The Cutest Boys of the World

He Can Take It

Ben Dover and John Henry Fuck

Ben Dover and John Henry Fuck

Ben Dover and John Henry aren’t about talking. These two love to fuck so when we find them they’re already kissing and fondling each other. John quickly gets on his knees and fills his mouth with Ben’s cock. He lets every inch of inch slide down his throat. John has Ben moaning in gratitude with his blowjob skills. Ben bends John over on the bed and admires his ass and his balls. He sticks a finger in his hole as if he’s inspecting it for tightness. Ben’s tongue replaces his finger as he begins to rim and eat his ass. He goes back and forth between John’s ass and cock before they decide to 69.

He pulls Ben’s boxers down and sucks on that thick meat, deepthroating Ben’s long shaft and licking his balls while Ben enjoys the view from above.  Ben gets John on the bed and bends him over, gently massaging John’s balls and cock as he slips a finger into John’s ass and feels how tight his entrance is.  Ben licks and rims John’s hole then runs his tongue over his taint to that dick and sucks it before going back for another taste of that ass while John sucks on Ben’s member.
John lies back on the bed and spreads his legs, letting Ben enter his tight ass with his bareback cock.  Ben fucks John hard. He pounds John’s hole forcing his toes to curl.John demands that Ben fuck him harder and he gets his wish. Ben bangs him harder knowing John can take it. John not only takes it but enjoys it so much that he cums hard! Ben flips him over and takes him from behind, getting balls deep in that ass until he’s ready to bust a nut and then pulls out and nuts across John’s back!

Ben Dover and John Henry Fuck

Two Dick Minimum – Jack Vidra -amp; Mick Stallone

Jack Vidra stands outside the cruise bar with his cock stiff and hard in his hands. He looks to the left and the right while stroking himself, and gets his wish when Mick Stallone emerges from the shadows. Kneeling down, Mick enthusiastically opens his mouth and swallows Jack’s monster cock. Sitting down on a bench, Mick offers his cock to Jack, who greedily slobbers on Mick’s long, hard shaft. Standing up, Jack and Mick rub their cocks together for a bit, then Mick turns around and Jack shoves his cock inside Mick from behind. Grabbing on to Mick’s harness, Jack uses all the power of his muscular physique to pound Mick’s tight hole. Switching roles, Jack sits down on Mick’s cock, using his strong legs to fuck himself hard. Mick reaches up and pulls on Jack’s supple nipples as Jack strokes his cock. With Mick filling up his hole, Jack jerks his meat until he blows a hot, white load on the ground. Kneeling on the bench, Jack pushes his ass in Mick’s face, who enthusiastically rims Jack’s freshly-fucked hole. Mick strokes his hard cock and blasts Jack’s hairy ass with cum. After using his cock to smear his cum across Jack’s hole, Mick leans forward to share a deep, connected kiss.

Chad & Zach BAREBACK

In Springfield to boys who love to fuck raw meet. They kiss – their cocks grow and as they escape from their underwear their cocks are treated to a dick sucking that will make your toes curl. Chad licks Zach’s hole and balls and makes sure he’s lubed up before shoving his raw dick deep inside. “ohh yeah” he cries but he wants his turn too! The flip and Zach fucks Chad for a while before they flip again. This truly is what being versatile is all about!

Joey D & Johnny V Part 2

…Continued from last week. Part two of this steamy scene finds Joey D getting his monster meat sucked by Johnny V. Joey forces Johnny to stand and then fucks him over the sink. When the two are about to blow, Joey forces Johnny to his knees again and then blows his huge load all over Johnny’s muscle chest as Johnny blows his own load all over the ground.

Dreaming of You

Brandon Evans Fucks Robb Davis

Brandon Evans Fucks Robb Davis

It’s no mystery why Brandon Evans is so hot. Apparently he gets plenty of beauty sleep! He’ll need all the rest he can get today, as he’ll be breaking in newbie Robb Davis. These two don’t waste much time. In under a minute they’re making out and helping each other out of their clothes. Brandon goes straight for Robb’s cock, sucking his fat dick and bobbing up and down on it. He lies back and lets Robb have a turn sucking some cock. Robb is a natural; he takes the prick down to the hilt.

When it’s time to fuck, Brandon lowers his tight ass on Robb’s throbbing cock. He eases on it as it pierces his insides. He then rides Brandon with confidence and bounces up and down on it until Robb takes control and flips him over. Brandon bends Robb’s legs back and he rams his hole over and over again while Robb jacks off. Brandon lays into him and Robb enjoys every thrust. Soon, there’s a hot milky cum flying everywhere.

