The Cutest Boys of the World

Code of Silence – Ryan Rose -amp; Tommy Regan -amp; Fane Roberts -amp; Brandon Evans

Handsome soldier Fane Roberts is assigned to his new post with fellow stud grunt Brandon Evans. After spending so much intimate time together, their attraction and feelings are undeniable. Unable to resist any longer, they secretly swap head in the barracks. Fane moans loudly as he shoots a creamy load down Brandon’s virgin throat. Sergeant Zevran passes by nearly catching them in the act. Meanwhile, out in the hot desert sun, Ryan Rose and Tommy Regan are on a military patrol. There’s no one around for as far as the eye can see so the Marines take off their protective gear to get more comfortable. Ryan takes it a step further and unbuckles his belt to pull his dick out of his fatigues. Tommy tries to ignore Ryan jacking off behind him and when Ryan asks Tommy to show his ass, Tommy refuses. Ryan is the commanding officer and orders Tommy to remove his pants. Tommy obeys the order and bends over to let his superior officer rim his cute, fit bubble butt. Tommy admits that the rim job feels good, and as it continues, it gets him in the mood for more action. Tommy turns around to offer up his growing erection. Ryan can’t wait to get Tommy in his mouth and treats his subordinate to a nice long blowjob as he leans against a shelled-out cement wall. All the sucking gets Tommy in the mood to take a taste of Ryan’s hard dick. He services the ripped stud on his knees until Ryan instructs Tommy to turn around. Ryan slips his big stiff rod inside Tommy’s tight ass and has his way with him as the muscled up military jock bends over to take it deeper inside his body. Ryan keeps a steady pace and uses Tommy’s perfectly fit form to get himself off. He pulls out and covers the military stud’s groin and abs with a river of white and creamy satisfaction.

Pig Alley – D Arclyte -amp; Nate Grimes

Muscle daddy D Arclyte grabs Nate Grimes by the neck and shoves his tongue down the hung jock’s open throat. D is in an aggressive mood and today he wants Nate’s fist shoved firmly up his ass. The pair makes out for a bit until D turns around and offers his hole for Nate to open up with his tongue. It’s a nice long rimming session that leaves the leather daddy’s asshole open, throbbing, and ready to be fed. Amid a torrent of dirty talk from both horny pigs, Nate puts on his rubber gloves and pulls out a giant bucket of lube. He dips his hands in the sticky goo and gets them good and slathered up before he sticks his fingers inside D’s gaping butt. It barely takes a second before Nate’s whole fist is swallowed up by D’s hungry man cave. The horny jock is loving every second of pleasuring his daddy by alternating his hands in and out as strings of lube fall from D’s cavernous asshole and Nate’s strong arms. D is in complete ecstasy as his mouth gapes and his eyes roll back in his head with every plunge from the fit stud’s fists. D needs it a little deeper and a lot more rough so he lies down on a bench with his legs in the air and lets Nate plunge his hole even harder. Nate gets wrists deep inside his daddy as he hurriedly switches hands and keeps up the intensity of the extreme fisting session. All the hole stretching and deep penetration gets D hard as a rock and ready to burst. D stands above Nate as the cum hungry hunk takes a massive load of D’s creamy jizz in his eager mouth and on his smooth, tight chest.

Hole Busters Vol. 6 – Josh West -amp; James Ryder

Drill Sergeant Josh West finds private James Ryder alone in the barracks relaxing on his bunk. After forcing him to perform rigorous jumping jacks and pushups, the twisted Sergeant puts the young studs ass to the test. He throws Ryder over a table and yanks down his military briefs to reveal his smooth virgin butt. West pulls out his weapon of choice; a fat latex fake cock. He works it into Ryder’s hole and fucks him then flips him over on his back for the next assault with the anal beads. He pushes three beads into the kids ass and strokes Ryder’s big cock until he blows. Yes sir!

Try me! – Brandon Wilde -amp; Kory Houston

Kory Houston and Brandon Wilde are roommates while working together at a hotel. Brandon keeps trying to get Kory to sleep with him but Kory keeps insisting that Brandon just isn’t his type. Persistent yet playful Brandon finally gets Kory into bed with him. They engage in the naughtiest boy on boy sex. From deep dick sucking, to slamming each other’s tight assholes! Tonight is only about hard-core fucking and cum bursting fun!

