The Cutest Boys of the World

Pitching Tents – Ryan Rose -amp; Casey Everett

Underneath the tall redwoods, Casey Everett is struggling to pitch his camping tent. Ryan Rose watches his struggle with amusement, which Casey finds very irritating. ‘You think this is funny?’ Ryan walks over to lend a hand, but before they can finish, Casey gets distracted by the tent Ryan is pitching in his shorts. Moving into the shade of the redwoods, Casey leans down and gets a mouth full of Ryan’s hard cock. With deep, wet gulps, Casey uses his saliva to slick up Ryan’s cock and deliver an intense blow job. Ryan moves to investigate Casey’s firm ass, lubing his hole with spit and slipping a finger inside. Ryan follows that up with his tongue, munching on Casey’s tight ass until Casey is eager to get fucked. Ryan pounds his cock into Casey’s hole and fucks him with athletic vigor, making sure he feels every thrust. Ryan’s ripped body pulses rhythmically as he delivers his dick to Casey’s tight ass. Rolling on his back, with Casey riding his dick, Ryan thrusts up from below. Casey turns around for reverse cowboy, his cock whipping back and forth as he fucks himself on Ryan’s meat. Ryan picks Casey up and sets him on a picnic table, the perfect height for full-throttle fucking. With Ryan inside him, Casey strokes his cock until his hot, white load sprays across his stomach. Ryan grabs his cock and bust his nut, delivering his thick semen right on to Casey’s cock and balls. As the sun starts to set, they share a passionate kiss in the beautiful scenery.

O.F.D. Obsessive Fisting Disorder, 2 – Preston Johnson -amp; Brandon Moore

Brandon Moore is bent over on all fours on the bench in the locker room, and Preston Johnson approaches with his gloves on and his lube ready. Stretching Brandon’s crack, Preston buries his fist in Brandon’s manhole. Brandon submits to Preston’s fist, raising and lowering himself on Preston’s hand. Preston’s bicep flexes as Brandon’s butt stretches and flexes. Flipping on his back, Brandon puts his right leg over Preston’s shoulder. His facial expressions show how much he loves feeling Preston’s thick hands deep in his hole. Lying head to toe on a floor mat, Brandon and Preston 69-fist each other, each with their right hand in the other’s guts. Preston pushes out his rosebud and his eyes roll back in his head as his pleasure climaxes. With Brandon’s fist in his ass, Preston jerks out a big white load that mixes with their thick, sticky lube.

Hole Busters 10 – Alex Andrews -amp; Marcus Ruhl

Alex Andrews can’t wait for Marcus Ruhl to get the hole-busting action started. He grabs a huge dildo and works it deep into his own ass until his big muscular top-man shows up. Marcus grabs the dildo by the handle and forces it into Alex’s hole to the base then pulls it out and slams it back in. The sight of Alex’s pulsating hole makes Marcus’ dick hard so he begins to jack off while he pushes a different toy up Alex’s ass. Alex gets on all fours to open his hole as wide as possible; he wants to be fucked harder. After some serious pounding, Alex pulls out his own huge thick cock and jacks a load all over his chest and stomach.

In The Closet – Billy Santoro -amp; Michael Delray

Billy Santoro sits at his desk writing. He is attentively typing away as Michael Del Ray sneaks into the room, startling him. Billy tells Michael about the call from his old married boyfriend. Distressed, Michel demands to know what it means for them. Getting it off his chest, Billy tells him he has nothing to worry about. But, in a fit of jealousy Michael threatens him not to play with his emotions<br><br>This moment of passion ignites a fire between them and they kiss. Billy slides his shirt up over his torso, and helps Michael with his own. Billy pulls him in closer, and sits him down in the leather office chair before licking his nipples, tenderly. Michael pulls down his shorts, presenting Billy his stiff cock, which Billy takes into his mouth. Flipping him onto the chair, Michael pulls and positions Billy’s thick round ass before plunging his face into it, rimming him deeply. Billy moans in pleasure as he’s eaten out by Michael.<br><br>Climbing up over his man, Michael kisses him as he pushes his cock into Billy, fucking him slowly. Ending on the floor, Michael pounds his ass from below, his stiff cock plunging in and out. Billy rides it for a moment before Michael takes control again. Thrusting into the muscled bottom he can’t keep it in any longer before pulling out and cumming to Billy’s hairy stomach. Billy follows soon behind, shooting ropes of white cum onto his own fur.

