The Cutest Boys of the World

On the cum back – Calvin Banks -amp; Michael Delray

Calvin Banks receives a few missed calls from cheating ex-boyfriend Michael Delray. He calls him back and asks him what he wants. Michael confesses that he fucked up and wants to take Calvin for dinner. Calvin accepts. Michael is sad and pathetic, Calvin sees how selfish his ex is but still decides to give him a good fucking after dinner! The two pound each other, sucking hard dicks, full of passion and resentment. Make up sex has never been better especially with no feelings attached on Calvin’s part that is, revenge is sweet!

Cazzo 20th Anniversary Part 3

We continue looking back at the Cazzo history. For the first time ever you can jerk off now history to the best scenes from 20 years of Cazzo.
A large part of the success story was always the city of Berlin. In many scenes, the German pigs are in the streets, backyards and forests of the city. Muscle men in front of the Reichstag, fucking buddies on the lake shore next to the Oberbaum Bridge and cruising on the Wannsee. In the ruins of an abandoned building a bald man fucks the innocence out of a blonde bastard. A Frenchman is pounded by two hungry dogs until the cunt glows. How about sweetening up the lunch break with a fat cock pushing in the mouth until spit come from the face. A Ukrainian gets fucked so hard and intense in a nightclub, that his warm asshole is wide open. Superstars Tim Kruger and Peto Coast push their killer cocks willing ass and mindless pussies make international tourists trip to Berlin extremely memorable.

Cazzo 20th Anniversary Part 2

We continue looking back at the history of Cazzo. For the first time ever you can jerk off to the best scenes from 20 years Cazzo.

Scenes filled with German police, craftsmen and doctors have inspired more than their fair share of Germanic lust among people.
Their fuck stories were colorful and cultural. Turks who jizz in the herb sauce at the Doner diner spray their charge; Cops who are on manhunt to fuck each other and the bastards they pursue. Petty criminals that deepthroat the huge cocks of a police officer to escape jail and re-education of young men to the piggy ways of fetish. At Hotel Cazzo, an innocent employee gets fucked by two guests until his wild fucked cunt hole is steaming. And last but not least a self-made fucking machine that expands their owner’s ass lips. It’s all in Part 2!

Cazzo 20th Anniversary Part 1

This January we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of CazzoClub.

The world of Cazzo began in 1996 when German pigs for the first time on film fell over each other here. For the first time ever you can jerk off now history to the best scenes from 20 years Cazzo.
Scenes crammed full of jizz-hot German men, their bulging cocks find starved mouth and tight pussies.
We start with the 90’s with Jens Hammer – the first Cazzo superstar was born. The wank fantasy of every German gay man was his naughty German charm, his murderous glory cock and his juicy ass. No matter whether he is abused in prison by the guard Thom Barron or whether is on a flatbed truck with his roommates, each individual scene takes you to the cum splattering conclusion. But there is still much more to discover. Watch punk and skinheads as the tough muscle types break fuck holes in a pool full of mud and as workshop types dilate asses with the toughest machines. Experience Berlin, the tourists in the Berlin u-Bahn deepthroating and types which are taken by rich companies.
Welcome to the beginning of Cazzo as yet anything was possible!

Hugh Hunter & Hans Berlin

It doesn’t have to always be in Germany. On a roof somewhere in New York sucks the tattooed Hugh Hunter on the German piston of Hans Berlin. Glory boy Hans shoves his cock deep in the throat until the hairy pig has drool running from the mouth of his beard.
Fearing that their animal moans will alert the neighbours, both retire eventually to Hans’s room. They are there for not even three seconds until the blonde short hair pig Hans is on the knee deepthroating Hugh.
Hans jumps on the bed and presents his white butt and pink pussy lips to the bearded bastard. Hugh tongue digs into the ass channel, he spits into the hole and lubricates it fully with spit. Now Hugh puts the blonde German’s cock in his mouth and tries hard swallow him. Out of gratitude, Hugh pulls apart his pussy and thrusts his fingers in the willing flesh to make it ready to fuck.
When he finally hammering with his juice monster in the ass the fuck that is celebrating a German-American Association is sealed with a fountain of sperm.

