The Cutest Boys of the World

Hot As Fuck – Austin Wolf -amp; Skippy Baxter

Linebacker muscle-hunk Austin Wolf grips Skippy Baxter by the neck. Skippy surrenders himself completely and lets Austin know he’s there to be taken. As they make out, Austin uses his fingers for foreplay: a finger in Skippy’s hole, a thumb in his mouth. Both of their bodies display fur and ink, with plenty of muscle. Skippy is happy to provide the pleasure of a blow job, swallowing Austin’s shaft and squeezing his balls. Austin lays Skippy on a table and kneads, spreads, fingers and eats his tight, hairless hole. Nuts, then cock provide the next two courses. By now Skippy’s chest is heaving. He sucks the fingers that were in his ass. Fucking is the main course. Multiple positions afford each man the chance to take charge in the way that feels best. Sweat and cum provide the dessert, with Austin literally collapsing in exhaustion on top of his fuck buddy.

Liam Daniels -amp; Johnny B – Johnny B -amp; Liam Daniels

Liam Daniels may not be as tall or big as Johnny B but he is more dominant and once his cock got hard Johnny was all over it sucking every inch of that hard dick. Liam throat fucked him until he couldn’t take it no longer. Liam loves to take control and he does just that with Johnny’s sweet smooth ass. Once Johnny had enough of that cock in his mouth Liam bent his ass over the bed and slowly eased his throbbing dick into his tight hole balls deep. Johnny opened up quick and Liam could feel his hole take his cock. Liam was fucking that raw tight ass until he pulled his dick out and began stroking it over Johnny’s sexy ass. Johnny continued stroking his own cock until he blasted his load all over the sheets. Liam could hear Johnny and smell the cum which made him shoot his load all over Johnny’s ass.

Bareback Ranch – Ryan Rose -amp; Logan Cross

Hitchhiker Logan Cross is thumbing his way down the highway looking for more than just a ride. Lucky for him, built stud Ryan Rose happens along in his pick-up truck on his way home from work and picks Logan up at the side of the road. Proving the old trucker saying ‘There’s no such thing as a free ride — passengers better give up ass, gas or grass’ — Logan shows his gratitude by nosediving into Ryan’s lap right there in the truck while they’re driving. Ryan sees he’s got a live one on his hands and takes Logan to ‘Bareback Ranch’, where he pounds the living daylights out of the wandering stranger with his massive hard dick spraying a giant load on (and in) his ass.

Loaded: Give It To Me Raw! – Wade Wolfgar -amp; Jake Nicola -amp; Julian Grey

Vacation sex between lovers on a great big bed can be the best, and what better way to make a new friend than for beefy uncut muscle daddy Wade Wolfgar to offer up his eager-to-please playmate Jake Nicola’s obedient hole to their tall and horse-hung buddy Julian Gray? With a submissive gleam in his eye, a boyish face on a man’s body and a willing whimper, woofy bear cub Jake can take it like a champ and surrenders his eager raw ass, especially when Julian swaps out and Wade dominates him bareback, plowing Jake on his back and all fours. The huge grin on his mug speaks loads as Jake happily takes Wade to the hilt and deepthroats Julian. Soon it’s Julian’s turn to get impaled, and Jake rolls over to show off his impressive tool. Julian squats down and rides Jake hard, opening his own hole and priming it for Wade’s even bigger trade. Jake and Wade tag out once more with Julian on his back taking ’em on, until all three explode in a sweat-drenched, cum-dripping climax.

STORY: Tom & Dr. WolfCHAPTER 1: Little Guy, Big Package

The doctor daddy and his young partner stripped down, taking off their clothes while kissing and showing off their toned, lean bodies. As Tom pulled out Dr. Wolf’s cock, Dr. Wolf couldn’t get enough of the young man’s ass, seeing it pour out of his jock and into the palms of his hands.

He kissed him gently as he played with his hole, feeling his package grow harder as he thought about slipping his raw cock inside.

Tom took the big guy’s cock into his hand, feeling its warmth and size fill his grip before taking it into his mouth. He worked hard to take it down, gagging on it as he inched his way closer to his low-hanging balls.

He worshipped his shaft and wanted to feel it as deep inside as he could. With it good and wet, he turned around, cozying up to a giant teddy bear for support as Dr. Wolf pushed his meat past his tight sphincter!