Internal Specialists – Adam Bryant -amp; Jacob Peterson

As the doctor leaves for the day, he sternly instructs his assistants Adam Bryant and Jacob Peterson to clean up the examination rooms and get the office ready for tomorrow. When the door closes behind the doctor, Adam and Jacob look at each other mischievously. They know they’ll be reprimanded if they don’t do their job, but the temptation of the empty office is too much to resist. Without a word, they make their decision: screw work! They want to fuck! Slamming their faces together, they kiss passionately while stripping off their scrubs. Jacob inhales Adam’s fat cock all the way down to the base. Adam slaps Jacob’s ass and shoves his tongue deep into Jacob’s crack. With his boner throbbing, Adam gets Jacob spit-lubed and ready for an internal examination. Sliding his dick into Jacob’s tight hole, Adam commences an intense doggy style pounding. Bracing himself against the wall, Jacob savors every second that Adam’s cock is inside him, stretching out his hole and massaging his prostate. Adam lies flat on the exam table and Jacob jumps up to go on a ride. Grinding his hips, Jacob uses his ass to milk Adam’s cock while jerking himself off. Jacob’s hot, white load gushes from his uncut cock while Adam is still inside him. Dismounting from Adam’s cock, Jacob sucks on Adam’s balls, watching intently as Adam’s cock swells and throbs. With giant spurts, Adam shoots his load onto his chest, and Jacob laps it up, savoring the taste on his tongue. Damn the consequences; it was worth it!


Joshie likes to play with himself and has brought along a bag of toys to show the class. He’s got all manner of things in his bag – his favourite toy is a sounding rod which he slides into his dick as he jerks himself to a satisfying cumclusion.

Wild Weekend Part 1 – Paul Canon -amp; Dustin Holloway

Dustin Holloway and Paul Cannon have been making eyes at each other all weekend, but so far they haven’t acted on it. As they strip down to their white briefs and step into the hot tub, they trade a knowing glance. Their feet touch at the bottom of the spa, and their cocks swell in their wet briefs. Paul, with his dirty-blond hair slicked back, leans in and locks lips with dark-haired Dustin. Pulling down Paul’s briefs, Dustin unleashes Paul’s rock-hard cock and deepthroats the entire shaft. Relaxing into the depths of the hot tub, Paul enjoys an underwater blowjob as Dustin relentlessly services Paul’s throbbing meat. Dustin, emerging from the water, spreads his ass for a thorough rimming. Rising up, Paul rubs his cock in the groove of Dustin’s perfect ass, and Dustin is eager to take things to the next level. Exiting the tub, Paul lies down on an outdoor lounge chair and Dustin straddles him. Lowering himself down, Dustin sits on Paul’s cock and goes for a wild ride. Paul’s huge balls, hanging low in the summer heat, rise and fall as his body throbs with sexual excitement. Flipping to missionary position, Paul grabs Dustin’s cock while simultaneously fucking his hole, and the sensation brings Dustin to climax, drenching his stomach in puddles of semen. Paul then fires off rope after rope of cum, shooting all the way up to Dustin’s shoulders in a spectacular orgasm.

Sit Ups, Fuck Downs

Jared Marzdon Fucks Oliver Saxon

Jared Marzdon Fucks Oliver Saxon

We find Jared Marzdon getting in some sit ups, getting that stomach of his even tighter. Helping him out is none other than Oliver Saxon. It’s hard to distract a guy from his workout routine but Oliver is just the devil to distract Jared. Oliver seduces him and the boys begin making out!  Jared kisses Oliver all over, making his way down to Oliver’s big cock. He takes it in his mouth and sucks it until it’s brick hard. Jared loses his pants, giving Oliver the access he needs to return the favor. Oliver takes his time as he gets a taste of Jared’s cock. He lets his lips run up and down his shaft and deep throats his dick.