Men of Madrid – Gabriel Taurus -amp; Mario Domenech

Mario Domenech gets a message on his phone: ‘What are you up to?’ from Gabriel Taurus. ‘I’m looking for cock,’ replies Mario. It doesn’t take long for horny Mario to buzz up to Gabriel’s apartment, where they immediately head to the bedroom. Stripping off his shirt, Mario pulls down Gabriel’s bulging briefs and goes down on his throbbing cock. After coming up for a kiss, Mario then puts his ass in the air inviting Gabriel to have his way with his hole. Gabriel accepts the invitation, burying his face in Mario’s crack while he tweaks Mario’s nipples. They even achieve a standing 69-position, with Gabriel’s face in Mario’s ass, and Mario’s mouth wrapped around Gabriel’s cock. With Mario’s hole spit-lubed and ready, Gabriel mounts him and slides in his pulsing dick. Sweat glistens on their bodies as Gabriel delivers a vigorous pounding. Mario plants his face in the sheets as Gabriel’s fucking comes to a fever pitch. Suddenly, Mario rises up and launches his load, with Gabriel still inside of him. Positioning his face right underneath Gabriel’s cock, Mario opens his mouth and catches the huge load Gabriel jacks out.

About Last Night – Colt Rivers -amp; Sebastian Kross

Sebastian Kross, searching for the bathroom in the packed club, accidentally stumbles into the alley. Click: the door locks behind him. ‘Fuck!’ he exclaims–no chance of getting back in now. He pulls his dick out to piss in the alley when Colt Rivers leaves the club, heading for his car. Seeing Sebastian’s thick cock, Colt seizes the opportunity and extends an invite to hang out at his place. Sebastian accepts, and once inside, they waste no time getting down to business. Sebastian strips off his clothes, revealing ripped abs, his colorful chest tattoo, and his rock hard cock. Awed by the display of raw masculinity, Colt eagerly wraps his lips around Sebastian’s throbbing tool. But Sebastian wants more than fucking Colt’s face. As Colt rolls over on the bed, Sebastian pushes his face deep into the crack of Colt’s ass, using his tongue to spread slick saliva. When Colt is lubed and ready, Sebastian slides his dick into Colt’s tight hole and commences a fervent pounding. They move to a sit fuck, with Colt using his beefy legs to ride Sebastian’s rod. The rim of Colt’s ass stretches with each thrust as Sebastian keeps up his anal assault in missionary position. Colt grasps his cock and blows his wad across his chest with Sebastian still inside him. Then, Sebastian unleashes his own massive cumshot, which forms deep puddles on Colt’s abs. They rub their slick cocks together and then collapse side by side, reveling in the afterglow.

Clusterfuck! 2 – Billy Santoro -amp; Hunter Marx

Fur and muscle collide when Billy Santoro and Hunter Marx hook up in the warehouse. Their jock straps are so worn and crusty, you can almost smell ’em. Their abs are ridged, their nipples are hard, and rock-hard cocks emerge from the pouches of their jocks. Look close: Hunter has a finger or two in Billy’s hole. Those fingers make way for Hunter’s tongue, causing Billy to dip and sway and hold onto a step to stabilize himself. Now is a steady rocking pattern, he orders, ‘tongue fuck me; get it wet; lick my balls.’ By then, Hunter has such a steely erection that if he doesn’t stick it in Billy’s hole it’s going to burst. Billy wants to get fucked as hard and fast as Hunter is able, and he puts his muscular glutes to work to help. They’re so into it they work up a powerful sweat. Billy’s nuts pull up so tight in their sac, it won’t be long before he shoots. They lock tongues and grab their cocks. Hunter pipes his hot load straight into Billy’s mouth and licks it out again while Billy’s sprays across his abs.

Taking Down Durham

Rowan Hardcore Fucks Jacob Durham

Rowan Hardcore Fucks Jacob Durham

Rowan Adams is quiet around the house and does a good job of keeping to himself. So, it’s not surprise to me that Jacob Durham hasn’t really gotten to know him. But today they’ll have the chance to get know each other in another way. Only, there won’t be much talking.

They begin by making out and rubbing each other’s cock through their sweats. Rowan can’t help himself. He allows his hand to slip into Jacob’s pants so that he can get a good grip on his dick. Jacob kisses Rowan’s neck as Rowan continues to play with this cock. Jacob pushes the issue by ripping off Rowan’s shorts and immediately going down on him. He sucks Rowan’s cock feverishly. He even allows Rowan to fuck his mouth. Rowan loves the blowjob so much he rewards him with a rimjob.

Once Jacob’s ass is ready for Rowan’s cock as he bends over and feels the sensation of having his ass filled with cock. Rowan begins the fuck as if he hasn’t had some ass in a long time. His thrusts are rough and deep but Jacob’s beautiful muscle ass can take it! Rowan pushes Jacob into the bed as he pounds eventually wrapping his hand around Jacob’s throat! He uses Jacob’s ass like he owns it. These boys go at it! You’ll have to come inside to see how rough things get.

Rowan Hardcore Fucks Jacob Durham

A Boy’s Welcome

Mikah Fucks Chris

Mikah Fucks Chris

I feel like it was just yesterday that Chris Taylor was the new, awkward kid on the block. Now he’s been around for a bit and is ready to take on the role of teacher. His pupil today will be Mikah Lake who is nervous be seemingly eager to get started. Let’s get started.