Brandon Evans Fucks Robb Davis

A Different Tongue

Brenden’s First Time ft. Jared Marzdon

Brenden’s First Time ft. Jared Marzdon

Brenden Steel is nervous as most first time boys are. But he has Jared Marzdon in the same scene with him and it appears that they have something in common: they’re learning French. Learning French takes time, effort, and commitment. Let’s hope that for Brenden’s sake learning to suck cock and fuck guys comes a bit more naturally.

They begin by attempting to kiss. Brenden pulls back some but jared guides him in the right direction by not only getting him to kiss but getting his tongue involved. Afterwards, Jared demonstrates the art of sucking dick by going down on Brenden first. He damn near swallows him whole while bobbing up and down on his shaft. Jared finishes his tutorial, kisses Brenden, then stands up and lets Brenden have a taste of his cock. Brenden sucks him off and doesn’t appear to be shy or nervous about it. He does a pretty good job for a first timer. As a treat, Jared goes down on Brenden once more before getting ready to give up that ass

Now the fun begins.

Once Jared is lubed up, he slowly sits on Brenden’s cock but Brenden doesn’t just lie there. He gets up and bends him over the dresser. He starts fucking him deep and slow, forcing Jared to moan loudly. Brenden picks up the pace and really begins to pound his sweet little hole. Jared pleads for him to slow down as if he’s the rookie but Brenden barely eases up until he has him on his back. These two fuck until they both release a nice nut.

Brenden’s First Time ft. Jared Marzdon

Pitching Tents – JJ Knight -amp; Jeremy Spreadums

After horsing around in the river, JJ Knight and Jeremy Spreadums strip off their wet clothes to their tight, white briefs. Their sexual chemistry is so intense, Jeremy can’t resist dropping to his knees and sucking JJ’s insanely huge cock in broad daylight. Retreating to their tent for more privacy, they make out on the bed and Jeremy deepthroats JJ’s massive rod. Reaching down, JJ massages Jeremy’s spreadable ass cheeks, then repositions himself behind Jeremy to get a taste. Using his tongue, JJ probes Jeremy’s hole with slick spit. With Jeremy ready to receive, JJ pushes his enormous member into Jeremy’s hole. Their doggy style fucking picks up speed as Jeremy pushes his ass into JJ’s crotch, pushing JJ’s cock ever deeper. Dismounting, JJ lies down on the bed and invites Jeremy to go for a ride. As Jeremy rides JJ’s cock, his muscular legs and beefy torso flex and swell. JJ thrusts up from above, then moves to missionary position. Jeremy puts his left leg in the air and enjoys the feeling of JJ’s massive meat stretching his hole. As JJ pummels Jeremy’s sweet spot, the sensation builds until Jeremy explodes with gushers of cum that drench his torso. Pulling out, JJ strokes his load out into Jeremy’s waiting mouth. Hot rivers of cum accumulate on Jeremy’s chin as JJ empties his balls. When he’s finished, JJ leans in for a kiss, and his cum smears across both their faces as they enter a passionate embrace.

Chad Porter & Jake Matthews BAREBACK in Grand Rapids

OK full disclosure we shot this one a while ago but we got so many people asking for more of both Chad Porter and Jake Matthews that we thought we’d spoil y’all and give you a scene with the two of them together.

Chad looks incredible with his legs in the air and Jake’s tongue wedged firmly in his ass. Almost as good as he looks bouncing up and down on Jake’s big bare dick. By the simultaneous cum explosion the two have you can tell they had an awesome time!

Caging Rowan

Cage Fucks Rowan Adams

Cage Fucks Rowan Adams

Cage Kafig and Rowan Adams engage in some hot kissing action awhile before stripping down. But as soon as Rowan’s cock is out Cage immediately goes for it. He get’s Rowan completely erect while going back and forth between his lips and his cock. Rowan’s up to bat next and he gives as good as he gets. Cage runs his fingers through Rowan’s hair as he watches work his dick over with his mouth.

