks on for a moment before deciding to slide his ass right onto Ryan’s dick. He bounces up and down as Levi continues to pound Ryan. Levi is a bit greedy though. He lifts Tyler off of Ryan’s cock and begins to fuck him as Tyler lies on top of Ryan. Levi goes back and forth, fucking Tyler one moment and then Ryan the next. With two delicious asses to choose from you would think Levi would bust fucking one of them but he doesn’t instead he uses their feet to jerk himself before cumming on them. To each their own. You’ll have to come inside to find out how the other two boys get their rocks off. Here’s a clue, someone will need to swallow!

Tyler, Levi And Ryan Fuck Raw

Too Slick

Antonio Ferrari Fucks Ryan Fields

Antonio Ferrari Fucks Ryan Fields

Ryan may think he’s slick, but I can see right through him. He gets Antonio to take his shirt off so that he can get a better look at his tats. As even the most astute elementary smart ass will tell you, you look with your eyes and not with your hands. Ryan not only uses his hands but his lips as he begins to kiss Antonio’s neck and chest. Antonio isn’t innocent. He kisses Ryan back and things begin to get steamier. Ryan gets on the bed and allow Antonio to tea bag and eventually face fuck him. Antonio forces his cock down Ryan’s throat almost making him gag. Soon, Antonio finds himself on his knees with a mouthful of Ryan’s meat. He works that cock with his mouth, getting Ryan hard.

Afterward, Ryan is bent over and his ass is invaded by Antonio’s raw dick. Each thrusts makes Ryan’s juicy ass wobble and bounce. He moans loudly as his hole is force fucked and slapped by Antonio who continuously drives his cock in deep. The boys switch position and Ryan ends up on his back. Antonio pounds him until he can’t take it anymore. He pulls out and paints Ryan with a thick load. Ryan kneels beside Antonio and jerks his own dick until he cums onto Antonio’s stomach. He then cleans him up by licking off his own jizz!

Antonio Ferrari Fucks Ryan Fields

Like a Flashback

Kaden Alexander And Zach Covington

Kaden Alexander And Zach Covington

Well, well, well…guess who’s back! Kaden has returned and is ready to start making some money. Here to welcome him back with all the warmness BSB has to offer is Zach Covington.

After talking about the changes to the set, Kaden gets things started by pulling Zach into him and deeply kissing Zach. Zach is all to eager to hook up with Kaden. He presses his body against his as they make out. They undress as Kaden gets on his knees to blow Zach. He works Zach’s member over with his hand and mouth, getting Zach fully erect. The boys switch so that Zach can taste Kaden’s cock. He somehow manages to get most of it into his mouth and gives Kaden some amazing oral action. Kaden returns the favor by aggressively getting Zach on his feet, turning him around, and sticking his tongue up his ass! Kaden’s tongue flicks quickly all around Zach’s sweet hole. The boys assume the 69 position where Zach takes his turn eating Kaden’s big bubbly butt.

Now it’s time to fuck. Kaden lubes up as Zach braces himself on all fours. Kaden pushes his giant dick inside, going slowly so that Zach’s hole can adjust. Once it does, Kaden begins to bash his insides with relentless, hard thrusts. They switch positions allowing Zach to get on top. Zach rides that dick reverse cowboy, playing with his own cock in the process. They switch positions one more time and Zach jacks his dick while he lies on his back with Kaden between his legs. After a few moments of pounding, Zach cums blows his load. Kaden follows suit by shooting a massive about of jazz all over Zach!

Let’s Get Physical

Mikey Fucks Oliver Saxon Bareback

Mikey Fucks Oliver Saxon Bareback

Oliver fences, Mikey is a karate master. A fight between them would be interesting but a hot scene would be more so. Mikey gets things started by going in for a kiss and Oliver doesn’t hold back. The guys embrace and have one steamy make out session. As their lips and tongues acquaint themselves, Mikey’s hand go to work to undo his shirt and pants. Once Oliver’s thick cock is free he makes a meal out of it. He blows him enthusiastically while playing with his nipples. It takes Oliver a couple of moments to get his head and mouth wrapped around the size of Mikey’s dick. He gags on it a few times, but manages to give a hot blow.

After 69ing, Oliver slowing slides his hot ass onto Mikey’s monster cock.  Oliver rides Mikey reverse cowboy, allowing his insides to feel almost every inch of Mikey.  Then on all fours, Mikey pounds him raw, using that big dick to destroy Oliver’s insides!  When Oliver lies on his back with his legs spread and Mikey fucking him hard, Oliver busts a huge nut and then Mikey pulls out and gives Oliver a facial!