They begin a few gentle kisses before taking off their clothes. Once Mikah is naked Chris goes down on him and feasts on his cock. He uses his tongue to get his shaft nice and wet before the boys switch positions, allowing Mikah to get his first on camera taste of dick.

Mikah has some skill for a “newbie”. He’s takes Chris cock deep down his down over and over. Chris moans as he watches his student work him over. Mikah slides Chris to the edge of the bed where he begins to fuck his throat. Satisfied with oral, Mikah bends Chris over before pushing his raw cock inside of him. Mikah doesn’t take it easy on his teacher. He goes in deep and bangs with with nice hard thrusts. Chris turns over onto his back and takes more of Mikah’s dick while he jacks his cock. Soon cum is unloading from the tip of Chris’ prick. Mikah pulls out and drains his cum all over Chris’s balls!

Mikah Fucks Chris

Aiden & Dylan BAREBACK in Birmingham

Aiden and Dylan are individually sexy as fuck. The sight of them together flip flop bareback fucking is enough to keep you cock hard longer than those lil blue pills. Dylan’s tongue is buried deep in Aiden’s hairy ass getting him so horny that he has him jump right on top of his big raw cock. But Aiden’s big bare dick want to slam some tight ass too so they swap. Each guy cums with such intensity that you’re gonna need a lie down just watching them! Our hottest scene to date@!

Troy Accola & Johnny V

Johnny V as a top is always sexy. Who wouldn’t want to be topped by a ripped, ginger bodybuilder? Troy Accola has been craving Johnny’s cock and, this time, he gets it. Johnny and Troy begin by swapping blow jobs and then Johnny devours Troy’s amazingly smooth ass before pounding the cum out of him and blowing his own load all over Troy’s ripped, tattooed chest and abs.

Bathhouse Ballers – Micah Brandt -amp; Sean Zevran

Micah Brandt sits down next to Sean Zevran in the sauna. Sean, eyes closed, glistens with sweat across his smooth, broad, muscular frame. Micah reaches over to grab a handful of Sean’s massive cock, and Sean returns the favor. Bending over, Micah wraps his lips around Sean’s throbbing meat and somehow manages to fit it inside his throat. As Micah stimulates the sensitive tip of Sean’s cock with his tongue, Sean reaches around to play with Micah’s ass. Sean’s huge nuts hang loose in the hot, humid air of the sauna. Standing up on the sauna’s second level, Micah feeds his rock hard cock to Sean, then spins around so that Sean can rim his ass. With Micah’s hole lubed and ready, Sean slides his cock in doggy style. Micah’s gorgeous ass ripples with every thrust. Sean’s eager to get fucked too, so he spreads his legs and enjoys a sloppy rim job from Micah. Rolling his body, Micah delivers powerful, sensual thrusting that makes Sean moan with pleasure. As drops of sweat drip across Micah’s huge chest, Sean strokes his cock until an explosion of hot, white semen splatters across his washboard abs. Ever the ass hound, Micah licks Sean’s hole while stroking himself, then stands up to deliver his thick load directly to Sean’s heavy nut sack. After using his cock to rub his load into Sean’s balls, Micah bends over to share another passionate kiss.

Fancy a Swim?

Introducing Robb Davis

Introducing Robb Davis

It’s a tale as old as time. Boy needs money. Boy comes to Broke Straight Boys. It works out for all of us; especially when the boy in need is as hot as Robb Davis. He’s got the classic skater boy look but it’s he’s swimmer’s body that draws my attention. If there’s an ounce of fat on his body I can’t find it. After taking off his shirt and jeans, Robb teases the camera by turning around and slowly taking off his briefs. Rob sits on the bed and begins to pull on his cock.

He employs a tight grip around his dick and his jacks off. Robb yanks on his thick member harder and faster, giving his bicep a good workout. He uses his own precum as lube so that he can continue pleasuring himself without stopping. The precum is all he needs because he soon lets out a massive load that paints his torso. I’m looking forward to seeing this hot boy on the receiving end of someone else’s massive load.

Introducing Robb Davis

The Best of Perverts

Love to fuck at home – well here it is crass and to the point: dirty, distant, fanciful.
Can feet and also eggplants into a man’s ass slide?
In addition we have mud fucking, fist gang bang, pumps, cream pies and a whole lot more of Cazzo’s wildest side.

Extraordinary scenes from Cazzo films. So, you’ve never seen sex such as this.


Levi Jackson Toy Play

Levi Jackson Toy Play

I would make a shitty personal trainer, but in this instance I would love to give Levi I hand. Levi has never bottom so today he will be using toys to help him get used to the feeling of being penetrated. Who wouldn’t want to help this lad out? He’s got three different size dildos to work with and when he takes off his boxers and lies back on the bed, he lubes up the smallest of the three and very slowly eases it into his hole.