When Jared’s cock is hard and ready to be mounted, Oliver does just that. He slides right on it and rides him raw. Jared soon takes control and fucks Owen standing up. Jared slams his torso over and over into Oliver, making his ass bounce in response. They climb on the bed and Jared covers Oliver with the weight of his body, pounding Oliver with his rock hard cock, going deep and fast as Oliver takes that dick like a pro. Jared flips Oliver over and bends his legs up, getting him in a position that lets him get deep inside that ass and fucking him raw until Oliver cums, then pulls out and shoots his own load all over Oliver!

Jared Marzdon Fucks Oliver Saxon

Gavin Elliott & Colton Burke in Birmingham

Gavin Elliott is all the way from West Virginia and when asked why porn he says why not? Why not indeed – we all watch it – we all secretly want to be in it and he’s living out his fantasy here for you. He’s a dancer so you know he’s got some moves!

When Gavin and Colton met their cocks were immediately rock hard and sometimes the sexual tension is soooo strong that well – well they didn’t even get around to fucking! The blow jobs were that hot that they both came!

It’s still a hot scene and these are two hot guys so enjoy it!

Another BSB Bromance

Rowan Adams Fucks Kaden Porter Raw

Rowan Adams Fucks Kaden Porter Raw

Straight guys bonding…it’s nauseating but necessary in this line of work. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with a bromance especially when it leads to some hot fucking. And luckily for you, that’s exactly what Rowan Adams and Kaden Porter are here to serve up today. The boys get started with some kissing and groping. Kaden slowly but surely makes his way down to Rowan’s cock and begins to play with it through his boxers. Then he decides to get serious, he pulls his cock out of his boxers, and then works it over with his mouth. As he blows him he plays with his balls, making Rowan moan in approval. Rowan returns the favor and gives Kaden some excellent head before turning him over and eating his ass.

With his ass nice and wet, Kaden slides it right on Rowan’s hard cock. His tight hole swallows Rowan’s cock as he bounce up and down on it. Kaden rides him hard, making the bed shake. Kaden gives Rowan as much as he can handle until he flips him on his back and completely takes over. He pounds him over and over with little mercy. Cum inside to see just how far these two go and which one of them ends up covered in sticky man jizz.

Rowan Adams Fucks Kaden Porter Raw

Welcome Back Tanner

Tanner Valentino And Ronan Kennedy

Tanner Valentino And Ronan Kennedy

Tanner Valentino has been MIA for a little while and I’m so happy to see him in the studio. I’m sure Ronan Kennedy is happy to see him as well and can’t wait to play with him. They waste barely any time before making out, kissing deeply. Ronan heats things up by reaching for Tanner’s cock and pulling it from his boxers. He’s angered the beast and the only way to calm it is to get it wet and warm. Tanner goes down on him and finds a way to fit most of it in his mouth. Ronan returns the favor thereafter, showing off his deep throating skills.

Ready to fuck, Ronan bends Tanner over the bed, straps up, and slowly slides his cock into Tanner’s ass. He starts fucking him nice and slow, allowing Tanner’s ass to get used to the massive monster invading his hole.  Ronan doesn’t keep the pace slow for long, he soon begins to pound Tanner’s ass, making it bounce in the process. Tanner flips over and spreads his legs, letting Ronan destroy his ass while he jacks his dickTanner goes hard until he pounds the cum out of Ronan and then pulls out and jerks his own dick until he busts a huge nut!

Rowan Adams and Kaden Porter have been getting to know each other while spending time at the house together, and this scene is about to bring them even closer!  They get things heated up with some intimate kisses, losing their clothes along the way as they make out and Kaden works his way down to Rowan’s cock, licking and sucking it through his boxers.

Tanner Valentino And Ronan Kennedy

Shawn Andrews & Johnny V

The incredibly sexy, smooth ass of Shawn Andrews has returned and this time Johnny V gets a turn. The two start out with locked lips and quickly get down to business sucking cock and eating ass. Johnny barely comes up for air before he has his cock entering Shawn’s silky smooth hole. Fucking Shawn on the bed, Johnny then forces him against the window and fucks him until
Johnny blows a rich, creamy load all over Shawn. Shawn then rides Johnny until his explodes his cum, too.

Whats At Stake

Ryann Rucker has found himself a new play toy, this time in the middle of an abandoned public park in broad daylight. Bound to the ground this captive is made endure sadistic practices of Ryann’s game of fetish.