The Trainer: No Excuses – Micah Brandt -amp; Alex Mecum

Alex Mecum is lifting weights at the gym with his buddy, Micah Brandt. Micah promises Alex a present if he can do 30 reps of bench pressing. Alex takes the challenge and the two studs continue their workout until the chemistry in the air is overbearing. The horny muscle jocks kiss on the floor of the gym as they rub their bulging shorts and help each other out of their tight shirts. Alex is the first to unleash his already dripping beast of a cock, and Micah instantly follows by peeling off the rest of his workout gear. The sight of Alex’s big thick dick makes Micah’s mouth water. He drops to his knees before he takes the big hardon down his throat. All the cock sucking makes Micah hard as a rock. The two muscle studs 69 on the gym equipment as they suck and gag and drool all over each other’s engorged dicks. Alex has fucking on his mind and he knows that he needs to get Micah’s bubble butt ready for the action. Micah turns around and sits on his Alex’s face to let him tongue fuck his hole. After a nice long rim session, Alex can sense that Micah is open and ready for entry and invites Micah to sit down on his big throbbing cock. Micah wants maximum penetration into his loosened-up asshole and lies on his back on a gym mat so that Alex can fuck him even deeper. The horny studs go at it hard until Alex’s more primal instincts kick in and he rolls Micah over on the mat. Alex wraps his big bulging biceps around Micah and dominates him as he fucks his hole into submission. Micah’s eyes roll into the back of his head and he dumps his load of cum all over the gym floor as Alex keeps up the relentless pounding. Micah’s ass feels amazing and the internal throbbing sensation of Micah cumming on the floor is all it takes for Alex to dump his load. He pulls out and covers Micah’s smooth, muscular back with a massive, pent-up load of jizz.

Jaxon & Wyatt

We learned last week that the fresh faced newbie amateur Wyatt has a kinky side that is well hidden by his boy next door looks. As Wyatt undresses Jaxon he gets turned on by his feet. He peels off his socks and then licks his feet and sucks on his toes. He moans as he treats Jaxon’s feet to some glorious foreplay.
Jaxon’s cock is getting jealous and it’s soon poking out of his pants waiting for its turn. Wyatt licks and sucks that appendage getting the thick dick harder and harder. With his cock deep down his throat Jaxon face fucks the young amateur. With his cock warmed up Jaxon lubes up Wyatt’s hole and starts pounding the 22 year old.
Wyatt is a total cum pig and all his dreams cum true as Jaxon blows his load all over his face in a massive explosion. He licks that up and then blows his own load! Quite the introduction and we hope to see Wyatt again soon.

Black Hawk & Mitch Brawn

Black Hawk is awful proud of his big 10″ black dick. He knows the guys love it and he uses that thing to get what he wants! Today we got a hot stud, Mitch Brawn, who wants to feel all ten of those inches in him and that’s exactly what we’re going to give him!

Slicked Up – Ryan Rose -amp; Brendan Phillips

Brendan Phillips stands face to face with Ryan Rose, their lips pressed tight. A drop of spit falls from Brendan’s lips and lands on Ryan’s cock, and Brendan uses his natural lube to start stroking Ryan’s epic member. Brendan can’t wait to get his lips around Ryan’s tool, so he gets on his knees and swallows deep. They move to a 69 position, with Ryan’s face in Brendan’s ass and Brendan’s mouth sucking on Ryan’s meat. As Ryan starts thrusting up, Brendan’s lips struggle to stretch around Ryan’s huge cock. With his boner primed and ready, Ryan rises up and fucks Brendan doggy style. Brendan’s muscular hips flex as Ryan pummels with all his might. To really put Brendan’s hairy legs to work, Ryan lays on his back for Brendan to have a ride. Brendan squats down and fucks himself on Ryan’s cock, reveling in the deep penetration. Sweat rolls down his back. For an even more intense pounding, Brendan rises up on his shoulders, and Ryan slams his cock deep down inside for a pile drive he won’t soon forget. Brendan’s cock hovers right over his face, and he jerks out his huge load, coating his beard with spurt after spurt of white cum. Reaching his climax, Ryan repositions himself over Brendan and blasts his stream of cum into Brendan’s open mouth.

Max Bradley & Marcus Ryan BAREBACK in Dallas

Max Bradley and Marcus Ryan were so into each other that they couldn’t wait to chat before starting to kiss and caress each other. Marcus’ big dick is so hard that Max manages barely to fit it in his mouth.

That big bare cock pounds Max’s asshole – stretching his ass wider and wider as he keeps fucking him. He buries a huge load deep inside and as he pulls his huge cock from that cum filled orifice it drips down a waterfall of sticky ooze. Hot!

Newbies Going At It

Brenden's Cock Deep Inside Preston

Brenden’s Cock Deep Inside Preston

The new boys, Brenden Steel and Preston Scott are going to have to join forces today to make a great scene. I, for one, am excited. Two guys still learning can be a hot encounter to watch. They boys begin meekly by simply feeling each other and moving in for a slow make out session. When the guys finally make it out of their clothes, Brenden takes it upon himself to go down on Preston first. He’s a little timid at first but takes more and more of Brenden’s shaft as he gets comfortable. The boys switch places and Preston gets his shot at sucking cock. He delivers. His skills are coming along nicely, evidenced by Brenden’s moaning.

Brenden goes from warming his cock in Presten’s mouth to using his ass after putting him on his side. Brenden goes balls deep in Preston’s hot ass from the beginning. He uses long strokes to pound Preston. Preston takes it, even as Brenden begins to bang him harder and faster. Preston not only takes it but he relishes the fuck down he’s getting. So much so that at one point he wraps his legs around Brenden as he continues to deliver the cock. By the time these two are done I can say with all confidence that they’re no longer newbies!

Brenden’s Cock Deep Inside Preston

Into It!