He spends some time fucking his ass with the dildo while he strokes his own dick, moaning as his ass takes more and more of the toy.  When he’s feeling brave he grabs the next biggest dildo, and pushes it into his ass. This one takes a little longer for his ass to accept but it soon stretches to accommodate it. When he’s ready, he tries the last dildo and it’s a big one! If you’re wondering if he’s able to take it you’ll have to take a look for yourself! For now, I’ll just say that this boy ends up releasing on hell of a load.

Levi Jackson Toy Play

Ian Levine & Travis Stevens BAREBACK in Denver

For those of you who have been fans of JasonSparksLive for sometime you will be acutely aware of Travis Stevens and that he was discovered right here and went on to have a huge career porn career. Here we have one of his videos and the second one that Road Trip regular Ian Levine shot!

Travis is bottoming in this video – the versatile guy is always up for having his ass fucked and as we know Ian is more than willing to accommodate!

Enjoy this one!

Magnums – Sebastian Kross -amp; Pierre Fitch

Pierre Fitch and Sebastian Kross are covered in hot tatts. They aim to tease each other, fondling their cocks and caressing their muscles, showing off their junk and hot muscle buns. It’s a mutual jack-off at ten paces until Pierre crosses over to suck Sebastian. These guys are smooth and sleek, with rippling muscles and skin that glows. Sebastian pulls Pierre in for a kiss, licking the taste of his cock off Pierre’s lips. Pierre gets a slurpy blow job in return. Pierre’s bubble butt provides dessert, offering temptations for Sebastian’s tongue and a warm sheath for his cock. Sebastian slaps Pierre’s flanks while he fucks him doggy style, getting vocal encouragement from Pierre to pound him harder. A vertical flip, and Pierre is on his back, his legs spread so wide that Sebastian’s insistent cock leaves no millimeter behind. Pierre still screams to be fucked harder, Sebastian grabs him by the throat, and the sudden loss of oxygen triggers Pierre’s nuts to shoot their load. Sebastian palms Pierre’s balls and coats them in sperm.

Vadim’s Return

Vadim Black and Brandon Evans

Vadim Black and Brandon Evans

It’s been over a year since we’ve had Vadim in the studio. Him and Brandon have both made their rounds in the porn industry and but now they’re together on the BSB set. Let’s see how hot things get. The boys begin to kiss and grope, marveling at each other’s bodies. They get naked, revealing their flawless bodies. Damn! They’re both eager to get cock in their mouths so they opt to 69 and indulge.

After their oral session, Vadim spreads Brandon’s legs, pushing them over his head, and then slowly pushes his huge cock into Brandon’s sweet ass. He fucks Brandon deep and makes Vadim moan in pleasure. Vadim goes balls deep in Brandon’s tight ass, pounding him while Brandon jacks off. Vadim turns Brandon around and takes him from behind. He blasts his ass and Brandon’s ass jiggles and bounces in response. Brandon flips over and Vadim continues to slide in and out of his hole. Brandon takes as much dick as he can before blowing a load all over his chest! Vadim pulls and adds his own cum to the mess on Brandon’s chest!

Vadim Black and Brandon Evans

Flip’s Facial

Gage Owens Tops Flip

Gage Owens Tops Flip

Flip and Gage Owens don’t waste much time. After a very brief exchange, Gage leans back and gently pushes Flip’s head down to his crotch. Flip gets into his pants and finds his cock before taking it in his mouth and sucking it. Fip deep throats it enthusiastically until he begins to gag. They lose all of their clothes and make out while rubbing their cocks together. Gage decides to return the favor by kissing his way down to Flip’s cock and deepthroating it until he gags and then getting up on his knees and letting Gage have a taste of his meat next!  Gage goes down on Flip, taking that whole cock down his throat and then placing kisses across Flip’s abs and chest as he makes his way back up to Flip’s delicious mouth, making out while Gage rubs their cocks against each other. Gage kisses his way down to Flip’s cock. Once his journey is complete he’s rewarded by having his hot mouth fucked. The boys switch roles once more so that Flip can have one more taste of Gage’s cock. While Flip sucks his cock, Gage fingers his asshole. Gage’s then turns him around and gives Flip a nice, wet rimjob. Gage really know how to eat an ass. He buries his tongue deep and gets Gage’s entrance slippery.

Gage gets himself worked up by having his tongue deep in his hole. He’s ready to fuck. He slowly slides his raw meat in before fucking him deep. Flip moans loudly as he takes that fat dick, his sexy ass bouncing with each of Gage’s deep thrusts. Gage flips him over and takes him that way, Flip strokes his own dick.  You’ll have to come inside to see the sloppy cum filled finale!