Rowan wants to give more than a blowjob so he lies and offers his sweet ass. It’s not easy to take a big cock like Cage’s though. Rowan breathes deeply and braces himself as Cage buries himself deep in his guts. Once Cage really starts to fuck, all Rowan can do is hold on as Cage’s huge prick splits his ass. Cage pulls Rowan on top of him and lets him ride that thick cock while Cage plays with Rowan’s dick and then Cage takes over, thrusting his dick into Rowan and watching it disappear up that sweet ass!  Cage turns Rowan onto his back and pounds him some more, getting deep inside of him, filling him with every inch of his big dick until both of these guys cum hard, spilling their seed across themselves and the bed. Don’t take our word for it. Check it out!

Cage Fucks Rowan Adams

Veteran Affairs

Rowan Adams and Vadim Black

Rowan Adams and Vadim Black

Rowan and Vadim have been around for quite some time and they both know the drill. They get right to business; making out and feeling each other up. Vadim kisses his body all over before eventually making it down to his cock. He gets it sloppy wet as he spits, sucks, and strokes it. Vadim works over Rowan’s shaft and balls. After Vadim has had his fun deep throating Rowan, the boys switch places and Rowan takes his turn on the mic. He gets Vadim’s cock just as wet as his in anticipation for what’s to come.

Bent over the bed, Rowan braces himself for Vadim. Vadim spreads his legs and buries his cock inside. Rowan moans as Vadim takes him from behind, filling him up with every inch of his prick. Rowan then takes control, sitting on his dick and riding it. Rowan takes it slow, moving his ass up and down on that dick but when Vadim wants it a little harder he gets Rowan on his back, legs spread and Vadim penetrates that ass again.  Vadim punishes that hole over and over until Rowan fires off a hot load of cum. Vadim finishes next; covering Rowan with his sticky jizz.

Rowan Adams and Vadim Black

Sands Of Time – The Castaway

Adrian Toledo sucks Brian McKnight’s uncut cock until Brian can’t wait to fuck the hell out of Adrian’s bubble butt. Both men fuck intensely until they can no longer hold back, and they both shoot huge loads of cum.

Two Dick Minimum – Jack Andy -amp; Michael Roman

In the dark alley outside the local cruise bar, big and muscular Michael Roman makes his move on ripped stud Jack Andy. They kiss passionately, then Jack frees Michael’s bulge from his pants and wraps his lips around Michael’s hard cock. Kneeling down, Michael returns the favor, tugging on Jack’s balls and slicking up his shaft with slippery spit. The body hair that covers both men catches the light from the bar’s signage. Bending over, Jack spreads his ass wide and Michael dives in face first. Moving inside the bar, Michael and Jack remove all their clothing (save for Jack’s leather harness) and get down to business. Bracing himself against the pool table, Jack takes Michael’s cock from behind. Putting all the power of his physique into his thrusting, Michael fucks Jack like an uncontrollable sex beast. Jack gets up on the pool table and throws his leg over Michael’s shoulder. As Michael pounds his hole, Jack strokes his huge cock, getting closer and closer to cumming. Michael’s thrusting is relentless and unyielding. With Michael deep inside him, Jack explodes with thick ropes of cum that drip across his hairy stomach. Michael grabs his hard meat and blows his load on Jack’s cock and balls.

Tony Dias BareBangs Italo

There’s nothing more dull than doing the dishes so when Italo comes along to distract Tony Dias from the task he jumps at the opportunity. They head to the bedroom and Tony’s big dick is soon out of his pants being sucked by Italo. Tony then sucks on Italo’s meat before putting him on all fours – spitting on his ass and alternating between rimming his hole, sucking his cock and slapping his ass.

Italo’s fine bubble butt is treated to a spit filled licking and then a finger fucking before Tony Dias then gets his rock hard raw cock and starts to fuck that tight hole.
It feels awesome and Italo is very talented in the positions he jumps into with that cock in his ass. He’s got ‘Hot Boys’ tattooed on his ass and a hot boy fucking it – but wait – they flip! And now it’s Tony’s turn to get fucked. Getting his hole filled sends Tony over the top and he blows his load all over Italo’s gorgeous face. Italo licks that cum up like a hungry man! Shower time!

Randy Solo

Randy is all alone – not even a cameraman in sight. But that doesn’t stop our favourite American from grabbing a camera himself and the selfie stick and making his very own Amatuer video.