Romeo James Barebacks John Henry

Romeo James Barebacks John Henry

Romeo James and John Henry are unmistakably into each other. The way these two kiss gives it all away. They kiss hard yet passionately before Romeo uses those soft lips on another part of John’s anatomy. Romeo slobs all over John’s thick cock before putting his oral skills to work on his hole. John puts his oral work in next. He wraps his mouth around Romeo’s shaft and let all of it slide down his throat.

John does such a good job that soon his cock is craving more than a warm mouth; it wants a warm hole. John pushes into Romeo’s ass and begins to let him have it. He drilling him hard and rough, fucking him like he hasn’t some ass in a long while. John moans as he takes it deep before climbing on top of Romeo and riding that dick. He grinds his hips against Romeo showing off his cock riding skills. Romeo flips John onto his back and fucks him hard, pounding the cum out of him and then nutting all over John as he finishes himself!

Romeo James Barebacks John Henry

I Lead, You Follow

Rowan Adams and Mikah Lake

Rowan Adams and Mikah Lake

I’m pretty sure I’ve never had a teacher offer to teach me and then whip his cock out for me to suck after agreeing. These broke straight boys are so lucky! Rowan Adams offers to teach Mikah a thing or two about doing porn. Mikah happily accepts the lesson and the nice treat Rowan puts in his face. Mikah sucks and deep throats that big cock until it’s hard and wet. The boys trade places and Mikah leans back on the bed and lets Rowan give him some sweet head. Mikah moans as Rowan works his shaft over. Rowan doesn’t only focus on his dick he takes time to play with his nipples and balls.
When he’s ready to get fucked, Mikah bends over and offers his ass to Rowan. And what an ass it is! Mikah has the exact type of ass I like to fuck but its Rowan who has the pleasure of digging out those guts. Rowan doesn’t go easy on Mikah; he fucks him hard. He pounds his hole nice and raw, making that bubble butt bounce all over the place. Rowan flips Mikah over, forces Mikah’s legs across his chest, and continues to dominate and destroy his ass. Getting good dick like that usually has the same outcome: a huge load blasting from one’s cock. Mikah squirts a shit ton of cum all over himself. Rowan soon adds his own wad to the milky mix! Anyone want to volunteer to lick it up?

Rowan Adams and Mikah Lake

Intimate – Ryan Rose -amp; Gabriel Alanzo -amp; Jake Archer

Jake Archer is in his underwear in the living room checking out his phone when Gabriel Alanzo enters while listening to his headphones. Gabriel is dancing and making Jake giggle when he comes over and makes the moves on Jake. They make out and grind pelvis on pelvis through the cotton fabric of their tighty whities when Ryan Rose casually walks in and joins the action. Ryan sits down and immediately becomes the focus of the other two hunks. Jake and Gabriel take turns sucking Ryan, working his hard member and licking every inch of his ripped body. Jake pulls out his fully erect manhood and slips it into Ryan’s mouth as Gabriel completes the chain down between Ryan’s legs. Not a writhing body goes without attention as the threesome works and pumps and grinds on every patch of available skin. Jake gives Gabriel lots of oral pleasure as Ryan enters him from behind. Gabriel wants in on the riding action and the guys switch it up so everyone can get a bit of Ryan inside their tight bodies. Ryan takes turns on each lucky stud, giving them exactly what they want and need. Jake is the first to give in, and as Ryan keeps up a steady pace, Jake lets loose all over his own perfect abs. When Gabriel sees Jake let go, he follows suit and explodes his passion all over Jake’s panting body. That’s Ryan’s cue to join the guys and finish up as he covers Jake with a shower of cum from above. The guys kiss and continue to enjoy each other’s bodies in the afterglow of their ‘Intimate’, fun and sensual escapade.

Johnny V Works Out

Look out for this workout – the Johnny V special. He pumps himself up and flexes until his ripped muscles are glistening in his beads of sweat. As he continues shirtless, Johnny realizes his man meat is rock hard and sits up to stroke and blow a load all over his workout mat.

New Boys First Cock 1

Damien gets the innocent Devin into his dungeon, soon gets him stripped down and flexing. It doesn’t take long before Damien has his cock deep in Devin’s throat. Then for some added stimulation Damien pulls out his bamboo crop and introduces Devin’s back and butt to it!

Fistpack 30: 3 Fists in Paris – James Aaron -amp; Matthieu Paris

With his tattooed asshole all juiced up for action, James Aaron assumes the position and kneels in eager anticipation of Matthieu Paris’ dynamic fists. Loads of lube enable the sneering puppetmaster to slide, slam, jab his fingers and then his fists slickly inside James’ asshole, stretching the gaping rectum wide open. Nothing seems to faze him as Matthieu pumps his left fist and then his right fist in and out. James moans and groans with every insertion, drowning in the sexual delirium only a fisting fool like him can understand. Matthieu continues to taunt and tease, growling and grimacing, and only when James’ asshole is practically turned inside out, do the men switch places with Matthieu now on the receiving end. James manages to slam his arm up to his elbow inside Matthieu’s butthole. He’s impressed with his effort, but Matthieu seems to wonder, ‘Is that all you got?’ So with more lube and a series of double-fisted plunging to satisfy the master, James works Matthieu some more. The Frenchman pisses his approval all over the proceedings, encouraging his apprentice to try even harder and James is more than eager to comply.