Gage Owens Tops Flip


Rowan Adams Fucks Tanner Valentino

Rowan Adams Fucks Tanner Valentino

Everyone knows that Tanner is the house cook. But I doubt anyone realizes how much work it can be to cook for a house full of horny boys. Tanner’s is ready to relax and Rowan is going to help take a load off. They begin by kissing and feeling each other’s bodies. They slowly undress and Tanner is the first to find himself nude. Rowan gets to work sucking on Tanner’s cock, deep throating it. They then 69, each filling their mouth with a hard cock.

Done with oral, Tanner lays on his stomach and allows Rowan to fill his hole with cock. Rowan eases his way in and fucks him slowly at first before picking up the pace and drilling him deep. He smacks his ass as his plows his butt. Tanner’s ass bounces in response to the banging Rowan is delivering. He flips Tanner over spreads his legs far apart and fucks him hard. Tanner jacks his prick while enjoying the feeling of getting fucked.  Soon enough, Tanner is covering his chest and stomach with cum.  Rowan uses Tanner’s hot cum to jerk off with until he busts a nut too, spraying Tanner with his jizz. And now, it’s dinnertime!

Rowan Adams Fucks Tanner Valentino

Take it like a Bad Boy – Kory Houston -amp; Calvin Banks

Calvin Banks is livid about being betrayed by Kory Houston. He waits till Kory comes home and confronts Kory by telling he needs to be taught a lesson. He aggressively fucks the shit out of him! Showing him who and where he belongs! Banging his ass and making him suck his cock like he should be doing! Kory takes it like the bad boy he is and understands that no one can fuck him the way Calvin just did!

Bathhouse Ballers – Johnny V -amp; Woody Fox

With beads of sweat across their chests, things are heating up with Woody Fox and Johnny V in the sauna. Pulling the towel off his hairy, muscled body, Woody Fox reveals his enormous, throbbing boner. Eager to show himself off, ginger-haired muscle man Johnny V reveals his own enormous manhood as he leans over to swallow Woody’s cock.<br><br>As Woody’s cock massages the back of Johnny’s throat, Johnny’s cock starts leaking precum in a long, dangling strand. Eager to get a taste of that, Woody goes down and wraps his lips around Johnny’s cock while stroking himself. Thick spit lubes the shaft of Johnny’s thick cock as Woody sucks, and Woody uses some of that spit to lube up Johnny’s ass. Bending over, Johnny gives Woody full access for a slobbering rim job as even more precum drips out of Johnny’s cock. Sitting down on the bench, Woody invites Johnny to go for a ride on his cock, and Johnny uses his thick, muscular legs to raise and lower himself on Woody’s enormous dick. Switching to doggy style let’s Woody show off his athletic thrusting as Johnny’s hard meat swings through the air. As Woody fucks faster and faster, Johnny strokes his cock and shoots a massive, spurting load. Woody grabs his cock and blasts an enormous cumshot onto Johnny’s firm ass cheek. With their session complete, Johnny heads off to hit the showers as Woody catches his breath in the sauna.

Taking All He Can

Jacob Durham fucks Oliver Saxon

Jacob Durham fucks Oliver Saxon

Jacob Durham and Oliver Saxon are ready to fuck so they waste no time and get right to business. They exchange a few kisses before Jacob goes for Oliver’s cock. He sucks on it, devouring it’s sweetness. Jacob almost chokes it the fat dick before licking his balls. While he continues to suck Oliver’s dick he simultaneously fingers his hole. He also plays with his own hard cock getting it hard and ready to do some damage. Once both boys are ready, Jacob lifts one of Oliver’s legs and drives his cock deep inside the boys bowels. Jacob fucks him hard and deep! He knows Oliver can take it. He knows Oliver wants it.

Jacob pauses long enough to rim and eat Oliver’s beat up hole. Once he feels he’s shown enough mercy he invades Oliver’s once more and begins to pound him again. Oliver’s ass bounces off of him as he takes every deep thrust Jacob delivers. Jacob gives Oliver one more break when he decides to use his mouth. Oliver gives him head in order to Jacob closer to blowing his load. Oliver’s throat takes just as much abuse as his ass did. Jacob picks him up after fucking his throat to feast on his ass in midair. Jacob manhandles Oliver, forcing him down so that he can resume fucking his brains out. Like mercy from heaven, Jacob soon pulls out and glazes Oliver’s face with his jizz.

Jacob Durham fucks Oliver Saxon

JD Daniels & Gabriel D'Alessandro

Horny big dick Latin stud Gabriel D’Alessandro wants bigger and blacker things fucking him so we gave him ebony star JD Daniels! His 10 inches of black madness drills into Gabriel’s tight ass but he’s not complaining! We’re surprised Gabriel could hold in his cum as long as he did!