The Doctor Is In..Me – Colby Tucker -amp; Argos Santini

Nurse Colby Tucker is working the overnight shift and it’s quiet on his floor. That is until the sexy janitor Argos Santini shows up. Both these hardworking men start to work really hard on each other’s bodies, taking advantage of the quiet hospital. In the examination room, they probe every inch of each other and soon Argos is ramming his 9 inch blue collar cock up Colby’s willing hole.

Lawrence & Dennis

Dennis sucks Lawrence’s cock, tugging at his low-hanging balls as he gags on the growing shaft. Lawrence stands tall, showing off his sexy body and expressive face as Dennis devours his meat and shows off why he has “hungry” tattooed on his lower lip!

Lawrence returns the favor, sucking on his partner’s knob before warming up his hole. Dennis gets on his back, slowly taking in his handsome lover before Lawrence pounds him full throttle! Dennis moans again and again as his prostate is worked over, bringing the two of them closer to climax with each thrust!

Derek & Jason BAREBACK

The lean, handsome stud is exactly what Jason loves in a young top; a hung cock, bubble butt, and a beautiful face. Jason salivates over his shaft as he services his manhood, feeling it grow in his mouth. He’s eager to get the stud hard and wet, desperate to feel him fuck his insides with his raw cock!

Derek may be new to the site, but he knows just what to do to get his bottom ready, spreading Jason’s ass cheeks apart to tongue him deep. Jason moans with each lap of the young jock’s mouth; melting into a pool of desire, ready to stirred up…

Jason gets on his back, holding his legs up as Derek mounts him and slides his big, raw member into his bottom’s tight hole. Jason strokes himself as he looks up his broad-chested top, thinking of his seed pouring into body, and filling him up with alpha stud DNA!

Brogan Reed & Ari Koyote in Atlanta

Brogan buries his face deep in Ari’s furry pussy, lapping at his clit as Brogan works his trans lover into a frenzy. Ari looks down at his handsome partner, watching with delight as he expertly gets his hole ready for a hot fuck.

Ari gets down on his knees, taking the muscle man’s meat into his mouth and feeling it swell up with each bob of his head. Brogan can’t keep his hands off Ari, affectionately caressing his face and neck. He’s eager to feel himself slide inside Ari’s body, horny to pump out his thick, creamy load!

When Ari lies down on their bed, he spreads his legs apart and opens himself up for his beefy top. Brogan makes himself right at home inside Ari’s pussy, thrusting deep and hard while flicking Ari’s hard clit. Evey moan Ari makes is a symphony of pleasure, inspiring Brogan to drill in even deeper!

Max & Emilio

Max loves getting his dick sucked. He can’t resist the feeling of a mouth on his shaft, working his load out slowly and sensually… But nothing gets him off quite like the thrill of some anonymous, outdoor fun! Emilio has never met Max before, but he’s eager to answer his ad for some public service.

Following Max’s orders, Emilio goes out by his pool, kneels down with a blindfold on, and waits for the lean stud to come by to fuck his face. When Max finds him, he’s rock hard and ready to use his mouth hard and rough.

Emilio loves being treated like nothing but a cocksucker, and the hung jock knows just how to give it! As their lusty energy builds, Max can’t resist taking the opportunity to fuck his hole as well, knowing that his submissive bottom will do anything he asks…

7 Minutes In Heaven – Colton Reece -amp; Dakota Payne

When a group of friends decides to play an adult version of ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’, Dakota Payne pulls Colton Reece’s name from the bowl of tops. Dakota is unsure if he’s really into the game, but Colton quickly convinces him he’ll enjoy it and takes him to the bedroom where the two of them strip down as Dakota drops to his knees. He can’t wait to get Colton’s girthy cock down his throat and eagerly sucks the stud until his thick dick is nice and hard. Colton returns the favor with a quick blowjob before bending Dakota over to open his ass with his tongue. When Colton senses that Dakota is ready for his dick, he slips inside the eager stud and pounds his ass hard and raw. Colton is relentless and doesn’t let up the pace as he keeps giving Dakota all he can handle. Dakota wants to look Colton in the eyes as he pounds his ass and flips onto his back to watch Colton fuck him bareback. Dakota’s hole feels amazing wrapped around Colton’s cock and soon, Colton can no longer hold back. Colton lets loose and shoots his load on Dakota’s used-up hole before taking a taste of his jizz and sharing it with the Dakota. Colton wants to see Dakota cum and fucks his jizz into the stud until he makes his buddy drop his load all over himself. The two studs share a kiss and collapse onto the bed after an amazing and liberating fuck.