Fistpack 27 – Junkyard Fist Pigs – Andre Barclay -amp; Ryan Patrick

Another switch hit scene with RSS exclusive superbottom Ryan Patrick! That red head knows how to take a fist! This is a scene between fisting experts, and the skill and talent displayed–as well as the sheer love of ass play, makes this into a show-stopper scene that you will play over and over again. Watch as Ryans open hole gapes wide, winking for more! It drives Andre nuts and it will make you crazy!

Butt Out – Aaron Tanner

Aaron Tanner undresses and notices the locker below his has been left open. Inside he finds a giant tub of lube and several long, fat dildos. Tanner seizes the opportunity and rides the giant latex cocks like a pro. He shoots his load and passes out, only to wake up with a ‘mystery fist’ up his ass. The unknown anal intruder pushes deeper and deeper until Tanner blows another load!

Warming up – Brandon Wilde -amp; Roman Todd

Brandon Wilde & Roman Todd accidently find themselves locked in the storage room together. They are stuck inside till the weekend janitor comes in the next morning. Brandon complains to Roman that he is freezing cold! The two snuggle up together to keep warm. It isn’t long before they find themselves feeling each other up, then finding themselves engaging in the wildest dirtiest boy on boy fucking! Banging each other assholes, and intensely sucking each other cocks! Ending with cum bursting climaxes!

He’s a Bulldozer

Introducing Jared Durham

Introducing Jared Durham

This is the way to meet a new guy, shirtless with a sexy smirk on his face. Right off the bat, Jared is a sight to behold. He’s a hunk with a huge chest and matching arms. The guy finds a way to consume over 40 ounces of protein a day and it shows! Jared wanted to put on some muscle in order to make his body look more proportionate. When he drops his pants it becomes apparent that he’s going to need to put on more muscle! Jared has a thick cock that needs all the support it can get. And it only gets bigger when he begins to rub and stroke it.

He pleasures himself by playing with his balls and chest. As he works his muscles ripple and suddenly I don’t know what I’d rather be looking at, his dick or the rest of that sweet body. Jared soon gives me my answer: neither. He gets on all fours and my attention is place squarely on his tight little hole. This boy is a smorgasbord of sexy deliciousness just begging to be devoured by our models. I can’t wait to see him paired up with someone.

Introducing Jared Durham

Jett & Jackson Part 2

We discovered last week that it had been a while since Jett has cum. Lucky for Jackson all that pent up sexual frustration makes this a hot encounter between these two sexy guys.

They start with stripping each other naked and Jett can already feel how big Jackson’s cock is. He wraps his soft lips around it and watches it grow bigger and fatter as he sucks and licks it. Then Jackson puts his legendary sucking skills to work and from the groans of pleasure we hear emanating from Jett you can believe the hype!

Jett’s so hard that he takes the top position – and by the look on Jackson’s face he doesn’t bottom that often and man it hurts … so good. Jett’s got a lot of fucking to do and pounds Jackson’s fine ebony ass.

After some impressive pretzel like fuck position the two start jerking themselves and Jett can hold it in no longer – thar he blows and what a cum shot it is! As Jackson predicts you’re going to be rewatching that gusher again and again and again!

Tex Davidson & Alberto Esposito

A normal morning in Berlin shortly before the Hustlaball.
The racy Spaniard Alberto Esposito sits with his buddies at breakfast. Instead of worrying about the food he has already an eye on the American sitting next to him, TeX Davidson. Superhunk TeX reacts immediately and frees his juice filled cock out of its pants jail. Irrespective of the rest of the group Alberto is on his knees and blowing the stick hard. The Spaniard pushes the cock into his mouth. TeX is the perfect macho who pushes his cock deep and smacks him hard in the face with his meaty beast. Deeper and harder he pushes the cock til Alberto is gagging on TeX’s shaft.
They leave the room and TeX grabs Alberto’s head shoving it deeper down his throat. Alberto yells “It’s Big” TeX giant hand finally shoves his bare cock in his pink ass lips. Then with great skill he fists the ass of his kneeling stud. The asshole is worked hard in order to absorb the giant fist.

TeX now broadens his dominance even further. With a leather whip, he brutally beats his victims on the chest and back and forces him to say thank you. Alberto is greedy with every stroke.