He strips down to his undies and then releases his big cock from it’s confines. He finds a comfy spot to start stroking his meat and then decides that his solo efforts need a co-star and so lubes up the fleshjack to get his cock harder. The cheeky chappy is having a great old time playing with himself and the camera – he blows a load and considers it a job well done. God bless Americans – we love you Randy xx


The engines run hot at this fetish meeting. Guys dressed in leather and rubber have nothing else in mind than to satisfy their own greed and to screw until a doctor is required. In the sales area there are a bunch of fetish pigs with a plethora of Sextoys. Muscular bald pigs push their stick-hard cocks in wide open mouth pussies. Slaves dressed as Puppys let themselves lick ass and be flogged. Bearded macho master pound their victims until they scream in pleasure. German skinheads fisting Dutch bastards until the cunt meat proudly produces a rosebud from the ass Canal. Submissive guys roll yellow juice in their face. And finally a semen spurting sweetens the whole gang bang action!

Logan Everett & Scotty Knox BAREBACK in Indianapolis

All the way from Kalamazoo car buff Logan Everett wanted an adrenaline rush and thought that appearing in a porn scene might do the trick. Of course given the opportunity to get into bed with the gorgeous Scotty Knox most guys would jump at the chance!

Both these guys have big dicks as you’ll see when they swap blow jobs. Scotty licks Logan’s hole as he prepares it for the bareback fucking it’s about to receive. He then pounds the fuck out of Logan – what an incredible sight it is with his perfect body pounding the newbie’s tight ass! He blows his load deep inside and the cum drips as he pulls his big cock out – fucking him a few more times just for good measure.

Dazza & Justin

Justin is the older of our two new Amateurs and he takes on the role of the leader in their first shoot. He knows what he likes and isn’t afraid to let Dazza know. Dazza likes getting his cock sucked and Justin prides himself on his cock sucking skills. By the way that Dazza’s eyes are rolling in the back of his head Justin’s mouth lives up to the hype.

Justin has a great body – his smooth muscled chest is sexy as hell and he’s wearing a red G string that perfectly shows off his muscled butt. He gets Dazza to punch those tight cheeks – first with his fist and later with his cock. Dazza is impressed again. Justin’s got a surprise in there for Dazza to play with. A butt plug is implanted firmly between his cheeks and he instructs Dazza to play with it while he sucks Dazza’s cock.

Dazza’s cock soon replaces the butt plug as he fucks Justin’s ass. He then face fucks him again and blows his load in Justin’s mouth. Justin loves the taste and swallows every drop. Dazza then finger fucks Justin til he blows his load as well. Nice one boys!

Damien Piers & Brogan Reed BAREBACK in Norfolk

Our latest porn star model find is a super sexy power bottom. He’s tattooed and a military boy and loves to be the center of attention of as many tops as he can find! Brogan Reed has no problem giving him orders and he’s soon on all fours sucking Brogan’s cock.

Brogan flips him – spits in his hole and rims his tight muscled hole good. It’s now ready to receive its punishment as muscle boy Brogan fucks that hole raw. This is an insanely hot scene!

Daniel Diaz & Joey

Real estate broker Danny Diaz had a thriving business selling houses to people who thought the market was going to keep going up. When real estate prices crumbled though, so did his business! Now he’s desperate to make his own house payments and he’s ready to drop his pants to get the cash he needs!

Tim Kruger Special

Tim Kruger is a German Pornstar. He combines boyish charm with manly-exterior: bright blue
eyes, trendy beard, chest hair and a giant cock! The well hung top takes charge of many strong guys. With lots of fun he slams them so heartily when they need it. In a daring quickie in the middle of Barcelona Tim and the hard-line Carioca milk off each other. One evening the striking Darren and Latino Lover Milan take Tim’s cock in their ass. In a suit, Tim looks fabulous. In the Office on his desk Nicolas sucks the big dick before him, before he is mercilessly fucked.
A strong piece!

Cody Quest & Jack Hunter BAREBACK in Nashville

Hairy hottie newbie alert! Cody Quest is gorgeous and has a killer smile – he’s well travelled – intelligent – confident and close friend Jack Hunter convinced him to try porn. What an incredible scene this is between these two – it oozes genuine passion and intensity!

The embrace and kiss passionately before Cody is on his knees worshipping Jack’s huge cock. He tenderly suck and swallows as much as he can manage before they trade places and Jack wraps his lips around Cody’s meat.

Jack then readies Cody’s hole by rimming it and lubing it with his spit. He eases his big dick into Cody – at first gently and then with increasing potency. His big bare dick pushes Cody to the limits but he’s loving every minute of it. They stare into each other’s eyes as Jack blows a huge load deep inside. Spent and exhilarated the two embrace again.