Mikey Fucks Oliver Saxon Bareback

To The Last Drop

Levi Jackson Fucks Junior Fernandez

Levi Jackson Fucks Junior Fernandez

Junior Fernandez never has much to say because he only has one thing on his mind and that’s getting Levi’s cock in his ass. They make out before Junior works his way down to Levi’s big dick.  Junior wraps his sexy lips around Levi’s cock before working the whole shaft down his throat. He takes a little time to pay Levi’s balls some extra attention, sucking on his salty scrotum.

Levi returns the favor by blowing Junior. But, Levi is already horned up and ready for ass so that doesn’t last long. They get on the bed and Levi pushes his bareback cock into Junior’s tight ass.  Levi starts slow but when ass feels that good you can’t hold back. He begins to pound Junior harder, getting Junior into any position he wants. Junior moans as his ass is pummeled and invaded over and over by Levi!

Junior eventually gets on top and rides Levi’s dick, making it his own. The dick feels so good that he busts a huge load right into Levi’s mouth. Levi won’t be the only leaving with cum on his breath. Junior does him a solid by sucking him off and swallowing his load!

Levi Jackson Fucks Junior Fernandez

Don’t Be Scared

Introducing Chaz Berling

Introducing Chaz Berling

Chaz says he doesn’t jack off much, which would be unique for guys his age. The irony is he’s going to have a lot of guys jacking off to him today as he shows off for the camera today. He strips down and turns his bubble ass to the camera, gently playing with it as he confesses that he doesn’t do much work on it. He stays standing and lubes up his big dick, slowly stroking his shaft as he runs his hand across his chest and abs.

He climbs on the bed, gets on all fours, and grabs his cock from behind as he thrusts his hips forward gently and gives the camera a sexy backward glance.  As he gets more turned on he uses both hands to jerk his member, pulling that long cock through his fingers before getting more comfortable and laying back on the bed. He closes his eyes and soon cum is flying from the tip of his pulsating dick!

Introducing Chaz Berling

Threeway Fuck Buddies by Bareback Boy Bangers

Boys will be boys and like nothing better than hanging out with their best buds, but this gaggle of guys are more than just friends – they are Threeway Fuck Buddies! No hanging around playing games on their mobile phones – these boys want to play with each other’s meaty joy sticks. No waiting for the fun to begin with 13 hung and horny guys who can’t wait to run their mouths over a throbbing shaft and probe a tight ass with their tongues. Spit-roasting, tag teaming and daisy chains – over two hours of no-holes barred action with copious amounts of spunk being spilt in over two hours of raw and bareback action! Two may be company – but three’s more fun!

Hard Sex 16 by Jalif Studios

Hot muscle Aaron Cage gives Luke Desmond the ride of his life. Muscled guy Randy Jones makes out with young lad Ryder Hudson. Ryder sucks Randy’s fat cock before they move into 69 to suck each other. Randy fucks Ryder doggy style before moving into deep sandwich fucking. Before they cum Randy fucks his lad on the table. Hot top Harley Everett makes JP suck his fat cock while spitting on his face. JP gets his cock sucked before Harley fingers his ass and shoves a butt plug inside. Next Harley pushes some anal beads deep inside JP’s ass before fucking him deep and hard doggy position. JP rides Harley’s cock before they both shoot huge loads of cum. Cutie bottom lad Leo Mack gets thrashed by aggressive Aitor Crash.

Hard Sex 17 by Jalif Studios

Issac and Jake are making some coffee when Tate comes through and stips for them revealing a tight, ripped body and huge, hard cock. The guys are straight onto him sucking and rimming his ass before Issac starts to fuck Jake’s tight ass. Tate wants some of Issac too, and sits on top of his hard cock pounding deep and hard. Tate is never satisfied and wants more and more so he moves into the middle so Issac can fuck him while he fucks Jake. All three are so horny they lie down and shoot huge loads one after the other over Tate’s hot sixpack. Mark sucking on Mike’s 9 inch hard uncut cock. Mike opens Mark’s tight bubble butt and gives him the rimming of his life before shoving his hard cock deep inside. Mark loves being fucked by hung inked guys and the two make for the fuck of their lives, Mike spitting and slapping Mark’s ass while riding him deep and hard. The two finish off with huge cum shots. Marco is bottom and loves big cocks – Tate is super hot with a huge 9″ cock! The guys make out and Tate is rock hard in seconds. Marco works his cock deep in his mouth and it isn’t long before Tate is rimming Marco’s ass with his tongue. The pair fuck all over the place, Marco groaning at the size of Tate’s monster. They both shoot huge loads over their Tattoos. Harley has a huge cock and gets to work on inked bottom boy Valentin, shoving a dildo up his ass before double fucking him hard. This scene gets really hot and wild as they both shoot huge loads on their tattoos.