I Can Be Your Daddy – Max Sargent -amp; Troy Accola

Max Sargent consoles Troy Accola after things don’t go very well with contacting Troy’s real father. The comfort feels so good that Troy wants more than a hug from Max. He wants him to fuck his ass to make him feel better. Max gives Troy the daddy love he craves as he envelops the young stud with his muscular body. Fucks his ass hard till he climaxes to cum filled orgasms!

JD Daniels & Ryan Starr

JD Daniels came out from all the way from the South – Georgia – to our beautiful Southern California. This big black dick stud was so taken by the hectic city life that before he knew it he was fucking guys with his huge rod left and right! Watch him as he takes on Ryan Starr, a little white boy with a craving for something big!

Wasteland – Rafael Lords -amp; Ryan Cruz

Lost in the desert Wasteland, Rafael Lords stumbles upon a mysterious compound. He thinks he’s gotten lucky to find shelter, but out of nowhere, Ryan Cruz grabs him and warns him of the danger he’s just stepped into. Ryan promises his protection – for a price. With one look at Ryan’s ripped body and pierced nips, Rafael knows it’s a price he’s willing to pay. Dropping to his knees, Rafael stuffs Ryan’s cock down his throat and sucks with desperate intensity. Ryan returns the favor, spitting on Rafael’s cock and using his lips to stimulate the sensitive head. Saliva drips down Rafael’s shaft as Ryan strokes himself. Moving to a bed, Rafael shows off his ass to Ryan, who dives in tongue first for a taste. Slicking up his cock, Ryan pushes himself into Rafael’s eager ass. Rafael takes Ryan’s cock doggy style, and his firm ass bounces with every impact of Ryan’s powerful thrusting. Rolling over, Rafael raises his right leg into the air, allowing Ryan to pound his meat deep into Rafael’s hole. Sweat accumulates on their bodies as their fucking reaches searing intensity. As Ryan stretches the walls of Rafael’s hole, Rafael strokes his cock and shoots a massive, wet load all over his chest. Pulling out, Ryan busts his nut in a spectacular geyser, shooting multiple ropes of thick, ropey cum all the way across the room. After bending down for a kiss, Ryan and Rafael collapse back on the bed together, exhausted after their intense fuck session. When Ryan falls asleep, Rafael stealthily gets up, grabs his gear, and makes a break for it.

Tripp Townsend & Baxter Black BAREBACK in Houston

It’s a big dick bonanza this week on as new porn model Baxter Black jerks his own big dick while being bare fucked by the big dick of Tripp Townsend.

Tripp has been doing porn for a while now and he’s a total exhibitionist – admitting to getting fucked in front of crowds of people and loving every minute. Baxter himself doesn’t mind onlookers either.

They suck each other off before Tripp gets his big raw cock deep inside Baxter’s eager hole. The two tattooed fuckers are loving every minute and explode in wads of sticky cum.


Benjamin Dominates Dillon’s Asshole

Benjamin Dominates Dillon’s Asshole

Benjamin Dover and Dillon Anderson don’t wait. When we find them, they’re already going at it. Ben works Dillon’s neck, kissing and licking it while Dillon undresses. Once Dillon’s clothes are off, Ben immediately goes down on him and tries to inhale his dick. Dillon’s cock is rock hard in no time! Ben has become an impressive cock sucker and I’m kinda jealous it’s not me on the receiving end! Now it’s Dillon’s turn to taste some flesh stick. He wraps his lips around Ben cock and sucks on it, making it grow in his mouth.

When it can barely fit in his mouth, Dillon decides to see how in fares in his ass. Ben wants that ass as much as Dillon wants the D. Ben picks him up, throw him on the bed, and forces his cock inside Dillon’s tight little hole. As Dillon’s ass stretches around that huge dick Ben gives it to him hard, pounding him raw and deep. Dillon’s moans fill the air as Ben destroys his ass with his rock hard cock. Dillon plays with himself while Ben fucks him, kissing as Ben shoves his bareback dick in and out of Dillon’s hole. Dillon cums hard as Ben continues to pump his cock in and out. He doesn’t last much longer though. Soon he fires off a nice load all over Dillon’s abs!

Benjamin Dominates Dillon’s Asshole

On The Market – Austin Wolf -amp; Dustin Holloway

Junior agent Dustin Holloway gets called up the stairs to his boss’ office. Austin Wolf is an intimidatingly handsome power broker, and Dustin is a bit nervous about making a good impression. Fortunately, Austin is happy to give Dustin a way to impress him. As Dustin sits in the office chair, Austin undoes his belt and pulls out his monster cock. While Dustin wraps his lips around Austin’s tool, Austin unbuttons his dress shirt, revealing massive arms, bulging pecs, and plenty of tattoos. Dustin moves up onto the desk so that Austin can return the oral favor, sucking Dustin’s cock and tugging on his low-hanging balls. Throwing his leg over Austin’s muscled shoulder, Dustin presents his ass for a rim job. After licking Dustin’s hole, Austin probes the tight entry with a finger and massages Dustin’s prostate. Dustin turns over and assumes the doggy style position. Teasing Dustin’s ass with the tip of his cock, Austin finally thrusts inside with powerful strokes. Dustin’s firm ass wraps around Austin’s girthy cock as he slides in and out. Leaning back on a chair, Austin points his cock at the ceiling, and Dustin climbs on for a ride. As Austin thrusts up from below, Dustin uses his powerful legs to fuck himself on Austin’s hard, pumping meat. Jumping back up on the desk, Dustin takes Austin’s cock missionary style and strokes himself until he cums on his treasure trail. Pulling out, Austin jerks out his load on Dustin’s stomach and leans in for a closing kiss.