Caging Chris

Cage Pounds Chris Taylor's Ass

Cage Pounds Chris Taylor’s Ass

Cage Kafig is back after a short break and I’m ready to fill my eyes with this stud’s hot body and nice hard dick. Chris Taylor will be on the receiving end of Cage’s rock hard cock and he seems all too excited. So let’s let these boys get right to work.

Cage quickly gets at Chris’s cock, blowing him while Chris sits back and enjoys the feeling of Cage’s wet mouth. Chris soon returns the favor, teasing Cage’s sweet cock with his tongue as he licks his shaft and then takes it in his mouth and sucks that dick until it’s hard.

When he’s ready to get fucked Chris straddles Cage’s cock and slowly lowers his ass onto it. He struggles but takes as much as he can of that raw dick. After he bounces up and down on it for a bit, Cage bends Chris over the bed and takes him from behind, fucking him hard, deep and raw while Chris moans as he tries to handle that long shaft.  Chris turns onto his back and Cage spreads Chris’s legs and buries his cock in that ass again, pounding him until Chris cums and then Cage is shooting his load all over Chris!

Cage Pounds Chris Taylor’s Ass

Braxton Ryan & Scott DeMarco BAREBACK in Dayton

Braxton Ryan is the latest Jason Sparks Bareback Road Trip discovery and this sexy frat boy loves to have his shirt off and his sexy hairy bod makes us happy that he does. The big deal with this update is that the lovely Scott DeMarco is bottoming for the first time here!

The two brunette beauties look amazing together – they trade blow jobs and as both of their cocks are at full mast Braxton flips Scott over to rim his perfect ass. The touch of his bearded face excites Scott and his hole is now ready to be fucked raw.

Scott jumps on top of Braxton and rides his bare cock like he’d been a bottom all his life. Braxton is so pleased to be the one who gets to fuck Scott first that he breeds a huge load inside of him.


Well hello Matthias – at first look you might expect him to be a Nordic warrior raiding his way through Australia but he’s actually Austrian. Very close to Australian but slightly different. Either way he is definitely one hell of sexy man and even though he describes his body as ‘average’ he definitely is a muscled hunk and totally lustworthy.

He’s just about as straight as they come – well he was ‘tricked’ into kissing a guy once – but as he strips off and jumps into the shower none of that really matters. First he takes the camera and gives us a personal tour of his hot bod and then he soaps up his defined abs and his fuckworthy ass in the shower.

You can see why he gets hit on all the time and you can enjoy watching him get clean and dirty all at once.

Jaxon, Leo, Titus & Cruiser

Jaxon and Leo take control of the two newbies Titus and Cruiser. The two fresh amateurs are soon on their knees in front of their more experienced Australian counterparts and sucking on their cocks.

Jaxon has brought a surprise for Titus – it’s a mask which no doubt helps the inexperienced amateur to forget he is being filmed as he throws himself wholly into the job of sucking Jaxon’s hard cock.

Such is cock sucking skills that he is soon surrounded by the other three and takes turns at putting each dick into his salivating mouth. He can’t distinguish who owns what cock nor does he care as long as his oral fixation is satiated.

They split back into pairs so that the two bottoms can get some cock in their ass – Leo and Jaxon are only too ready to fuck the new amateurs.

Finally the four are laying together as they stroke their cocks to cum flying conclusion entangled in each other.

Caleb & Matias Part 2

Caleb and Matias have their co-star “Ashley” prepared and work out how to make her happy. Matias is the one who really warms to the doll’s hole and his big cock finds her hole as he starts to fuck her.

Meanwhile in the bedroom Caleb is watching porn and jerks himself to a cum flying conclusion.

Just a Taste

Introducing Preston Scott

Introducing Preston Scott

Preston Scott is your typical broke straight boy in need of cash. Well, “need” is a strong word in this case. Preston wants money to spend on the simpler things in life: toys and trips! But that works for us as he’ll come crawling back for more money sooner rather than later.

He’s ready to get to business. He strips down and shows us his nice toned body and big booty. He lubes up and begins to stroke his cock before climbing on the bed and touching himself, jerking his dick. He wants to give us more than a look at his cock so he lies on his stomach, ass in the air, and fingers his tight virgin hole.  He slips a second finger in his ass as he continues to stroke his hard cock, moaning while he pleasures himself.