CF Crush: Marc by Corbin Fisher

Some guys have all the luck when it comes to genes, other guys have to work hard to look hot – Marc is both! That chiseled, perfect body comes from hours of training and hard work. That smile that’s able to melt the pants off of anyone is natural talent! Yet the talents definitely don’t end there. Marc has a great cock – and knows how to use it! Another natural gift, made better by having an open and willing mind, and lots of practice with the hottest guys in the Corbin Fisher roster! Here we get to see him rock the worlds of Harper, Jacob, Trent, and Quinn. Whether Marc is using that big cock of his, or wrapping his tight hole on a horny jock, the end result is the same – two happy men drained of cum!

Cock Fight! – Landon Conrad -amp; Shawn Wolfe

Cameras flash. Trainers oil the opponents’ bodies. Ding! Landon Conrad and Shawn Wolfe emerge wearing jock straps and footgear, backed up by lots of sexual bravado and attitude. Shawn scores first body contact, but Landon lifts him off the ground in a bear hug. Chewing Shawn’s lips, Landon reaches around to pry Shawn’s ass cheeks apart and ram a finger in: preview of what’s to come. Headlock … liplock … they struggle and writhe. Muscles ripple, cocks smash together. The jock straps come off and Landon is left holding two hard cocks. Shawn scores again with first suck, quickly reversed by Landon as the bell ends round #1. Between rounds, Landon shadow-boxes and Shawn jacks off. Round #2: rimming. Landon mounts a boxing bag and offers Shawn his ass. Shawn’s tongue and Landon’s fingers vie for occupancy of that hot hole. Shawn grabs Landon’s fingers and sucks them as the bell closes the round. Shawn prepares for the final round by ramming his hole with a dildo, for Landon to see. Landon growls, vowing to make Shawn his boy. At the bell, he charges in and pins Shawn doggy style, but in a surprise move Landon flips for Shawn to fuck him. Shawn cums mightily in Landon’s face and mouth and Landon splats his juice on his hairy chest. Who got you going most and should take this steamy match?

Double Kross – Andrew Stark -amp; Adrian Hart

Huge in every way, Andrew Stark towers over tight-bodied Adrian Hart, whose satiny chocolate skin contrasts with his brilliant white jock strap. Adrian’s 8 1/2-inch cock juts out like a ramrod from his jock, rubbing hard against Andrew’s equally long but fatter meat. Adrian kneels, using his lips and tongue to work the top of Andrew’s dick and nuzzle his nuts, while his hand strokes the shaft. They swivel into a 69. Andrew spreads Adrian’s buns to probe the soft center with his tongue and fingers. The breaching of Adrian’s tight hole is smooth and easy, accompanied by soft moans. Andrew kneads Adrian’s glutes while he fucks him from behind, clasping Adrian tightly in his arms and running his hands through the scant fur on Adrian’s chest. Adrian’s cries grow louder as Andrew’s thrusts gather speed and intensity. Bouncing Adrian on his cock, Andrew lifts him off the ground. Release leaves Adrian with a mustache of creamy cum on his upper lip and a gooey mass of his own spooge dripping through his fingers.

Bout To Bust – Boomer Banks -amp; Jack Vidra

Jack Vidra’s red beard rubs against the deep black of Boomer Banks’ facial hair as they make out passionately. Boomer’s gargantuan uncut cock needs to get sucked, and Jack impressively swallows Boomer’s monster. With a hand on the back of Jack’s head, Boomer guides the talented cocksucker in the art of oral service. Jack teases the head of Boomer’s cock with his tongue and nibbles on Boomer’s foreskin. Laying back and throwing his leg up in the air, Jack exposes his hole for Boomer to dive in tongue-first. Splaying Jack’s ass cheeks, Boomer lubes Jack’s hole with spit. When Boomer lays on his back, Jack rides Boomer’s cock in reverse cowboy style. Jack then takes Boomer’s cock sideways, giving us the perfect angle to view every stroke of intense penetration. In a spectacular climax, Boomer blasts his load all over Jack’s ass, and the cum slides down Jack’s cheeks and over his asshole. Jack reaches his lips to Boomer’s and jerks out a thick, white load.