Back for More!

Brandon’s Big Cock Inside Chris

Brandon’s Big Cock Inside Chris

Brandon Evans and Chris Taylor don’t need to talk. They don’t want to do anything but fuck. So, they get right down to business. They begin to kiss and feel each other up. They kiss for a while before Chris takes Brandon’s cock in his mouth and works it over. He gets him hard and then letting Brandon get a taste of his big cock next.

Ready to fuck, Chris climbs on top of Brandon and rides that dick raw, bouncing up and down like a whore in heat. Brandon flips him over onto his knees and takes him from behind. He doesn’t go easy on Chris! Brandon beats that boy pussy in; battering it with each thrust. They get on their sides, lying next to each other. Brandon continues to destroy Chris’ ass, much to Chris’ delight. Brandon gets Chris on his back and holds his legs apart, burying his big cock deep in that ass while Chris jacks off. When these boys cum, one of them is covered in hot sticky jizz! Well worth it!

Brandon’s Big Cock Inside Chris

Intimate – Logan Moore -amp; Jack Hunter

Logan Moore and Jack Hunter are kissing passionately in their underwear and tenderly rubbing their hands up and down their muscled-up bodies. Jack gets on the floor to show his lust for Logan by taking his thick erection into his mouth. Jack stares Logan in the eyes as he services his hunky man and takes him as far into his mouth as he can. Jack only stops momentarily to kiss Logan again before he gets back to work with his warm, wet mouth. Jack turns Logan around to tease Logan’s tight, smooth hole with his tongue. Jack explores with excited intent, spreading Logan’s cheeks wide open. Both hunks are in heaven as Jack licks and Logan enjoys the sensations. Logan wants to taste what Jack has to offer and gets on his knees in front of the stud. He gently pulls down Jack’s underwear to let his thick pole out into the world. Logan pleasures Jack with his lips, taking the massive member in and out of his open, hungry mouth. Logan takes Jack’s happiness to a whole new level when he works his magic and gets Jack to spill his seed all over Logan’s beard and tongue. Logan can’t get enough and continues sucking Jack, lapping up every last drop of semen as he lets out a moan and drops his own load all over the floor.

Maranhao Barebangs Flavio

The sight of these two BangBangBoys in their speedo’s kissing should be enough to get anyone hard. Their perfect bodies entwined in each other is a testament to the incredible male beauty Brazilian men are.

Maranhao’s big dick gets to pound Flavio and he slaps his ass as he thrusts just in case this wasn’t horny enough already.

The cum shot in this scene is one of the hottest we’ve ever filmed. Maranhao’s big dick flowing with sperm all over Flavio’s bearded face just has to be seen.


Cage Fucks Jared’s Tight Ass Raw

Cage Fucks Jared’s Tight Ass Raw

Cage Kafig and Jared Marzon are two funny guys. Their opening (which you’ll have to see for yourself) genuinely makes me laugh. But before I can laugh too much Cage offers to pull his dick out. Jared tells him to slow down because he wants to sample his lips. Jared gets his wish when the boys make out. Both boys savor each kiss until final Jared is fully nude and his cock makes it’s way into Cage’s mouth. The boys trade off and now it’s Cage’s turn to get some head. He whips it out and Jared slobs on it, getting it fully erect and wet.

When he’s ready for a good fuck, Jared opens his legs and Cage forces his cock inside. Cage immediately begins to dig him out, prompting Jared to beg for mercy. Cage slows down just a touch, giving Jared’s ass a chance to adjust. But when Cage gets him on his knees he begins to plow him deeper and deeper. Jared’s ass swallows every inch of Cage’s dick while jiggling with every thrust. Pop inside to see how much cum is released when these two finally climax.

Cage Fucks Jared’s Tight Ass Raw

Pig Alley – D Arclyte -amp; Nate Grimes

Muscled leatherman D Arclyte aggressively makes out with young stud Nate Grimes, pressing their faces tightly together and licking each other’s pits. Nate gets down on the ground and wraps his lips around D’s hard cock. D returns the favor, expertly deepthroating Nate’s stunning meat. Long strings of saliva drip to the floor as Nate thrusts his hips and works his cock down D’s gullett. Turning Nate around, D uses some of that spit to lube Nate’s tight hole and presses his tongue deep between Nate’s ass cheeks. D immobilizes Nate by strapping his wrists into suspended restraints. As Nate shows off his bubble butt, D lubes up his hands and works his fist into Nate’s hole. Curling his fingers into a wide, round fist, D punches Nate’s hole, creating a massive stretch that leaves Nate gaping. As Nate pushes his ass out, D rubs Nate’s swollen sphincter with the tips of his fingers. Reapplying copious amounts of lube, D renews his anal assault, and Nate eagerly bounces on D’s fist. As D works Nate’s hole faster and harder, Nate strokes his huge cock and lets loose a thick, white load.