He turns over onto his back and works that fat dick, running his free hand along his body or letting it cup his balls while he masturbates.  As he gets closer to cumming, his muscles tense up and he focuses on the sensitive tip of his cock until he strokes out a nice big load, covering himself in his hot jizz and tasting his own cum. Yum!

Introducing Preston Scott

Cops In Cuffs – Max Cameron -amp; Kirk Cummings

Twirling his billy club, Officer Kirk Cummings comes up on Max Cameron as he’s loitering in a notorious cruising area. Kirk moves to arrest Max, but Max flips the tables on him, slamming Kirk against the wall and locking him up with his own handcuffs. With no time to call for backup, Kirk is at Max’s total mercy. After face fucking the officer with his own meaty baton, Max brings him back to a secret sex dungeon to take it further. Pulling out his hefty cock, Max pushes Kirk to the ground and fucks his face. Despite the indignity, Kirk can’t suppress his throbbing boner. Max then kneels down and wraps his lips around Kirk’s meat, using his expert cock sucking skills to get it slick and wet. Pushing Kirk down flat on his back, Max climbs on top of him and sits down on his hard cock. After riding Kirk for a while, Max turns his attention to Kirk’s hole, probing it in preparation for his next trick.

Heat strokes! – Nick Capra -amp; Kyler Grey

Pretty boy Kyler is relieved when big, muscular Nick rescues him from heat stroke. But after a welcome respite in Nick’s air conditioned home, the heat picks up again as Kyler thanks the older man by sucking his thick hose. Kyler brings Nick close to climax, only to be pushed back and sucked off himself by Nick’s eager mouth. Nick fucks Kyler in several positions before they both blast their cum all over each other.

TKO Total Knockouts – Josh Conners -amp; Austin Wolf

Austin Wolf and Josh Conners face off in a fight of ultimate sexual conquest. In three rounds, Austin Wolf’s imposing physique gives him the edge over Josh Conners, pinning him to the mat. When Austin wins the fight, he asserts his dominance with some breath play, controlling Josh’s air with a hand against his throat. Claiming his prize, Austin plays with his nipples as Josh swallows Austin’s massive cock. Bending down, Austin uses his finger to work his spit into Josh’s ass. When Austin lies down on the mat, Josh sits on his face while sucking Austin’s cock. Spreading Josh’s cheeks wide, Austin saturates the tight pink center with spit. With Josh’s hole ready, it’s time to fuck! Getting down on all fours, Josh takes Austin’s cock doggy style. Austin grabs both of Josh’s arms and bends them behind Josh’s back, pinning him to the mat. Austin then leans forward, bearing down on Josh’s hole with the full weight of his body. Turning Josh over, Austin fucks him deep and hard until they’re about to blow. Josh explodes with a thick load that puddles on his stomach. Kneeling over Josh’s face, Austin aims his load right at Josh’s lips and hits the bullseye. TKO scored.

Cuba Santos & Billy Long

Big dick ebony stud Billy Long is so hot the other black dudes are practically knocking at his door to get his pants off. Today he’s got one of his old buddies, Cuba Santos, in town and they get right down to business! Watch Cuba deep throat that big black cock and then get his ass drilled!

Randy & Jaxon

Randy and Jaxon start stripping off on the couch – Randy’s big cock is soon out of his pants and Jaxon savours it in his mouth. As Randy fucks his face with his cock Jaxon swallows it – his oral fixation is satiated.

The two move to the bedroom where Randy’s cock finds it way back into Jaxon’s mouth as he lays on the bed. Randy has a great body and it looks even better thrusting into Jaxon’s face hole. Randy prepares Jaxon’s hole with his tongue first and then his fingers.

As we know Jaxon is usually a top – and it seems like it’s been a while since he’s bottomed as to Randy’s delight his hole is very tight and it takes a little while for his cock to get in there. But oh when it does the two of them are squealing in delight.

We knew these two would have an amazing time together and by the sweat and cum that they’re covered in by the end our instincts were right!