Fighting To The Top

Tyler Griffin Fucks Zach Covington

Tyler Griffin Fucks Zach Covington

Tyler and Zach are just like any other two guys, full of ego and cum. We find them debating who can kick the other’s ass. The winner, surprise surprise, will get to top today. The more aggressive Tyler gets the match started and eventually takes Zach down. Now that he knows he’s going to take dick, Zach wants to get a head start on getting Tyler off. He takes Tyler’s cock out and sucks that thick cock until its nice and thick. The boys then 69 and Zach gets oral while he rims Tyler’s sweet hole. Zach’s tongue gets Tyler’s boy pussy dripping wet.

Ready to fuck, Tyler shoves his long dick into Zach’s waiting ass. He fucks him raw and pounds his little ass hard, barely giving Zach’s ass a chance to get used to it.  Zach sits back and rides Tyler reverse cowboy style, bouncing up and down while he slowly jacks on his own cock, but they switch positions and Tyler’s in control now. He holds Zach’s legs far apart, spreading that ass wide open as he pushes his cock deeper and deeper into his guts. Zach has had all he can take. He cums hard, launching off a nice sized load.  Tyler licks the cum up and jerks his own dick until he’s shooting his jizz onto Zach. He then collapses from exhaustion. That’s how you know you’ve had ass worth fighting for!

Tyler Griffin Fucks Zach Covington

Speaking of Chicken

Benjamin Dover And Jason Sterling

Benjamin Dover And Jason Sterling

After a short but spirited conversation about chicken, Benjamin Dover gets today’s scene started by standing up, putting his crotch in Jason Sterling’s face and saying “you ready to get some?” Um, yeah! Jason doesn’t blink. He quickly gets Ben’s cock in his mouth and begins to work it over. He twists his head up and down the dick until is wet and hard. Ben watches with pleasure as Jason’s lips travel the length of his fleshy shaft. Jason lies back and lets Ben return the favor by blowing him. Ben sucks with vigor, only stopping to kiss Jason.

Benjamin gets on all fours on the bed and allows Jason to fill his ass with cock. Jason pounds that butt bareback while Ben jerks his own cock. Benjamin twists around to make out with Jason as he gets banged out. They flip and now its Jason’s turn to get some hard cock. He’s legs are opened up by Ben who then slides his member right inside his tight hole. Ben doesn’t take any prisoners when he fucks. He holds Jason’s neck  tightly as he forces his meat stick deeper into his guts.

Benjamin fingers Jason’s hole when he pulls out and then they flip again and when Benjamin gets topped this time but he can’t hold his cum in for very long! Once he cums Jason soon follows suit and paints himself with his own man milk.

Benjamin Dover And Jason Sterling

Wild Weekend Part 1 – Ken Rodeo -amp; Wesley Woods

The crew is chilling over pizza and beer at their vacation house on the river, settling in after the drive up from San Francisco. Ryan Rose asks European studs Brute and Ken Rodeo why they decided to come visit. Ken says that they wanted to see what San Francisco Pride was all about, and Brute adds that they want to ‘shag as many blokes as possible.’ Ken says that he views American guys as a challenge – because they’re more uptight sexually! The Americans protest, proclaiming that they’re just as sexually liberated as Europeans. But it’s late, and the guys head to bed without resolving their debate. Later, as Wesley Woods is undressing for bed, he hears a knock at his door. It’s Ken, and he wastes no time telling Wesley, ‘I want you to fuck me!’ ‘That’s very to the point,’ says Wesley, feeling a bit shocked, but something about Ken’s assertiveness really turns him on. They start making out, and Ken goes down on Wesley’s cock. Moving into a 69 position, Wesley eats Ken’s ass while Ken continues sucking Wesley’s dick. Ken jerks his cock and rides Wesley’s face while moaning with pleasure. ‘Fuck, you taste good!’ exclaims Wesley. Wesley leans back on the bed, and Ken sits on Wesley’s cock and rides it like a cowboy. They switch to doggy style, and Wesley gives his cock to Ken with long, powerful strokes: all the way in, all the way out. Rolling on to his side, Ken makes his hole extra tight for Wesley to fuck him sideways. Moving to missionary, Ken strokes himself off while getting fucked, blasting his creamy load on his stomach. Wesley jerks his load out into Ken’s open mouth, dripping cum on his chin, and bends down to taste his load on Ken’s lips.