I'm Not a Big Talker – Roman Todd -amp; Lance Taylor

Roman Todd and Lance Taylor find themselves home alone on the couch, they are having small talk when Roman explains to him how he’s not a big talker as he goes to kiss Lance to keep him quiet. They get down and dirty quickly, pounding each other’s asses hard. Sucking each other off, getting nasty and sloppy without any limits! They fuck each other till they climax in to explosive orgasm! Less talking and more fucking is how it goes down with Roman.

Danny & Titus

Titus’ hole lives up to his name as Danny shoves his cock deep inside it. Danny’s got a nice thick cock and Titus has to grip the bed as every inch of Danny slides into his ass.

Danny grabs his cheeks and pounds that fine ass – with Titus splayed on the bed – then on all fours and on his back as well. Danny throws the fuck doll all around the place taking charge of this amateur fuck session.

Danny’s cock finally explodes in a tsunami of cum all over Titus – quite the performance for this first timer!

Enrique Currero & Billy Long

Does our hot stud Enrique have what it takes to stuff down Billy Long’s huge black cock? We weren’t quite sure so it was time to put this to the test! We got these two hot studs in a room then set Enrique to sucking Billy’s long cock until its ready for his ass!

Rick Lous Solo

Rick Lous is a Latino with sexy body and exciting tattoos. In Berlin, he wants to capture as many cocks as possible. Already in the first club he finds what he is looking for. A German pig shoves his fat cock through the glory hole. Rick grabs the meat and shoves it in his mouth. He sucks on the stranger until he finally puts his cock in his ass and gives him a short but fierce ass fuck from behind. After a few jolts he leaves – so Rick has to get himself off and jerks his perfectly cut cock until he blows the white cream on his brown belly.

Primal – Brian Bonds -amp; Brogan Reed

Muscled, hairy stud Brian Bonds has a big, girthy boner that needs sucking. Brogan Reed is up to the challenge and welcomes a vigorous face fucking. Thick spit appears as Brogan deepthroats Brian’s shaft and sucks his hefty balls. To return the favor, Brian positions Brogan face down in a sling, parts Brogan’s ass cheeks, and dives in tongue first. Brian loves rimming Brogan’s hairy hole, which is soon drenched in slick saliva. Taking advantage of the natural lubricant, Brian can’t resist using the tip of his cock to tease Brogan’s tight sphincter. Eager to fuck, Brian mounts Brogan doggy style and thrusts with deep, powerful strokes. Flipping over in the sling, Brogan takes Brian’s cock in missionary position. His ass hair clings to Brian’s cock with every thrust, and his bulge fills his jockstrap to the limit. Releasing Brogan’s meat, Brian goes down for some deep cock sucking, which makes him eager for a flip fuck. Throwing a leg over Brogan’s shoulder, Brian revels in pleasure as Brogan pounds like a wild animal. The intense sensation pushes Brian over the edge, blasting his big, hairy pecs with wet cum. The hot scene brings Brogan to the brink as well: he jerks out his load on Brian’s face, and Brian licks the last drop off the tip of Brogan’s dick.

Ty Thomas & Cash Lockhart BAREBACK in St Louis

Y’all know Ty Thomas and Cash Lockhart and Cash’s tight hole was soon keen to get to know Ty’s big dick that they went straight for it. These two favorites make for one of the hottest scenes we’ve ever filmed.

We scored the penthouse for this part of the Jason Sparks Nationwide tour in St Louis and it was fitting that this outstanding bareback fuck session was filmed there as Ty and Cash had plenty of space to try out a whole heap of new positions.

Two hot boys – one awesome fuck session – watch it now!

The Trainer – Sebastian Kross -amp; Rex Cameron

Fitness trainer Sebastian Kross enters the gym with his client, Rex Cameron. Rex works up a sweat as Sebastian puts him through his paces, and at the end of the workout, Sebastian whips out his cock as a reward! Rex sucks eagerly, and Sebastian goes down on Rex to return the favor. Stripping off their workout gear, the two ripped studs service each other in the middle of the empty gym. Sebastian’s colorful tattoo punctuates his massive chest, and Rex’s bubble butt spreads open to reveal his hot pink hole. Sebastian can’t resist going in for a rim job, lubing up Rex’s ass with plenty of spit. Taking it to the next level, Sebastian thrusts his thick cock inside Rex’s ass and commences an energetic, athletic pounding. For some variety, Sebastian reclines on his back and Rex sits down on Sebastian’s cock. Sebastian’s nuts swing through the air as he thrusts up from below. Turning around to reverse cowboy position, Rex beats out a thick load while riding Sebastian’s dick. With his balls drained, Rex crouches on the floor and opens his mouth to receive a gushing facial from Sebastian’s rock hard member.