TeX now makes the Spaniard go now to the ground, his legs above the head as he shoves his cock back in his mouth. Again he digs his tattooed hand between Alberto’s glowing meat lips and pushing his rosette. The other buddies watch in a circle around them jerking off as the Rosebud from the Spanish ass moves. To the final, the buddies spray their jizz sauce on the bulging open ass entrance while TeX’s mighty hand continues to work spit in the hole.

At the conclusion Alberto lies on the couch and is ready to finally go to the Hustlaball.

Logan Cage & Joshua James BAREBACK in Houston

Logan Cage is our hot new porn star all the way from Austin, Texas. He’s got a great locker room story and Joshua is pretty stoked about being paired with this hot Texan! Joshua is looking fine himself with his glasses on – something sooo sexy about a man with tattoos and glasses!

Joshua deep throats Logan’s big dick and tries his best to get every inch down his throat. Logan’s cock is good and hard now and it’s his turn to blow Joshua.

But Joshua wants that big raw dick deep in his ass and jumps on top of Logan and bounces up and down on his dick. Logan’s got a great body and watching the two of them bare fuck is pure joy.

Opposites Attract

Chaz Berling Fucks Chris Taylor Raw

Chaz Berling Fucks Chris Taylor Raw

Chaz and Chris, a pair of opposites in almost every way. Chaz is the loud and rambunctious one and Chris is the quiet introvert. But none of that really matters in a bed, does it? If it does, these two wouldn’t care. They get things started by making out, kissing deeply and groping each other. Once their undressed, the Chris goes down on Chaz and begins to blow him. He takes the cock as deep as his throat will allow, much to Chaz’s delight. Chaz moans as Chris works over his thick cock with ease. Rock hard, Chaz returns the favor and sucks Chris until he’s just as hard and ready to fuck.

Chaz bends Chris over and begins to finger his hole in order to loosen it and prep it for what’s to come. Once it’s ready, Chaz slowly pushes his raw dick into Chris’s ass and begins to pound him. He spanks him as he fucks him with no mercy. Chris bites the pillow as he braces himself for each thrust Chaz delivers. Once turned onto his back, Chaz plays with his cock as Chaz continues to ream him. These boys can’t get enough of each other, and you won’t get enough of them. Pop in and see how these two get along.

Chaz Berling Fucks Chris Taylor Raw

Rex Rogers

This week is the debut of the newcomer, Rex Rogers. He is ripped, horny, and ready to blow for you. We see Rex in the bathroom showing off in front of the mirror and feeling his sexy, ripped body. He starts to turn himself on so he whips his cock out and starts to stroke it. As he blows his powerful load all over, we can see how good it feels through his entire body. Rex then showers off and rubs his ripped muscles with the soapy water.

Bound by Lust

Damien Rage is bound by lust! His new buddies want to satisfy their fetish for helpless sexy boys.After a night of heavy drinking Damien finds himself in the most uncompromising position, bound to a light pole in a vacant park, He is more than freaked out…

O.F.D. Obsessive Fisting Disorder, 2 – Preston Johnson -amp; Brandon Moore

Preston Johnson and Brandon Moore head to the deserted gym locker room. Preston strips down to his jock and Brandon rims his hole. Lubing up, Brandon slides a hand down Preston’s chute. Putting his fist inside Preston makes Brandon’s boner throb inside his loose, red athletic shorts. As Brandon opens up Preston’s sphincter with tons of lube, Preston pushes out his huge rosebud. Putting his leg up on the bench, Preston proudly shows off his piggy tattoo: a red rose with the flower in the shape of a fist. Reaching into his jock, Preston strokes his cock while Brandon plays handball with his ass. White lube drips down Preston’s thick, muscular legs as the two fist pigs admire themselves in the full length mirror hanging on the wall. They end up on the floor in a puddle of lube, making out and massaging Preston’s blooming rosebud.

Hole Busters 10 – Alessio Romero -amp; Brandon Moore

Brandon Moore loves having his hole busted by rough trade like Alessio Romero. The young bottom-boy bends over and offers his tight hole to Romero who grabs an enormous 5 lb latex rhino horn and shoves it up his ass. Romero works the giant toy in and out until Moore surprises him by handing him an even longer rubber ramrod to feed his hungry hole. Romero pulls on his thick Latino cock while he punishes Moore’s greedy butthole, swapping out the dildo for the rubber balls. At first it looks like Moore can only handle one but Romero forces two fat orbs up his ass and puts the other end in Moore’s mouth so he can jack a load out of his rock hard cock.