Dicklicious – Tegan Zayne -amp; Bruce Beckham -amp; Derek Deluca

Derek Deluca trades blowjobs with hairy otter Tegan Zayne. Bruce Beckham joins in, feeding his hard cock to Derek’s mouth. Tegan rims Derek’s ass, using his tongue and his fingers to fill Derek’s hole with spit. Obediently, Derek sucks on Bruce’s cock, stretching his lips around Bruce’s impressive girth. Tegan and Derek trade places; as Tegan services Bruce’s cock, Derek stretches Tegan’s hole so wide you can almost see inside him. Bruce’s bodybuilder physique captivates Derek and Tegan, and they both orally worship Bruce’s manhood, sucking his hard cock and licking his balls. Lying on his back, Bruce invites Tegan to sit on his face as Derek continues to suck Bruce’s rod. Tegan’s hairy ass is irresistible, and Bruce shows his enthusiasm by burying his face deep between Tegan’s fuzzy cheeks. Standing up, Bruce drives his fuckstick into Derek’s ass as Derek slobbers on Tegan’s cock. Tegan gets spitroasted next, as Bruce pounds Tegan’s hole while Derek facefucks Tegan’s beardy mouth. Spit rolls down Tegan’s cheeks as he struggles to swallow Derek’s cock. All three men recline and jerk their cocks as they reach the final stretch. First Bruce blows his load on his stomach, followed by Derek. Bruce gives Derek a taste of their loads as Tegan builds up steam. As his furry stomach flexes, Tegan shoots high in the air, glazing his hairy body with spunk.

Jackson Grant and Griffin Barrows

Newcomer Jackson Grant joins Griffin Barrows this week in a hot massage. Griffin loves rubbing oil over hot muscles and Jackson was very quick to volunteer as long as he got a chance to fuck Griffin. After Griffin covers Jackson with oil and fully massages his body and hot cock, Jackson lies Griffin down and fucks him on his back. Flipping positions, Jackson forces his big cock into Griffin until he blows his first load. Then Griffin fondles Jackson’s huge nuts until he blows. Griffin then climbs onto Jackson and blows a second load to mix with their first two.

We Grow ‘Em Right Down South

Vincent Russo Jerks Off

Vincent Russo Jerks Off

He may be part Italian but Vincent Russo was raised down south where we know what we’re doing. He’s a former rodeo boy so you know he can perform under pressure. He’ll have to call upon those skills today as he’s going to be jacking his dick for the first time on camera. Let’s see how he does.

He takes his shirt off and gives a guided tour of the tattoos that cover his sexy chest and back before removing his shorts and showing off his ass. Vincent then moves to the bed where he gets started on his solo scene by grabbing his cock, massaging it gently as he looks into the camera with a sexy smirk.

As he strokes that cock it gets harder and harder, playing with his balls a little in between as he begins to run his hand across his shaft faster.  He gives the camera some coy smiles as he works his dick, masturbating until he lets out a few quick moans and strokes his load out onto his abdomen.  He was saving up a nice load for us! I can’t wait to see this southern charmer paired up with one of our BSB hunks.

Vincent Russo Jerks Off

O.F.D. Obsessive Fisting Disorder, 1 – Brian Bonds -amp; Preston Johnson

Brian Bonds goes to Dr. Strangeglove’s office with his boyfriend Preston Johnson for a session to get help with his ‘O.F.D. – Obsessive Fisting Disorder’. As part of Brian’s therapy, the doctor puts them in a dungeon and turns them loose. Brian is first to get on his knees and suck Preston’s cock to the base. After choking on his boyfriend’s fuck-stick, Brian mounts up on a sexual Lazy Susan and gets rimmed and finger-fucked by Preston. Brian’s hole quickly falls victim to Preston’s fat fist plunging in and out of him. To get a better angle, Brian gets on his back and lets Preston reach in deeply.

Fisticuffs – Mario Ortiz -amp; Nick Savage

Horse-cocked Mario Ortiz sits at a bar waiting for the last patron to leave so he can have a chance with the bartender (Nick Savage). Nick wastes no time after closing and comes around the bar to make out with the waiting top man. He climbs up on a bar stool and sticks out his big round musclebutt framed by a white jock. Mario gingerly opens up his hole with a dildo on a stick. First he slides it in Nick’s ass, then he sticks the buttjuice-covered toy in his mouth for cleaning. Next, he pulls out his big trophy dick and bends Savage over the bar stool for some afterhours ass-pumping. But even Mario’s big nine-incher isn’t enough for this butch stud. He rolls over and presents his hole for some deep dildo action, first with a fat black dong then an oversized buttplug. Finally, Mario gloves up and pops his grease-covered hand right into the sloppy hole. As Mario explores his insides, Nick pulls his throbbing cock out from the jock and begins to jack. Mario continues grinding away and watches as Nick’s muscles begin to seize up, spraying a load on his stomach. Mario follows right behind, dumping his seed on the barstool.