Introducing Dorian Kross

Introducing Dorian Kross

Gotta love a humble country boy. That’s exactly what we have in Dorian Kross. He’s as green as they come but just as cute! Let’s see what this boy has to offer. He begins by stripping down and showing off his tattoos. Each of them has a meaning but I almost miss out on the explanation while wondering what Dorian is hiding in his briefs. Luckily, Dorian isn’t too shy. He begins tugging at his cock, massaging it and stroking his shaft until he drops his boxers and shows off his fat dick.  He rubs it until it’s standing tall and ready for two hands!

Dorian drapes himself across the bed where he begins to grind his cock against it before standing up to jack his meat for the camera. This kids is too cute for words.  He gets back on the bed and continues to jack while his free hand, runs it across his chest and balls. I don’t know what mental images he’s using in his spank bank but it’s working. Soon, Dorian is kneeling on the bed, busting a huge nut all over the covers!

Introducing Dorian Kross

Just a Tip or Two

Romeo James Breaks In Sebastian Lee

Romeo James Breaks In Sebastian Lee

Today one of our vets will be showing a newbie the ropes. Romeo James may have been out of the game for a little while but he knows exactly what to do for the camera and he’s all too eager to show Sebastian Lee the ropes. They move in for a kiss and after a short make out session Romeo gets to down to business by giving Sebastian a nice blowjob. Much to Sebastian’s delight, the blowjob turns into a rimjob as Romeo sticks his slick tongue into his ass. Sebastian gives Romeo oral next, kissing his way up Romeo’s hairy thighs before sucking on his hard prick.

Sebastian lies on his back and spreads his legs, inviting Romeo inside. Romeo straps up slowly slides his cock inside of him, filling him up as Sebastian jerks his own member.  Once Sebastian’s ass is loosened, Romeo picks up the pace and begins to deliver deeper and deeper strokes. Sebastian turns over on all fours and Romeo fucks him from behind, making Sebastian’s ass jiggle which each thrust. Romeo slows it down a little, giving Sebastian’s hole a minute to stretch around that cock. But surprisingly, Sebastian begs to be fucked harder; a wish Romeo grants! Romeo batters his ass! He pounds the fuck out of him and looks down as that big booty bounces off of him. When he’s ready to cum, he pulls out and releases his jizz between Sebastian’s cheeks.  Sebastian jerks his own dick while Romeo plays with his boy hole, until he finally strokes out a huge load all over the bed.

Romeo James Breaks In Sebastian Lee

Intimate – JJ Knight -amp; Ian Greene

Ian Greene and JJ Knight are completely head over heels with each other. Their passion transcends lusty physical instincts and they take their attraction a whole new level when they explore the electricity in each other’s gorgeous bodies. They’re lounging on the couch together in their tighty whities when Ian initiates the fun by arousing JJ with his toes. That’s enough for JJ to stiffen his manhood and Ian doesn’t waste a second getting the massive curved member inside his warm and giving mouth. Ian crawls onto JJ and teases his full erection with his ass as the amorous couple kisses and gets deeper into their passion. Ian turns around to 69 while JJ gives his perfect, hairy bubble butt some attention with his tongue. Both of the athletic studs are ready for the next level of play, and JJ slides his hardon inside of Ian to get ridden hard. They move it to the floor where Ian gets on his back and opens his legs wide for JJ to enter him again. JJ pumps his lover with a steady and measured rhythm until Ian lets loose all over his own muscled up stomach. Knowing that JJ has given his man the ultimate intimate pleasure makes him ready to blow. He pulls out of Ian just in time to feed him a gusher of fun and fills his face and mouth full of cream.

Brogan Reed & Johnny V

Brogan Reed and Johnny V team up this week for a flip-fuck fantasy. The muscle titans swap sucking and eating each other’s ass. Then they get to it and swap fucks. Johnny bends Brogan over and Brogan pounds Johnny on his back until he blows and then lies down to explode all over his own ripped body and face.

Shock That Cock

Dallas straps Andrew to the bondage bed and attaches the electrodes to his nipples, then adds more electrodes to his balls and plays with the controls.Then taking the electrodes from his nipples they get attached to his arsehole. Then he really jumps against the straps.

Fix Me, Handyman – Roman Todd -amp; Troy Accola

Troy Accola is having a hard time at home, he decides to crash at Max Sargent’s house. While he’s studying in his room, gorgeous Roman Todd, Max’s handy man interrupts the two are instantly attracted to each other. They start making out on the bed within seconds. It’s a wild boy on boy fucking session! Deep and dirty dick sucking, ass destruction from pounding to licking there is nothing these two won’t do to satisfy each other’s cravings! Leaving them both cum shooting their loads in to climax!

Lifting, Pressing, Pulling

Brenden’s Bareback Dick Fucks Oliver

Brenden’s Bareback Dick Fucks Oliver

Gym talk. It gets one thinking about muscles constricting, guys sweating, and shorts tightening. It’s no wonder that talking about workout routines and showing off their hot bodies, results in Oliver and Brenden getting ripe and ready for some action. They make out, sticking their tongues deep into the other’s mouth while fondling each other’s growing bulges. Oliver soon finds Brenden’s cock in his mouth. He goes to work. He lets it slides up and down his throat as it hardens and grows fully erect.