Hung Country – Emir Boscatto -amp; Dani Robles

Emir Boscatto comes inside soaking wet; he’s been out working in the cold rain, and Dani Robles helps him warm up. Dani strips off Emir’s shirt, revealing smooth abs and a massive chest. The coveralls Emir was wearing fall to the ground, revealing his huge cock standing at attention. They kiss, and Dani lowers himself to service Emir’s throbbing member. Using his tongue, he stimulates the sensitive tip of Emir’s uncut cock, then swallows the entire shaft. To return the favor, Emir pulls down Dani’s shorts and dives in face first. The rim job gets Dani’s hole ready to be used, and Emir eagerly uses his meat to stuff Dani’s hole. With assertive movements, Emir pins Dani down on the table and unleashes full-throttle thrusting. Changing it up, Dani rolls over on the table and takes Emir’s cock in missionary position, throwing a leg over Emir’s shoulder to achieve maximum penetration. Jerking his stiff cock, Dani lets loose with a torrent of cum that spews across his hairy chest. Emir gets a few more pounding thrusts in for good measure before pulling out and spilling his load right on Dani’s cock and balls.

Seth Taylor & Owen Powers BAREBACK in Albany

Seth Taylor is our newest find and he’s a big time car guy. His engine is definitely getting revved by the ever sexy Owen Powers – damn that smile of his is intoxicating.

Owen starts by using is mouth to deepthroat Seth’s cock – banging his balls with his chin. Seth then shows off his oral skills by sucking Owen’s cock and then rimming his fine ass. He then gets his rock hard raw cock and shoves it deep inside Owen’s hole – slamming his balls against his ass while he bare fucks him.

He blows a huge load deep inside Owen’s ass – I mean who wouldn’t cum fucking that gorgeous man’s ass! The huge load drips seductively as he pulls his cock out in the final frame!

Cruising Grounds – Jacob Taylor -amp; Tommy Regan

With his jeans around his ankles, Jacob Tyler strokes his cock in the warehouse, waiting to be found. Tommy Regan sneaks into the room, shirtless, pecs bulging, eager to join Jacob in servicing his cock. With his hand on his crotch, Tommy approaches Jacob and encompasses Jacob’s massive cock with his mouth. Stripping off his shirt, Jacob reveals his pumped chest, ripped abs, and perfect tan skin. Tommy’s biceps bulge as he jerks off Jacob’s cock. The two muscled studs kiss, and Jacob grabs at Tommy’s perfect bubble butt. Tommy puts himself in the ideal submissive pose to get his hole eaten, with his ass in the air and his face down on the ground. Going in tongue first, Jacob explores Tommy’s pink hole. Jacob’s throbbing cock can’t wait to follow suit: with confident, powerful thrusting, Jacob makes his entrance and gives Tommy an incredible doggy style fucking. Tommy’s jock strap provides a handle for Jacob to pull himself deeper and deeper towards Tommy’s prostate. Switching it up, Jacob lays on his back for Tommy to saddle up and ride. Raising and lowering himself on Jacob’s cock, Tommy puts on an impressive display of power bottoming. The action has Jacob ready to really go for it: he picks Tommy up and repositions him in missionary, and you can tell he’s found the sweet spot to stimulate Tommy’s prostate. Jerking his cock while getting fucked, Tommy spews his load of cum across his beefy chest and washboard abs. Jacob finishes himself off, adding his spunk to the streaks across Tommy’s torso.

HOOK'D – Ryan Rose -amp; Austin Carter

Austin Carter executes a quick workout in his apartment, stripping off his shirt and flexing his muscles. Working out gets him horned up, so he picks up his tablet to see who’s out there. Seeing Ryan Rose puts a big smile on his face, so he sends him a message and invites him over. When Ryan arrives, Austin is waiting for him with his ass up. A smile flashes across Ryan’s face, and he immediately gets to rimming Austin’s tight hole. Austin rolls over and Ryan turns his attention to Austin’s rock hard cock. Ryan stands and pushes his cock towards Austin’s face, and Austin wraps his lips around Ryan’s enormous tool. With Austin eager to feel Ryan inside him, Ryan sits down on the couch, and Austin sits down on Ryan. As Ryan and Austin grind together, Ryan’s cock slides deeper and deeper into Austin’s tight butt. Ryan achieves a pile-driver position by having Austin rest his shoulders on the floor and his ass against the couch, then transitions to doggy style. After pounding Austin’s hole, Ryan points his cock at Austin’s face and ejaculates a massive load that drips down Austin’s cheekbone and into his open mouth. Austin sucks out the last drops of cum from Ryan’s cock as he strokes himself off onto the floor.

Dylan Strokes

The man with the monster cock, Dylan Strokes, lives up to his name this week on American Muscle Hunks. Fresh out of the shower, he sits down in his robe and goes to work on his throbbing meat. Feeling himself and flexing, Dylan blows a thick, white load all over his ripped abs.