On The Market – Wesley Woods -amp; Skippy Baxter

Power realtor Wesley Woods shows off the amenities of a new home to his client, Australian hunk Skippy Baxter. Reaching the bedroom, Skippy let’s Wesley know that he’s interested — interested in going down on Wesley’s fat cock. Eagerly, Wesley drops his trousers and shoves his girthy boner down Skippy’s throat. They unbutton their shirts, revealing ripped torsos dusted with hair. Skippy jumps up on the bed in doggy style position and spreads his cheeks for Wesley to deliver a deep tongue bath. Probing Skippy’s ass with a finger, Wesley’s cock throbs as he prepares for penetration. Mounting Skippy from behind, Wesley pounds his ass with mighty thrusts, and his fat balls slap against Skippy’s taint. They change positions with Wesley on his back and Skippy riding Wesley’s cock. Transitioning to missionary position, Skippy hooks a leg over Wesley’s shoulder and enjoys the deep penetration of Wesley’s stiff dick. As Wesley pounds away, Skippy jerks himself off until his cum explodes in pearly drops all over his hairy abs. Kneeling above Skippy’s face, Wesley unleashes a thick white load that smother’s Skippy’s chin.

Randy & Leo Part 2

Randy and Leo are now ready to show just how big their dicks are and for Leo he’ll get to feel just how big Randy’s cock is as it delves deep inside his ass.

They start by trading blow jobs – and then Randy dives into Leo’s ass with his tongue. He makes sure that Leo is ready to receive a hard cock pounding.

It’s an impressive fuck session that leaves both big cocks exploding with equally big loads.

Wild Weekend Part 1 – Ryan Rose -amp; Jason Maddox

Roommates JJ Knight and Wesley Woods stroll through the Castro. All around them, San Francisco is gearing up for Pride. The guys are headed up to the river for a chill weekend getaway with some friends, including JJ’s college roommate Ryan Rose, who’s now the hottest male underwear model in the world! Over coffee, JJ tells Wesley about the one time he and Ryan got drunk and sucked each other’s dicks in college. Meanwhile, as Ryan himself cruises the San Francisco Embarcadero, Jason Maddox cruises for cock on his phone. After sharing some sexy pics, Ryan and Jason meet up in a public restroom for spontaneous cock sucking. Jason uses his tongue to stimulate Ryan’s sensitive mushroom head. Trading places, Ryan impales his face on Jason’s meat. As Jason thrusts his hips, his big nuts bang against Ryan’s chin. Switching once more, Jason deepthroats Ryan’s cock with steady, intense strokes that bring Ryan to orgasm, shooting his milky load all over Jason’s face. With Ryan’s cum streaming down his cheeks, Jason jerks out his load onto the bathroom floor. They kiss, pull their clothes back on, and Ryan makes his way to meet up with his friends. JJ and Wesley return to their place to find JJ’s cousin, Brute, waiting on their doorstep. He just arrived from London with his Austrian friend, Ken Rodeo. Ryan rolls up and the guys all trade introductions. Wesley is really excited to meet Ryan, but Ryan seems more interested in Brute and Ken. What will happen when they all get to the river?

Tahoe Snowbound – Dylan Knight -amp; Jason Styles

Jason Styles just got a major workout on his snowboard, so when he comes back into the warm cabin, he’s eager to strip down. Dylan Knight is there to meet him, and the outline of Jason’s cock in his thermal underwear is irresistible. Dylan gets down on his knees to get a taste of Jason’s throbbing package, and Jason returns the favor with a slick blowjob on Dylan’s uncut cock. Dylan’s nipples are rock hard with excitement as Jason goes in for a rim job. With his legs in the air and his hole exposed, it’s clear what Dylan wants, and Jason gives it to him. Dylan is lying on the table, and it’s the perfect height for fucking. Jason relentlessly thrusts his thick meat inside Dylan’s hole. Dylan’s eyes roll back in his head with ecstasy, and his uncut cock throbs. Eager to feel Dylan’s cock inside him, Jason signals a flip flop, and they’re off for another round of intense pounding — roles reversed. Their rock hard abs and beefy chests glisten with sweat as they reach the point of no return. Jason works his cock until he explodes all over his beefy torso, even shooting behind his head. Dylan unleashes a blast of cum that splashes on Jason’s chest and shoulders.

Brogan Reed & Landon Wright BAREBACK in Springfield

Landon Wright spent a long time on tour with the Jason Sparks Nationwide Tour but left to settle down in Springfield. So when the tour came through town he was more than happy to catch up with the guys and get back on camera to plow Brogan Reed’s muscled ass.