Confessions – Brandon Wilde -amp; Billie Ramos

Billie Ramos confesses to his boyfriend Brandon Wilde that he hooked up with his sister’s boyfriend before she met him. Brandon is shocked about the news, but Billie tells him he’s so happy that it didn’t work out because he would have never met him. Brandon is touched by his words and the two start intensely kissing leading to passionate hard-core fucking! Crazy blow jobs, ass eating and ass pounding! These two boys show their love for each other by getting down and dirtier than ever! Letting each other know there is no cock better than this!

Vacation My Ass

Rowan Adams Fucks Issac Lin Raw

Rowan Adams Fucks Issac Lin Raw

When guys come to the studio they use it as an escape, a mini vacation. So I can’t blame Rowan and Issac for having a lazy day. But unlike actually vacations there comes a time at the studio when you have to work…or play depending on how you look at it. Issac kicks things off by going down on Rowan, finding a way to deep throat his meaty cock.

Issac takes his time on the cock. He lets this entire things slip down his throat and holds it there before letting Isaac fuck his mouth. Issac gets on the bed and lets Rowan have a turn giving a blowjob. They then kiss before gets back to work sucking his dick.

With Rowan rock hard, Issac just can’t help himself. He lowers his tight hole onto Rowan’s cock and begins to blow him reverse cowboy style. Rowan takes over, puts Issac on his side, and fucks him hard and deep. His balls thump his backside as he digs Isaac sweet holes out. Rowan only picks up the pace as they continue to go. He fucks Issac harder and harder until both boys are ready to blow their loads. Issac goes first, shoot a milky load on his torso. Rowan pulls out and cums next, emptying out his heavy scrotum sack!

Rowan Adams Fucks Issac Lin Raw

Dark, Handsome, and Drool Worthy

Flip Jerks Off

Flip Jerks Off

Okay, so Flip is the kind of guy that I will see in a bar that will immediately make me roll my eyes because he’s sexy as shit but so obviously straight. Thankfully, this particular guy is willing to expose his stacked body for some cash. Flip gets his clothes off and plays a little show and tell, exhibiting his tattoos, some of which have no discernable meaning but they’re still pretty cool. However, we’re not here to see tats are we?

Flip gets around to removing his underwear and turns around to show us his sexy plump ass. I’d love to taste it…or at least watch someone else enjoy it. Flip sits down on the bed and begins to tug on his cock. He gets a monster grip on that thing and really jerks it. He gets on his knees and pumps his hips while playing with his beefy chest. From his smoldering eyes, his rock hard biceps, to his kissable lips –I just don’t know where to look. In fact, he’s got me drooling. He lays back onto the bed and jacks off until he blows a creamy load.

Flip Jerks Off

JasonSparksLive Christmas 2016

Santa’s jingle balls are blue but here comes Jack Frost and even though his tongue is cold Jack knows how to suck Santa’s dick like a good boy.

He deepthroat’s Santa so good that he’s going to permanently make the nice list. Santa smacks him in the face with this bare dick and then rim’s his chilly ass before barebacking Jack Frost.

Santa fills Jack’s ass with his bare cock and his mouth with well cookies to stifle Jack’s screams (we don’t want Mrs Claus to hear what’s going on).

Then the tables are turned and big dicked Jack Frost gets to pound Santa’s South Hole. Eventually covering Santa in snow covered cum drifts.

Happy Holidays one and all from everyone at JasonSparksLive!!

Jared Takes Over

Jared Marzdon Fucks Ronan Kennedy

Jared Marzdon Fucks Ronan Kennedy

We do this thing at BSB where we but an experienced performer with a newcomer in order to help them acclimate. Today we have Ronan Kennedy in the studio to do just that for Jared Marzdon. Here’s the thing though; Jared doesn’t need much help. He’s one cocky bastard and has the skill to back it up. Jared gets the ball rolling by going down on Ronan. He may be cocky and confident but even he has trouble tackling Ronan’s beast of a dick. He does his best to take half of it down his throat before trading places with Ronan. Ronan works over Jared’s cock with his warm mouth, getting it wet and ready to for fucking.