Fritz der Haarige & Rico Rothar

Bearded pigs can be found everywhere in Berlin. But Fritz der Harrige beats them all.
He accepts an invitation by rubber pig Rico Rothar to meet him in his apartment. The German Fritz has dressed in a black and yellow rubber Jersey and is welcomed by Rico who is kneeling before him – Fritz pushes his cock with relish in Rico’s face. Rothar in the Red Jersey swallows Fritz’s juice club wholly and is rewarded with a spit covered cock in his wide open mouth. Rico swallowing mouth moves swiftly but is still being slammed harder by his master, mercilessly attacking his neck cunt. But rest he will not. The punk screams out his lust, but Fritz has only just started and brings his slave on his knees.

After spanking his hairless ass with a sneaker and he finally shoves his bare cock into the steaming meat. Rico enjoys the very slow fucking movements and Fritz changes direction. He hits him on the butt and presses himself again more brutally in the asshole. While he pulls apart the plump cheeks, he slams him harder and clap of his balls against the cunt hole is heard.

Then Fritz shoves his hand in the ass lips without hint of punk knowing it. And as if that wasn’t enough he pushes his dirty cock with in the hole too. Rico’s cries wake finally the pig fully in Fritz. He fists alternately in the tormented rosette. The punk can’t believe it as the hairy German pig fists him with both hands the ass channel.
The hole squishes and pushes the big hands harder and deeper fuck until the Rosebud arches with full pride out of his ass. The thick sauce that Dick shoots from Fritz and defile the pussy lips again as he pushes into the pulsating flesh.

Young and Full of Cum

Introducing Mikah Lake

Introducing Mikah Lake

Mikah wasn’t exactly ready to go when he came into the studio. He’s a bit nervous, as all of our first timers are, but he’s also full of cum and ready to let a load out. Mikah hasn’t gotten off since the previous morning and for someone that jacks off a few times a day that a long wait. The crew talks him out of his clothes. Once he’s undressed I get a full view of his beautiful hairy body. He’s got a nice sized cock that only gets bigger as he strokes it. He doesn’t just play with his cock, he movies his hand over his balls and down to his ass, sliding a finger in his hole and fingering his rectum. He kneels on the bed and takes his dick in his hand, jerking it and focusing on the sensitive tip as he masturbates.  The closer he gets to cumming, the more he focuses on his cock. He jerks harder and faster until he shoots his load and nuts all over himself. He tastes it a bids us adieu.

Introducing Mikah Lake

Mason Lear & Caleb Nash BAREBACK in Orlando

Today’s update is what happens when the boy next door is fucking the boy you wish lived next door! Our latest Nationwide Model Search find is blonde Caleb Nash who may look all sweet and innocent but he’s got a real dirty side and loves getting fucked!

Of course you know the deliciously lightly furred Road Trip regular Mason Lear and together these two deliver a lust-worthy bareback fuck session. Caleb has some serious cock sucking skills and Mason lies back and enjoys every ball sucking, shaft juicing moment. Caleb then jumps right on top of Mason Lear’s cock – he perfect butt framed by a black jockstrap.

Mason bare fucks that sweet boy’s ass until he can stand it no more and blows a huge load over his tight pale buns.

Tahoe – Cozy Up – Andrew Stark -amp; Ricky Decker

Andrew Stark claims that a midnight tryst in the kitchen will cure Ricky Decker’s insomnia. Ricky’s dubious, but when Andrew pulls out a hard, fat cock, Ricky figures it’s better than a glass of warm milk and he agrees to ‘give it a shot.’ He kneels and sucks Andrew’s veiny member with long swallows, stroking the shaft and squeezing his nuts. Ricky has an olive complexion, hairy legs and a toned, V-shaped torso. The granite countertop makes a chilly bed, but sexual heat quickly warms it. Laying back, Ricky spreads his legs to give Andrew access to his hairy hole. Andrew finally shucks his clothes. His muscular body is smooth and his cock is raging. Ricky’s ass is ready to be fucked and Andrew drives his cock in letting Ricky experience all 8 thick inches. Andrew flips Ricky over so he can watch him cum. Ricky’s jism overflows his navel and dribbles down his flanks as Andrew pulls his cock out and is shaken by an orgasm that makes him tremble from head to toe.