He jumps right back into it and soon has his big dick buried deep inside Brogan. It feels so good that he blows a huge load of cum in Brogan’s fine hole – watching it drip as he pulls his cock out again.

Ready For Action by Macho Guys

Are you Ready For Action? Joey Caruso and his hot and horny pals are! They are ready to whip up a maelstrom of sexual activity that sees every man-nook and cranny licked, sucked, kissed and fucked! These guys get naked as tongues and hands eagerly run over taut bodies, eager to find a tempting hole to ease into. With lust in their eyes and fire in their loins, these studs can’t wait to tickle tonsils before watching with carnal desire as their thick cocks sink into inviting asses before pumping like a jack hammer until both studs are ready to let loose with a warm gush of sticky man-juice!

Naughty Passion by Eye Candy

These fine young specimens can’t get enough of rock-hard cock, so they fill their days (and their holes) satisfying all of their carnal desires! Lots of tight, smooth bodies with great rimming, blowing and cumshots abound. Nothing but steaming hot sex as these nine boys pair up and even go threes-up to show you just how deep naughty passion can go!

Tahoe – Snowbound by Falcon Studios

It’s cold outside, but inside the sexual fire burns hotter than ever. What better way to escape the chill than warming up with intense, connected sex. Eleven stunning, beautiful men are ‘Tahoe – Snowbound’, and award-winning director Tony Dimarco turns up the heat. With a gorgeous house nestled in the snowy mountains all to themselves, they turn to each other for fiery, passionate exchanges! Hunky, uncut top Jimmy Durano turns up the heat on blond bottom Scott Riley, fucking in three positions and climaxing in a frenzied facial. All-American hunk Ryan Rose gets and gives oral pleasure with blond cocksucker Kevin Blake. Jason Styles strips down after hitting the slopes and has an intense flip fuck with Dylan Knight. Sean Zevran and Jordan boss share a spontaneous encounter in the hallway, trading blowjobs and blowing huge loads. JJ Knight helps Andrea Suarez relieve his morning wood right in the kitchen with a flip fuck that gets both these big-cocked studs shooting blasts of cum. Pumped from his workout, Jordan Boss gives Jacob Peterson one hell of a ride, resulting in an explosive finish. The stunning studs of ‘Tahoe – Snowbound’ have the goods to keep you hard and hot all winter long.

Alfa by NakedSword Film Works

Alfa, a famous porn actor, must deal with his fears, insecurities and memories when he begins work on a new film without Yerry, his former partner in life and porn. On his first day of shooting without him, Alfa tries to act as in the past but can things be like before? Javier Ferreiro’s short film reflects on the difficult decision of letting someone go to move forward. ALFA is framed in the context of gay porn cinema in Cuba where pornography is banned but, little by little, it’s growing up an underground industry impulsed by foreign tourism. During the last year, ALFA has been traveling around the arthouse and queer film festival circuit (including The Guadalajara International Film Festival, Inside Out Toronto and Outfest Los Angeles). On the last visit of Francis Ford Coppola to the International Film and Television School of San Antonio de los Baños (Cuba), the six-time Academy Oscar Award winner said to the students that ALFA is a singular audiovisual, unique and never seen by him and he emphasized the inner world of characters who communicate incredible love and passion. ALFA is the love story of a man who has lost a loved one who was not only her love but also his working partner seen from a sensitive filmmaker.

Take It Outside by Bareback Boy Bangers

There’s nothing nicer than feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin and a daily dose of vitamin D, but these boys want some vitamin E thrown in as well. Take It Outside is an outdoor adventure with five scenes that sees stiff dicks coming out to play. These buff boys work each other’s bodies – biting, sucking and licking absolutely everywhere, getting the real taste of what sex should be. In the garden, by the pool and on the beach – where it’s not only the waves that are pounding, it’s feisty al fresco fun all the way – and it’s 100% bare.

Collegiate Creampies Vol. 4 by Corbin Fisher

For the cum hungry men of Corbin Fisher, getting their faces, abs, and mouths splattered in huge loads is just as satisfying as shooting massive loads themselves. There’s just something about getting pumped full of cum that turns the heat up a bunch of notches and gives these men some memories they’re likely to never forget. The sex between these chiseled and stunningly hot jocks is so passionate that it leaves the bottom studs begging to get seeded, and the top studs more than eager to keep on fucking until they’re spraying a fellow college jock’s insides with their huge loads. The looks of satisfaction on the faces of the men, as they see their cum dripping out of another guy’s hole or get their own tight holes fucked full, are reason enough the action here must be seen! All the amazing fucking that happens before climaxes, though, adds the icing to the wild creampies.