Ready for some ass, Brenden flips him over onto his stomach, pushes his dick in his ass, and begins fucking him hard. Oliver takes it raw. Brenden’s body slams into him with each thrust, ensuring that his cock is getting good and deep into that ass. The boys take a brief break to enjoy some oral action. They 69 allowing both of them to taste some meat.

The break doesn’t last long. Oliver soon finds himself bents over the bed taking a hard fucking from Brenden’s raw cock. He moans as Brenden pulls in and out of him making his ass bounce. When they move onto the bed Brenden gets Oliver on his back, legs spread and ass ready to receive that big dick as Brenden fills him up again and Oliver strokes his own cock until he cums all over his abs.  Brenden quickly follows suit and cums all over Oliver.

Brenden’s Bareback Dick Fucks Oliver

Slicked Up – Micah Brandt -amp; Brayden Allen

Dressed in edgy fetish wear, with their cocks hard and their lips pressed together, Micah Brandt and tattooed Brayden Allen explore each other with deep tongue hockey and frenzied groping. Brayden slicks up Micah’s cock with a spit-dripping blowjob, then gets on hands and knees for Micah to eat him out. Brayden shows off his pink, smooth hole, stretching it wide and gaping, and Micah drives Brayden crazy with his tongue. Eating Brayden’s ass gets Micah so worked up, he starts oozing white cum on the floor: a partial ejaculation without orgasm. But Micah’s nowhere near done yet! With his rock hard cock dripping in cum, Micah teases Brayden’s hole, then goes in for intense, full-throttle fucking. They grasp each other’s harnesses, lock eyes, and grunt like animals in heat. Showing off his power bottoming, Brayden uses his powerful legs to slide his meaty ass up and down Micah’s pole. Trading roles, Brayden fucks Micah doggy style, jerks out a huge load on Micah’s perfect, muscular ass, and licks it off. Micah’s appetite for ass is insatiable: with Brayden sitting on his face, he blasts a massive, spurting load. Brayden licks up Micah’s load, and they snowball his cum with deep kissing.

Nick Powers & Brogan Reed BAREBACK in Charlotte

New cummer Nick Powers tells it like it is. As a wrestler in high school he likes nothing better than the feel of a sweaty muscled body against his. Paired with our resident bastion of beefcake Brogan Reed – it looks like we have a muscled match made in heaven.

The two start with some tongue wrestling and then trade blow jobs. Nick finds Brogan’s perfect ass mounds the ideal place for his tongue – and then when it’s lubed up good an even better place for his bare cock.

They bare fuck with the animal intensity you would expect from a testosteroned fueled fuck session until Brogan is covered in cum and Nick is good enough to lick it up.

Greedy Little Boys

Benjamin's Fat Cock Inside Preston

Benjamin’s Fat Cock Inside Preston

What happened to boys getting to know one another before getting down and dirty? Money and hormones! Slaves to both, we find Benjamin Dover and Preston Scott already kissing and fondling one another. Preston releases Ben’s big dick from its confines and begins to blow him. He sucks on it and watches it grow while, like magic, taking off his clothes without a break in servicing Ben! Ben goes down on Preston too, drooling all over that delicious meat and sucking on Preston’s smooth balls and then pulling Preston’s ass up and eating his ass like a sloppy pig.

Preston gets on all fours and arches his back in preparation for what’s to come. Ben comes from behind and forces his large dick right into Preston’s tight little hole. He fucks Preston hard as Preston’s ass stretches around that huge dick. Ben looks down as he methodically strokes Preston’s rectum. In love with his handiwork, he begins to fuck him even harder and makes his ass bounce constantly off his abs. When he finally takes a break, he uses it to play in Preston’s gaping hole. Preston takes a breather and enjoys the feeling Ben play in his hole and suck on his balls. The break doesn’t last too long. Soon, Ben is back inside of him. He fucks Preston until he’s ready to cum all over his face!

Benjamin’s Fat Cock Inside Preston

Wasteland – Myles Landon -amp; Talon Reed

Talon Reed is out on patrol in the post-apocalyptic ‘Wasteland’. He stumbles across supplies – food rations and water – that must have been abandoned in a surprise attack. Talon brings the loot back to base and shows his find to Myles Landon. ‘You know what this means, right? It’s reward time,’ says Myles as he removes his codpiece to reveal his fat, heavy cock. Grinning devilishly, Talon leans in and sucks Myles’ rock hard cock until it’s dripping with spit. Myles bends Talon over and rims his ass, parting the furry cheeks and pushing his saliva in with his tongue. With Talon’s ass wet and willing, Myles stands up and fucks him doggy style. Grabbing Talon’s harness, Myles pulls him backwards, which drives Myles’ cock even deeper inside. Myles’ six-pack abs ripple as he thrusts his hips, and Talon revels in every motion. Lying on his back, Myles invites Talon to go for a ride. Grinding up and down, Talon fucks himself on Myles’ rod, picking up speed and intensity every second. Flipping into missionary position, Talon jerks out his load as Myles uses his throbbing cock to stretch Talon’s ass. Pulling out, Myles strokes his cock and delivers a gushing stream of cum that drenches Talon’s stomach.