Bathhouse Ballers – Austin Wolf -amp; Scott Riley

A white towel barely covers Austin Wolf’s throbbing manhood as he stretches out in the sauna. His hairy, muscled body is on full display as cut, lean hunk Scott Riley sits down on the bench across the room. Sensing Scott’s presence, Austin’s hand grazes past his nipples on their way down to his crotch, adjusting his boner underneath the towel. Scott begins playing with his cock as Austin’s towel falls off completely and his thick cock swings through the air. Standing up, Austin gives Scott a full-on look before wrapping himself in a towel and heading to the communal shower. Austin stands under the warm running water and strokes himself as Scott rounds the corner. Scott and Austin’s boners are both at full attention as they stand across from each other, flexing their muscles. Turning around, Scott shows off his ass to Austin, who gazes at Scott’s round, firm butt with anticipation. Reaching over, Austin grabs Scott by the balls and pulls him close. Standing together under the water, they finally kiss. Scott tongues at Austin’s nipples, and Austin uses his fingers to probe Austin’s ass. Sinking to his knees, Scott opens his jaws and inhales Austin’s massive man meat. Austin grabs his nipples to enhance his pleasure as he throat-fucks Scott’s handsome, scruffy face. Bending over a changing bench, Scott spreads his cheeks for Austin to explore with his tongue. With Scott’s ass lubed up, Austin uses his thumb to probe Scott’s hole, then slides his thick cock in. To fully dominate Scott, Austin positions him with his face on the floor and his ass in the air for a pile-driving fuck. Moving back to the bench, Scott lays on his back and jerks out a thick, white load. Austin strokes himself until he shoots his wad in Scott’s mouth.

Chandler Mason & Brogan Reed BAREBACK in Indianapolis

We have so many hot guys this month – and our latest find Chandler Mason is not exception. He’s a jock and a singer / dancer – has great ball skills (on the soccer field) that he loves to put to work in bed AND has appeared on American Idol.

He’s here with our resident muscled hottie Brogan Reed and together the two of them deliver a sizzling scene that will have you hard as Brogan’s pecs. Chandler does an outstanding job at deepthroating Brogan’s cock – Brogan then face fucks the horny newcomer.

Flipping him over Brogan rims Chandler’s hole (did I mention this guy lost his virginity in a public restroom!). It’s then time for Chandler to get fucked and Brogan knows just how to satisfy him. Watching that gorgeous muscled torso as he barebacks your hole would be enough to make anyone blow and Chandler soon blows his load all over his tight abs.

Sidewinder – Sean Zevran -amp; Sebastian Kross

To escape the heat and have some time to themselves, sexy Sean Zevran and Sebastian Kross race back up to the house. The studs hightail it to the bedroom and rip their clothes off. Sean flops onto the bed and Sebastian lunges for his cock, which is already hard and pointed at the ceiling. They take turns blowing each other with breaks in between that are filled with kisses that allow each stud to savor the taste of his own cock on the other’s lips. The two then explore each other’s holes and perfectly ripped bodies with their tongues. Sebastian feeds his cock to Sean and eats Sean’s willing hole at the same time. Feeding off the intensity, Sebastian pile-drives his rigid shaft deep into Sean’s hungry ass, then Sean turns into a take-charge bottom. Sean exercises every muscle in his smooth physique to charm Sebastian’s snake, moving his hips in every direction imaginable. Sebastian pounds the load right out of Sean’s cock and onto his gleaming abs leaving Sebastian to launch his cum across Sean’s face and mouth.

Switch It Up

Raw Fucking with Issac and Shawn

Raw Fucking with Issac and Shawn

When we find Shawn Andrews and Issac Lin, they’re already kissing and half undressed. It’s not too long before Shawn takes of his pants and Issac is goes down on him sucking that big cock. Issac suck on it like he’s trying to savor the sweet and salty taste. Shawn returns the favor. He licks his shaft and balls as Issac moans, enjoying the work that Shawn is putting forth.  Issac gets another good taste of Shawn’s hard cock when its forced into his mouth and he’s skull fucked. Afterwards, Shawn lowers sweet ass onto Lin’s cock. Lin lets him ride and Shawn does show like a whore in heat.

Shawn’s rides him for a while before his ass needs a break. They make out for a minute before Issac turns over onto his stomach, allowing Shawn to rim his ass before. Shawn slides his long dick inside of Issac and begins to fuck his tight little ass raw. He pounds and beats that boy pussy with not mercy. Lin’s ass bounces with each thrust Shawn delivers.  These boys go at it for a while, giving each other their best. You’ll need to come inside to see how these two get each other off!

Raw Fucking with Issac and Shawn

A Quickie with Flip

Rowan Adams Sucks and Fucks Flip

Rowan Adams Sucks and Fucks Flip

Rowan Adams likes to sext with his wife to get ready for his scene. And Flip; well Flip likes to “smack” his dick around to get himself ready to go. I’m sure both of their methods work because when it’s time to get busy they waste not time. They make out before tossing their clothes to the side. When Rowan’s cock makes an appearance it is only free for a minute before Flip takes it in his mouth and blows him. Flip hasn’t been sucking cock for long but that doesn’t seem to manner. He does his best to get almost all of it in his mouth. They switch giving Rowan a chance to give Flip some head. He works it over with his mouth and tongue. He has a taste for something more so he flips him over and rims his sweet tight hole.