After the cock-sucking Jared bends Ronan over and slowly enters his ass. He pushes his raw dick inside going balls deep. Once Ronan’s ass loosens up he begins to fuck him hard. Jared grips Ronan’s hips tightly as he slams his body over and over into Ronan’s. Ronan moans and grits his teeth as Jared destroys his booty. The no mercy fucking continues when Jared turns Ronan onto his stomach and buries his fat dick deep into Ronan’s guts. He digs Ronan out until both guys fire off big wads of man milk! That’s how you make you mark at BSB!

Jared Marzdon Fucks Ronan Kennedy

Late to the Show but Ready to Party

Chris Taylor and LJ Richards

Chris Taylor and LJ Richards

Chris Taylor pops into the studio a little late, or “fashionably late” as he would put it. When he comes in he finds an eager LJ Richards waiting for him. LJ has to be stopped from immediately jumping his bones but the thing about horny boys is; they can’t be held back for long. LJ finally gets what he wants when the scene starts; to taste Chris’ lips. The boys make out and undress. When their cocks are hard they start by 69ing before LJ decides to fly solo and deep throat Chris’ cock. He licks the shaft and sucks on the balls, making Chris moan in pleasure. While busy working on Chris’ prick, LJ multitasks by lubing up his ass! That’s the true sign of a boy that wants to be fucked.

The boys move to the bed and LJ sits his raw hole onto Chris’ cock. He rides him hard while Chris plays with his dick. They kiss for a moment before changing positions. They stand up and LJ leans against a wall and allows Chris to pound his hole deep and with no mercy. This is a side of Chris I haven’t seen before and LJ loves every moment of it! They flip and now it’s Chris’ turn to take cock. He lies on the bed and LJ holds his legs open before penetrating him with every inch of his cock. LJ’s dick feels so good that Chris can’t hold back. He releases a large nut all over his stomach. LJ pulls out and adds practically covers Chris crotch with a thick load of cum!

Chris Taylor and LJ Richards

Jackson Grant & Johnny V

Jackson Grant is back and ready to pound Johnny V into oblivion with his huge meat. The duo begin kissing deeply and quickly get right into cock sucking. As they devour each other’s cocks and holes, Jackson teases Johnny with sticking his cock inside him. Finally, after Johnny pleads for Jackson’s meat, Jackson pounds Johnny from behind. When he can’t take anymore, Jackson flips Johnny over and pounds his load out. Johnny finishes Jackson off by licking his nip until he blows a huge load.

Fistpack 27 – Junkyard Fist Pigs – Boyhous -amp; Junior Stellano

Why is this movie so good? Well, lets start by talking about a scene pairing body builder Junior Stellano and pig slut asshole whore Boyhous! Junior is a fisting pro with a body of an Olympic athlete. Boyhous has an asshole the size of a track and field stadium. Mix these two and you have a gold medal combination! Junior loves rosebuds, and Boyhous has one of the best in the business. Add to the fantastic action an amazing connection between these two men and you have what amounts to the perfect fisting scene. Company president and Fisting Pro Chris Ward calls this scene one of the best of the year.

Pig Puppy – Lance Hart -amp; Micky Mackenzie -amp; Max Cameron

Puppy handler Lance Hart leads Mickey Mackenzie around on a black leather leash. With a tail plugging his hole and a mask over his face, Mickey surrenders his humanity and dives headlong into his submissive pup mind. As Mickey sniffs around the room, he marks his territory by pissing on a barrell. Lance gets impatient and redirects Mickey’s attention where it belongs: servicing Lance’s big dick. Removing the pup hood, Lance grants Mickey’s mouth full access. But whenever Mickey talks, Lance disciplines him firmly: puppies don’t talk! After enjoying Mickey’s oral service, Lance explains his plans while binding Mickey’s paws: he’s taking Mickey down to a cruising spot to sniff out some new dick. Lance is eager to see his pup get used by two dicks at the same time! When they arrive, they find Max Cameron stroking his thick cock. Lance introduces his pup, and Max introduces his friend the fucking machine! Pulling out Mickey’s tail, Max inserts the fucking machine’s dong and turns it on. With the robot filling Mickey’s hole, Max uses his cock to fill Mikey’s mouth. Now this is how to properly train a pup!