It's Shower Time by Bareback Boy Bangers

Who needs to reach for the bubble bath and luxuriate in a foamy bubble cocoon when you can reach for a hard cock and slather yourself in a warm covering of man-moisturizer? It may be shower time, but it’ll take more than just some cold water to cool these hot and horny guys. It’s water sports of a different kind as ten guys clean up in the bathroom and they don’t mind bending over to pick up the soap – any opportunity to offer up their bubble butts for a hard and bare ass ramming!

Italians and Other Strangers by Lucas Kazan

Sex cums in different colors:

Sex as love-making (Bruno Boni/Alex Orioli).
As outlet (Jean Franko/Alessio Mancini).
As playground (Antonio Rinaldi/Lucas Andrades/Ettore Tosi).
As fantasy (Daniele Montana/Marc Dievo).
As desire (Bruno Boni/Matthias Vannelli).
Italian newcomers Bruno Boni, Daniele Montana and Alessio Mancini demonstrate –with help from veteran Matthias Vannelli, Ettore Tosi and many more muscle studs.

Sex City by Kristen Bjorn

Kristen Bjorn and BelAmi collaborated in creating an exotic eruption of man-sex combining the hottest Eastern European and Latin studs from both studios! Set in Barcelona, Spain, Sex City Parts 1 & 2 are guaranteed to blow you away in more ways than one!

Snatched by Eurocreme Group

Ashley Ryder has made the move from starring in front of the camera to working behind it and resurrected the Bulldog XXX brand. And take it from us, Snatched, a fantasy abduction movie starring super hot, aggressive tops and sleazy, butt hungry bottoms, is every bit as horny as the original Bulldog XXX movies.

We Are Coming For You by Treasure Island Media

From the beginning, I’ve made porn to show one thing and one thing alone: man sex is a world, a language, a religion. If you’re a man, all that you need to know is displayed right there, plain as day. There are two meanings to the title of this film. To those who are with us, who understand the power and the ageless meaning of man sex, this is your heritage, your lineage, your identity. And the men you watch are coming for you, as you and with you. To those who stand against us for whatever reason—political, religious, prejudice or ignorance—we are coming for you. What we are carries the deepest and most enduring knowledge of the human species. This is our sacred right, as close to us as our skin, our sweat, our muscles, our bones and our seed. Man fucking is the heart and seed not only of a cult or a culture, but of a world. We embrace and embody our primal and native behaviors as men. We are the spawn of the daemons of our sex: our fucking is the holy consecration of ourselves and our world. To those who thoughtlessly or maliciously try to diminish, shame or impede any of our kind, to those who resist the inevitable and ancient power of who we are and what we have performed together since the dawn of time, I say with all my heart I AM COMING FOR YOU.

Manly Guys for Young Twinks by French Twinks

After his team lost, the young Xavier was yelled at in the locker room by his coach, who is played by Steph Killer, and will only been forgiven after he is cornered into a violent sexual performance. The two young twinks were playing peacefully until a fight breaks out between them. There’s all of a sudden whipped cream everywhere, and the fight will be resolved with some deepthroat and a final facial cumshot. Julien called up a handyman, who he knows intimately, to come along to hang his pictures on the wall. Soon after Steph had arrived, the twink realised he had the hots for him and was thinking about the size of his dick. It’s what he wants, and he will get it! The young Camille, who decided to get himself beefed up a bit, is coached by his mate, Chris, a handsome virile man. During the workout, as he sweating more and more, the temperature is rising and the two athletes will soon start to kiss with power and passion. Camille consults the handsome doctor, Guillaume, to ensure that his penis piercing is not infected. But this is of course an excuse to get fucked on the examination table and he will not regret it.

Uniformed Twinks by Eye Candy

The uniforms don’t stay on long in this hot movie. These twinks may have been parading in their smart, sleek uniforms, but in the wink of an eye and a bulging crotch, the clothes are soon a heap on the floor and these boys are devouring each other with an insatiable hunger! And cover boy Kurt Maddox shows he’s the boy who’s brave enough to take on not one big, black cock – but two! His holes are plundered and stretched to the max and if the old saying is anything to go by – now he’s had black he ain’t going back!

Twink Seduction by Bareback Rookies

It’s sweet seduction at its best as these horned up twinks tease and tantalize each other from morning until night, and don’t rest until they’re covered in cum after a hard bareback fuck. Slowly stripping off the layers of clothing, they expose smooth bodies, tanned skin, defined abs and hard dicks that are ready and waiting to slide down wet throats and into hungry ass. This barely-legal-looking cast’s fresh faces and hot bodies prove there’s always a hot twink ready to be seduced! …