Ready to fuck, he lubes up Flip’s hole and pushes his long cock inside. Flip moans as he takes Rowan’s curved dick. He can’t quite arch his back at first as he has to adjust to feeling every inch that curved cock in his ass.  Rowan pulls Flip to the end of the bed and fucks him raw and hard, making Flip’s supple ass bounce. My Lord what a sight! Rowan thrusts his prick into him repeatedly while Flip jerks his own hard cock feverishly.  Flip’s hard work pays off when he shoots his load all over the bed. Rowan pulls out and cums across Flip’s muscle ass!

Rowan Adams Sucks and Fucks Flip

Not Ready to Leave

Jared Marzdon dominates Kaden

Jared Marzdon dominates Kaden

Jared Marzdon and Kaden Porter have some sexy chemistry going on between them. Jared goes in for a kiss and Kaden meets him halfway. The boys kiss like true lovers, embracing for what seems likes minutes before even thinking about undressing. Kaden makes a feast of Jared’s chest once they’ve lost their shirts. Jared is the first to loosen his pants and he’s rewarded when Kaden gets a mouth full of Jared’s dick. He sucks Jared’s cock while hanging halfway off of the bed. They 69 next; allowing Jared to blow Kaden and allowing Kaden to eat Jared’s hot ass. They swap positions so that Kaden’s on top getting his ass rimmed by Jared.

Kaden, with his ass nice and wet, straddles Jared’s bareback dick and rides him with vigor. Jared moans repeatedly while his dick is taken as advantage of. They only take a brief break to make out before Jared lays on Kaden on his stomach and continues to pound his bubble ass. Jared then pulls Kaden to the edge of the bed and takes him.  Soon Kaden is blowing a hot milky load all over himself. No sperm batter is complete without two different sets of DNA so Kaden pulls out and adds his to the mix! Before it has a chance to dry, Jared decides to taste it. I wish could have a sample.

Jared Marzdon dominates Kaden

Bathhouse Ballers – Micah Brandt -amp; Brendan Phillips

Brendan Phillips hits the communal bathhouse showers to get cleaned up. Micah Brandt is already there, stroking himself under the water. Turning around, Brendan shows Micah a flash of his tight, pink asshole. With a devilish grin, Micah pulls Brendan close for a deep, passionate kiss. Getting down on his knees, Brendan gets a throat full of Micah’s hard, thick cock. Bending over a bench, Brendan shows off his tasty ass to Micah, who dives in tongue first for a spit-fueled rim job. Putting his legs in the air, Brendan strokes his cock as Micah eats his ass, depositing plenty of thick spit. Sliding his cock into Brendan’s ass, Micah delivers a pounding fuck that stretches Brendan’s hole. Doggy style gives Micah even more power to his intense thrusting. With Brendan’s tight ass on his cock, Micah goes over the edge and shoots a huge load onto Brendan’s ass cheeks. Micah uses his cock to smear his load around on Brendan’s ass, then kneels down to get a taste of Brendan’s load. Micah’s finger in his ass, Brendan lets loose with his hot, white load, which Micah laps up eagerly. Running his tongue along Brendan’s body, Micah works his way upwards until their lips meet and they taste Brendan’s cum together.

The Late Arrival

Gage Owens fucks Oliver Saxon

Gage Owens fucks Oliver Saxon

We all hate when a hookup is running late. You start to wonder if they’re actually going to make it, if you’ve been stood up, and if your hand will have to do a little work. Those were probably the thoughts going through Oliver’s head right before Oliver finally walks through the door. Oliver doesn’t waste any time when he does. The boys get right to business by making out and loosing their clothes. Unfortunately, Oliver is forced to wait a bit longer because Gage needs to take a shower. When Gage exits the bathroom, he finds Oliver passed out on the bed. Gage uses his tongue, inserting in between Oliver’s ass cheeks, to wake him up. When the tongue doesn’t work, he puts his cock in his ass instead. He fucks Oliver in reverse for a few minutes before Gage finally rouses.

Oliver props his ass up so that Gage can continue to fuck him raw.  Gage turns around but never lets his dick leave Oliver’s hole. This is when scene turns from just fuckign to something more passionate. Gage strokes Oliver’s butt slowly and deeply while taking his time to kiss him in between thrusts. Oliver climbs on top and rides Gage’s dick showing him that he can’t get enough. They try another position on the floor with Oliver on his back. Soon enough Oliver blows a huge lad, eventually cumming on his face. Not wanting to be left out, Oliver cums on Oliver’s face too!

Gage Owens fucks Oliver Saxon