The Climb

Oliver Saxon and Shawn Andrews Fuck

Oliver Saxon and Shawn Andrews Fuck

I had no idea that Oliver likes to rock climb, I thought the only thing he was interested in climbing was a boy. Today he’ll have the pleasure of climbing Shawn Andrews and having Shawn climb him. Let’s see how these two get along.

After Shawn gets close to Oliver by admiring his forearms he makes his move and begins kissing him before working his way down to Oliver’s crotch. Waiting for his is Oliver’s erect dick which he eagerly begins to pacify himself on. Shawn knows exactly what he’s doing. He gives such a good blowjob that Oliver can barely contain himself. The boys switch places after kissing and Oliver ends up on his knees. He starts off by giving Shawn head before turning him around and sticking his tongue up Shawn’s sweet ass. Shawn isn’t a selfish lover. He takes control by pushing Oliver onto the bed and devouring his hole.

Once his cakes are prepared, Oliver’s ass is opened up by Shawn big cock. Shawn delivers nice steady strokes while keeping Oliver’s legs spread wide open. That’s how things start at least before Shawn begins to ready pound his insides. The boys get up and Shawn braces himself against the wall; it’s his turn to take some dick. Oliver gets in quickly and wastes no time before he begins ravaging Shawn’s tight butt. Things get aggressive when Oliver wraps his hand around Shawn’s throat! You’ll want to take a peek inside to see how Shawn survives Oliver’s wrath!

Oliver Saxon and Shawn Andrews Fuck


Hold on to your cocks – we’ve got a straight Spanish big dicked guy here for you today. Hola Matias. He’s currently on holidays in Australia and looking for new experiences. Matias is a fan of threesomes and watching girls get fucked both ends by two guys. Hopefully we can convince him to do some more work with other guys 😉

His sexy Spanish accent and smile are just the first thing that strike you – once he strips down we can see that he has a HUGE dick and he’s not shy about stroking it in front of the camera.

Enjoy this solo and we’ll keep trying to get him back for more!

Lee Stephens & Skyler Grey

Twink fucked by his doctor during exam
Doctor Brandon Stone has a typical patient with erectile dysfunction in his office today. Skylar Grey just can’t seem to get it up anymore but fortunately Doctor Stone knows exactly how to make his cock rock hard again!

AJ Alexander, Koldo Goran, & Kieron Knight

What do you do in Berlin when consumed by lust? It’s clear. One grabs a few buddies and looks for a suitable spot outdoors. An old signal box in the East of the city is the perfect location for this. Urban, abandoned and mysterious.
The English Kieron Knight gathers his buddies Koldo Goran and AJ Alexander, goes on his knees and blows them – good old buddy style.
The naked Koldo pushes his erect cock down the throat, AJ grabs his head and pulls him relentlessly on the bulging gland of his buddy, down to the root of the shaft. His yellow black rubber Jersey shines with dripping thick spit. The big cock falls out of his mouth and slaps on the rubber, as he pulls the two meat sticks deeper and deeper. Suddenly, AJ brutally throws him to the ground, pulls up his legs and puts his tongue in the asshole. Koldo meanwhile kneels over his face and rams the 22cm cock in his throat until the pig almost suffocates.

AJ licks the juicy cunt so skillfully that Kieran would scream but is prevented by the massive cock in his mouth – he can hardly breathe. Even after he pulls his cock from the throat again, there remains no time for the British rubber pig to rest.

Barely out of his mouth hole he has big cock in his ass. But one cock is never enough for the Englishman and so bends over both AJ and Kieran to double penetrate the steaming cunt cavity. The hammering continues with one cock in his ass and another in his mouth. Finally he has the opportunity to shout his lust in the Berlin sky.

Dustin Tyler & Alex Mason in Memphis

Is there anything better than a superb blow job. One that is meant to be just the start of a night of fucking but their mouth on your cock feels so fucking good that you don’t want them to stop and then … well there’s nothing better is there? Alex sucks Dustin’s cock so well that he cums all over himself – never mind Alex is going to lick that cum up!