Hans Berlin & Florian Hagen

What could be hornier than afternoon fuck between friends? Nothing, German pigs Hans Berlin and Florian Hagen think. To make it even more exciting, the two tread the line between subjugation and passion. The blonde porn star Hans eagerly waiting on Florian with a blindfold on his master.

He falls directly on the tight hole of his buddy, licking the horny cunt and shoving his fat cock into the pink ass rosette. In all positions, Florian fucks the hot box until it glows. Hans pressing his loins against him and repeatedly popping his muscular ass against him.

After Florian squirted his cum in his face, he leaves the apartment and the Hans moves on to finally spray his hot sperm out still with a dildo in his ass.

The rest is here: Hans Berlin & Florian Hagen

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